It was 10 O'clock. Thirty minutes had passed since Carol had said farewell to Rob for the final time. She stared from window, trying to figure out what she was feeling.

She felt so broken, so lost. She'd been cruel to Joe, and now she was regretting it. She felt there was no-one in the world for her, no-one that thought the same. This was how her whole life had been: no links, biological or personal. Would she ever find that missing part of the chain that she was looking for?

The world looked so empty outside. Carol stared at the police house, noticing the freshly fallen snow that had covered the footsteps that had angered her earlier as people had passed.

Was he looking over here? Of course he wasn't.

Joe was. He was standing by the phone, just the same as she; staring at the unbroken snow that lay between them.

Carol watched Joe leave the house and turn to walk along the path that ran towards the village, a tear trickled slowly down her cheek, splashing next to the now useless phone; her last hope of companionship wandering slowly out of sight.

The snow crunched frustrating loud as Joe wandered purposefully along the road, disturbing his train of thought, angering him as it reminded him of the destructive path he was taking through the peaceful white. When he felt he had walked far enough, he crossed the street, turning back on himself, heading towards his destination.

Carol, while unsure why, had resolved to observe Joe's steady path along the street; therefore had noticed the decisive route he had taken through the snow. She studied the way he walked, almost in a trance, gingerly stepping on the fallen snow, as if he would harm it by creeping through it. Wondering on his precise movements, she neglected to notice his exact purpose, until he came to a halt directly in front of her own door. She glanced across to the police house, directly across from her own. Why he should walk all the way down the street to cross the road baffled her. Then she saw.

Joe paused before knocking, unsure of what to say. He looked back at his own house. It was too late to turn back now.

The couple, one story apart, looked towards the police house, their minds working in sync with each other. Carol thought about Joe, he thought about her. They were in love with each other, but for different reasons, and yet there was one that was the same. Their eyes followed the same pattern, lying on the snow. The undisturbed whiteness, there for them both to enjoy.

They both knew: he hadn't had the heart to destroy the beauty of the snow, he hadn't been one of the boys in the orphanage; he was her missing link, and she was his.

Joe turned to the door, hand poised to knock, but it was opened before his fist had the chance to reach the wood. Carol stood there, perfect in every way; the light reflecting from the whiteness behind him making her face glow. She looked at him, her eyes saying everything that needed to be said, his saying more than they had ever done before.

The way that they stared into each others' eyes, reading thoughts that words could not begin to relay, meant there was no need for conversation. He tenderly took her hands and gently guided her into the snow, where they stood, disturbing the beauty together, but replacing it with a wonder of their own.

For a moment they paused, taking in the beauty of the moment, and then he kissed her, and she kissed back, both of them falling in love for the first time.

And in that moment, that one instant, all thoughts from either were gone and, in their place, remained only feelings.