It Can't Be

Set after Bella and Alice go after Edward in New Moon only there's a twist; Bella and Alice didn't make it in time. They got there to late and Edward had already been killed.

Bella's POV

Alice and I walked off the plane and into the airport. I could see Carlisle, Esme and Jasper waiting for us. As soon as I saw them new tears welled up in my eye and rolled over. I'd had all night to wrap my head around the fact that Edward wasn't coming back, that we'd been too late. I don't think that I had fully accepted that fact yet though. How could it be possible? Edward couldn't be gone, he just couldn't! He was my true love, my soul mate, my true other half. The sides of the hole in my chest tore and the absolute agony that I'd been repressing for so long engulfed me. I fell to the ground and landed on my knees. I put my head in my hands and started sobbing, I could barely stop myself enough to draw in a breath. Alice sank beside me too and I could faintly make out the sharp intake of breath from Esme. They knew, it would have been obvious when we entered without Edward, but seeing me collapse simply would have verified it.

I looked up threw my tears and saw Esme clutching at Carlisle, she would have been crying too if she could. Jasper walked slowly over to us and picked up Alice, holding her close. All I wished was that Edward was here so that I could embrace him too.

At that moment I saw Emmett and Rosalie enter the airport and take in our state. Rosalie's face was filled with pain and rage. I wasn't sure whether she was angry at herself for telling Edward of my jumping off a cliff or if she was angry at me for not getting there in time.

Instead of hugging Rosalie like I'd expected Emmett to, he ran over to me and pulled me into one of his vice grip hugs. I simply stood there, letting him support me, and cried and cried and cried.

"He's gone," I sobbed, "he's really, rea… really gone."

"Shh, it's okay, it's going to be okay." Emmett replied in my ear.

How could he say that? How was it going to be okay? I felt like hitting him for even thinking that it could ever be okay ever again!

"Okay?! Okay! How will it ever be o… okay?!" I wailed, fresh tears replacing the old ones.

A new set of arms took me then and Emmett stepped back to Rosalie, letting her dry sob on his shoulder. I looked up to see whose arms I was in, and was shocked to see that Jasper was holding. He was using his extra ability to calm me a bit, but he was so grief stricken that it wasn't fully working.

"What will I do now?" I mumbled against his chest. He didn't seem to care about the smell of my blood in this moment; he pressed his lips down to my hair and whispered "You continue to live." And he hugged me tighter, nearly crushing my bones, but I didn't care in the slightest. He was holding me together, like the way I'd thought Jacob had been keeping me in one piece, but only better; I felt peaceful if not at all happy in this moment, I felt that I could stay right there in Jaspers arms forever. Like I would survive this.

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