Lady Cassandra Greenwich and her best friend Lady Emilia Lockwood had everything young women in Victorian England could want. Wealth, beauty and a pick of all the bachelors fashionable London society had to offer. But the fiery women were uninspired to find love among the insipid gentlemen who prowled the drawing rooms of Grosvenors Square.

In fact, besides never meeting anyone they found remotely interesting, the ladies also had a secret of their own - a secret which kept them from settling down and committing to any man.

The best friends were ladies of leisure by day, masked avengers by night, their secret closely guarded by a select few. Their knowledge of the supernatural and dangerous elements who live on the fringes of society, were generally considered the things that nightmares were made of, and were not the types of things proper ladies were supposed to know anything about.

But when a string of suspicious murders rage throughout London, the friends realise they might need help bringing the perpetrators to justice.

On a stormy English night, Cassandra and Emilia meet the mysterious Lord Emmanuel Moire, a wealthy Duke of French decent, rumoured to know something about the puzzling murders. Despite not being entirely sure she can trust him, Cassandra has no choice but to entrust the handsome stranger with her most valued secret.

Emilia is equally affected by the broody loner, Lord Jasper Hale. A friend of Lord Moire, and equally elusive, Emilia is drawn into Lord Hale's seemingly dark and depraved world of power and seduction. But when rumours of vampires run rampant and capture the imagination of the ton, Emilia has to wonder whether Lord Hale is everything he says he is.

Cassandra and Emilia are pulled, despite their better judgements, into the lives of their mysterious new acquaintances. Not sure whether they be friend or foe, they fight their ever growing attraction to these gentlemen who seem to know a little too much about the murderers intentions and motives.

Having met their matches, the ladies must trust their instincts, guard their secret, and protect their hearts. Is there more to these Lord's than what meets the eye, or have these ladies simply bit off more than they could ever hope to chew?

- - - - -

This story was imagined by friends and their love for Twilight, Torchwood, the French play Le Roi Soleil, and Emmanuel Moire. Although this story is no fanfic based on those fandoms, it is inspired by it, and the names of the characters are testament thereof.

Meant to be a short story, plot elements aren't fully developed and things move along pretty quickly. It is what it is.

So inspired were we, that this fic had a trailer before it was even written:


Dedicated to my friend Hannah and co-written with Lady of Glencairn.