Helloooooo! Im back! here is the sequal to Twas the night before christmas. This SHOULD be done by valentine's day, if not ah well!

without further ado


Searching for a soul, pursuing for sense and meaning.

How demeaning I am though, not knowing, not caring.

Just yesterday,

All my troubles seemed so far away.


Heaven! That was the only way to describe it. January had flown by with Jace at my side; the Institute was full of love-well, it was in my opinion. My god I sound like a hippy…peace dudes!

The honeymoon period of mine and Jace's relationship was over and now we were coping for a longer time without…being with eachother. I don't know how Alec and Isabelle were able to survive the month! Everytime Jace and I were on our own, the sexual tension in the air was so thick that in the end the only way to breath, was in each other's arms. Jace didn't make it any easier for me, I have to say. He doesn't play fair! At the dinner table, his hand would be on my thigh, slowly making its way up. When I was trying to focus on a book, he would kiss my neck in all the sensitive spots. In the end, I usually caved; if not, he would end up with a book in his face or heel in his foot.

Yes, that's right, I said heel. Since Magnus' party, Isabelle has been taking me hostage every morning and dressing me up as her personal Barbie doll. I've gotten used to it so she doesn't have to handcuff me anymore. Jace doesn't seem to mind, although, when I woke up the other morning I found a box with a rose on top at the bottom of my bed. Inside was a pair of emerald green converses. I had to beat Isabelle with one so she would let me wear them. Good times…

A couple of weeks ago, Alec suggested that I should start training. Alec and I had been getting along much better recently- I have no idea why, but I'm not complaining! My days now consisted of being of being kidnapped and attacked by Iz; trying to focus on breakfast with Jace trying to distract me; sitting in the study reading and learning from Iz about different herbs and stuff; eating dinner whilst Jace pretends to be a cushion for the chair that I just so happen to be sitting on; spending the afternoon in the weapons room with Alec whilst he teaches me the weapons and how to make stuff; running back to my bedroom and getting changed; then attempting-and failing miserably- to beat Jace as he teaches me physical combat.

As you can see, my life is complete. I'm surrounded by my wonderful friends and my beautiful boyfriend. I'm learning new things everyday. I'm looking great, I'm feeling fine. The downside is my mum hasn't woken up yet. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Its Valentine's Day soon…I'm so excited! Jace won't tell me what's happening, but he's told me to keep that day clear so I could just be with him.


I was on my back from Taki's; I'd just finished picking up dinner for everyone. My life was perfect. I had a spring in my step, and a huge goofy grin stretched across my face. My girl, my Clary, my beautifully dangerous angel was waiting for me back at the Institute with open arms. I broke into a run. I wanted to be with her sooner.

I rounded the corner and hailed a taxi. I hopped in the back and gave the address. I sat back and watched the busy streets of New York pass by me. To love is to destroy…I snorted at my fathers foolish words. Love is wonderful, love is-

"Where are you going?" I asked the taxi driver, he'd taken a left instead of a right. He didn't reply.

I looked out the windows again to see that we were heading in the complete opposite direction to Institute. I tapped the glass that separated myself from the driver and cleared my throat.

"I demand that you tell me where we are go-"

"Jonathan, hush."

I recognised that voice. That cold demanding voice. I looked out of the window again to see that we were no longer travelling on the roads beside the other mundane cars; we had risen and were now skimming the top of the car roofs as we travelled. I let my guard down and totally relaxed, letting the glamour fade and seep away from my vision. We were in a carriage, much like the one that took Clary and I to the Silent Brothers all that time ago.

How had I not seen this? I had been so wrapped up in my thoughts about Clary and now…

"Just sit back Jonathan, its going to be a long ride."

With that I did the only thing I could do; I leant back against the seat and opened up some of the food that I had got from Taki's, not letting my cool façade slip one bit. Although underneath it all I was screaming, my heart was pounding, and my hope slowly slipping away. There was only one thought echoing in my head…

Oh shit!

What do you think? tell me all your thoughts, good and bad. any songs recomendations that could help me write are much appreciated.