"Amy! You made it!" Adam shouted in joy as he spotted the distinct red hair of the former Women's Champion. Chuckling, the Canadian ran to the redhead and hugged her just as she turned around.

"Easy there, tiger." Amy laughed but hugged again anyways. It wasn't as hard as she thought it would be to get backstage, especially seeing as she didn't plan anything with management. The redhead just showed up at the back door and the young employee –gaping- let her through.

"So listen. My match is in like 10 minutes and I gotta be at curtain but I'll be right back and we can hang out for the rest of the night." The blonde said rushing. Suddenly, the match against one of the most popular Raw superstars, John Cena, seemed extremely irritating with Adam only wanting to end the match and rush back to Amy.

"Alright. I'll be around. Break a leg!" Amy shouted as Adam grinned sheepishly before turning around and taking a few steps, "and Adam!" Amy continued causing the blonde to abruptly stop and turn around with a quizzical expression on his face, "Make sure your crush on Cena doesn't get in the way this time!"

Amy stifled a giggle as Adam laughed sarcastically before taking a step back towards the redhead to get payback before a stagehand screamed his name loudly enough for the people over at TNA to hear. The blonde took one last glance at Amy before disappearing behind the curtain.


"Ok, Randy. Now's your chance! Go!"

"I'm not sure, Li." Randy whispered in the tiny supply closet. They were both squeezed into there spying on the former Rated R Couple's conversation. The 'being-crammed-in-a-tiny-supply-closet-with-his-wife' part didn't bother Randy seeing as he and Lisa met up there in the beginning of their relationship. It was more about the 'being-crammed-in-a-supply-closet-with-his-wife-and-not-having-sex' part that pissed him off.

"What aren't you sure about, Randy?" Lisa-Marie whispered back, a hint of annoyance present in her tone.

"Well. Wasn't one of the rules that we couldn't interrupt?" The former tag-team champion asked. People wouldn't guess Randy to be an anxious, apprehensive person but that's why he married Lisa. She was the confidence that he never had. His wife sighed.

"Come on, Randy. Don't you think Jericho and Stephanie are gonna cheat? Or did you think that that Jericho and a McMahon will play fair? For God's sake sweetie, open your eyes!" Lisa murmured adopting a tone not many people though she could posses, a sympathetic tone.

"You're right!" Randy shouted. A little too loud seeing as a stagehand who happened to be walking past had the shock of his life when he heard a ghost shout at him, throwing the random assortment out of his hands the man ran off.

"Good boy! Now get your sexy third-generation ass out there and go find that redhead!" Lisa said, giving her husband a quick peck on the lips before pushing his out of the closet, adding a nice slap to his behind.

The former women's champion watched as the Legend Killer straightened up and walked off. Her eyes moved down to his behind and she smiled as she thought of all the people who complained about Randy not ever wearing pants. It was true, Randy only wore pants when he knew Lisa would take them off for him, but she couldn't complain, not for a moment.


"Hello. My name is Randall Keith Orton; I look forward to kicking your ass. Hello. My name is Randall Keith Orton; I look forward to kicking your ass. Hello. My name is Randall Keith Orton, I look forward to kicking your ass."

Lisa watched as the new superstar the company had signed introduced himself to the locker room. People shook his hand with infuriated glares. It took all of Lisa's might not to laugh as Randy gave the same introduction to Jericho who shook his hand before erupting a loud 'Hey!' as he heard Randy's prediction.

Her eyes drifted to the tattoo on his arm before moving down to his chiseled butt. The guy wasn't wearing any pants which was odd seeing as he didn't have a match that night and he really didn't seem to notice the raised eyebrows. He was, after all, in catering.

"Hi, my name is Randall Keith Orton; I look forward to seeing your ass."

The black widow looked up to see Randy introducing himself to Stacy Kiebler a few seats away from her. Internally, Vickie thought it was a horrible pick-up line but the platinum blonde didn't seem to mind and giggled away before paying him the same old compliments. Lisa thought up the words a second before Stacy said them.

"My, your biceps are big. Wow, your tattoos are soooo sexy. My name is Stacy Kiebler I look forward to seeing you later tonight in my hotel room." The blonde giggled and winked before trotting off to some other location.

Lisa shook her head. It only took Stacy two minutes to already want to screw the new guy. That must be a record somewhere.

Randy gazed appealingly at the former Nitro Girl, chuckling probably at a joke he made inside his head.

"You don't want that, Randall Keith Orton."

Randy's gaze was snapped when he heard his full name being pronounced. He turned to the person angrily but was shocked to see Lisa looking straight back to him. Randy sneered.

"Then what do I want? You?"

Lisa frowned, not a bit phased by his insult.

"Nuh but I think you're gonna want someone who won't give you an STD," The black widow continued, picking up her tray as Randy's sneering face turned to that of surprise, "besides, you couldn't handle me."

The third-generation superstar raised an eyebrow, he heard a challenge. Choosing to continue the conversation, Randy followed the raven-haired Diva.

"Is that a challenge."

"Challenges are only made when I know someone can stand a chance. You, my dear megalomaniac, cannot even comprehend what I can offer." Lisa pushed her tray into the dirty tray stack and turned to face Randy

"Well, I can't comprehend it, true. But I know it comes for $29.90 an hour." Randy smirked. He watched as Lisa's face transformed to that of shock then anger.

"Well, at least that's more expensive than what your girlfriend back there offers!" Lisa spat angrily pointing Stacy who was straddling an irritated Christian who was trying to push past Stacy and eat his burger but was having no luck.

Randy gaped at the blonde before turning around and noticing the lack of presence of the fierce female. The third-generation superstar broke off into a run down the hallway trying to find the Diva, when he spotted her he slowed down and shouted.

"Hey! I wasn't done with you!"

"Well, I'm done with you forever!" Lisa shouted back, not slowing down or even turning around. Randy started running again until he caught up on her and grabbed her shoulder turning her around.

"I said I wasn't done with you." He stated before the fierce Diva slapped him.

"And I replied I was. How many times do we need to repeat this conversation, Alzheimer's?"

Randy turned back to the Diva. He wasn't expecting her to slap him, he pulled his palm to his cheek before looking back at Lisa who was glaring at him, noticing for the first time just how attractive she really was. Swiftly, he moved in before she could react and crashed his lips against hers.

The kiss lasted for a few seconds, with Randy praying she wouldn't break it and Lisa shocked off her core. She pulled back and tried to slap him again but this time he caught her hand and pushed it away before leaning in to kiss her again.

Lisa, now fully aware of what was happening, did not try or want for that matter, to break the heated embrace. The anger melted away leaving only a dire passion and urgency between them. After a few minutes they broke apart rendered breathless.

"Hi, I'm Randall Keith Orton; I look forward to seeing you tonight at a restaurant." Randy stuck his hand out.

"Hi, I'm Lisa Marie Varon; I look forward to not showing up." Lisa said, shaking his hand before turning around and walking away confidently.

"We'll see about that" Randy muttered to himself. He and Lisa both knew that she was going to show up that night, and every other night he invited her over.


Randy stopped running down the hallway as he spotted Amy, wheezing, the former World Heavyweight champion jogged the last few steps before putting an arm around the former Diva jumped slightly in surprise but only smirked when she saw Randy.

"Amyyyyyyy." Randy said happily, grinning at the Diva with a look that just screamed 'devious'.

"Randyyyyy." The redhead replied sarcastically. Randy knew how much wingy tones annoyed Amy and used it to his advantage.

"So Ames, I've been thinking…"

"Story of the year, Randy." Amy joked monotonously which elicted a booming laugh from Randy.

The redhead asked, raising an eyebrow at the St Louis native. His fake laughter was heard throughout the entire stadium and caused all the people in catering to pause and contemplate if what they heard was a hallucination or real.

"No, actually. I was thinking about the re-igniting sparks between you and a certain blonde Canadian you used to mess around with." Randy answered seriously, staring at Amy. If he could convince Amy to get together with Adam, then he and Lisa would win the bet. For Randy, the bet wasn't about the monetary reward, it was about the rewards he would get from his victory-obsessed wife.

"Yeah me too…" Amy said, apparently in deep thought.

"Really?" Randy answered, the surprise clear in his voice. That was easier then he thought.

"Yeah. You know, Trish and I have had our ups and downs but I think we still have a shot…"

"Wha- No, I meant…" Randy stuttered before coming to a complete halt in mid-sentence stopping Amy as well, "Y-you and Trish us-used t-t-to…"

"Thanks for the talk, Randy!"

With that, the redhead walked off laughing. She didn't need Randy or anyone else for that matter giving her advice on her relationship with Adam. And if she knew Randy Orton, which she did, any girl-on-girl action, especially with people he knew, would a) send him into a coma of euphoria or b) completely shock him and take his mind off anything he was saying or doing or possibly both.


"Randy! Randy! What happened? Earth to Randy! Wake up!"

Lisa, who was watching Randy and Amy's encounter nearby watched as Amy walked off and left her third-generation superstar husband in a catatonic state.

"Am-Amy and T-Trish used t-used to." Randy barely managed to stutter as Lisa sighed and slapped her husband across the face, waking his up from his daze.

"Randy, you perverted idiot! She was lying! She knew it would catch you off guard and allow her to get away. I know Trish never had anything to do with Amy."

"Oh, shit! You're right. Oh my God, sorry Leese, I just…Wait, how do you know Trish never slept with Amy?" Randy asked questioningly.

"Because I used to sleep with Trish." The former women's champion answered, pulling her husband by the hand.

"Really?" The St Louis native asked, more shocked this time as his eyes glazed over as he imagined…

"No, you idiot! Jeez, you fall for it every time! Come on, we have to go find Amy now!" And with that, Lisa pulled her daze-ridden husband down the corridor searching for the redhead.


Amy strutted into the women's locker room, chuckling to herself as she did. Looking around the room she couldn't help the smile form on her lips as a wave of nostalgia flooded through her.

Immediately, the redhead sat down on one of the benches and looked to the television which currently contained John Cena doing his signature entrance. She smiled as she eagerly awaited the Rated R Superstar's entrance, beaming as she watched him pose with the pyro.

Quietly, Mickie snuck behind the redhead and took a seat beside her. Amy – who was so engulfed in Edge's rockstar-like entrance – didn't notice Mickie sit down or even watch her for that matter.

Mickie smirked; Amy was definitely still in love with Adam. A blind, dumb and deaf person would know it. Inhaling slightly, the Virginia native watched as Amy's eyes were glazed over remembering entering the ring with Adam.

"This'll be Adam and John's like fourteen-millionth fight." Mickie joked, it was a bad joke but it did snap Amy out of her reverie. The redhead chuckled politely and tried her darndest not too look back at the TV.

"It's a bit weird without you out there cheating for your man like all good couples do…" Mickie continued, trying to capture the former women's champion's attention.

"Yeah. Well, it's time I stopped being the third wheel in John and Adam's romance."

"True that…" Mickie replied with a smile before turning back to the TV. They both sat in silence for a few minutes. With a match with a high caliber like Edge vs. Cena, it was bound to go on for a good time.

Amy held her breath, she was desperate to get someone out but seeing as Mickie wasn't exactly her closest friend in the world she wasn't sure. Exhaling sharply, the redhead suddenly gave up.

"Mickie. Can I ask you something?" Amy said, her words a bit rushed.

"Hm?" Mickie replied curiously

"Do you think…I should, y' know, get back with Adam?" Amy asked questioningly. Ever since the previous night, Amy had been plagued with thoughts of getting back together with Adam. Although the redhead was afraid that Adam had moved on and wasn't interested in her anymore, he didn't exactly make any moves on her the previous night, perhaps they were just friends…

Mickie's breath caught in her throat. There were many opportunities she could take at that moment. Opportunities she could use to her advantage…After a few seconds the brunette exhaled sharply and gave her reply.

"I think…" Mickie paused to contemplate, "You should do what you want and not listen to anyone else. I can't tell you what to do Amy; it's not my relationship to meddle in."

Amy sighed and nodded before smiling at Mickie. As she did, the partially loud rock music blasting from the TV meant that the match was over and Edge had won. Amy sharply turned to Mickie who just mouthed a simple 'go' before running off to gorilla to congratulate Adam.


"Heh-heh-heh. I reek of AWESOMENESS!" Adam shouted emerging from behind the curtain with his hands above his head in victory. Sure, the match was scripted for Adam to win but a victory was a victory…

"You also reek of sweat Stinky, arms down." Trish joked before congratulating Adam and the newly joining Cena on a great match. Soon enough, a group of wrestler came to congratulate Adam and John, one being Amy.

"Congrats, Edgie." Amy smiled, giving Adam a quick hug before retreating next to the others.

"So I guess seeing as tomorrow we all got some work to do, we'll all head our separate ways." Chris exclaimed to the irritation of Randy.

"How about we go to the club tonight and celebrate a great match!" Randy cried out to the surprise of everybody. Nora smirked, two could play at that game.

"Nah, that's alright Randy. We're all tired as anything. Amy can bunk with me tonight." Nora added with a fake yawn. Lisa glared as she realized what was going on.

"Nonsense we're going to the club, now get your sweaty asses in the shower and lets get the hell out of here." Lisa demanded. Trish would not lose, no matter what.

"Leave it be, Vickie. We're all going to bed tonight and that's it. Amy, you can bunk over in my room seeing as you're my best friend."

And with that an argument broke out between Jay, Nora, Randy, Lisa, Stephanie, Chris, Jeff and Trish. Amy and Adam exchanged confused glances at each other through the fights whilst Mickie and Phil watched on with playful glances. It seemed they were really the only ones not taking it too seriously.

Above the argument Adam managed to clear his throat to get the attention of the fighting couples.

"I don't know why this is so important to you guys but I'd actually like to go to the club and catch up seeing as everyone was too piss drunk to actually talk the other night." Adam said, his deep voice sounding weak over the fight.

"Alright we'll meet up at 10 in the lobby!" Randy said victoriously, beaming. As every one walked off Randy caught up with Jericho and whispered.

"Got this in the bag, Jerky."

Chris scowled "Calm down, body oil. We still need to see that kiss." The Canadian said before walking off.

"The night ain't over yet…" Randy whispered.


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