A/N: Based off the promos/spoilers for 5x10 'Let Them Eat Cake'.

Hot In Here

She makes sure Wilson is preoccupied a tthe nurses' station and not looking in her direction before she slips through the door into the room House had entered earlier. As innocent as her intentions are, she doesn't want Wilson to barge in on them. He's less likely to do so if he doesn't know she's there.

"House!" She throws a hand up in front of her as they almost collide on his way out.

Too late.

His hand lands on her left breast and she suddenly can't breathe.

"Cuddy," he smirks.

She doesn't move.

"Is it just me or it suddenly really hot in here?" he asks. At her disapproving look, he shrugs. "Seemed approriate to throw a really annoying cliche in there."

She opens her mouth to tell him to get back to work but stops when his hand shifts and sends a rush of pleasure through her. Her eyes lock with his and she runs her tongue over her lips.

"Cuddy," he says again. This time his voice is throaty and low and oh so seductive.

Her body shudders involuntarily.

Damn. So much for innocent.

"House," she tries.

He moves in, closes the distance.

She melts into him.