Okay, so here's another chapter for everyone x

Bella's POV

It was finally the weekend and I was dead excited about the party Symone invited me to. My first week of school went down quite well and I was pleased with myself, there are more people in our group now, Symones' Boyfriend Gabe (Gabriel) he was tall and skinny with massive blue eye's, he dyed his hair jet black and always wore a hat, it made curious to see what was really under there and there was Oscar and he is just WHOA, he's tall with dark brown hair like mine, he had a straight fringe that he kept to the side and the rest spiky at the back, I found it hard to concentrate when he was near me, and always blushed when he spoke to me, probably thinks I'm freak.

It was ten past seven when my doorbell rang; I answered it and Symone, Bridget and Zanna, rushed in…

"Where's your room we have work to do" Zanna demanded

"Straight, upstairs to you left, do you guys want a drink" none of them answered they were to busy having a nose round the house

"Hello" none of them answered "Guys, do you want a drink"

"Yes please, you have a beautiful house" Bridget complimented

"Thanks" I made three glasses of Fanta and walked up stairs, they all soon followed.

"Right Bella, what are planning to wear?" Zanna said while looking for my clothes

"Erm, I'm not entirely sure; you kind of got here a little early" Bridget and Symone looked at each other and laughed

"Bella, this sort of thing takes time" Bridget laughed

"Do you want me to pick something out for you?"

"Yeah if you want" I saw Symone pulling out a pair of straightners and hair spray while Bridget got out her make-up bag

"Right Girls lets get Cracking" Bridget ordered

After being dragged, to and from the bathroom, I was finally ready, I looked in the mirror and almost fainted, I looked so… WILD

"WHOA" was all I can say

"Do you like it" Symone said while spraying my hair

"Yeah" I coughed "I look so, Whoa" they laughed

My Hair was wild, and I had a fringe swept across my forehead, my eye's were pasted with eyeliner and a dark purple eye shadow, my lips were a bright red which made my skin look even paler, but it worked for the look. Zanna handed a black mini skirt, and a Rolling Stones logo t-shirt, I put on my new pair of red converses.

"Thanks Guys, I look amazing "

"No probs, now hurry, we the parties already started" Bridget almost yelled.

We parked the car, a few roads down and walked to the house, I could hear the music playing and drunk teenagers stumbling around, this is different I thought to myself, when we got to the house, it was wild, there people making out at the front garden, the was sick at the door, step, broken bottles and cigarette buts everywhere, the music was deafening but I loved it, I felt so alive, Bridget pulled me into the room were the music seemed to be coming from, there was a large crowd of drunk teenagers jumping around like animals, know one seemed to care what they looked like so I just joined in, before I knew it I was sweating like crazy and my throat was dry, so I went to get a drink, but there all that was left was a load of beer, I've never really drunk before, but I took the chance, I opened the can and took a small sip and I liked it, I gulped the rest of it down and opened another can, before it, there was a boy pouring a bucket of beer down my and a crowd screaming "CHUG, CHUG,CHUG" I drank most of it while the rest was down my clothes, but I didn't care. I felt a wave of excitement go through me, and everything seemed so fun and playful. I was making my to the front when saw Zanna coming down the stairs with a cigarette in he hand and she had her dress on backwards she smiled at me then giggled when a boy gave a bum and squeeze, he looked like one of the skater kids from the lunch hall they obliviously got a little JIGGY upstairs, I was shocked when I saw Bridget making out with a boy on the couch, when she saw me she her eye's lit up

"Bella baby, this is… this is… is" she yelled pointing at the boy she was sitting on, she giggled "I don't your name" she whispered then giggled

"No worry's… how about we go upstairs" he whispered back

"Okay" she beamed

They went upstairs I don't even think he goes to our school, I found my way outside, there was a group boys smoking, but it didn't smell like smoke to me, it seemed stronger more pungent

"You alright there sexy" one of them called

"What you smoking" I asked

"I Joint, wanna puff"

"Yeah alright" I was up for anything tonight, he handed it to me and I took a long hard puff, I instantly felt a difference, everything started spinning, then it went blurry for about thirty seconds

"Whoa, that felt good"

"What's your name?" the same guy asked

"Be..l…la, wh…o, are y…ou?" I slurred

"Bella, it's me Oscar"

"Oh… he...lo" I would off been redder then a beetroot, but I was to stoned to react, he let me finish off his joint and we stood outside for a bit

"I'm getting cold now; I'll think I'll go inside"

"Do you want me to help you?"

"Su…r…r…e" I got inside and everything seemed, so alive, and fun, I felt like a kid locked in Disney land over night, I just wanted to do everything imaginable. Oscar led me to the drinks and poured me some punch, I drank it all in one sip and he laughed

"You seem thirsty"

"Yeah, I am" I tried putting on my sexy voice but it probably come out weird

Before I knew it Oscar was kissing me our mouths were moving in sync, we finally stopped, leaving us both gasping for air

"Did, I tell you, you look sexy tonight, how about we go upstairs" he looked me up and down oh my God he wants me!!!!

"Ok" was all I managed to say before I threw up all over him "OH MY GOD!, I'm so, so sorry" I said as I tried wiping my sick off him with my hands, everyone was laughing, and screaming about, Oscar pushed me out of the way and ran out of the house, I tried to follow after him but, I felt someone's arms around me,

"Come Bella, I think we should go home now" it was Symone, who was dragging me out the door, with Bridget and Zanna stumbling behind, we somehow managed to reached the car.

"Wait, Symone you can't drive" I yelled

"Bella, I'm sober, now get in the car, and don't even think about pukeing!"

I was knodding off on Bridget's shoulder, when we reached Symones pulled up outside house,

"Hey, I don't live here" I almost screamed

"Bella, please don't shout, your can stay at mine tonight, pass me your phone, I phone your mom" I handed her my phone

"Hi, Mrs…." She looked at me a an answer

"Dwyer" I told her

"…Mrs Dwyer, is ok if Bella stays at mine tonight…. Yeah ok, I can drop her off tomorrow… alright then bye" she handed me the phone, "sorted" she said

We got out the car, and me, Bridget and Zanna stumbled to the door step giggling, when we got inside the door, Symone told, us to but silent, but we found it hard and ended up giggling, Zanna ran straight for the toilet while Bridget dropped on the way up, and almost took me down with her, we finally reached Symones room and I crashed landed on her large bed, Bridget went to sit on the floor, while Symone went to her wardrobe and brought out a bottle of vodka, and small glasses, she poured me a glass and I shot it down my throat, it burnt like hell but I didn't care, it gave me that warm feeling again, Zanna walked in and with a large bottle of rum, and began gulping it down before passing it round, I was on my third glass of vodka and on the verge to passing out, I looked around and saw Bridget and Symone asleep, on the bed and Zanna on the floor with a bottle in her mouth, I stumbled over to the bed and passed out.

What a night!


Well this is the start of the new Bella…I haven't made up my mind yet on what, I'm going to do with her , Maybe I could turn her, into a drug addict, or pregnant teen, or even a plastic Lmao, I'm actually being serious it would help if you all could review me a few ideas thank you. Xx

This was actually really hard to write, since I have never really got drunk and has never smoked a joint before so I had to get I ideas form movies lol I watched scary movie 1 last night, hence were I got the CHUG, CHUG, CHUG bit from. Hope you all enjoyed this chapter and please review, it feels so good to have so much support from all of you: D .x