Daniel burrowed further under the covers, trying desperately to escape the sunlight currently making its way through his blinds. He'd thought he'd closed them, always did...

"Danny? You alive under there?"

"Go way J'ck," he muttered, shifting deeper into his bed roll. The man always insisted on waking up at the asscrack of dawn no matter how late they got to the planet...



"My god, the dead have arisen!"

Daniel sat up, looking around. He was in Jack's bedroom, in bed, with Jack. A Jack who was smiling at him, bathed in early morning sunlight.

He had to be dreaming.

"Jack? whats going on?"

The colonel let out an aggravated hiss. "Great, now he gets amnesia."

Amnesia, what the hell... "Jack, what are you talking about?"

Brown eyes darted meaningfully into Daniel's lap, and he followed them there. He was naked, with what appeared to be a livid hickey forming on his stomach.

"I wasn't dreaming?"

Jack sighed. "Nope, Spacemonkey, though one day I'm gonna have to hear one of those dreams," he swooped in, planting a gentle kiss on Daniel's shoulder before sauntering into the bathroom.


Daniel looked up, coming face to face with the stall door. He was sitting on the toilet, trying to get himself under control, and failing miserably.

"Dr Jackson, are you okay?"

Daniel sighed. He wasn't ready to face anyone right now. he wouldn't be ready for the rest of the year at this rate. overtime he walked past someone he wondered if they knew.

Ridiculous as it sounded.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just give me a minute."

A snort answered. "You've been in there for ten already, go ahead. take your time, we still have about thirty seconds before the meeting."

Shit shit shit. "All right, I'm coming."

Daniel ran a shaky hand through his hair, wondering how he was going to make it through their meeting without developing a terminal blush.


"Teal'c? You up big guy?"

Sam knocked lightly on the bathroom door, but there was no answer, only the whir of running water. Taking a breath, she opened the door a crack.

And froze.

Teal'c was in the bathroom, all right. In the shower. And he apparently thought that the shower curtain was optional. There he was, all bronze skin and muscle, wet...soapy...

"Major Carter?"

Sam started. Teal'c was watching her calmly, soap in hand. "Is there something you wanted?"

Sam's eyes snapped shut. "No, Teal'c. I'm sorry, I should have knocked," with that she slammed the door.

Idiot idiot idiot, Sam walked into the living room, slouching down into the couch. Great, this was the last thing she needed, walking in on a naked, soapy Teal'c first thing in the morning.


Sam turned, and found Teal'c standing next to the couch, a towel wrapped around his waist. "Sorry, Teal'c. I didn't mean to walk in on you like that."

The jaffa nodded. "There is nothing to be embarrassed about Sam."

Yeah, easy for you to say, "I know, I'm just...let me be embarrassed, okay? And get some clothes on. We have an hour and a half until debriefing, and I'm hungry."

Teal'c nodded again before walking back to the guest room, leaving Sam on the couch.

"Well, it could have been worse. You could have walked in on General Hammond," Sam flinched. Not that the man hadn't been good looking when he was younger, but that was thirty something years ago, and he had put on a little weight since then.

Among other things.

My bologna has a first name, it's OSCAR, Sam chanted to herself and she walked back to her room. She had to get her mind off naked people, especially the one in her guest room.

Quickly, Sam pulled on her clothes, trying to find the most asexual outfits she could. "Hey Teal'c?" she called out, knowing the man would hear her. He had ears like a fox. "We still have time before debriefing, want to stop at Denny's or something?"

"I would be more than happy too, Samantha."

Sam jerked around to see Teal'c standing in the doorway. Couldn't the man walk any louder? "Uh, good. I'm almost ready. You wanted to try the steak and egg platter, right?"

The jaffa nodded. "I also wish to try the Belgian waffles again. They were most satisfying."

Sam nodded, grabbing her jacket and slipping on her shoes. Now she had to hope her bank account could handle a hungry jaffa.


"Well, that was useless."

Jack toyed with his pencil as General Hammond left the room. "I mean, what can I add to the report. I was unconscious about half the time." He glanced at Daniel, who kept his eyes focused on his hands. Through the debriefing he'd tried to get Daniel's attention, but the other man refused to acknowledge him. Well, no playing footsy during meetings then. "Yo, Daniel, you with us today?"

Daniel's head jerked up. "Oh, yeah sorry. I guess he just wanted all the corners covered." And too see if I was the reason we screwed the pooch...again.


Daniel frowned. "Stop what?"

"Stop blaming yourself for the mission going south. Its not your fault we decided to show up the same time the snake heads did." Jack shook a mental head. The kid was as easy to read as a book.

"If I hadnt just sprinted ahead-"

"We probably would've got tagged too late to get back to the gate at all, so stop blaming yourself. We could be sitting in a mothership right now."

The colonel smiled to himself as he saw Daniel relax. God knew the boy needed to. Maybe a long vacation away from the mountain. Hell, out of the country if he could pull it off.

"At least Incara's doing better," Sam cut in. "Janet says she should wake up soon."

"Good, cause I want to ask her a few questions," Jack ran a hand over her forearm, where the scar he'd gotten in Sudan once was. "Not that I dont appreciate the resurrection and all, I just think she went a little too far."

"Cant complain about the knees anymore sir?"

Jack frowned at Sam. His 'little ACL problem' had cleared up, along with the touch of near sightedness he was developing. "Nope, they're all in great shape. We can start running ten miles every week instead of five."

That declaration was met with a muted groan. "Oh, suck it up guys. Outside of Teal'c, I'm the oldest person on this team. Do you really want to eat my dust?"

Before they could answer, Jack sauntered out, ignoring the protests from Daniel and Sam. Teal'c never said a word. He didn't have to. In jaffa terms, ten miles a week was nothing. The man could do it without really breaking a sweat.


Timid. A night of hot sex and cuddling, and the man wanted to be timid in the morning. "Yeah Daniel?"

"Can we talk?"

Jack lifted one eyebrow. It wasn't Teal'c quality, but it would do. "Sure. Step in my office."

Jack followed the archeologist in, leaning against the doorframe as the other man looked around. The few times Daniel had actually been to his office the other man had always been amazed. Years in the military had made Jack a neat freak. Okay, if he was honest with himself it bordered on obsessive- compulsive, but that was no secret. His house was just as spotless. "What did you wanna talk about?"

Jack waited until Daniel sat down to close and lock the door. It wouldnt do for the general to walk in and hear them talking about oral sex, or mutual masturbation. When Daniel didn't answer, he pushed. "Ya know, it isn't as bad as you think." That's right, Jack, stick to small words so he understands.

"I dont know what planet you come from Jack, but it is as bad as I think," Daniel said, his voice steady. " In case you missed the fact, I had sex with my superior office. And dont," he added when Jack opened his mouth. "Dont tell me I dont have a superior officer because I'm a civilian. You know what I mean. Lets forget for a moment that you're a COLONEL in the Air Force. Lets forget for the smallest second that, technically, I'm your


"Okay," Jack muttered. Daniel was dissecting.

Definitely not a good thing.

Daniel sighed. "Lets focus on the fact that you almost died yesterday," he shook his head. "Okay, with all the tests its more like the day before yesterday, but the point is you died. And what do I do? Instead of trying to be your friend and give you support I try and fuck you, with great results if memory serves."

Jack smiled, thankful that the security feed was only visual, not audio. "Yeah, I remember something like that. If you ask my opinion sex is a great way to-"


Jack threw his hands up in surrender.

"Now, lets back up. You're a colonel, and if this get out, you'll be court-martialed and sent to Leavenworth for twenty years-"

"Technically there was no sodomy-"

"That's not the point!" Daniel sighed. "Plus the fact that personnel who are involved are not supposed to serve on the same unit."

"Daniel, will you please calm down for five little minutes?" Jack sighed. "Now. 1) this is not gonna get out, because neither of us are going to tell anyone. 2) The rules are designed to prevent a member of the team from getting special privileges and last time I looked, as a civilian attaché you already get special privileges. and 3) half the people on this base already think we're fucking like rabbits in June."


Okay, that didn't go as planned. "Just calm down Daniel. Everything will be all right the minute you stop obsessing. I know its hard, but please put in the effort. We are going to be all right. As long as we dont let on that we're together, everything will be okay. Okay?"


Colonel O'Neill was a patient man, when the occasion called for it, but this was bordering on ludicrous. So he did the one thing he thought could shut the man up. Calmly, Jack walked to the camera and unplugged it. Then he slammed Daniel against the wall and kissed him.

Yep, works just as good the second time as the first.


O'Neill sighed when Daniel wrenched himself away, breathless and a little shocked. "You know, I hate it when you do that."

"What exactly are you taking? I really want to know." Daniel walked to the camera and plugged it back in, after straightening his hair. " Have you completely lost what infinitesimal amount of brain matter you have left?"

"I locked the door."

Daniel threw up his hands. "You know, we're on stand down again. I'm going home for some peace, and hopefully, a glimpse of reality. I'll see you tomorrow."

Jack watched Daniel leave, wondering whether he should get the other man roses or tulips.


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