Chapter 3

Monday morning Amanda walked in to her office and found Michelle and Daniel working on some projects they have.

"Hey! Morning!" Amanda greeted her employees cheerfully.

"Morning! Somebody's chirpy as a bird today." said Daniel.

"Hey, I heard that!" Amanda acted hurt.

"I meant you too. And thank god for whatever it is that happened to you while you were asleep last night!" joked Daniel.

"Ouch! I'm sorry if I was being so off these past days."


"You know what I meant. Fine. These past weeks. You know it's just so hard for me, going through all these again"

"We understand what you're going through. Just remember that we're still here for you and you can talk to us about anything. We'll listen. We're friends, right?" said Michelle comfortingly.

"I know that, I'm so sorry and thank you for everything. And talking about 'talking about anything', I'm going out for lunch. I'm meeting somebody." Said Amanda.

"Oh so you're on the dating game again, huh?" teased Daniel.

"Uh-oh no! I'm not going down that road again anytime soon. I got a call from Annika and apparently she's in town and wants us to 'catch up'."

"Huh? So she called? When?" Michelle can feel beads of sweats on her forehead.

"Last night, while you were both working late."

"So, you talked to her and you're having lunch with her later? How is that even remotely possible? Did hell just freeze over?" Daniel asked surprised.

"Hey that's mean! I'm not really sure. When I heard her on the phone, I felt good. I don't know. And the other thing I don't is how she got my number! I'm not even listed."

"Maybe from your dad?" Michelle said hesitatingly.

"Impossible! He doesn't have my number too!"

"Maybe it's a sign or maybe the universe conspired? Or something?" Daniel added.

"Yeah, I'll lean on 'somebody conspiring', but anyway thanks guys."

"What are you talking about?"

"Daniel, you've been working for me for over three years and you know what you're still the worst liar I've ever known."

"Is that a good thing or what?"

"It is if I am the judge but it isn't if I'm the suspect of killing somebody." Amanda laughingly said.

"She's made a joke! Thank heavens!"

"Hallelujah!" Daniel uttered laughing.

"And one more thing.. Michelle, you're a terrible liar too. I can perfectly remember that you sister's in Chicago, not Newark, New Jersey. So please go through with all the applicants résumé's and inform me right away if we have the perfect candidates. See you later."

Amanda walked out of the office and left her two employees and friends shocked.

"Did that really happen?" asked Michelle unbelievingly.

"So that means we're off the hook and we got to keep our jobs!"

"Hallelujah again!"

Both resumed to their work laughing over what just happened.