Love is Forever

In the first place, they were happy.

People often came forward to tell them that they looked perfect. They looked as if they belonged together; she heard the muted notes of envy, of course. They were shaped and molded by Fate for each other; they had hints of the other person, even when they were alone.

She was born for him; he had come back from the dead for her. Centuries had passed before she came along. He'd waited for her, he often said, because her birth was his beginning. The Cards were one thing. She was his everything.

Companion, lover and best friend were names that they used interchangeably.

Most of the time, they changed and transformed to fit whatever was needed in the moment. He was happy to find someone so mercurial, so quick and so exciting under the veil of dark hair and flash of violet-blue eyes. She was happy to find someone so stable, so devoted and so mischievous in his porcelain-white skin and challenging smile.

To find her is to love her, he promised before. Seeing dreams of a petite young woman with wisps of black curls and pretty laughter haunted him. He had no doubt that the universe was telling him something. Lifetimes might pass before he finds her, he knew, because his dreams never left anything specific. All he knew was that he loved her and he would find her.

He saw her behind his cute little daughter-in-law on the first day back in this sleepy little town. And then he barely kept composure when waves of the greatest magic of all washed through him. Love, his soul screamed, is her. You must love her.

Then she was there.

Meeting again after many years in an old library with the dust of centuries they found each other. Neither denied the need to cling and to embrace the sensations of meeting lips and pressing fingertips. They were meant for this.

Sinking back on old hard wooden floors, drinking in creamy skin and marveling at dark wisps of curling black hair-

In their first time and that first place, Hiiragizawa Eriol and Daidouji Tomoyo were very happy.