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Chapter 1

A Cullen with a beating heart

I stared at the bleeding child in my arms, the thirst burned in my throat like the sun on a very hot summers day and the monster I tried to very hard to hide was resurfacing rapidly. This poor defenceless little girl had barely lived and how unfair would it be to end her tragic existence? My guilt was now crushing the vampire inside me back into it's hidden cage and sanity was gathering in my head.

"Carlise" I screamed into chaos behind me.

My father Carlisle and myself was on a returning trip from Port Angeles, Washington when we stumbled upon very bad a car accident. We pulled over and Carlisle, a doctor, tried to save the passengers lives. The driver a Woman was already dead and the man beside her very close to his doomed fate both had suffered fatal injuries to their head and spine their car was twisted and wrapped around a couple of trees, no one could of survived this. I instantly called the emergency services. The man lay clinging on to life was lying in my fathers arms when he muttered "Bella" before his heart gave out on him. Bella? Must be his dead wife's name. The ambulance, the fire services and the local police came almost at the same time. Carlisle explained what we saw as he was much better with bloody situation than I am, I stayed a safe distance away, that's when it hit me, a third person blood. I stopped concentrating on the scene in front of me only catching snips of peoples thoughts.

"Oh no its the chief Charlie swan and his wife Reene. How could this happen? Poor Bella." someone thought. Reene his wife? who's Bella?

"Wheres baby Bella?" someone else was thinking.

Baby Bella, their child perhaps? If two adults could not live through this horrific crush, how could a baby? a Third body must be out there somewhere, explains the blood. With that thought I heard a faint cry from the nearby woods, without thinking I darted toward the sound a little behind the actual wreckage and found the lost child, no more than a year old looking at her fragile size she looked seriously hurt and whimpering in pain but still very much alive, her little beating heart was strong. How on Earth had she managed to crawl this far away? So small and innocent I swept her up in my arms without a second thought, how reckless a thing not to think such an action over? Then It hit me her blood the sweetest I have ever in all of my existence smelt and it was so intoxicating like being hit by a bus. Oh Bella, how it feels like you were designed for me, yet your mind is silent for me, how strange.

Carlisle was now at my side, tugging the child out of my arms, in a way saving me from my own demon but taking away Bella a tiny little girl who already had a hold over me. People has now started to surround us, their minds full of panic and concern screamed around in my head, it's times like these I wish there was an off button to mind reading. They were now looming over the ground on which we sat helping this child who was now opening her eyes a little bit and was so obviously scared of the bobbing bodies, she let out a little cry and grabbed my hand her entrancing brown eyes now bore a hole in my own and it felt like I'd lose everything if this girl did not live. When the paramedic tried to pick her up her cry got louder, much louder. Was she in pain? Could I Somehow stop it? still her eyes looked at me from under those thick eyelashes. Everyone around looked clueless. Carlisle turned to me " Edward, I think she wants you to pick her up" Only bothering to say this out loud for the benefit of the surrounding people. Me? true she has not let her eyes drop from me, not even for a second. "Can you handle it" Carlisle thought. I honestly didn't know but I nodded in reassurance and tried to pick Bella up. My cold, hard hands wrapped so easily around her little body. She did not cry, this is what she wanted, yet I still could not hear her mind, why? By picking her up I felt fully her limp little body so similar to that of a rag doll. Oh my own agony for this lille girl in my arms was almost unbearable.

The ride to the hospital was uneventfull. The minds of the emergency crew gave me an insight into the Bella's lost parents. She had no other family, Her dad was head of Police in Forks, Her mom was a bit eccentric and taught kinder garden in the local school and her family was loved by the whole town. Carlisle had insisted I ride with her as she has formed an attachment to me and would feel safer. Safer? HA, only moments ago the girl was about to be the sweetest thing I've ever tasted and a slip up in my 70 odd years of avoiding human blood yet I do not think I could of not rode with her. My father followed behind in the car.

At the hospital Carlisle insisted on helping Bella, partly because the hospital was hugly under staffed and mostly because of my anguish. I waiting in the long corridor outside the treatment room, my self control was not perfect and I did not want to slip up. I called my family of course a pointless phone call, but I needed to get my mind outta that room, my sister Alice has already seen this happening and was on her was with the rest of my family, apparently they needed to be there, Alice refused to explain. After 17 terrifying minutes Carlisle resurfaced. "She is badly concussed, with a broken arm and a few broken ribs and a couple of grazes and cuts, but other than that she's fine actually quite a charming little one isn't she" he spoke almost like a relieved father."she keeps looking for you" My eyes shot to my fathers and I wanted to see her, I needed to, some sort of closure I suppose. I walked through the double doors to an extremely bright room which smelt of many types of medicine and stale blood. The 6 beds in front of me where empty except for one at the far end of the room where Bella sat staring at the falling snow outside. Only one nurse fluttered around nearby. Bella hadn't noticed my approach yet, I cleared my throat to gain her attention, she still didn't turn which surprised me, a normal human response would be to see who it was but she still remained fixed on the falling white outside. Her mind still gave away none of her secrets, but what secrets could a 2 year old have?

"Bella" my voice made her jump a little. She turned to me and her smile lit the room up even brighter. She was pleased to see me. I sat on the edge of the bed near her little legs close enough to feel her warm but further enough away not to taste her scent full on. She was still smiling at me gushing an amazing red from her cheeks.

"Bella, how you feeling?" I said in my softest voice.

"My -she was pointing to her head- 'urts a ikkle bit an' my arm is bwoken" how cute.

"You'll get better soon enough" still in my soft voice. She was still glowing red and smiling at me.

"You're so pwetty" How else could I attract my prey, it's my nature to be beautiful but Bella's innocent beauty out shone mine without a doubt. I couldn't help but smile at her.

"You're prettier" This made her giggle and the delicious sound was so intoxicating it set me off but unfortunately my light mood was cut off but Alice's visions outside the doors. It was Bella at our house in a room which had been specially designed for her. It was HER bedroom.

I quickly turned to Bella "Excuse me for a moment, I have to go see someone" she looked very disappointed "I'l be right back don't worry" This made her smile as I flew for the door. Once outside I was greeted by my father, my mother Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet my family all grinning at me in anticipation of course they already knew what Alice had saw. "What was that Alice?" I said through gritted teeth.

"Bella's coming home with us." Alice always reply's with such confidence as she was always right, but I had to put my foot down not this time. No human soul full child could be selfishly condemed to a life we would provide.

"No way." I spat out

"She wants to." Shes a 2 year old child, she doesn't know whats she wants.

"She don't know you, any of you and she won't get the chance. I don't see why you had to all come her"

"She will know us, Edward. She will love us, all of us and she wants this!"

"She's two years old! She has the right to a normal life! END OF!"

The thoughts of my family were all on the same side as Alice, surprisingly can't they see how insane this argument is? With this the door behind us creaked open and a nurse came out holding Bella. She was squirming in her arms and the nurse said to me "Shes been crying for you" and Bella raised her arms for me to take her in my own "Edwar Edwar." I reached for her involuntary and cuddled her into my chest. My family stood in awe around us, the little girl had already captured their hearts before they met her now I know from all 6 of their minds I had lost my fight to keep this child in the dark about the monsters she shared her planet with.

The visions in Alices head were set in stone, we were to adopt this orphaned child. Alice squealed in delight as she saw me surrender. Bella looked completely bewildered at the 7 of us. My family, her Family. "Bella I'd like you to meet my family of course you know Carlisle, this is Esme, Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie and Alice."

"All so pwetty" she slurred I was about to panic when she made the cutest of all sounds and feel asleep in my arms. Bella, oh little Bella, im so sorry.

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