I finally got going with a new story. It's a crossover between Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z and Kanius' 'YuYugiDigiMoon'. Thanks again for letting me use the characters and stuff, Kanius. I hope you like what I can do with it. For now, it's an introduction to one of my own characters. Takuya Shimabura. It'll end up a bit confusing with Agnimon, but I'll figure something out to keep the two Takuya characters separated.

Kanius: If you read this, Kanius, please leave a comment. I'd like to know what you think of it.

Anyways, here we go. The story is called:


Demashita! Powerpuff Girls ZX

My name is Takuya Shimabura. I'm close friends with the Legendary Warriors and the adopted brother of Rei Hino. I am 14, but Rei thinks I act as if I was her age. I know that she is Sailor Mars, but that's only because I've seen her transform myself. Son of a... I'm getting off track again. Anyways, I have a secret that my sister doesn't know about. And I'm not referring to my girlfriend Miyako, but the secret that I share with Miyako and her best friends. I'll tell ya later. Right now, though, I gotta go.


Friday began like any normal day for the students at Gold Academy Junior High. Except for the fact that there was a trio of boys making a ruckus in the Central Park of the Shimabura District. Three girls stood up as their belt-buckles flashed. Momoko Akatsutsumi, Miyako Gotouji, and Kaoru Matsubara spoke in one voice.

"Sensei! My head feels like there's an eel swimming inside it!"

Ms. Keane looked pale as she waved the girls out.

"Oh my! Hurry to the infirmary!"

Just as the girls began to exit the room, a boy's voice spoke up as well.

"Sensei, I'm feeling really weak. I need to go to the infirmary and get my medicine."

Ms. Keane waved him on as well, the whole class knowing that this boy had a serious heart condition. However, as soon as he stepped out of the classroom, the three girls stared him down. Well, Miyako was concerned, as this was the boy she loved, but Momoko and Kaoru were just angry.

"Takuya-Kun! How come you lied? I saw you take your medicine an hour ago!" Momoko was confused, but mad.

Kaoru said nothing, but merely observed. A first with her, but she had a crush on Takuya as well. And with good reason. The boy stood taller than them by a head. His silver hair was parted on the left, with the right side of his face being hidden from view. In the back, it was pulled up into a low ponytail that extended halfways down his spine. His eyes, if one were to see both, were bi-colored. His left eye was slate grey, but his right was ice blue. His attire was like the Samurai of Feudal Japan, but his top had a silver sash tieing it into a more manageable format. His family's crest was emblazoned on the back. It was a six-eyed pendant mask that was like an upside-down star with its side arms lopped off. The eyes were in a 2X3 block vertically, and the eyes were red, blue, and green.
He held his hand over his heart, and it was clear that he hadn't lied.

"But I do need it. Plus, I want to check on my theory about the Powerpuff Girls Z."

The girls' jaws hit the floor. Had he figured out their secret? And if so, how? Momoko began to panic slightly, Kaoru looked nervous, as well. Surprisingly, it was Miyako who would speak to him first.

"Takuya-Kun. Meet us on the roof after you get your medicine. Momoko-Cha, Kaoru-Chan, let's go."

With that, she literally dragged the other girls away as Takuya headed towards the infirmary. When the girls got on the roof, Kaoru looked ready to deck Miyako.

"What the hell is this all about, Miyako?"

Miyako said nothing, but sat on the edge of the flower-strewn bench. She was obviously as nervous as the other two, but didn't want to show it. She only hoped that Takuya's theory was his own deductions, and not something he'd gotten from a villain. They didn't have log to wait, even though Kaoru had begun pacing. When Takuya opened the door, he walked over to them slowly, the wind blowing his silver hair across his face.

As he approached them, he laced his hand on the chain-link fencing to keep his footing. When Momoko asked what his connection was with Miyako, the blonde spoke softly as she blushed, pressing the tips of her index fingers together.

"T-Takuya-Kun is my....my..."

"Out with it, girl!" Kaoru said, the impatience to go and fight clear in her voice.

"He's my...kareshi..."

Momoko and Kaoru spoke at the same instant.


They hadn't thought that the most popular girl in school would've actually had a boyfriend that she'd kept secret. In any event, Miyako shook her hed, then looked at Takuya.

"Takuya-Kun, what's your theory about the Powerpuff Girls Z?"

With his face as unreadable as the wind, Takuya sat down and thought silently. Then, as the wind blew the hair away from his left eye, he spoke softly, but with a kind of authority that only the Samurai of the Feudal Era had.

"Well, Miyako-Chan, my theory is this. As the Powerpuff Girls Z appear, you three are gone. I realized that you always make some impossible excuse, like 'having eels in your head or something like that."

The girls sat in silence.

Also, I figured out that the Powerpuff GIrls Z look, act, and sound just like you. Because of these facts, I guessed that you three are, in fact, the Powerpuff Girls Z."

Momoko and Miyako said nothing, merely turning crimson. Kaoru gasped, then slapped a hand to her mouth. Takuya smiled seemed he was pleased with their reactions.

"It appears I was correct. Tell me, why would you hide something like that from me, Miyako-Chan? I'm not angry about it, but I feel like I must be untrustworthy if you could not tell me something like that."

Miyako lowered her head and mumbled something that nobody could make out. Then, Momoko spoke up.

"Alright, so you figured us out. But what about Lunar Blade? That black-clad boy who always shows up at the most dire moment, just like a super heroine's secret lover, to save the day?"

She eyed him intently, as if staring holes into his head, but he ignored the stares.

"I'll tell you, if you transform before my eyes, and only then."

He had a silly grin on his face as he said this, so Momoko and Kaoru took it as a joke, but Miyako knew he was serious. She took the henshin compact out of her belt and sighed as a blue ring with a white 'P' on it materialized around her finger.

"Alright, Takuya-Kun, but just this once. Like most maho-shojou, we end up nearly, if not totally, nude during the transformation."

She flipped open her compact as she called out her transformation name, scrolling the ring across the compact.


She was stripped down to a one-piece type bikini outfit as she transformed. The vest was the first thing to appear, with a snap of her fingers. As the transformation continued, a miniskirt materialized around her waist, then fingerless black gloves. Two quick steps let her flight-giving shoes appear along with a bracelet-type object around her ankles and wrists. These had a sky blue band around them, matching the color of her attire. With a placement of her hand on the vest, a 'P' outlined in white appeared. Two blue crystals formed in her hair, a line traced the familiar heart pattern onto the back of the vest, and a staff that resembled an extremely over-sized bubble-wand appeared in her hand.

She had become Rolling Bubbles, the sweetest member of the Powerpuff Girls Z. Takuya placed his arms around her and gently kissed her lips, an act that made the blonde blush bright red.


Takuya smiled with a knowledge that even Professor Utonium didn't have.

"Girls, let me tell you what I know of Lunar Blade, the boy who's like Tuxedo Kamen from 'Sailor Moon'."

With the girls watching, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a compact that looked exactly like theirs, but black. The jaws of all three females hit the ground as they knew instantly what it was. He flipped it open as a black ring with a white 'P' formed around his own finger. He sounded very pleased, too.

"I tell you girls now, I am...RUNARU BUREIDO!"

As his transformation began, if one were to be watching from a tv, you would hear a techno-remix playing. He appeared in the transforming light topless, showing off his well-toned body, a black t-shirt was the first thing to form, followed by the familiar black vest. His jeans, which had been a dark blue denim, became as dark as the night itself, a silver stripe running the length of each leg. His tabi and sandals melded into a boot-like sandal, and the ringlets formed around his ankles. Two more materialized around his wrists as fingerless black gloves with an open back formed on his hands. His lower arms had warmers similar to those of Sasuke Uchiha's first outfit from 'Naruto'. A blood red sash tied itself to his forehead while a dragon pendant appeared around his neck. On the back of his pants, two crescent-blades appeared, his signature weapon. As the light from the transformation faded, the biggest change to Takuya's form materialized. Two large, feathery wings, each the size f his body, grew from his back, giving him the appearance of a black angel. Various leather belts tied themselves to his leggings, completing his attire as a 'P' outlined in white shone on his vest. No heart symbol was traced on the back of his vest, but rather a crescent moon.

He was no longer the weak-bodied youth that the girls knew. He was now the winged angel they had met in the last fight with HIM. Lunar Blade had appeared once more.

Kaoru was the first to speak. "U-Usou! Shimabura-Sempai is Lunar Blade?! Usou!!"

Momoko was speechless, and her eyes had turned into large hearts. Miyako's nose sprayed blood through her fingers as she was imagining very intimate scenes involving herself and Takuya. As he spoke, his voice was noticeably different. It was a slightly deeper, more mature-sounding voice that was stern, yet kind.

"The Rowdyruff Boys are making a ruckus, aren't they? Let's go stop them. Momoko-San, Kaoru-San, transform and catch up to us."

Takuya and Miyako took off, and Momoko and Kaoru transformed and followed. When the four arrived at the scene, Takuya stood on a pone pole and said nothing, wings folded around him like a shield. The girls stood in formation at the bottom, posing while they rattled off their entrance phrase.

"Utsukushii Kenka Kagoku Densetsu! Powapafu Garuzu Ze!"

Brick, Boomer, and Butch saw them and stuck out their tongues. Butch was the first to speak.

"Whatcha stupid hags gonna do about it, ne?"

The red-headed Brick flipped them the bird as he insulted them himself.

"Yeah! You three couldn't whup us if your pathetic lives counted on it. Go home, you ugly grannies!"

Kaoru was the first to react. Her eyes flared in anger, and a large vein began throbbing on her head.

"Old hag? Ugly granny?......I'M GONNA COOK YOUR DAMN ASSES IN TEMPURA!"

Miyako raised her wand to attack, but Butch caught her in time. He blitzed towards her, jamming an elbow into her gut. The force of the blow carried her into the phone pole Takuya stood on. Then, without thinking, Butch began to beat upon Miyako in such a manner that he seemed like a feral beast. Miyako got a good look at his eyes before she was attacked, and she saw a bunch of small black orbs. The next blow carried the the girl back into the pole, lodging her in it. The shockwave sent through the pole was enough to anger Takuya, but not make him act. However, when he saw that Butch's attacks weren't letting up, he spread his wings and yelled out one word, which caught the attention of everyone present.


When the Rowdyruff Boys looked up, Boomer froze in pure terror of the winged fellow he saw. The blonde ruffian wasn't seeing Takuya, but rather the character he played in an online game called 'The WORLD'. He pointed and spoke shakily, his voice dripping with fear.

"The....the Terror of Death!!"

From the way Takuya's wings were positioned, he looked like his character's special avatar, Skeith. He hovered down to Butch and drew his weapons. The leading edge was aimed straight at the raven-haired boy's head. He spoke with a tremendously malicious voice that was seething with venom.

"Don't touch her with those filthy hands of yours! I'll KILL you!"

Momoko and Kaoru were frozen with fear, and Boomer had, luckily for him, fled. He'd had enough run-ins with Takuya's character, Haseo, in 'The WORLD', and he didn't want to see if the man matched the legend. Brick was paralyzed as everyone watched Takuya raise one of his blades to the height of an executioner's strike. Takuya spoke only one word, and it was said so plainly, so evenly-headed, that it was colder than a witch's tit, sharper than steel, and more deadly than the Grim Reaper himself.


Miyako looked up just in time to see the crescent-blade come down. She screamed and threw herself at Takuya, wrapping her arms around him in a way that made him freeze.

"YAMERO ONEGAISHIMASU!! Please, Takuya-Kun! Please don't kill him!"

Butch and Brick screamed in terror as they fled, leaving just the girls and Takuya. The winged Senshi looked as if he'd seen a ghost. His face was pale, his hands shook, and his weapons fell to the ground. He had a look of pure horror on his face as he dropped to his knees. Miyako cried into his back, and tears fell down his own cheeks. He had once again come close to killing someone, and it had been stopped just a split second before he dealt the final blow.

"Wha-? What have I become?.....What have I done?" he whispered. Then he threw back his head and screamed to the heavens. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!"


Above them, hidden in the clouds, were a pair of crows thta would've been familiar to the boy if he'd seen them. They belonged to the shrine of the family that had adopted him after he was orphaned in a shooting. Phobos and Deimos had been sent to keep an eye on the boy while he was at school, and Rei Hino was upset that he'd nearly killed someone again.

"Note to self. Thoroughly scold him when he returns."

The Senshi of Mars clenched a fist at her adopted brother's lack of judgement. She knew what came of holding in one's anger, but killing someone was against her morals. She appreciated life in its fullest.


Next Chapter: Gone in a flash! Takuya Kidnapped!

Takuya: What? Are you serious, Xin?!

Xin: Yeah. I got offered, but I said you'd be a better candidate. And what happened to the prototype?

Prof. U: ^^; My fault. I couldn't resist.

Ami: Hotaru-Chan! That plane crash on the news!

Hotaru: That was Takuya-Kun's plane!

Sakaki: You see? Even you are human after all, Mr. Terror of Death.


Hope you liked this chapter. I plan on making the next one a bit longer. Anyways, Hotaru will be in her ten year old form. What is Sakaki doing in America, and why kidnap Takuya? Find out next time on DEMASHITA! POWERPUFF GIRLS ZX!!


Kareshi = Boyfriend

Henshin = Transformation

Maho-Shojou = Magical Girl

Roringu Baburuzu = Rolling Bubbles

Utskushii Kenka Kagoku Densetsu! Powapafu Garuzu Ze! = Beautiful Fighting Science Legend! Powerpuff Girls Z!

Tomare = Stop

Yamero Onegaishimasu = Stop Please