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Eureka no Mahou Sensei

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 1: A Little (Fucked Up) Town Called Eureka…

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Allison Blake gave the pile in front of her a dirty look. It would have taken deep ground penetrating radar to detect the microscopic smidgeon of guilt hidden under the strata of ill will. Since taking the job and all the hundreds of little headaches that came with it, she now had a greater appreciation for why her ex-husband had been more of an arrogant, annoying, insufferable, irritable, stick-shoved-so-far-up-his-butt-it-should-be-coming-out-of-his-mouth, pricky little bastard. They were little headaches that added to a migraine greater than the sum of their parts. If she wasn't such a well-balanced, responsible, nurturing individual with a kid to take care, she half-suspected she'd be well on her way to some sort of substance abuse problem.

The Urban Development Department was pretty much what Eureka had for city hall, without the legislature. It took care of the water, fuel, electricity, traffic management, as well as some of the more mundane services like the groceries, auto supplies, etc. It also ran Eureka's public school, senior's home, managed and maintained the town's small cemetery and chapel facilities and would have made the trains run on time if the town had any trains, the mayor not withstanding.

It also answered directly to Allison in the absence of a mayor. Compared to the other departments, the paperwork they sent her way was relatively small– that it only took a tree or two worth of paperwork instead of an whole forest– and because it was seldom as important as, say, whatever new-fangled weapon/program/disaster to give Carter grief/gizmo the military wanted tested ASAP, she'd kept pushing it back for later. This also seemed to have been the policy of her predecessors. Zoe Carter's transfer papers to the local school glared accusingly from the top of the pile.

She might have let it slip today, too, except that they were expecting a new recruit for GD. Since she was under-aged, not to mention foreign, getting her allowed to legally work in the country required paperwork that had inevitably involved the UDD.

Deciding to bite the bullet, Allison took a deep breath and dived into the paperwork…


Stark painfully rose to his knees. His right repulsor was gone, his helmet was torn off, and his lift thrusters were off-line…


"Got to hand it to you, Stark," Fargo said as his dull metal suit opened up, revealing the evil, traitorous bastard inside. "You make good work. You're a genius…"

Stark grit his teeth. He only had on chance left. He stood up…

…and the phone began to ring.

Grumbling, Stark checked the time. He'd almost gotten to the part where he clocked Fargo one. It was the middle of the night. Who'd call…?

The phone rang three more times before he finally picked it up. "What?"

"What the hell is this about a new English teacher?" Allison said.


Sheriff Carter was having what was pretty much a good week. So far, no one had died, nothing had been stolen, nothing was out to end the world and, most importantly, there was only one of Nathan Stark running around.

Carter took a brief moment of prayer thanking whoever was listening that that was the case and begging that it never change.

It never hurts to be careful.

The deity might have heard him, and this was the price for his request, or maybe the universe thought his break was over. That might explain the call from Allison when he got to the office.

"You want me to pick up an English teacher?" he said incredulously. Even for Eureka that was… off.

"Apparently his paperwork was filed with the UDD couple of months ago. I only just found out. We can't spare anyone else, so you'll have to do it," Allison said.

"I'm a sheriff, not an errand boy. What if something happens while I'm gone?"

"Carter, I'm sure the town can survive without you for a few hours. Don't worry, it'll still be standing when you get back."

And if it wasn't, at least he wouldn't be in the blast radius. Jack relented, got his keys, and drove…


Hakase Satomi exited the bus carrying her meager luggage. It contained what could barely be called two changes of clothes and her toothbrush. Girl had to keep her priorities straight, after all…

Behind her, Chachamaru stepped down, her ear antennas covered by her hooded sweater. The gynoid girl immediately went to where they were bringing out the luggage and deftly picked up Satomi's ridiculously heavy trunk, which contained her personal notes, and equipment as well as a few parting gifts from their classmates at Mahora.

The scientist smiled fondly as she recalled the going-away party the class had thrown when they'd heard she'd be leaving for an indefinite length of time, her and Chachamaru. The excuse given had been a student-exchange program, since they very well couldn't say "got head-hunted by the top research and development company in the WORLD to work as a highly paid researcher and developer."

Well… 'paid', anyway…

She was glad the school had agreed to let her go, given her involvement with Chao's plan barely a month ago, though she wasn't so naïve as to assume they weren't still watching her somehow. She was sure this place must have wizards too, and that they'd be watching her. Well, let them watch. She was here to do science till she her eyes popped out.

Chachamaru was coming along as an example of her work, though she sure as heck wouldn't be turning her over to GD. Evangeline had made it perfectly clear how… 'displeased'… she would be if anything happened to Chachamaru.

Satomi knew the vampire was a bigger sap that she pretended to be.

A plain black SUV with the triangular logo of Global Dynamics was waiting in the parking lot as she and Chachamaru walked out, with a man who might be taken for a driver by a blind man, but was clearly military in a bad suit, holding a sign with her name on it. A dark-skinned woman stood nearby.

"Miss Hakase?" the woman said. "I'm Allison Blake, head of GD. How was your trip?"

"Long, boring and painful," Satomi said cheerfully. "When do I get to go back to doing science, Miss Blake?"

Blake laughed. "Soon. We're still preparing your lab to your specifications. Is this it?"

Chachamaru gave no reaction to the objectification as she loaded Satomi's trunk in the back of the SUV, but Satomi felt a small twinge of indignation on her behalf anyway. Since the revelation of Chachamaru's evolution, that had been happening a lot when strangers made the mistake of treating Chachamaru like a thing. However, now was not the time to lay in on her new boss. Time for that later. She had some people skill's after all. "Yes, this is Chachamaru, and not even the tip of the iceberg of the results of my research," she said proudly. Quite true, although she knew better than to mention the spider tanks, flying drones and stripper beams. She'd watched enough action movies to know it was always a bad idea to give Americans new weapons.

Blake looked at Chachamaru, who was now standing behind Satomi with her hands folded in front of her. "Hello, Miss Blake," she said, smiling pleasantly and, if Satomi knew her, sincerely. "I am Chachamaru Karakuri. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Blake nodded in greeting, likely more out of habit than anything else. Satomi could already see her regarding Chachamaru as not part of the conversation. Well, they could change that soon enough. Chachamaru was no Negi-sensei, but she did posses a charm that was all her own that was just as effective in getting people to like her…


Negi Springfield got down from the bus, very glad there hadn't been any embarrassing sneezing episodes. It wasn't that long ago– barely a year– when he'd arrived in a new country, to a town he'd never heard of before, with no friends, and only the clothes on his back, his staff and his backpack to his name, to become an English teacher.

Granted, he wasn't in the town yet, and this time he also had the big suitcase of stuff everyone had given him, but still it was so very close to how he'd come to Mahora. Childish excitement swept over him as he looked around. The bus terminal was busy, people either rushing to be somewhere or doing important, needful things, and everyone was going in different directions, but it reminded him a lot of the school rush he'd been caught in when he'd first arrived to teach. That was when he'd met Asuna and Konoka, too…

For the nth time, he checked his breast pocket, making sure all the Pactio Cards were still there. Given the distance between him and everyone the cards connected to, their purpose was more for comfort than protection, but that was enough.

Dragging out his heavy suitcase from where they were unpacking the bus and politely waving away the offered assistance of all the adults who cooed at him and offered to help, Negi looked around. He was supposed to be picked up by the school people of the town he was going to. He hoped they remembered, otherwise he'd be stuck here.

He wondered why the school faculty had sent him to America, instead of an older, more experienced and, let's face it, old enough to actually look like they posses a teacher's license. Takamichi had told him that it had been a seniority thing, but he'd remembered some of the other teacher's looking a bit disappointed at the announcement. Clearly, they had wanted to come in his place. The Headmaster had said he should look at it as a working vacation before he had to go back and deal with Finals week, but that didn't sound right either. Were they just trying to get rid of him?

He thought about it and shook his head. Nah, that couldn't be right…

Carrying his heavy suitcase along with a casual strength he didn't really notice anymore, Negi went to look for his ride to Eureka…


"Headmaster, are you sure it was such a good idea to send Negi away?" Miss Shizuna said.

Old man Konoe nodded. "It will do him good. Takamichi said he's been taking what happened with Chao badly, and a trip like this is just the thing to clear his head. No matter how much he angsts, he is still a child. Excitement's going to get the better of him eventually."

"True," Shizuna said. "But I was actually more worried about the student's reactions to his departure. Knowing 3-A, they might become impossible…"

"Not to worry!" the headmaster said. "I've arranged a replacement…"


In 3-A…

"Hi! I'm Hinako sensei and I want a lollipop! Are any of you delinquents?"

As class 3-A reacted predictably to having another child teacher almost as cute as their usual one, Chisame started to repeatedly bang her head on her desk. "What is it with the faculty and child teachers…?"


With the recent change in management, things have been hectic in Eureka. Things have slipped. That's the only thing Jack can think of to blame for why he's picking up a British ten year-old in the bus terminal.

"Are you Negi Springfield?" Jack asks hesitantly, looking at the little kid with the big stick and suitcase.

"That's my name," the kid confirmed.

Jack wondered whether he should argue the point…

Bah! Let the eggheads at GD sort it out.

"Car's this way," he said.


- To be continued...


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