Wife Swap Vampire vs. Human

I don't own any of the Twilight saga characters. Takes place six years

Chapter 1: Meeting the Cullens

"We were told this is where the Cullens live. So were hoping that they are home." the promotor said. They continued to walk up the long path to the Cullen household, when they all of a sudden "Hey!!!!!"

"I'm guessing people are home." the promotor said, as they get up to the door. Just as the promortor knockes they hear a "Coming!!!" They were expecting to see a kid opening the door, so the promotor kneels down.

"Were you expecting someone around 3"0'? Because there isn't anyone around that height, around here." Emmett said. "I was actually use to kids awnsering the door. It's a force of habbit." the promotor said.

"Who is at the door Emmett?" Esme said. "A promotor for some show." Emmett said. "Invite them in, you big loof." Rosalie said. "ROSALE! What did we tell you about calling him that?" Carlisle said. "Not to call him 'a big loof'." Rosalie said.

"Don't mind them. Come on in." Alice said. "Emmett move out of the way." Rosalie said. The next second the promotor found out that Alice and Rosaliewere both in a bad mood, within a few miles from eachother. "CAN IT ROSALIE." Alice said. "ROSALIE, ALICE enough of that." Carlisle said. "Ok." both of the said at the same time.

"We are two of the producers for the Wife Swap shop. We have chosen your family to swich with another." the promotor said. "We are looking for Esme." he added. Then everyone pointed to Esme.

"Would you be willing to do the switch?" the promotor asked? After a brief look at eachother Esme agreed. "The switch starts tomorrow. The limo ill be here tomorrow around 10AM. We'd like the rest of the family to be doing something else by 11AM. The wife you're swaping with will be in by 1PM. The rest of the family should mostlikely be back by 2PM." the promotor said. "Ok." all of the Cullens said at the same time.