Author Note: The Finale to Hidden Wings. Enjoy, and for those who didn't know, I updated Darkened Wings which is the detailed story about Deano, Rach, and Samuel living in a world ruled by Lucifer.

L. Chapter 52

"We really don't like you," Deano growled raising his hand.

I really enjoyed hearing those words pass Dean's counterpart's lips. From our muddy position, I watched as Rach and Samuel also prepared to strike Lucifer. From where I was sitting, I could feel the power rippling across the air as Rach, Deano, and Samuel combined their powers to trap the devil right next to us. With his powers momentarily subsided, Dean, Bobby, and I were free to jump up and join our counterparts away from Lucy.

"Never thought I'd be so happy to see you," I said glancing at Rach. Blood started to drip from her nose.

"Wish it was under better circumstances," my dark counterpart hissed. "We won't be able to hold him much longer… He's more powerful then my Father was."

Just as she spoke those words, Deano, Rach, and Samuel went catapulting out of their formation and skidding across the ground. I would have checked on them had the demons not broken their frozen haze and begin to attack even more fiercely. I had to dive to the ground just to retrieve one of my blades and begin the dance of defense again. Even worse was that I couldn't see neither Dean nor Bobby was the fighting renewed, and a few angels did position themselves closer to me, but I didn't know who the hell they were… no pun intended. The angels near me I wasn't sure if they were on my side, Lucifer's side, or a new side altogether!

"I would suggest paying attention sweet heart," a voice growled directly against my ear. His breath was hot and murky, and I didn't need three guesses to tell who was directly behind me.

"Plague," I forced out through gritted teeth. I tried to keep my body from shaking as I spun to attack him. My fist flew out, but the damn Horseman caught it as if my fist was a mere annoying pest buzzing around his head. His own hand began to squeeze, and I narrowed my gaze not letting him see the pain he was starting to cause me.

"How are you feeling?" he teased spinning me around and wrapping my own arm around my neck. I kept extremely still as I felt his breath brush against my neck. The last thing I needed was this fucker re-infected me with whatever he had on his breath.

"Better than your breath," I joked trying to hide behind my sarcasm… Jeez, I was like Dean. "How about a Tic-Tac?" I swung my head back hoping to hear the pleasurable crunch of Plague's nose, but he had moved his head just in time.

"Now, now, now," he grinned running his free hand across my hip suddenly. In my torn clothes, skin contact was inevitable. "No need to be hostile… After all, we know each other so well."

The memories of having Plague's brothers hold me down while he… I blocked it from my mind. I refused to focus on what had happened, at least right now. What I needed to be doing was getting out of this Horseman's grip and helping my comrades fight. I tried to throw him off-balance in any way possible, but the damn red-head was holding strong.

"Sorry princess," Plague tightened his grip on me. "You're not going anywhere."

"Then you will," another voice snarled, and I felt Plague's grip weaken just before I flipped him over my shoulder. I turned to face my ally, and I laughed. Of course, Castiel- the other world's- would have to be the one to come to my aid.

I didn't thank him, just moved to his side and positioned my blades back in front of me. I glanced over at the trench coat wearing angel and gave him a weary smile. He returned with a frown, and with a quick glance down, I realized my body was trembling. Our eyes met in some mutual understanding, and I wasn't sure if Castiel got exactly what was wrong- but I knew he knew that something was off. Without another moment, the other universe's angel launched himself at the Horseman.

I watched as Plague pulled an ax from… well, I'm not too sure where it came from, but I like to believe from his ass. Not far behind Castiel, I joined in the fray hoping that two could overpower the Horseman, but his brother Pestilence quickly jumped in as well. Thankfully, Castiel covered Plague, and I got the other P brother.

My two blades worked extremely well against the spear Pestilence was wielding. I easily would slice it away from my body while cutting at the Horseman's body. Compared to Plague, this guy was puny. In this fight, I allowed my mind to stray and eyes to wander. I was curious to see what poor sap got stuck fighting Lucifer, but I couldn't spot my Father in the mess… I did see one person, and with a quick jab of my elbow, I sent Pestilence sprawling. Afterwards, I made my way through the hordes to this one person.

Above the cries and howls of pain, I cried, "Ryan!" The one I was heading for, the one I thought was my brother, looked up. His black eyes scanned across the field until resting on me. He gave me a lopsided grin before returning to the fight. "Ryan!" I tried louder, but every step I took forward, I was forced back two more. "Get away from me!" I growled sending out my grace and knocking every nearby demon to the ground. A few angels glanced over, and I finally was able to spot Dean with Bobby trying to take on a few demons with just holy water and rock salt. Those two had to get out of here soon. When I glanced back to where I was supposed to be heading, I found that my brother was no where in sight.

Instead, I was face to face with a slightly pissed Suriel. She was staring very angrily into my eyes, but I gave her a smile before forcing her to duck and kill the demon coming up behind her.

"Dean ordered me from the field," she growled before pulling her own weapon to combat the army. We went back to back.

"We don't want you dying," I explained hacking at a nearby demon.

"Don't want you idiots dead either," she snapped back.

"Well," I shrugged. "It's something that we all do best apparently."

"Getting yourselves killed…"

"Giving a damn about everyone else too much," I explained with a sad smile before I felt a rush of power overtake the bloodied field. Lightning streaked the sky right then, and I finally spotted my Father. He was on a hill overlooking the mayhem he was causing. I wanted to go up there right then and rip his throat out, but I knew I wasn't in the condition to go one-on-one with the devil himself. Suriel probably figured what I was thinking and grabbed my arm to keep me from moving from my spot.

"We should probably get the guys and leave," I suggested, my eyes glued to Lucifer. "There's no hope to win this battle."

"She's right," Dean said jogging over before putting another round into a demon that was about to pounce on us. "We need to regroup and figure out why we have two dimensions here fighting on the same side."

"Then call out the order Dean," Suriel said with a small smile. "Everyone here is on your command.

I heard Dean mumble under his breath, "If that was true, you wouldn't be here." He glanced around uncertainly at all the angels fighting, some dying, some winning. "They won't hear me."

"We can hear your thoughts Dean," another voice said dropping in. I glanced over to see my Cas standing there holding most of the demons at bay with a single thought- lucky bastard. I could feel his eyes try to meet mine, but after this last week, I couldn't help but look away.

Most of the angels froze for a miniscule second before listening to whatever Dean had said in his head and disappeared from sight. Dean, Bobby, and I not far behind thanks to Cas and Suriel.

Moments of landing, Dean and I went into complaining about the angels' choice of safe. We were back at that Bed and Breakfast- the same one I had been in a coma-like state. We were surrounded by angels, and I wondered briefly what happened to the demons that we had left back at the field, but I didn't get the chance to wonder too hard as I heard the familiar sound of Dean punching someone. I glanced over to see Dean hitting… Gabriel? I snarled and moved to help my cousin, but Castiel and Jophiel- the other world's- pulled us both away.

"She is not yours," Jophiel tried explaining.

"Our dimensions have run close when it has come to traitors," I hissed running my eyes down her form.

"We're sorry that Gabriel betrayed you," Castiel began but I spun on the angel, Dean not far behind.

"Sorry doesn't cover the apocalypse. Try a bigger word," I growled out.

"If it hadn't been for her," Dean added, "we all wouldn't be standing here. At least not in this moment." I waited patiently for the yelling to begin, but many of the angels stayed silent and stared at us. Bobby approached us and placed a calming hand on our shoulders.

"Let's grab a drink and a bite," Bobby suggested, "and figure out what to do from here."

"You and Dean can," Suriel said stepping over to the three of us. "Rachel gets to join me… I need to treat her injuries, and from what Dean tells me, set her wings."

The thought of my broken wings sent my eyes cascading to the ground. With a small smile, I followed the angel and watched my cousin and the man he considered to be a father go around the back. I wasn't really sure where Suriel was taking me, but she was truly one of the few angels I trusted with everything.

. . . . .

A few hours later, I was standing alone on the Bed and Breakfast's balcony staring out at the setting sun. It would have probably been a beautiful sight had the sun not been a blackish color with flames licking at the sky instead outward from the sun. The entire sky had turned an ashy gray, and the smell of sulfur was thick in the air. The apocalypse was truly here, and I couldn't help but blame myself. I trusted Gabriel, and it had helped lead to so many broken seals. I couldn't believe what a fool I had been.

My mind twisted and turned with all the information in front of me. The apocalypse to start and then… and then back to what happened with Alistair. The very thought, now that I could actually process it, was horrifying, and it brought tears to my eyes. I had decided I wasn't sure what was worse: Suriel telling me there was a chance my wings wouldn't heal properly and I would never fly again… or what Plague did to me. Flying was my only freedom, and there was a chance I would never take to the air again. The only way, the angel said, that my wings would be functional again was if I didn't use them at all for the next year. A war had begun, and I couldn't fly like I needed to, and my grace, at least using it in the raw and most powerful form, would be too dangerous for my child… Life sort of sucked.

"How are you feeling?" the voice of Cas drifted to my ears, and I could tell instantly it was my Cas because I could still sense that small part of my grace within him.

I didn't have the strength to answer let alone face the angel right now. I felt his hand come to rest on my stomach, and his chest was pressing against my back gently. Taking slow breaths, I tried to stay calm and tell myself that it was Cas behind me not Plague. I knew the angel could tell something was off right away, but he didn't ask… I wish he would have. I needed to talk to him, maybe even cry, but he felt my rigid form and only pulled away.

"A week with Alistair… was difficult," I finally forced out attempting to explain but not really wanting to go into details.

"Suriel told me about your wings," Cas replied coming to stand next to me. His eyes also gazed out at the darkened sun.

"Gabriel did that," I sighed. "It was Uriel who refused to heal them."

"Uriel is dead."

I glanced over at the angel in slight shock- not from the bluntness, of course, but the way he said it. It sounded like his brother being dead wasn't enough- like Uriel deserved worse.


"He was outside the church keeping Dean from entering. His disobedience caused his death."

Of course, the angel thinks that Uriel died because he was no longer with God. To some point, I felt relieved knowing Cas took care of…

"Suriel dispatched of our brother," Cas finished, and I gave a little 'oh' of a sigh. He turned to rest a hand on my shoulder. "Will you be okay?"

I flinched from the gentle touch, but I was sure the angel had not seen it. "Eventually," I replied, gazing back out at the sun. I didn't want to look at Cas. "I am a Winchester after all."

"Let me know if you desire anything," Cas mumbled before leaning down to peck my cheek, but apparently, he thought better of it and stopped himself an inch away. Without another word, my angel left me alone to my thoughts. Tears welled up in my eyes, but I wasn't given much chance to even cry as another approached me… and lookie here, it was Castiel this time.

"How's the other dimension?" I murmured trying furiously to wipe at the tears before they fell.

"Life has been more interesting since the three of you left," Castiel smiled taking a more relaxed pose next to me. He leaned casually against the rail actually meeting my eyes.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"You saved our dimension from Lucifer," Castiel sighed. "Your counterparts saw it only fit that the favor be returned."

"You could die by doing this."

"I could die fighting your counterparts. I would prefer death come by returning a favor to a friend." His fingers curled under my chin, and I knew he was going to force me to look up, but I pulled away before he got the chance.

"You're not my Cas," I murmured putting some distance between Castiel and me. I remembered perfectly well what happened the one night I drank. I had ended up in bed with this Castiel, but I only wanted to be with Cas… yet, I was worried that my angel was starting to have second thoughts. He could tell something was wrong with me, but unlike all the other times when he would just stay with me, he left me alone to my horrendous thoughts.

"I understand that," Castiel sighs. "But I recognize the look in your eyes, the way your body trembles… I saw you right after I helped you toss Plague over your shoulder."

"So?" I choked out knowing exactly where this conversation was going.

"They are the same I had after what that demon did to me…" Castiel paused and looked into the Bed and Breakfast. "You should hunt him down and tell him Rachel," Castiel whispered. "He will understand and accept you. You should not be ashamed." He placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, and this time succeeded in getting me to look at him. Tears were running silently down my cheeks.

"Well he didn't exactly stay out here to find out did he?" I hissed accusingly back though I knew it was unfair.

"You didn't exactly ask him to stay either," Castiel smirked tilting his head just slightly.

I actually choked out a laugh. "I guess I didn't… I should work on that huh?"


"Perhaps first, I should talk with my cousin about where an actual base can be set up," I said procrastinating from what I really should have been doing- talking to my Cas.

"Don't put this off Rachel," Castiel warned. "It will build and then you will be crushed under the… weight… of it."

"Good-bye Castiel," I smiled leaving the balcony to find my cousin. Although my Cas's counterpart, I did sometimes find Castiel enjoyable. He was quite odd compared to Cas, and it was always humorous to compare them, but this time was different. Castiel was usually cold, like how Cas use to be, but today, he was actually helpful. The world must be ending- angels are becoming nice and useful…

"Dean," I called once I came barreling down the stairs past Deano, Samuel, and Rach. They appeared haggard and ready for a long night's rest which would most likely not happen. It was, after all, the end of days. Dean, on the other hand, was standing at the kitchen table with Bobby discussing possible safe houses besides the one we're in.

"This one's no good anymore," Bobby growled scratching an X on the map.

"Thanks to our Gabriel," I hissed, almost shuddering at the very memory.

"Well, I took care of that," Dean said so suddenly that I almost took a step back.

My mind was racing- he took care of what? I was tempted to walk away and kill the next angel I saw for letting my cousin do whatever he did. I got the feeling it wasn't good. Of course, at that moment, Barachiel waltzes in. Dragging myself away from the map, I pulled the archangel into another room to talk.

"What did Dean do to Gabriel while I was…" I hesitated searching for a good word, "away?"

Barry stared at me, looking like he didn't want to answer me, but I was sort of blocking the only exit to this room. For a moment, I thought the idiot would just blink out of the room, but he stayed and sighed.

"We wanted to find where the final seal was," he explained. "Our sister wouldn't tell us, so there was no choice but to use… the only real interrogator we had…"

I didn't need much more to figure out what exactly happened. "You let Dean torture Gabriel?" I said, my mouth agape. "Are you guys idiots?" I shouted the next second. "Are you trying to break him or just make Lucifer have an easier target?"

"We would not have found you without Dean's help," Barry snapped back, not appreciating the way our little talk was going. "You would have died."

"So what?" I cried. "I would have died, but Dean wouldn't have had to pick up a knife again. That wasn't…" I trailed off as I realized Dean was standing right behind me.

"It was my choice," the hunter said waving Barry to leave, to go one- get. The elder Winchester stepped directly in front of me. "I wanted to save you."

"By killing yourself?" I murmured. "It wasn't worth it."

"You're my cousin…" Dean trailed off, and the next part went unspoken- and Sam was his brother. Everything was worth it for the sasquatch.

"We'll find him," I said with determination. "And we'll bring him back."

"I hope so."

"Dean," I said with urgency. "What happened in that church, no hunter is to know. We won't tell anyone what exactly happened."

"The other hunters know," Dean summarized, "they'll hunt him down themselves."

"So they won't know," I smiled. "It will be our little secret."

"Like your kid was suppose to be?" Dean joked. I could only smile, and I decided my cousin was the best to tell first.

But before I got the words out, Dean continued, "We might be losing our angels."

"What, why?" I cried looking at him in distress.

"Gabriel was really the only one that condoned what went on between all of us… Cas and Suriel are afraid now that the other archangels are not going to take kindly to their relationships with us and cut them off."

"So what are they going to do?"

"For now, they will be putting distance between themselves and us… We can't have them falling during the war… After, I don't know." Dean sighed, and I wanted to just cry. There went me talking to Cas about what happened. He didn't need the added stress when he had archangels threatening to tear out his grace- I said it once, I would do anything to keep him from falling.

Suddenly, Dean's hand was on my shoulder. "I meant to ask you earlier… You alright?"

I frowned deciding not to tell Dean either- he had enough problems… like stopping Lucifer. "As good as anyone can be after a week of Alistair's company."

"Yeah," the hunter sighed before patting me on the shoulder and moving to the door. "Come on, we have to discuss the new base plans with Bobby."

"Hurry up you idjits!" I heard from the other side of the door, and I could only smile.

"I'll make waffles," I heard Chuck suggest, and I remembered my time as a five-year old. Dean got it out faster than I could.

"Don't let him! The food will kill you!" the Winchester cried.

I stopped him before he could leave though. "I understand why you broke now… It really isn't your fault." I smiled at the hunter before letting him go, but he returned my smile.

"I think I'm getting that now," he nodded before walking out the door.

I shouted after referring back to the waffles, "But they make excellent weapons!"

To the empty air, I then said what I was going to tell Dean first, "Christopher Ryan." I glanced down at my belly and placed a hand. "How does that sound little guy for a name? I guess I should tell you first anyway… Christopher Ryan Winchester." It sounded right- my father and my brother- my heroes.

Now, I just needed to have faith that Dean could be the hero he was truly destined to be.

"No waffles!" I cried walking into the kitchen.


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