Cry For Me Please

Summary: Bella was abandoned when she was just a baby. Found by the Cullens, she grows up to become a loose, wild child. But what happens when she finally falls in love and her over protective brother Emmett doesn't want to let go?

Author's Note: I have no reason for the name of this story, my friend picked it out. The rest of the story will be in Bella's point of view. And, there's a whole load of melodramatic shit that doesn't happen in the real world that I dumped in this story so if you don't like drama, please don't read.

Chapter one. The little girl in the basket.

Emmett Cullen was nearly four years old. He was a cute and strong toddler with blue eyes, curly hair and dimples.

He kicked his ball up high and it disappeared behind the bushes. Emmett turned around to see his mum Esme and his dad Carlisle cooing over the new baby. The little thing.

Emmett was pretty happy to have a little sister. Hey, he even named her Alice.

She was a very small little creature with dark hair. She was small and soft but so full of energy. Emmett didn't mind having a little sister but some times she was such a pain. Always touching his toys.

"Oh…look, oh Carlisle she just smiled", Esme giggled. They sat on the grass with food spread around them.

It was a picnic at the park.

Emmett turned back to the direction his ball had disappeared in. towards the river, which hid behind the bushes.

Emmett was brave and determined to get his ball without any help. He made his way through the bushes snapping any twigs and pushing any branches aside.

And that's when he saw it.

A brown basket lay on the bank of the river. A soft gurgling noise was coming from it.


A small step, that was all he took and suddenly he could see what was in the basket. All thoughts of the ball had disappeared. Not a trace of playing, all that swam in Emmett's head about this.

His eyes widened, his breathing speed increased and his heart quickened.

It was a baby.

And not any normal baby. No. This was a very beautiful baby. A special baby. It looked as small as Alice but more…defined.

It was wearing a pink type of clothing. It must be a girl, Emmett thought.

The little creature was chewing on something shiny. A necklace in its hands and mouth.

Afraid, more than anything and any time in the world, Emmett stepped closer to the baby. A little envelope sat on the sheets that covered the baby's body.

"Hello", Emmett whispered. The baby's eyes flickered towards him, just for a second. But it definitely did.

Emmett knew the baby couldn't talk back to him. His little sister couldn't. All she did was scream. But this beautiful, soft and innocent baby wasn't screaming. She was staring back at him with eager eyes.

"Hi…I'm Emmett", he introduced stepping closer. The baby dropped the necklace and it fell in the basket beside her. She reached her hand up as if trying to reach for Emmett.

He smiled to himself.

This was a special baby.

"Emmett? Emmett? Emmett, honey, where are you?" an alarmed voice made Emmett jump.

"There you are…what are you doing? I told you not to…hey, what's that?" Esme appeared from the bushes. She had Alice cradled to herself, as usual. Her eyes were fixed on the treasure Emmett had found. The beautiful baby.

"Mommy, look. It's a baby", Emmett explained, "She was just…here. I found her."

"Oh…honey. She's been abandoned", Esme cooed, "poor thing. Go get Carlisle, please."

"I'm here", said a man's voice. Emmett's dad made his way towards the scene.

"What's this?" he asked with curiosity.

"It's a baby", Emmett explained, "mommy can I keep her? Please? She was just here, can I have her? Please? To play with, Alice is too noisy, I want her, mom. Please?"

"Oh…Emmett, honey", sighed Esme, "we need to find her parents."

"But what if they don't want her?" Emmett persuaded, "I want her, mom, please. I found her. Finders keepers, you know the rules."

"Those rules don't apply to babies, Emmett", Carlisle explained. He walked towards the baby and picked up the basket.

"Only a few months old", he muttered under his breath, "seems unharmed… there's an envelope."

"We need to take her to the police", Esme explained.

"No! The police can't put her in jail, she didn't do anything", Emmett growled reaching over to the basket.

"No, honey", Esme said shaking her head, "not to put her in jail, to help her find her way home."

"C…can't…she come home with me?" Emmett whispered, "Please, mommy?"

"We'll see", was all that Carlisle said.

To, whoever you are,

My name is Isabella. Please take care of me.

Thank you.

P.S. Cry For Me Please.