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The Monk and the Swordmaster

"Lucius could I have a word with you?" Asked a soft feminine voice from behind the Monk.

Lucius turned from inspecting his tome and his blue eyes locked with Hazel. "Of course Lady Tia." He smiled kindly at the tactician.

Tia smiled and flicked some of her brown hair from her shoulder, she then led him to a more private area by lake, it was far but not too far away from the camp.

"Is there something you would like me to aid you with Lady Tia?" Lucius asked somewhat confused. What would the tactician want with him?

She smiled and responded. "I have just been thinking about the battle plans and there is something I want to put by you- I tried talking to Hector but he… couldn't see my logic very well and Lynn and Eliwood are both busy catching up on some rest."

Lucius smiled and nodded, he liked that she trusted him with so many of her plans and secrets for that matter. He was amazed that she confined in him with so much, for example: she had just recently told him about her relationship with Legault, this surprised him given how little time the ex-Black Fang member had been in the group but she explained that the pair had known each other much longer and were close friends when she was with the Black fang- another thing that surprised him.

"So what is this plan?" he smiled, he liked the tactician, sure she had thought he was a woman when they first met but once she realized that he was in fact male she had called herself a 'Stupid, idiotic moron' and questioned why she thought he was a woman. He smiled at the memory and at the fact that she now practically attacked anyone who called him, or implied he was a woman.

"Well," her eyes gleamed with something he couldn't quite place. "I was thinking of doing something of a buddy system."

"Buddy system?"

She nodded and twirled a strand of her long deep brown hair between her fingers, the gleam in her eyes increased. "Well I was thinking that it would do well to pair off certain people together, so that they can support each other and I think it would help some of the more weaker units if there's a stronger person there to help them level up- I also think it would be good to help us all get to know each other more." Her smile turned softer. "I've tested it on a few people and it seemed to work for them."

'So that was why Hector and Florina were always together…' he mused with an inward grin. 'and several other members of our group.'

"Well what do you think?" her voice broke him from his thoughts.

"Oh! I'm sorry," he laughed. "I think it would be a good Idea actually, making friends and forming bonds in an excellent way to make it through war with a war emotionally."

She nodded in agreement. "My thoughts exactly," she clasped her hands together excitedly. "I also think it would help improve the squads fighting through the way that they get to know the people around them's fighting style they can work with it and work together."

Lucius nodded in understanding, despite the fact that the tactician explained things with far too many words he always understood what she was trying to say, there weren't many people in the group that actually understood what she was trying to explain.

"So what are your plans?" he asked.

She grinned, she knew Lucius would agree with her! "I've already paired the people up, another reason why I think its best that I talked to you."


She nodded. "I wanted to talk to you about who I've paired you up with."

From the expression on her face it was obvious that he was not with Lord Raymond. "Who have you paired me up with?" he asked a little bit hesitantly, something was telling him he wasn't going to like where this was going.

She scratched her arm nervously and laughed. "Well I actually wanted to pair you up with um… eh…heh… Karel."

His eyes went wide. "Karel?"

She nodded and smiled sheepishly. "I know how it sounds- I just uhh think it would be good for well… him…" she laughed again.

"You don't need to explain yourself, you are the tactician." He said simply.

Her eyes went wide and she flailed her arms around. "Don't be mad at me! I-I really think this would be good for both him.." her voice lowered significantly. "…and you…"

He smiled and touched her shoulder. "As I said you don't need to explain you're the tactician whatever you decide I'm sure it's what is best for us all."

She smiled and sat down on the cool green grass. "Thank you for your support."

He nodded. "You're welcome." He then looked over to the camp. "I should probably go now, I need to get some rest." He gave her a nod before leaving.

"Goodbye." She watched the retreating monk with soft eyes before turning around and jumping as she saw the face of a grinning Legault extremely close to hers. "Don't give me heart attacks like that!" she batted his arm playfully. "I could have screamed and then the entire camp would have come charging down here! They need rest not false alarms!"

He chuckled and tapped her nose with his finger. "Relax, you can be far too stiff sometimes." He chuckled again at the word 'stiff'.

She huffed and whacked his arm again. "Pervert." She crossed her arms and turned her nose up at him.

"So serious." He laughed moving to sit beside her. "You need to relax a little bit more, you're the tactician, you as much as any other member of our squad need rest."

Tia sighed as she felt his strong arm wrap around her. "I know… It's just… never mind…" she shook her head.

He nodded in understanding and his arm tightened around her. "I set up a nice little tent for you, I even put the damned stuffed animal in the bed for you." Tia had a small stuffed teddy bear that even though it was childish she took everywhere, it was all she had left of her past so even if it bothered half of the group she wasn't getting rid of it.

She chuckled and leaned her head on his shoulder. "Are you coming with me?"

"The dolls not sleeping with us."

She pouted and stuck her tongue out. "Fine big meanie." She batted him on the head and jumped out of his arms.

"Hey that hurts!" he rubbed his head looking up at her grinning features.

She smiled softly and held her hand out to him, he glanced up and after a brief moment returned her smile and accepted. "You know they're going to suspect something soon, especially Lynn."

He nodded and pushed himself off the ground. "I don't think we should tell them just yet," he began. "considering the things we do isn't exactly accepted outside of marriage."

She nodded and the pair made their way towards their tent.

"By the way…" Legault looked at her through the corner of his eyes. "Just why did you pair Lucius and Karel together? What are you plotting?"

She grinned. "You'll just have to wait and see."


Lucius jumped back and dodged an attack from one of the enemy's axmen. They were in the middle of a battle and even though he was paired with Karel he might as well have fought by himself considering that was what he was doing, Karel had pretty much gone on his own bloodlust ignoring the poor monk.

"GAH!" he jumped back again before casting a lightening spell at the enemy killing him instantly. He let out a sigh. "That was a little close…" he reached into his small bag and pulled out a vulnerary, he had gotten a scratch from the axe-man it wasn't too deep but he had to be on the safe side.

He glanced over at Karel who had just killed a horseman, blood was sprayed across his clothes and was dripping down his face and hair. In a strange way it was a morbidly beautiful sight, the contrast between his pale skin and the blood red was great yet it seemed so natural on Karel where on any other person it would have looked horrifying.

'I can only imagine what he would look like in the moonlight…' Lucius thought as he watched Karel make his way to another enemy, the blood splattering across the field as he sliced them in half with effortless ease.

Karel's bloodlust eyes locked with his for the briefest of moments but in those moments everything around them seemed to freeze. Lucius felt his heart stop and a heat seep through his body, it made him feel light and warm… but as soon as it had happened it was over as Karel broke the gaze and moved to his next victim.


"So how was your first fight with Karel?" Tia asked as she walked him to the tent that he was sharing with Raven.

"He…" flashes of Karel's heated bloodlust eyes flashed in his mind, he shook his head to remove the images. "he is a skilled fighter." He replied simply.

She nodded knowing he was holding something back but decided not to force him to say anything. "So you're not angry with me?" she asked, they were getting closer to his tent.

His brows furrowed in confusion. "Why would I be angry with you?" he asked.

She laughed almost nervously. "Well I thought you might have been angry cause I didn't pair you up with Raven…" she scratched the back of her head. "I sure heard about it from him, he may be docile and calm most of the time but if something bothers him he'll come and tell me…" she laughed again. "you know I think I'm one of the rare few people that man will so adamantly voice his thoughts to…" she laughed for a moment. "Well except for you… how do you manage it?"

Lucius found himself feeling a little flattered that Lord Raymond would defend him in such a way, even if he hadn't told him about it. "Lor-" he cut himself off knowing that Tia didn't know about Raven being Lord Raymond. "Raven is one of my oldest friends, it's not 'putting up with him' for me, it's simply being with a friend."

She nodded in understanding and opened her mouth to reply but promptly closed it as she noticed something small and white falling to the ground in the corner of her eyes. "Hm?" she looked up and saw small specks of snow falling to the ground. "SNOW!!" she beamed practically leaping from the ground and flailing her arms around to feel the specks fall through her fingers.

Lucius smiled at her childishness. "It's nice to see people acting so happy in times of war." She grinned at his words.

"I'm just a big kid." She pocked her tongue out at him while continuing to twirl in the snow which was becoming increasingly heavy.

"I know." Lucius gave her a bow before excusing himself.

She continued twirling and giggling right up until she heard a voice from behind her. "I thought you always hated snow…" she turned to see Legault standing a few feet away from her.

She raised a brow in confusion. "No I always loved the snow… the one who hated the snow was…" her eyes widened and watered. "Legault…"

His eyes widened as he realized what he had said. "Tia…"

"I'm not her," her voice trembled as she spoke. "nor will I ever be able to replace her." with that she stormed off towards her tent.

Legault opened his mouth to say something but he found that no words left his mouth, he couldn't speak, his heart clenched with guilt. He had truly stuffed up.


"Something seems to be wrong with Lady Tia." Kent observed as he, Lyndis and Sain watched the tactician storm into her tent.

"I should go see if she's alright." Lyndis took her hand off Kent's and moved to stand but Florina's timid voice made her pause and look to the woman who was sitting uncomfortably next to Hector.

"Umm.. I s-saw her t-talking with L-Legault…" she stuttered lightly, even if she was around men she knew relatively well she was still uncomfortable. "I-I think something he s-said upset her…"

Lyn narrowed her eyes and her head shot in the direction of Legault who was standing in the clearing letting the snow fall on him, a solemn look claiming his features.


"You're going into battle tomorrow with that man aren't you?" Raven questioned firmly as Lucius walked into their tent.

Lucius blinked. This is what he's welcomed with? Not even a 'hello Lucius' just a question which sounded more like an order. He smiled at least Lord Raymond cared about his wellbeing. "Yes I am."

"Are you feeling well enough?" he prodded.

Lucius's smile widened at his friends concern for him. "Yes I think I'll be well enough to fight." It was obvious to him the Lord Raymond was prodding so that he would have something to tell the tactician in an attempt to keep him from fighting.

Raven grumbled something under his breath before turning his attention back to sharpening his sword as he was doing before Lucius walked in.

Lucius shook his head and chuckled.


Lucius sighed as he killed a horseman, as a monk he felt bad for killing the people on the opposite side, even if the were his enemy. Most of the time the people they were fighting were just doing their jobs, the probably had families waiting for them that they would never see again.

Sighing he said a small prayer for the person he had killed. He looked up and nearly jumped when he saw Karel standing beside him watching him. "……"

"Oh, ahh… hello…" Lucius stammered under Karel's intense gaze.

Karel's nose twitched as though he was smelling something. Lucius stared at him wide eyed, was he smelling him?! "I smell… blood." His silky voice made Lucius hold back a shiver but then the meaning of the words sank in.

"Wha--? What's--" He chocked wide eyed, he stumbled back a bit as though he had been hit.

After hearing Lucius stammer like that Karel's brow rose upward and he studied the monk for a few moments before he spoke. "Ah, so you are a servant of Saint Elimine? I have no use for you. Begone." Karel went to leave having no time for monks of Saint Elimine but Lucius voice stopped him.

"So… er…" he began he really wanted to know what Karel meant when he spoke about smelling blood. "That smell of blood thing…" he tried to say more but Karel interrupted him.

"It will rain soon." He began his fist clenching around his swords hilt. "Blood will fall like rain."

Lucius looked at the man, confusion swirling through his eyes. Weren't they fighting to prevent blood being spilled? He decided to voice his thoughts. "... ... but aren't we going to prevent all that?" he exclaimed. "That's why we're fighting..." his voice became soft as he trailed off.

There was a moment of silence before Karel replied. "You, too..." his dark eyes locked with Lucius's. "Your hands will also be stained red with blood..."

Anger and shock filled Lucius. "What!" He damn near shouted, his fists clenching.

Karel continued to stare at Lucius, his dark eyes void of any emotions, it frightened Lucius a little. "You are not a fool." He began. "The more you see your own impurity, the closer you are to me. And I will not have to kill you..." It was only small but Lucius could hear something in his voice that told him that Karel didn't really want to kill him.

He looked at Karel with sad and confused eyes. "……Why…" he stood still and watched as Karel turned his back on him and headed back into the battle to continue his bloodlust…

…It rained that night, the pure rain from above mixed with the blood of those who had died that day…

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