Life is Beautiful/La Vita E' Bella

Tragedy reigns, as slowly in the dark night, a man lies dying.

Blood pouring out of the orifice the Nazi made in his chest.

Slowly, his mind wanders to his family: his wife and son.

His Princess Dora and his little boy Joshua.

Poor Princess, a Christian, not a Jew, but sent here, to this concentration camp.

And Joshua, only five, met his Grandmother only for the first time.

He had to lie to his little Joshua, to protect him.

And when they sent the children to the gas chamber he was so frightened, so terrified that he could lose his Joshua.

And his Princess, who he was stopped from seeing.

He smiles as he remembers the messages he left for her.

The Italian music, the loudspeaker announcement he and Joshua made.

Buongiorno, Principessa!

The Jewish man smiles for the last time, and dies.