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Shadow feet

Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet
toward home,a land that i've never seen
I am changing: less and less asleep
made of different stuff than when i began
and i have sensed it all along
fast approaching is the day

when the world has fallen out from under me
I'll be found in you, still standing
when the sky rolls up and mountains fall on their knees
when time and space are through
I'll be found in you

Theres distraction buzzing in my head
saying in the shadows it's easier to stay
but I've heard rumours of true reality
whispers of a well-lit way

You make all things new

When the world has fallen out from under me
I'll be found in you, still standing
Every fear and accusation under my feet
when time and space are through
I'll be found in you

(Shadowfeet – Brooke Fraser)


Another monotonous day of school – the joy! Sarcasm overload – just a little.

I perched in my usual spot on the window sill listening to Matchbox Twenty trying to ignore the commotion. My back hurt this morning my shoulder blades complained as I rested against the side of the window sill. Had I overdone it last night? I tend to go all out when I'm emotionally unstable, especially when I'm angry or upset.

I hugged my knees closer to me resting my chin there glaring at the opposite wall. I'm glad he'd decided to not turn up today because I don't think I could cope. Still what a coward? Afraid of me? The small blonde girl who looks like she's made of bones? Maybe he's not as stupid as I thought and he can sense that danger about me; I'm more than I appear to be.

My name was called out and I turned my head to answer it. My eyes locked on a pair of golden ones embarrassment spread through me I avoid eye contact with just about everyone. I could tell that he was surprised that I was a girl.

"Yeah I'm a girl idiot" I muttered as I turned away.

I was surprised that vampires had invaded my school they usually avoid my kind but these ones were different. Vegetarians – you don't come across many of them. I could faintly smell werewolf as well. This school was about to turn into a mythical creature hot spot by the look of it. I tried to ignore the vampires convocation as I grabbed my bag and made my way out of the room just as the bell rang.

Curses! The vampire I made eye contact with earlier had to sit next to me in history – and he's making awkward convocation. Actually I didn't mind him talking to me, but I did mind all the attention I was getting.

I like being in the back ground. It's practically my role in school to be that girl that no one knows the name of. Maybe it would be nice to make friends with a vampire. I'd had enough of human friendships and my own kind at the moment.

After history I thought that would be the last I'd ever hear of him especially since my social techniques were a little lacking. Why would Jasper want to talk to a human reject anyway when he had all those vampires to talk to?

However it appeared that he had taken an interest in me. Maybe he could sense what I was and that had taken hold of his interest. It quite natural many humans become intrigued by my kind without realising it but I guess vampires must too. Especially when they don't come across things that are different often.

He was very distracting, his golden hair and eyes were very ...distracting. As was his perfect lean body, and face. I cursed him for been so and for staring at me so much.

"Are you going to do anything or are you just going to stare holes through me all lesson?"I asked staring down at my drawing of him rather than at him.

" I could do both" he said and I could almost feel his smirk.

Stupid multitasking vampire, I grabbed the paper ball next to me fully intent on throwing it in the bin but his eyes locked on mine again and next thing I knew the paper ball hit his face. it is know that the females of my species all have a great sense of humour and find it hard not to laugh when something amuses them. I am no exception to this rule.

"I was aiming for the bin" I explained.

He sat there for a while in shock – I sent a vampire into shock! Then suddenly he joined in with my laughter which strangely made the situation more amusing – heaven knows why? Probably because I sensed this guy was used to keeping his emotions in check.

However my joy was soon interrupted by the pain in my back caused by too much laughing. Jasper stopped laughing the minute I was in pain.


Just my luck should have known. The pain began to ease off; he was doing this.

"Stop!" I said sharply his face was once again that of shock "I have to get used to the pain"

"How did you know?" he asked suspiciously.

" Don't you know I'm not human?" I said with a satisfied smile I knew I was better than most thn most at hiding what I was.

Poor guy looked dumbstruck.

"Sorry I thought you all could tell but then again you wouldn't know what you were looking for" I missed to myself.

I cast my eyes over to his family whose eyes were on me I beckoned them over they should be part of this convocation.

They all sat round the large table ready to listen.

"My name as you know is Gabriella Levitt and believe it or not I'm 16, however my kind age slowly and when I reach a certain period in my life I will become an adult then cease to grow. After which I will be as immortal as you. My people are the descendents of angels we possess wings along with increased strength, speed so forth and so on. Some of us have gifts like you vampires do. My people live among the humans unnoticed as we eat, drink sleep and do human things but we can live without them for long periods of time. I'm sorry if I had known you were coming I would have introduced myself formally to your whole family"

They all had different reactions, fascination, curiosity, awe, excitement and surprise I didn't need to be an empath to see these things on their faces. Jasper stared at me as though I'd just told him I was a queen.

"You have to meet the rest of our family tonight, Carlisle is going to love this" said Edward grinning.

"Sure, I can come round straight after school if you want ?" I said feeling shy.

"Of course" said Emmett patting my back with a heavy hand.

I was a little shocked not used to contact but also a little thrilled not to be treated like a paper doll. I grinned at him and at the rest of them. For a while at least maybe they could make me feel as though I had people to call friends.

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