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Thunder rumbled angrily outside. A howling wind raced through the old wooden house while the rain hammered at the windows as though in protest of what was about to happen.

A young woman sat morosely in the middle of the draughty room; wrists chained to a ring-pull on the floor.

"He's angry…" The voice didn't scare her; she'd been expecting this visitor.

"I know."

A Mimi-Corp Story

"More so than he's ever been…" The visitor continued, crossing her arms and leaning on her right hip.

"I know."

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The Visitor - a young girl - clenched her fists in her arms, before looking away from the woman. Remorse for what was to be said already threatening her dry eyes.

"He's going to kill you…" She didn't want it to be true, but it was. Her father was the intolerable type and would not tolerate such betrayal.

The young woman bowed her head lower, letting more tears escape her soft heart.

"I know…"

The world is in mortal danger yet again…

"Good morning this is the news at eight. We have just heard confirmation from the local authorities that a group of terrorist mercenaries have escaped imprisonment late last night just on the outskirts of Arizona. Police have warned all local residents and workers to stay alert and if anything looks suspicious to report it immediately to the police.

"The Terrorists are reported to be the head figures of several national terrorist groups known as; Gregory Barrows, Giorgio Zott and Derrick Lynch. It is unconfirmed as to what these three men were charged with but we have been assured they are very dangerous men. Please stay alert and report them immediately if you spot them. The helpline number for this case is…"

The VSSE can't seem to get any Intel from the new threat at all… so they decide to send in their best men…

"The world is in peril yet again boys and we need you to do what you do best." The Head of the Vital Situation, Swift Elimination (VSSE) announced from behind his desk.

Seven young men stood or sat before him in varying ways, all mimicking each other's look of concentration and curiosity.

"So what's the sit., boss?" Agent Alan Dunaware asked as he adjusted himself in his seat. His partner, Agent Wesley Lambert, glanced at him from his vantage point across the room but remained silent.

"Gregory Barrows, Giorgio Zott and Derrick Lynch managed to escape from a high security transportation vehicle last night with help from an unknown organisation. They were on their way to maximum security prison in Arizona but the convoy was ambushed just outside the state." The Head explained, watching as several faces fell and others remained as blank as ever.

"Does that mean what I think it means?" Agent Giorgio Bruno asked; a slight Italian slur to his otherwise perfect pronunciation. Agent Evan Bernard, his yearling partner, shifted in his seat before him restlessly.

"I'm afraid so…" The Head confirmed, "The Hamlin Battalion, The Zagorias Federation and The URDA group are back in business and we have reason to believe this new organisation is hiring them out… which means they're all working together…"

But the bad guys have a new agenda…

"Sir, we just found out the terrorist's motive, I'm sending you the details now…" The Head paled visibly as he read the transmitted files.

"Oh dear god…" His blood turned to ice. "They're after my boys!"

And they've taken the world as their hostage…

"People of Earth, I do NOT come in peace and you are now all my hostages… I have right now, one hundred nuclear warheads strategically placed around the world; in shopping malls, in airports, in train stations, in harbours and even in a few homes. No one will escape because there is no where to escape to!"

The pandemonium was suddenly quiet. The office was so still…

"Where are they broadcasting from?" The Head asked, leaning down to view the monitor of a hapless secretary. A nameless voice answered him;

"I can't get a lock, they're triangulating the signal." The Head turned but couldn't locate the speaker. Instead he ignored it and barked out another question;

"Can we decrypt?" But he was stopped by the terrorists speaking again.

"If I see any suspicious movement or any retaliation from you lot, I'll start setting these warheads off one by one…"

The Head swore but stopped as three familiar faces were dragged onto the screen. The Terrorist continued;

"And if the highly acclaimed V, S, S, E decides to send any more of these in…" He shook the closest one to him to indicate what he was talking about. "You can expect this in return."

The terrorist didn't even take time to aim…

"I hope we've got your attention now. You cannot run. You can try to hide but that won't get you very far…" The man paused before addressing the planet again. "There are people amongst you lovely viewers who I want to meet personally. Perhaps shake their hands and get an autograph; but they won't come willingly." He paused again to spit at an Agent as he walked past him. "That's why, for every day that goes by without them turning up on my doorstep, one of those warheads is going to explode starting with tonight at midnight." He grinned manically, "So if you want to live… you've gotta help me find 'em and bring 'em to me...

…Dead or alive…"

Elemental-Zer0 gives to you;

~ * Time Crisis; Ultimatum * ~

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