Guess Who

It's been a year; one year without him and to be honest I have changed a bit nope scratch that I changed a lot, I'm not the same shy, quite, plain Bella swan who nobody ever really noticed oh no; I've turned bad, and when I say bad I'm mean REAL, REAL BAD.

Angela Webbers POV

When Mr Banner finally announced Bella will be coming back, I nearly jumped out my sit, not because she was a best mate or anything but because she finally got her life back on track after Edward decided to break up with her. I remember when Jessica the (spiteful cow) told us about the trip to the cinema her and Bella went on, I was shocked that jess never showed her any sympathy, I mean she was hurting for Gods 'sake. For the next couple of weeks she acted differently, she was much quieter never spoke unless she was spoken to, she always seemed to have her arms wrapped around her chest as if she was holding herself together, after a few more weeks I realised I was the only who really seemed to care about her and what she would do everyone else got fed up with her constant depressed expressions, and then one day she was gone, I come into school and I couldn't see her truck, in biology she wasn't in her original seat by the window ( which she always gazed out of with no meaning). The first thing that popped into my mind when I realised she never turned up for school was that she had given up, and couldn't take the hurting anymore.