A Sleestak had wandered down one of the long hallways in the cavernous, partially underground city. Those idiotic lizard-men were forever getting lost in the winding tunnels where they lived. This particular Sleestak was starving. They all were, of course, as all of the humans were too smart for them, but this one was especially ravenous. He was the only one that had missed out on the delicious meal of Paku earlier that day. Hunger made him slightly delirious, which was why he had gone so far from the correct path in his attempt to go check one of the traps.

He nearly bumped into the small human before he saw her. She was small, but looked old-a full grown meal. The Sleestak looked around. How could it be his fortune that a delectable meal had simply meandered into his midst? Then, he noticed the large tunnel opening that she had obviously entered from. After quickly devouring the human, he went to investigate.

It was a medium-sized room, with stalactites scattering the edges of the ceiling. The walls were bejeweled with sparkling crystals. In the exact center of the cave was a miniature table. It held several rough, brightly colored stones. The Sleestak watched in amazement as another human entered the room. He quickly ran back through the doorway and watched. This human grasped a glowing blue rock, studied the doorway where the monster stood, and ran to embrace him. The Sleestak ate this human as quickly as he had eaten the first. When he was done, he rushed back to tell the others.

"Hurrah!" he screeched in Sleestakish. "There is a magic doorway that brings us food!"

"Hurrah!" chorused the others. They all hastened to the doorway and waited. Soon, two humans entered running towards their doom faster than the previous two. The Sleestaks feasted on them and many others, and eventually survived on the "magic doorway".