I got this from my little comedy show. So, of course, the only thing that I do NOT own here are the Characters. The plot, however, is very much mine and is already in use by my original characters. I just wanted to share it with some of you, only because this was the perfect Sasu/Naru moment.

So without further ado.... EAT! (And don't forget the milk!)

Dirty Cookie

".......What are you doing?"

Ino looks up fast, camera in her hands and wearing nothing but a long sky blue t-shirt and short cut off shorts. Her hair's up in it's usual ponytail and her expression is one of a kid getting their hand caught in the cookie jar. Jade eyes scan the room in mild annoyance, before widening at the blond boy sprawled out on the bed.

And what a cookie it was.

" Naruto?!"

" Om ank og!" Or so......that's what it sounded like around the gag. For he was very much tied up, naked and blindfolded to the four poster bed in the center of his room. Sakura lifted an eyebrow at Ino, who was now grinning up at her like a minx.

" Hi!" She waved the hand that wasn't holding the camera.

" What are you doing?" The question is repeated, but this time is asked slowly and carefully, " I thought Naruto had work tonight."

" Funny, so did I." Ino muttered, tapping her chin in thought. " I found him like this. Couldn't resist."

" I noo!" The body on the bed squirms, tugging at the restraints tying his arms to the headboard. " Et moa at here!"

" Oi."

The pink-haired woman tenses immediately at the sound of a dark voice from the body now looming behind her. She swallows thickly. Uh-oh. Turning slowly, explanation already on her tongue, (with no help from the older girl on the floor by the bed.) " Sasuke! I can explain!....." She trailed off before starting up again, "Well you see-"

Then, before she could even get the damn words out of her mouth she was very forcefully shoved into the hallway as Sasuke walks into the room. He picks Ino up by the collar of her shirt and unceremoniously drops her outside the door on her butt beside Sakura. Black eyes narrow slightly, " Go away." And the door slams in their faces.

The two girls, one sitting and one standing, both in shock, exchange curious glances. A few more moments (And a low moan later) Ino looks up.

" To the surveillance room?"

" To the surveillance room."

And then they were gone.


(Or is it...?)

When I wrote this for my original show, I tried to figure out where the hell it came from! But after editing it, saving the date of it being written and sharing it with a few friends, I thought 'WHOA. This is the perfect setting for a Sasu/Naru fan fiction!'. And So, I give it to you, humorous and very much random.

I do not own the characters. Blah Blah. However, the plot and basic...(lack-there-of) storyline, is MINE.

But feel free to tell me what you think about it. Reviews keep my writing spirit fresh and new!

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