Title: Beautiful Days

Author: T'Prillah

Codes: TOS, S/Mc, S/f (implied), hurt/comfort, A/U, plays with canon, rated M (for death, explicit m/m sex)

Summary: Spock and McCoy deal with the fallout from each other's choices in life.

Author's note: Part I takes place right after `All Our Yesterdays'. Indeed it is yet another take on the fallout of that scenario.
Interspersed in italics is a flashback sequence taking place around the time of `The Cage' (okay, let's pretend that McCoy joined the Enterprise
during Pike's command.).

Disclaimer: Star Trek is owned by paramount, Viacom, CBS and not me. I make no money from this.


BEAUTIFUL DAYS (prologue and chapter 1)


//This child is what led us here in the first place. Isn't this wonderful, Spock? //

Spock allowed himself a slight smile as he felt the other's thought enter his mind. He calmly rocked back and forth in a beautifully
carved mahogany rocking chair; a baby asleep in his arms. Musing on the thought, he stirred when he felt the baby move then grunt and
fuss. He picked up a nursing bottle from a nearby table and got the baby to suckle on it. The child drank from the formula hungrily,
patted it with tiny hands and sighed a satisfied sigh. As the baby fed, Spock caressed its forehead, stroked the fuzz on the head, then
touched the nose and finally dusted the pointed ears. The child looked up at his father with large brown eyes.

Watching from the doorway, Leonard McCoy quietly smiled down at the pair; arms folded over a rich black embroidered robe. It would be
twilight on Vulcan soon and then cool enough for the three of them to venture outside. McCoy turned his gaze to out of the window on the
warm sands of Vulcan. As did so, he broadcasted the thought to Spock. //I love you, Spock…seeing you here with your son…our son…//
He mused how this beautiful baby was what led he and Spock here, together, in the first place.


Chapter 1

Doctor Leonard McCoy awoke from his face down slumber on his bunk as he felt warm hands running down his bare back. "My god," he murmured. "You're insatiable."

A rich baritone responded softly in the dark. "Obviously. Vulcans are quite capable--"

"Yeah, I know what Vulcans are quite capable of. But it's…oh come on…" he grumbled as he checked the chronometer next to the bed. "It's 0405 hundred hours!" He chuckled into his pillow.

"Yes, it is, approximately," the Vulcan said softly as he kissed the back of McCoy's neck. The doctor could hear the rustle of silk and felt the smoothness of it as it brushed his bare back. He leaned towards the warm hand that caressed his cheek. The breath on his neck noted, "You have the lines of your pillow imprinted into your flesh."

McCoy snickered. "Mmmmmmm… Spock, I don't know, your powers of observation are just amazing, really. Hey, you haven't been to sleep yet. Have you."

"The temperature in your quarters has been less than desirable for sleep. I have been meditating."

"Then, why the hell didn't you turn the damn heat up? Meditation isn't sufficient; your body can't repair itself unless you actually get some real sleep," McCoy complained, then sucked in his breath as the Vulcan bit down on his neck. "Oh…"

McCoy allowed himself to be raised to a sitting position by Spock, and then relaxed as Spock pressed his palms on his shoulder blades. The Vulcan progressed to working on the muscles on McCoy's back. The doctor leaned his head back in pleasure. "And…ohhhh… you got jealous of me sleeping, so you decided to wake me up, correct?…hmmmm."

"Negative," Spock said as he bit the other side of McCoy`s neck, slightly harder this time. "You are ridiculous."

"Ow! Well. It's difficult for me to be sane at 0400 when I`ve just--"

"Incorrect, it is 0415.30."

McCoy couldn't help himself and giggled like a child in Spock's grasp. He leaned back to kiss the Vulcan. "I love it when you talk to me like that."

"Talk to you like what?"

"Like a damned computer. Do it some more."

Spock thought for a moment, then decided to indulge the doctor. "What would you have me say? That you have four hours and twelve standard minutes left before you go on duty?"

"Oh, that's it. How many seconds."

"Leonard…" Spock warned, then continued on for McCoy's obvious delight. "...twenty-four." That elicited another round of mad giggles from the human. Spock couldn`t help but roll his eyes.

"Keep going."

"Would you like that converted to decimal, Leonard?"

"Decimal…oh yes…" came McCoy's sultry response.

"What place?"

"All of them," said McCoy. "Do it now."

"4.206666666666667," said Spock. The doctor convulsed with laughter.

"Spock," McCoy said, inbetween laughs. "Quote me the odds of me showing up for my shift."

"The odds of you showing up for your shift?"

"You heard me."

With McCoy firmly in his grasp, Spock took the opportunity to nibble on the human`s little round ear. "You are being unbelievably silly Leonard," he said softly. Nevertheless, he continued the game McCoy wanted to play. "Were I, beloved, to actually calculate the odds, any variables notwithstanding, they would be 1 to 1. Would they not?"

"Oh gods, you've done it now," said McCoy as he pulled the Vulcan`s hands around his waist. He snapped at the computer to increase the temperature of the cabin.

"Thank you," said Spock gratefully.

"And, as it's now `agreeably' warm enough for you in here, which means for me it's a goddamned sauna," McCoy said as he turned around in the Vulcan's arms. "You can take that pesky robe off."

"You have just insisted that I should go to sleep," replied the Vulcan as he slid his hands away from the human`s belly.

Fully awakened; McCoy was not going to back down, now. He reached over and almost savagely pulled off Spock's robe. He discovered the Vulcan was completely naked underneath and ready for him. McCoy closed his eyes in delight. He met the Vulcan's lips and slipped his tongue in. It was met with the Vulcan's own.

McCoy broke away from the Spock's mouth, ran his tongue down the warm body, down the legs, stopping at the feet. He loved the beautifully delicate and graceful bare feet of Spock's and touched them every chance he got. He caressed the Vulcan's left foot. "Ummmm, remember when you broke this one?"

"Yes, that was a long time ago," murmured Spock.

McCoy moved on from licking the bottom of the sweet smelling feet, to sucking on each of the Vulcan's toes. "Mmmmm. Your feet taste so good. You just take a shower?"

"I have. What are you going to do about it?"

"I don't know, what would you like me to do about it?"

McCoy continued intently sucking on each of the toes, breathing heavily as he did so. Spock's hand reached down to his own warm erect penis. As he began stroking it slowly but firmly, he decided he wanted to try something new this night.

"Were I to use your words," breathed Spock as enjoyed the sensation of his toes in McCoy`s mouth. He hesitated, then decided he would go ahead and say it. "I wish to be fucked," he blurted out.

"Spock!" McCoy stopped what he was doing and gaped at the Vulcan in surprise. "Did you just say what I thought you said?"

"I did."

McCoy laughed like a madman.

"Perhaps I spend too much time in your company," explained Spock. "Did I use it in the proper context?"

"I'll say you did," McCoy giggled even more naughtily. Hearing Spock curse as he himself did was just too much, it made him feel very turned on. Passion overtaking him, he pushed the Vulcan down on the bed, lay on top of him, forcing the wrists down, making sure the Vulcan knew just how turned on he was. He kissed down from the Vulcan's nipples to the garden path down to the belly button, pulling his hands from Spock's wrists to circle Spock's waist as he did so. "Oh my god, Spock…tell me again…tell me what you want," he moaned softly.

"I want to be fucked," came the soft reply.

McCoy groaned. "I can`t believe you`re saying this to me. God...say my name, Spock…tell me what you want."

"…Leonard, fuck me…ohhh." Spock gave a little moan as the doctor's hands tightened on him. McCoy watched as the Vulcan closed his eyes and parted his lips. McCoy lived for those moments when he could hear Spock's sharp intakes of breath and gasps of pleasure. He put the Vulcan's penis in his mouth. He did to Spock what he himself liked and heard the breathing change. But, he wanted to hear more little gasps of pleasure. He was rewarded when he ran his tongue underneath the head. "I wish it…now…please…Leonard," Spock whispered, almost with a beg.

McCoy stopped what he was doing and sat up. "In due time, Spock," he teased, alternately delighted and disconcerted at Spock's obvious desire for McCoy to be the active partner; something they`d never done before. McCoy pulled the Vulcan's hips towards him, then rolled him onto his belly, then pulled Spock up onto all fours. "You really ready for this Spock?" He bent down and kissed the Vulcan`s firm backside.

"Yes. I am ready."

McCoy reached over to his bedside drawer and pulled out the bottle of lubricant, and set it on top of the nightstand. Bending underneath, he sucked on the balls. Doing exactly what Spock had done to him many a time, McCoy moved up the taint, to the tight ring, and rimmed him. He continued to slide his tongue around and around until he got the
appropriate response of pleasure from Spock. "Do it now, Leonard. Hurry up," gasped the Vulcan into the pillow.

"Okay okay…I'm getting there." McCoy sat awkwardly behind Spock as he massaged the Vulcan's cheeks. He picked up the lube, squirted some onto his fingers, and to his irritation, wound up getting a huge glop all over the bed as well.

He slid one finger inside Spock, feeling the almost oven-like warmth. He went deeper and deeper until he felt the Vulcan's prostate. He had known Vulcans possessed one; this was just the first time he had ever actually touched it. He looked up at Spock, now arching his back, to gage his reaction, then massaged it with his finger. He tightened down below even more when he saw the Vulcan lower his head, and moan once again. Time for the second finger. Dare he try a third? He did. He realized that the wait was driving Spock crazy, or at least it seemed like it to him. He slowly pulled his fingers out, then leaned forward to bite down hard on the Vulcan's backside (ohm, how he loved doing that). Now determined, McCoy picked up the bottle, spread some lube on his now achingly hard penis and set the bottle down.

He took a deep breath, then fucked his lover.


"Uh… hi… are you Lieutenant Spock?"

"That is correct." Looking up from the writing desk, Lieutenant Spock cha'Sarek warily eyed the other officer standing just inside the cabin, also bedecked in blue velour.

The man shyly approached Spock with his gear bag and looked around. "I got the crew assignment just now. I take it I'm supposed to be sharing with you." The blue-eyed human couldn't help but stare at the size of other junior officer's ears.

Spock returned the stare and noted the single stripe on the fellow junior officer's sleeve. "I see. Lieutenant…?"

"Doctor…Leonard McCoy. How do you do?" The doctor held out his hand, but the Vulcan just studied it. McCoy let his hand drop and cleared his throat. "Uh right. I've just transferred over from Starbase Medical. I'm assigned to third-shift watch here on the Enterprise, under Doctor Boyce."

"Indeed," Spock said, evenly. "Since my last roommate's untimely death on our previous mission, and my ensuing promotion to First Lieutenant, I had hoped that I would at least be assigned solo quarters."

"Well, sorry about that, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen anytime soon," drawled McCoy. "Look. Lieutenant, I don't like this any more than you do, but unless you want to take it up with Captain Pike, I suggest we just make the best of it."

"Agreed," said Spock tightly.

"Anyway, I believe we have differing shifts, so at least we'll stay out of each other's hair most of the time. You're on first watch, is that correct?"


"Lovely, we both get stuck with the shitty shifts, huh."


"Forget it. So… I`ve noticed that you`ve staked out your bed."

"Obviously, since I was here first," said the Vulcan with all seriousness. He did not understand why the human was laughing at him.

"At least we'll be on different sleep patterns so I don't have to listen to you snore," joked the doctor, trying something, anything to lighten the awkward mood.


McCoy sighed. "I can tell this is going to turn out to be interesting. You're a real barrel of laughs there, Lieutenant."

"Why would I be a barrel to carry a laugh in? I do not understand."

McCoy just stared the Vulcan dumbfounded. "You're serious, right?" He wiped the sweat from his brow. "Tell me something, does it have to be so blasted hot in here? It`s like a goddamned sauna in here. I mean I`m from Georgia but I can`t even stand this."

Spock rose stiffly from his seat. "I shall turn the temperature down for your comfort level. What temperature would you prefer?" He allowed his annoyance with the human to show.

"Don't bother, Lieutenant," McCoy said, returning the Vulcan's irritation. "I have to go on duty now. Enjoy yourself in the heat." The doctor turned on his heel and stalked out of the cabin.


End of Chapter 1