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Pairings: Adam/Amy, Trish/Jeff, Jericho/Steph, Christian/Molly, Punk/Mickie, Victoria/Randy.

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The redhead turned her head upwards from her drink and raised an eyebrow at the figure standing above her with a amused smile on her face.

"Yes, Chris?" Amy asked playfully, raising her glass to take another sip out of her martini.

"Is there a Mrs. Amy Dumas?" Chris slurred, as he attempted his signature grin but came off looking sheepish.

The redhead choked on her drink and ended up coughing and laughing for a few minutes as Chris stared at her confusedly.

"Chris, you better get back to Steph before she ends up kicking your ass again for skipping those baby books and getting drunk in one night."

The Canadian turned his back to Amy and muttered his wife's name before nodding and stumbling off.

Amy looked around the crowded bar, every person either having worked with her or currently working on the same company as she once did. It was the opening of one of her old coworkers' and closest friends' club.

"Well, Amy. What do you think?" Lisa Marie Varon asked, strutting over to the bar where the smiling redhead was seated. The Black Widow Club was just opening and she had invited everyone on the WWE roster in addition to some of her lifelong friends.

"It's awesome Vic. Really, really cool and edgy." Amy answered, smiling as she watched the assortment of professional wrestlers.

"Yeah, that's why I hand-picked the guy who designed this place. You need an edge to make an edgy club. It's common - Oh, God…Randy, get off the bar!"

"Baby! Baby! Remember that…movie where the ch-chicks danced on the bar? I can do it too!"

Amy stifled a laugh as raven-haired Diva's eyes went round with shock. Chris and Jay decided to join Randy onto the bar where they stumbled an uncoordinated choreography to the howls of laughter of every sober person left in the room.

Amy giggled uncontrollably when Randy removed his shirt and threw it into the audience. The shirt completely missed the screaming Diva's and landed over Phil Brooks' head who removed the shirt and sneezed wildly at the strength of Randy's cologne as his girlfriend Mickie, trying not to laugh at her boyfriend, patted his back.

"Oh…God. I actually married that guy…" Victoria said, putting her head in between her hands and shaking it vigorously.

"Baby! Look at me!" Randy shouted, waving his arms sending him off balance and stumbling into the two other Canadian blondes on the table before all three drunk men fell off the bar and crashed down onto the floor.

Every person into the room began howling with laughter in hysterics. The party which had began as a few friends meeting up for a few drinking evolved into a drunken rave.

"I gotta go take care of him, Ames. For God sakes…" Victoria drifted off, walking away as the redhead continued her giggle fit and turned back to the bar as the wives of the three drunken men dragged them to their tables.

Amy smiled at all her friends who were or were getting married. Stephanie and Chris were married happily for four years and were having their first child, Jay and Nora who were engaged with their wedding a few short months away, Jeff and Trish who had been dating for a few years with Jeff contemplating popping the question and finally Randy and Victoria who had found each other on Raw and decided to get married immediately.

"Hey, red." A voice from behind Amy said, breaking her train of thoughts. The redhead turned around to see the stranger but was shocked to find the kind, green eyes of Adam Copeland.

"Adam!" Amy shouted, laughing as she embraced the lanky blonde who chuckled as she jumped into his arms.

"Jeez, Ames. Are you drunk as well, cos I wouldn't mind seeing you up there on that bar…"

"Shut up, Adam." Amy said, smiling at her ex-boyfriend. It had been three years since she last talked to him, seeing him only on Friday Night Smackdown.

"I've missed you…How are you doing? What are you doing? Are you seeing anyone?"

"Good, nothing and what's it to you?" Amy asked playfully.

"Well, as your dad isn't here, I guess I gotta take the responsibility of kicking the guy's ass." Adam said, unable to wipe the smile from his face. He loved being around Amy, even if they were just friends, "So listen, Ames. I was wondering if you wanted to come down to the Smackdown and Raw supershow tomorrow, we can catch up and everything."

"Alright, I'll be there. It's great seeing you again, Adam." Amy beamed, she loved being with Adam, he would make her happy just by being in the room.

"Adam! Amy! Guess what? Randy's giving Cena a lap dance and I think Lisa is gonna bury herself in embarrassment. COME ON! You can't miss it!"


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