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A/N: For this story, the ages of the boys are: Scott, 8, John, 6, Virgil, 5, Gordon, 3, and Alan, 2.

Promises Made

Following behind his father, Scott glanced back to make sure that his brothers were following behind. Gordon was immediately behind Scott and in front of Virgil. John brought up the rear. Alan was held in Jeff's protective hold as the filed past Lucy Tracy's open-casket to pay their final respects.

Standing back enough to give his father some semblance of privacy, Scott stared at the peaceful expression on his mother's face. She had always looked younger than her actual age. She always…had always, he corrected himself, joked that having five very active sons was the secret to staying young as they always made her laugh.

A nudge from behind and a whispered, "Scotty?" pulled him from his internal musings. Gordon stared up at his oldest brother with a worried expression. "Why you stoppeded, Scotty?"

Trying to hold his tears back, Scott picked up his younger brother. "I was just thinking, Gordy." The two brothers stared at their mother. Virgil and John crowded next to them.

"Was you thinkin of Mommy? Scotty, why'd her have to go away and leave us? Don't her love us no more?"

His innocent questions were all it took for the older Tracy brothers to give into the tears that they'd been holding back. "Yes, Mommy loved us, Gordy, and she didn't want to leave us." Choking a bit, he tried to be strong for his younger brothers. "As long as we don't forget her, she'll never leave us."

"That's 'cause Mommy lives in our hearts, right, Scotty?" Virgil asked, leaning against his big brother while holding John's hand.

Gordon looked down at his chest and frowned. "How Mommy live in there? I too small for Mommy to live in." Tears welled up in the red-head boy's eyes. "I not want Mommy to leave me."

Quiet and soft-spoken, John stepped up to his younger brother without taking his eyes from their mother's face. "Mommy won't leave you, Gordy. She loves us and we love her and that is what is in our hearts."

Scott listened to his next youngest brother's words and a sudden and intense resolve resonated through the young boy's heart and soul. "Mom, I promise to look after them for you. I'll be there for them always. I won't let you down, Mom."