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Chapter three

"Lady Tia are you well?" Lucius asked as he moved to walk beside the tactician whose wound had taken a good week to heal fully.

Tia looked over to Lucius and smiled warmly. "I'm a lot better than Wil." She chuckled looking back to Wil who was covered with what appeared to be bruises and was limping from his 'training' with Rath.

Lucius smiled. "That is good." He looked up at the clear blue sky. "I'm glad."

"Alright." She crossed her arms and sent him her notorious 'raised brow' look. "What's wrong?" she all but demanded. "You've been like this for days." She moved closer to him in an intimidating way but a grin could be seen in her eyes. "Well? I'm waiting."

He looked away as a red tinge took his face as images of when he saw Karel by the lake flashed through his mind. "N-Nothing's wrong." he stammered, he sounded weak, he knew it and she knew it.

She narrowed her eyes and raised a brow. "Oh really?" she leaned closer to him, their noses almost touching.

He hastily nodded.

Her eyes narrowed further. "Is that-" Luckily for Lucius it was that moment Hector chose to call Tia over for some battle plans.

"We'll continue this later." Tia grinned before turning heel and heading towards Hector and the others.

Lucius let out a sigh of relief, he had gotten out of it. Discussing what was wrong was the last thing he wanted to do. He jumped as he felt the breeze of wind hit him as someone passed him. His head turned to see Karel walking away from him.

Feeling heat take his face he looked away hastily, so he didn't see the glance Karel sent his way.


"Chances are we'll end up fighting soon so I recommend we all take a rest for tonight before we continue any further." Tia advised the nobles as the all sat around a map.

Lynn nodded. "I agree." She glanced at Florina who looked exhausted, she had become a great fighter but too much exposure to battle was still pretty exhausting to her.

Tia looked over to Florina as well but it was the person behind her that caught her attention. Heath. And he was without Legault… something about that made her paranoid considering she hadn't seen him the entire day. "Excuse me." Tia bowed her torso before walking towards the wyvern rider.

"Lady Tia?" Heath jumped up from the ground to greet her. "Can I help you with something?" he asked.

She nodded slowly. "How is Legault?"

Heath's eyes widened. "He… he is well." There really wasn't much else for him to say, it really wasn't any of his business what was going on between the pair… that and he didn't want to get caught between them considering they both were pretty scary when angry.

"I see…" Tia caught onto Heath's hesitancy. "Thank you." with a small bow she turned heel and made her way to Lynn who was talking with Florina.

"She gone?" Heath nodded and watched as Legault jumped from the trees landing perfectly onto the ground. "Thanks."

Heath nodded but couldn't help but ask. "Why are you avoiding her?"

Legault shook his head sadly. "We're still on shaky ground, I don't think it would be smart to spend too much time with her…"

"You've spent three days avoiding her." Heath replied almost blankly.

Legault sighed and scratched his head. "I know…" he gestured helplessly. "It's just hard… I think the space would be good for us…"

"I thought the space would be good for me and Priscilla," he pulled at the reigns of his wyvern and began to walk away. "I was wrong." with that he and his steed walked away.

Sitting at the base of the tree Legault tried to ignore the nagging voice in the back of his head that screamed at him that Heath was right.


Lucius went to open the flap to his tent but paused as voices filled his ears.

"Why not?" It was Rebecca and she sounded clearly distressed. "Is there something wrong with me?"

A sigh that was distinctly Lord Raymond's was heard. "It's not that Rebecca-"

"First my Brother…" she interrupted him. "…and now you…? I-I… I can't take this!" with that said she stormed from the tent not even caring that she practically bombarded Lucius on her way.

'Rebecca?' he thought confused. He then slowly walked into the tent to see if he could ask Lord Raymond just what happened between the two. As far as he was aware they were becoming friends.

"Lord Raymond?" Lucius asked once he was inside the tent. He looked over to Raven who was sitting angrily on his bed. "Is something the matter?"

Raven plopped back on his bed and turned away from Lucius, an indication that he wanted to be left alone. Lucius took the hint and moved towards his makeshift bed. "I think I should rest… who knows when we'll have this chance again."

A grunt was his only reply.

Lucius sighed and scooted into his bed.


Tia sighed and looked up at the moon as she sat beside a small pond. She knew she should have been sleeping but she just couldn't get to sleep. "Why must we fight…?" she thought aloud leaning back on her elbows so that she could get a better view of the night sky.

She didn't turn as she heard footsteps drawing towards her. She knew perfectly well who it was who was behind her. "Legault…" she breathed, his footsteps stopped the instant she said his name. "You… you have been avoiding me." it wasn't a question, nor was it a statement really.

"…Yes…" came his reply.

She felt her lips twitch. "You said something… I half expected you to run off." she sat up and patted the spot beside her. "Sit."

Slowly he walked beside her and seated himself. Neither said anything for a long while, both opting to just enjoy the sight before them.

"Sorry…" Legault broke the silence with a nervous stammer.

Tia smiled. "It's alright."


Lucius looked around from where he stood in the battlefield. There was surprisingly enough, next to no bodies around them- this was strange considering that where they were positioned was the perfect place for reinforcements to come from… but there was nothing… absolutely nothing.

He looked over to Karel who was leaning against a tree in deep thought, his body was strangely clean today, there were a few splatters of blood but nothing compared to what he was usually like. It seemed as though today he wasn't as into the fighting as he usually was- this in itself scared Lucius…

"Lucius." Lucius jumped at the sound of his voice. He looked up to see Karel staring at him with a strange emotion in his eyes.

"Karel..." He said softly not quite knowing what to say to the swordmaster considering he was pretty sure he had offended the man in their last encounter.

There was a long stretch of silence before Karel spoke. "...You are not a fool." While his voice was calm there was a certain hesitancy to it, as though he was wasn't used to saying those words. "And you are weak." There was no malice in those words. "That is why I do not need to kill you."

"……" Lucius remained silent. He honestly had no idea what to say… was Karel apologizing?

It was a long time before Karel spoke. "Perhaps that also is why..." the hesitancy in his voice was clearer now and it was more than obvious to Lucius that Karel was struggling with his next words. "When I am near you, I feel...calm."

Stunned, Lucius stared at Karel wide-eyed. He honestly had no idea what to say to that…calm? It was as he thought on Karel's words that he noticed the state that the other, his face was paler than usual and under his eyes were the faintest signs of bags… he looked terrible, as though he had spent days without sleep or even food as he did seem thinner than usual... "...You look tired." He suddenly said, his hand reaching out of it's own accord to touch the pale cheek… strangely Karel allowed it…

"...What?" there was a slight creasing of his brow.

Lucius found himself tracing Karel's pale cheek. "You face seems pallid, drawn, and worn. It looks unhealthy." He explained and it was true, Karel looked more pale than usual- he didn't look well at all.

"Perhaps..." Surprisingly enough, Karel found himself lean a fraction into the soft touch. "I am..." he let out a sound that was suspiciously a sigh. "tired." He looked away from Lucius, as though ashamed of what he was going to say next. "When I fight, my entire body is filled with a hunger I cannot suppress." His tired eyes returned to Lucius. "...I have never had the luxury even to imagine fatigue..." slowly his hand rose to touch Lucius's.

"I don't care about your fighting." As Lucius spoke a strange gleam appeared in his eyes. "I cannot change the way you live." Raising his spare hand he placed it over Karel's. "Nor would I. We both follow our beliefs."

Karel's cold finger's twitched at the feeling of Lucius's warm ones. "......" he stared at Lucius's ocean blue eyes that burned with strange, passionate

Lucius was silent for a long length of time- it was as though he was enjoying the silence that was passing them. "I don't know why you believe this killing is your destiny," he licked his dry lips, and somehow they began moving towards a nearby tree without even realizing it. "but I pray that you will someday know peace."

Karel moved with Lucius to the ground, it was as though the pair were under some sort of spell… a spell they didn't want to be released from… "I want...to sleep." As though entranced his head moved down to Lucius's lap. "If only for a while..." closing his eyes he felt Lucius's hand move through his hair… why he allowed this was beyond him…

"Rest now..." Lucius breathed running his feminine fingers through Karel's long hair. A smile formed on his lips as he watched Karel close his eyes.

'Rest now…with me…'


"Where is he!?" Raven all but shouted as he stomped towards Tia's tent. "Where is he!?" he repeated tearing the tent's flap open.

Tia looked back from tending to Legault's wounds. " 'He'?" she raised a brow at him and pressed particularly hard on the cut across Legault's thigh.

"OW!!!" Legault hissed attempting to pull his leg back- but then stopped as Tia gently stroked the area.

Raven's glare increased. "Lucius." He sneered.

Tia's eyes widened a fraction. "He didn't come back with Karel?" quickly she tossed a bottle of vulnerary on the wound- making it heal instantly. "Let's go!" she jumped up and dragged Raven off to look for Lucius.

"Oi! Wait!" Called Legault as he scrambled off after them.


"…You mean no one noticed that we were down two members?" Tia growled dangerously as the three of them stood by what was a battlefield only a few hours ago.

Raven crossed his arms. "I was wounded." He said softly, hints of shame in his voice. He looked away to some of the bloody remains of the things they had fought that day.

"You had me in the tent right after the battle." Legault defended himself.

Tia sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "I didn't mean you two." Stepping forward she pointed in a random direction. "Alright…" she looked at Raven. "You go that way and look," she pointed in another direction. "Legault you go that way, and I'll go that way!" she said pointing the direction she was going to go in.

Nodding Raven wasted no time in going in the direction ordered.

"We'll meet at Lucius and Karel's appointed area!" Tia called out to him, she turned her attention to Legault when Raven nodded in response. "Be careful." Was all she said before heading in the direction she had appointed herself.

"You too." He replied offering her a smile even though he knew she couldn't see it.


"Well that's appealing…" Tia pulled a face as she saw a family of foxes devouring the severed remains of what once was a soldier. "Yummy…" she sighed as she kept walking.

"I really need a horse…" she sighed after another twenty minutes of walking. "Should have bought Rath with us- he'd be able to find Lucius like that!" she clicked her index finger and thumb to put emphasis on her point.

Freezing as she heard a groaning sound from behind her she inwardly prayed that it wasn't what she thought it was. "Oh… why me?" she almost sobbed as she turned to see a corpse staggering towards her. "Well… guess I have no choice…" she murmured lifting a nearby stick. "Hope somebody finds me soon." With that said she charged at the creature.


'What's that?' Legault thought as he heard the sound of what appeared to be the grunts of someone fighting. Drawing his iron sword he headed in the direction of the sound.


"This brings back memories." Tia mused as she looked down at what was left of the zombie creature, having just dismembered it. She grinned at the stick in her hands. "Good stick." With that said she turned to continue her search for Lucius.

"You killed that with a stick?" Tia jumped at the voice behind her. "Heh… I had forgotten how skilled you actually are…"

"Legault I swear to whatever deity is listening that if you sneak up on me again I will hurt you." Turning Tia sent him a humorous glare. "If you had forgotten I WAS a member of the black fang."

Smirking Legault jumped down the small hill to be at her level. "Come on let's look for those two, there's nothing down the road you picked for me."

Narrowing her eyes Tia sincerely doubted that there was 'nothing' down the road she had chosen for him but she decided to let it slide. "Come on." She smirked.


"Raven?" Tia noticed the red haired man leaning against a tree waiting for them. "You find anything?"

Raven sent her a glare and threw a decapitated head to her feet.

"Yummy…" Tia pulled a face. "Well let's go see where they were posted." Originally she hadn't thought of going to where they were posted considering Karel's tendency to run off on a bloodlust.

"Raven why are you so protective of Luci-OH!!!" her hands flew to her mouth at the sight before them… Lucius asleep, leaning against a tree, with an equally asleep Karel resting his head in the monk's lap.

Legault blinked… this couldn't be what he was asking Tia about when she had first decided to pair them together… could it?

Raven was… taking it well… considering how protective he was of Lucius…

"…umm…" Tia began not quite knowing what to say. "…perhaps we should… umm… let them be… they're safe… I umm… don't think… anything is… umm… going to hurt them… umm.. tonight…" with a blush on her face she turned and sped walked away.

Raven turned to argue with her but was stopped by Legault. "Trust her… they'll be fine."

Glaring Raven trudged after Tia.


Groggily, Lucius's eyes opened as he felt the sun's rays against them. Had he fallen asleep? '…I must have…' he thought going to move only to feel weight on his legs. "Huh?" gasping he looked down to see the dark silky hair and pale features.

'…oh that's right…' he smiled as he remembered what had happened on the battlefield. 'That was actually the most I've ever heard Karel express himself… let alone say…"

It was then it hit Lucius. "The battle!!" he panicked and tried to think of a way how to move with out Karel waking and killing him. "Oh no-"

"They know we are here…" Came Karel's cool voice. Wide eyed Lucius's head shot down to see Karel's dark eyes staring up at him.

Lucius found himself lost in those dark eyes until confusion took him as he processed Karel's words. "W-What do you mean??"

Karel didn't even move his head from Lucius's lap as he answered. "Lady Tia, the man… Raven and the Fang member Legault… they came here, found us then left." He explained bluntly.

"Oh…" Lucius's cheeks reddened as he realized that they would have seen him like this, with Karel in his lap…

"…You are…ashamed…?" Karel slowly moved up so that his face was level with Lucius's.

Lucius's eyes went wide. "What!? W-Why would you say that?!" Why would he be ashamed? He didn't understand, was Karel asking him if he was ashamed of being caught having Karel sleeping on him?

Karel shook his head- Lucius noted that he was behaving quite strangely- "Lucius…" Karel said slowly. "You are a strange creature…" a gleam appeared in Karel's eyes, a gleam that was accompanied by what Lucius could only call to be the smallest of smiles.

Lucius blinked. "Wha-" whatever Lucius had to say was cut off by hard lips on his.


"Lady Tia," Karla walked up to her. "Have you seen my brother?"

"…Now that you mention it…" Lyn looked over to the tactician. "I haven't seen Lucius for a while…"

Tia felt her cheeks redden as all eyes turned to her. "Umm…" there was a small stretch of silence. "I s-sent them scouting… umm… to see if there was any remaining enemy hanging around, they should be here soon…" she laughed nervously.

The two women eyed her for a few moments before nodding in acceptance of what she had said.

"Phew…" Tia sighed in relief, silently praying they came back soon…


It was some two hours later when Tia and the others finally saw Lucius and Karel heading towards the camp. "Lucius! Karel!" Tia charged at them excitedly. "Took you're time, eh?" she murmured under her breath with a wink when she reached them.

"Hn." Karel grunted coldly before walking away.

Lucius laughed lightly.

"…there's a leaf in your hair…" Tia grinned reaching out and pulling the green item from his hair. "…and your hair's all ruffled." Her grin widened as she brushed his hair with her hands. "Hope you and Karel had a nice 'sleep' " she chuckled walking towards Legault who was watching them intently.

Lucius felt his cheeks heat. 'What does she know…?' he asked himself wearily as he headed towards his tent. '…I wonder what Lord Raymond will say…' his hand moved up to his neck. '…especially if he saw these…'


"Lucius." Raven greeted coldly as the monk entered the tent.

Lucius gave a small bow. "Hello Lord Raymond-" before Lucius could continue Raven had shot up and pinned him against a pole that was used to hold the tent up.

"Lucius.." his voice was like ice. "I'm going to ask this only once, you understand??"

"L-Lord Raymond?!?" Lucius gasped stunned. What was going on!?

Raven sighed inaudibly. "Is it serious…?"

Lucius gasped as things made sense… Lord Raymond was worried about him… a small, warm, smile formed on his lips. "…It… It is…" when Raven's grip on him slackened Lucius pulled his old friend into a hug. "It is…"


"Congratulations people!!" Tia cheered as the group walked out from their final battle. "WE DID IT!!" she through her fist in the air. "WOOOOOO-" before she could continue her cheer strong arms had pulled her to a strong chest and hard lips were pressed against hers.

'Legault!?' she thought stunned before grinning, flinging her arms around him and returning the kiss- briefly, she realized that this was the first time they had shown a public display of affection… it was…nice…


"I love you." Eliwood smiled at the newly revived Ninian.

"L-Lord Eliwood." She returned the smile and took his hand.


Erk and Sera looked at eachother awkwardly, both knowing what they wanted to do, but not knowing how- however months from now they would look back at that moment and laugh at their idiocy.


A shriek was let out and all heads turned to see Hector lifting Florina up onto his shoulder, laughing as he did so.

"Hector!" Lyn gasped and went to 'give Hector a piece of her mind' only a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She turned to see Kent looking at her and shaking his head with a smile.

Shakily she returned the smile.


Rath and Wil looked at eachother in silence, both knowing what the other was thinking.


'Where's Raven?' Rebecca thought as she looked around for the red haired warrior. It was then she noticed him and Lucius heading through the trees. 'There.' She smiled following after.


"I'll stay here." Raven said coldly taking a spot by a nearby tree.

"Thanks." Lucius smiled before turning to walk towards Karel who was standing by the edge of a hill.

"…" Lucius shifted awkwardly as he came closer to the dark haired man. "Karel…" he spoke hesitantly, he didn't understand why he was feeling so awkward about this.

"Lucius." Karel breathed. "The scent of blood…" he took a deep breath. "Is… dissapating…"

Lucius smiled and stepped closer to him. "You're leaving aren't you?"

Karel nodded.

"Will I see you again?"

"Yes." Came Karel's smooth voice.

Lucius held his arm uncomfortably. "When will I see you again?"


"Raven?" Rebecca whispered as she stepped beside him, when she received a look that said 'quiet' from him she looked over to see Lucius and Karel. "Oh…" she breathed.


"I don't know…" Karel answered honestly, his dark eyes piercing Lucius's.

Lucius nodded slowly. "I see…" he stepped closer to the man he had come to know very well over the time of the war. "Can I… ask something of you… a goodbye favor…?"

Karel raised a delicate brow.

Lucius hesitantly stepped closer to Karel. "W-Would y-you-" as if knowing exactly was Lucius was asking for Karel placed his lips over the monk's in a soft kiss, he decided to ignore the fact that they had two voyeurs.


"Oh…" Rebecca felt her cheeks heat up at the sight of the two men kissing. "Umm…" hastily she turned away.

"Hn." Raven too turned away from the scene.


"Karel…" Lucius sucked in a breath. "G-Goodbye…" his sad blue eyes locked with Karel's dark ones.

Karel lowered his head in a bow. "Goodbye Lucius." Brushing his hand against the monks hair he turned and left… headed towards the fields surrounding the area…

Lucius felt his eyes sting as he watched the back of the swordmaster, he only moved from the spot once Karel was out of his sights. "Lord Raymond…" Lucius turned to his friend, with, strangely enough a smile on his face.

"Lucius?" Raven was a little confused and even though he tried to hide it, it showed. "…Why are… you so…?"

Rebecca stepped back a little, giving them a bit of privacy.

"Happy?" Lucius's smile widened. "Because I will see him again… maybe not tomorrow, but eventually I will."

Raven had nothing to say to that… he really didn't.

"Come." Lucius suddenly started. "Let's go." With that said he headed towards where the rest of the group was.

Rebecca smiled and took Raven's hand. "Come on!" she beamed.


Lucius smiled as he listened to Raven stammer while Rebecca dragged him. He hoped that Lord Raymond got the happiness he deserved, and he hoped it was Rebecca who bought him said joy.

Just like he hoped that he saw Karel again, and although there were shreds of doubt in him he had to kept hope… he KNEW he was going to see him again…

…Karel and Lucius did meet again, some time after that day…

but the point is they did meet again…

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