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Mind suddenly gone
No end is near
Nothing to do now
But go on


I was sat in the centre of the training gym, facing the door; my fingers toyed with the edge of my sweats. I glanced at the clock on the wall; Jace was half an hour late. Jace is never late! He had said that he had to go out and pick up something, he never said what. Maybe…I pushed the thought out of my mind before it could weave itself into the forefront of my conscious. Jace wouldn't…would he? I cursed and stood, stretching my limbs like a cat. I'd already done the stretches that Jace had drilled into me. I shuddered at the memory of those arduous training sessions. I glanced again at the clock; it seemed to be laughing at me.

"Its thirty seconds later than you last checked you bint!" I chuckled at the thought of a clock actually insulting me.

I jogged back to my room, and checked my phone which was on my bedside table. Nothing.

Worry was starting to pull on my heart strings now. Maybe the Inquisitors back for revenge…Snapping out of my reverie, I walked evenly to the library where the Lightwood children were sat. Iz was sat cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by books; Alec was upside-down on the armchair, his legs over the back and his head dangling over the edge of the seat, he was engrossed in a book too; Max was lying on the sofa holding a big stuffy book, however the corners of his comic were visible from the side.

I cleared my throat, once…twice…thrice…ah hell with it!

"Where's Jace?" My question came out loader than I intended it too. All three heads snapped up with a foggy doe eyed expression on their faces. They don't know. Alec reached into his back pocket and pulled out his phone.

"He hasn't rung me, when was the last time you saw him?"

"He was supposed to meet me half an hour ago; he said he was going to pick something up first."

Alec performed an elegant back roll of the chair, landing on his feet.

"That strange," chirped Iz from the floor. Max was perched on the edge of the sofa, a lost on his face.

"What's going on?" he mumbled. Alec was walking off, his phone pressed against his ear. Why didn't I do that? A twinge of guilt echoed in my gut.

"Jace has done one of his disappearing acts," Iz replied curtly; the look on Max's face was one that could break anyone's heart.

"He's not answering," Alec said smoothly. Over the time that I had gotten to know Alec, I could tell that he was not as calm as he was letting on. Jace was his parabati, his brother, his best friend, and Alec was panicking.

"We'll find him," Iz said as she stretched her statuesque physique. "Don't you worry." She turned to me, her blue eyes piercing through my very essence; she was no longer my friend, she had transformed into her warrior frame of mind; her wisdom from all of the years she had from shadowhunting, was etched into the contours of her face.

"Where did he say he was going?"

I scanned my memory, but I had nothing.

"He didn't say." Iz took one look at Alec before marching out the library.

"Don't worry, he'll turn up somewhere." Alec whispered in my ear as he passed. "But to be on the safe side, we'll go look for him, can you stay here with Max?" Nooo, my inner monologue screamed. However, my body didn't comply with my thoughts, and I feebly nodded my head. I felt Alec squeeze my shoulder reassuringly before he followed his sister out of the library.

I let my head drop and I crouched down on my haunches. I should be out there looking for him, he would look for me! I let out a sigh. I heard the movement of the springs in the sofa.

"Fancy a Chinese?" Max's voice was coming from somewhere above my shoulder. I looked up at him- he looked so old, he defiantly grown!

"Sure." My eyes scanned the library for something to pass the time, Ugh stuffy old books, fun, fun, fun! My sight rested on the comic peaking out of the huge book that Max was "reading".

"So what are you reading now?" I asked as I picked up the big book. I heard Max gasp behind me, before his footsteps pounded across the floor towards me. He slammed the cover shut and yanked the book out of my grasp.

"Easy, I know you've got a comic in there, I just wanted to know which one…" I stared curiously at Max; I had never seen him react so suddenly.

"It's uh…you know…just…um…anime?" He coughed and pulled the comic out from within the book and hid it behind him. "Yeah…it's anime…nothing…you know…nothing wrong with anime is there?"

What Max failed to realise was the he was holding the "comic" with the cover facing me and the title was peaking out from behind his leg. I had to try my hardest to suppress the laughter that was bubbling from inside me.

"Who got you it?" I said nonchalantly, sitting down on the armchair. Max stood to attention by the sofa with "guilty" practically tattooed onto his forehead.


"Did he now…" I sighed. "You do know that Jace wouldn't know anime if it hit him in the face; however," I looked at Max with a small smile on my face. "He could give a whole encyclopaedia of raunchy downworlder magazines, like say…oh the one your holding is his favourite."

Max's face looked like it was about to explode it was so red.

"I'll be in my room." I stated before he strode out of the library, holding his blushing head up high.

I chuckled to myself. My humour quickly subsided as I realised I was on my own. Great! I let my neck loll against the back of the armchair; my eyelids were slowly drooping.

Come home to me Jace, just keep breathing…

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