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A Recurring Nightmare

Chapter 1: The Start of an Adventure!

A young man was alone in a spacious white room. It was so large you could not see the walls or the ceiling. There was no shadows and a strange light source illuminated the room, the light was so powerful it would blind you if you looked even the slightest bit upward. The young man was exploring the room, holding a hand over his eyes as he moved. Suddenly the man froze in his tracks as a figure of a woman appeared. "Are you?" He asked, squinting his eyes and reaching toward her.

"Why'd you kill me?" The figure of a woman asked.

"W-what?" The man asked staggering back. The woman repeated herself, the mans eyes widened realizing who the woman was. "I didn't! I only did what you asked me to!" The man shouted back.

Not differed, the woman continued. "Don't lie to me. You could have done more." The woman replied.

The man screamed falling on his knees as tears slid down his face. "I did all I could!" The man looked up at the woman, her skin was pale, blood and cuts covering most of her body and face. "I trusted you." the woman admitted, and everything went white.

… … …

A young man opened his eyes in a light pant to find himself in the hull of a small, yet cluttered ship. He rubbed his eyes before standing up and stretching. The young man had messy, brown hair. His bangs would cover his eyes, but instead were tucked behind his ears. The man also had a ponytail that went slightly past his shoulders. He wore tan pants that looked like they would normally be warn by a carpenter. Upon his chest was an old, faded blue t-shirt that was now becoming mostly gray. The right sleeve had been torn off and had since been replaced by bandaging that covered his entire right shoulder. The bandaging was new and had tints of red near the back shoulder-blade. He had little to no muscle, but instead had slim and somewhat lanky limbs. Pale skin covered him, countered only slightly by his blue eyes. A sword ran along his back. The hilt began at his left shoulder and ran down his back diagonally, the tip ending near the base of his right thigh.

Somewhat awake, the man made his way up a small flight of stairs leading topside. He pushed the two doors blocking his way only to be blasted by mid-morning sunlight. Blinded the man quickly covered and averted his eyes.

"Glad to see 'yer finally awake!" His vision returning he looked over to see an older man with a long raincoat and a large white beard steering the ship. "Our destination be straight ahead!" The young man turned away from the captain to see a giant city built upon the sea, reaching upward toward the sky. "We'll be dock'en in a few minutes."

The young man stayed focused on the city as they approached. "Wystern." The man announced to himself, a small curious smirk on his face.

… … …

The boat was now docking in Wystern's harbor. The young man flung a duffel bag over his left shoulder, being careful not to agitate his healing wound. He walked near the edge of the ship and raised one leg on top of the guard rail. "Ey wait! We've yet to dock!" The ship captain shouted. The man disregarding the ferry captain's warnings, leaped off the ship onto the dock. He stood up straight and dusted off his knees before heading forward into Wystern.

As soon as he reached the front gate leading to Lower Wystern, two guards stopped him from entering. "What is your business in Wyestern?" One of the two identically dressed men asked.

The young man snapped his gaze away from the city toward the guard. "Hm?" He hummed lightly, having not truly been paying attention.

The guard repeated himself "What is your business in Wystern?"

The young man put down his duffel bag in front of him and pulled out a small folded piece of paper. "You tell me." He said as he handed the paper over to the guard. He unfolded the paper and silently read it, his eyes widened slightly and he nodded. "I understand, I will inform him of your arrival, please stay here." The guard handed back the paper, which the young man immediately crumpled up and stuffed in his duffel bag. "I will send for an escort briefly." The young man nodded as the guard left toward Central Tower.

… … …

It had been several minutes and the young man was now laying on his back near several cargo crates in the dock. The ship captain from before had signed in and was handing over a small shipment of goods to the remaining guard. The young man was peacefully watching the clouds as they flew by. Meow. Tilting his head back to look behind him, the man noticed a small and furry yellow animal. "A cat?" he lightly muttered and questioned to himself, the feline now making it's way toward him.

"Ow!" The remaining guard that was watching the dock turned to see the young man, now with a small claw mark on the side of his neck, franticly chasing a small yellow cat around some cargo crates. The guard shook his head and turned his back to the young man as he returned to watching the harbor.

"Gotcha!" The young man shouted, trapping the cat into a corner of the crates. Meow. He looked up and saw another small yellow animal atop the crates he had cornered the cat into. "Another one?"

"Ow!" he yelled, another small claw mark now on the other side of his neck. The two cats ran side by side as they jumped onto the crates, they then made their way on top of the tallest one. The two leaped from the crates onto the wall boxing the harbor in from the rest of the city, and then hopped down onto the curry shop directly outside it.

The young man gritted his teeth watching this. "Your not getting away that easily!" He shouted following the cats path onto the tallest crate and leaped toward the wall. He stuck his arms forward and barely gripped the top of the wall. Now dangling on it's edge, he tightened his grip and pushed against the wall with his feet, and vaulted over it onto the curry shop.

A helmet-less guard with long hair walked into the harbor and greeted the other guard. "Hello, I'm here to escort our new arrival."

The harbor guard nodded. "Understood, he is right-" the guard turned around to the crates where the young man was chasing the small cats, only to notice no one was there. The guard stood silent examining the area.

"So, where is he?" the helmet-less guard asked more directly.

The other guard slowly turned his head to face him. "Well, you see..." He began, nervously gulping.

Wystern's interior was an odd and almost clashing of ideas. The seemed to made of mostly iron and steel. Yet, the walkways had parts which were made entirely of cobblestone. The houses and shops alike, structured and walled by an unbending iron, bright yellow tile for rooftops. Gaps between walkways as well as some homes were separated by open sea water. Rising and falling with the tides that flowed even inside the metal city walls. A massive Iron tower in the center of the city which lead up to the next level of the iron city.

The young man was now chasing the cats across the rooftops. The cats leaped the gap between the curry shop and the house in front of it, with the young man following in suit. He had chased the two into the roof corner of one of the houses several down from the curry shop. Hiss. The cats arched their backs as they growled and hissed at the man. He smirked in satisfaction as a scene from behind the cats caught his eye and he shifted his attention.

… … …

A young girl with a red jacket and short silver hair had her back to the park fountain, with three bandits dressed in brown and black holding her up. "Don't take another step girl, just give us the boam peacefully and nobody gets hurt." The presumed leader of the bandits demanded a smug smirk on his face as the other two inched slowly closer to her. The citizens watched timidly, several running to find guards.

"Somehow I get the feeling that 'No body's gonna get hurt' isn't really going to hold up." An oni announced appearing from behind the young girl and moving to her side, an amused grin on his face. His skin a rich and deep brown. From his forhead, a long sharp and golden horn protruded. Long and unearthly red hair flowing unto the center of his back. His eyes, a lively chestnut brown. His body covered in what appeared to be steel samurai's armor. The center of the stomach exposed to reveal a cut and muscular stomach. A tiger pelt tied around his waist by a bronze chain.

"What the? Where'd that stray come from?" Using the distraction, the young girl quickly pulled out a large ax. The bandits pulled back slightly "Damn, she's a craftknight! Which means, that's her guardian beast!" The bandit leader realized backing up near the house the young man was watching from on its rooftop.

"What should we do boss?" One of the bandits asked fearfully.

The leader stopped in his tracks. "What should we do?" the leader repeated to himself. "So what if she's a craftknight, she's just a kid! Get her!" The leader called out, reinvigorating the other two who were now running in.

The young girl deflected the first blow and then spun and knocked the other one bandit into the fountain using the broad side of her ax. The remaining bandit nervously ran in. The girl held her ground and delivered a powerful blow that broke his dagger and sent him flying back. The bandit leader had his back against the wall and was shaking violently.

"If you come peacefully you won't get hurt." The young girl announced mimicking the bandit, a small smirk present on her lips. This causing the oni to start laughing loudly behind her.

… … …

The young man leaned over the roof trying to get a better view, he was as a result, moving closer and closer to the cats. As he leaned over the edge he heard a loud creaking sound. 'Huh? This part of the roof can't support my weight. I should move before-.' As if on cue, the roof creaked again and the section of the roof the man and the cats were on, slumped down. He shoved the cats out of the way and was about to do the same for himself when it broke off, with him still on it. "Damn!"

… … …

"So, will you come peacefully?" The young girl asked stepping closer with her guardian beast behind her, smirking.

"S-screw that!" the bandit yelled pulling out a small dagger of his own. Large amounts of sweat dripping from him as the young girl calmly inched closer. 'Crack!' The bandit looked up and was immediately crushed and knocked unconscious by a fragment of the roof young man was on.

"Ow." The young man complained rubbing his back as the two cats jumped down next to him. One cat sat beside him on his right, and the other jumped on his left shoulder and licked a small scratch on his right cheek. "Oh, so now your friendly?" The man asked in slight indignation. His sights resting to the cat on his shoulder, which meowed in response.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" The young man looked up to see the young girl from before, now directly in front of him. The young man stared at her for a moment before she smiled at him. "I'm Pratty, and this is my guardian beast, Rasho."

Rasho stared at the young man before repeating Pratty's question "So, who are you?" He asked lazily.

The young man stared back at Rasho before slowly opening his mouth to answer. "I'm-" 'Meow!'

The cat that was sitting on the young man's shoulder, had jumped off and walked in between the young man and Pratty, looking up at her. Pratty and Rasho stared at the small creature before Pratty smiled and knelt down beside it. "Well aren't you the cutest thing?" She said, petting the cat, making it purr loudly as a result.

The young man scratched the back of his head before standing up and brushing himself off. He stared at Pratty as she played with the cat, watching her for the second time today before shaking his head. 'What kind of mess have I gotten myself into this time?'

… … …

The young man along with Pratty and Rasho were making their way to the Central Tower, the two cats dispersing long ago. "Y'know, you really don't have to guide me all the way there." The young man complained as he followed several steps behind the pair. Rasho currently floating leisurely on his back alongside his partner.

"It's okay, most of the guards here in Lower Wystern that would have taken you to Upper Wystern are busy taking care of those bandits from before, and besides this is my way of thanking you for your help with those bandits."

The man was about to protest when Rasho spoke up. "Oh please, the kid fell on top of some weakling! I don't see why we have to babysit him because of it."

Disregarding the statement, the young man reached into his bag. As he un-crumpled his note, his eyes briefly skimmed the information. "So you said this guy's on Upper Wystern?"

The silver haired knight nodded cheerfully. "Yup. I'm also really surprised he did this, I've never heard of him doing something like this before. Have you Rasho?" Pratty asked turning to Rasho who shrugged in response.

The man's eyes narrowed. "You also said we're on Lower Wystern. Right?"

Pratty began to turn around. "Yeah, but-"

Before Pratty could finish her question the man had darted passed her and was sprinting toward the Central Tower. "Thanks for the directions!" He yelled back. Rasho smirked at this and chuckled slightly to himself.

"H-hey wait up!" Pratty called out tacking several steps forward.

"Just give it up, he's long gone. Besides, don't you have crafting to do?" The older demon reminded, staying exactly where he was in the air.

Pratty quizzically turned around "Wait a second, you want to do work?"

Rasho stiffened realizing what he had said. "Good point! Lets chase after him then!" The oni declared almost desperately trying to change the subject.

"No you were right, we have work to do." The girl commented. Rasho sighed lightly in defeat. "-besides, how lost could someone possibly get in Wystern?" Pratty asked as her and Rasho began making their way to the Silver Guild.

… … …

The young man was sprinting at the Central Tower. The front door several feet in front of him, he looked behind him to make sure he wasn't being followed and turned back only to collide with someone exiting from the front entrance. This causing both to fall onto the floor.

The young man opened his eyes to find himself lying on the ground. Slightly disoriented he began to hear the sound of a woman's voice.

"Master Cleru, are you alright?" The young man sat up and looked to the owner of the voice. There was a young fairy-like guardian beast and she was shaking a young man who was on the ground which he had assumed was her master. The woman was equal size to her partner. Her hair a short but comforting light pink. Her irises, a deep magenta. Her attire at a base consisted of black skin tight garments that made up her shorts, tank top as well as arm bands and leggings. An assortment of gold bangles as well as some sort of pink fur decorating her clothing. Around her neck was a pale white and gold tinted chocker that connected to four golden straps that each ended with a cross-like ornament, all floating behind her.

Cleru groaned as he struggled to sit up. The only thing the man could make out about him as he backed away was his short messy silver hair as well as his blue coat. Standing up, the culprit of their collision made his way to the doorway not getting a definable look at Cleru. "I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry." He announced, quickly making his way to a staircase directly inside the Central Tower.

"Hey wait a minute!" The guardian beast called out without getting a response.

At this point, Cleru sat up straight "Who was that?" He asked rubbing the back of his head.

"Don't worry, about that, you're not hurt are you?" The girl asked, highly concerned as she lightly pushed Cleru's bangs away from his forehead. She leaned in and examined him closely.

Cleru blushed slightly as he stiffened up. "I-I'm fine! Really, Sugar d-don't worry about something like this."

Sugar's eyes became focused on Cleru's as she became much more serious all of a sudden. "But I must, Master Cleru. As your future wife and guardian beast, it is my duty to care for you!"

Cleru's shoulders sunk slightly. "You're still on that?" He choked out as though completely drained all of a sudden.

Sugar nodded enthusiastically. "Alright Master Cleru, lets hurry back and deliver those supplies Master Bron asked for."

Standing up, Cleru smiled and nodded. "Yeah that's a good idea, lets hurry back before master gets mad at us." Taking several steps forward before the knight felt a tug on his shoulder. He turned to see Sugar tightly latched onto his arm.

"Don't worry master Cleru, I'll properly examine you when we get back to the Silver Guild!" The fairy woman earnestly chimed looking up at her partner.

Cleru's face turned completely crimson at this. "C-Cut that out!" He shouted, still blushing as the two began heading back toward the Silver Guild.