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Play Intro 'Resonance'


Demashita! Powerpuff Girls ZX: Twin Souls

Secret Striker! Kaoru Awakens!


Cave, Ten minuts from Shibuya, 8:00 PM

Only ten minutes had passed since Kaoru began training, and she was already at wit's end. So far, she had only been able to produce either the Ki-Katana, or manifest her Metal-affinity Ki, but not both. Needless to say it was driving her mad. Luckily for her, though, as her tutor she had the best Ki user in Tokyo, outside of active Spirit Detectives and Shokunin.

"KUSOU!! This is driving me nuts!!!" Kaoru exclaimed.

Botan jumped slightly at Kaoru's sudden outburst, but as the blue-haired Reaper tried to regain her composure, Minamino Kenji, the elder twin of Shuichi, smiled kindly, attempting to calm the angered 13-year-old.

"It's a lot harder than it looks, isn't it?" He asked. Then his expression changed, going from his usual slightly-carefree attitude to a more somber, more stoic, more serious look. "However, we don't have time to waste on the training."

"Huh? What...what do you mean, Minamino-Sensei-Kun?"

With the same somber expression, Kenji glanced out the cave towards the rising moon. His hands clenched sub-consciously, and he gritted his teeth slightly.

"As we sit here, training you in this technique, Kaoru-San, the enemy has already made their first move. Miyako-San, Boomer-San, and a pair of Digimon I don't recognize are fighting with one of the Kishin."

Botan looked just as confused as Kaoru.

"Kishin? Kenji-Kun, what, or who, are the Kishin?" she asked, pulling a strand of her blue hair away from her eyes.

All Kenji did was clench his fists so hard that his palms bled. As the blood began dripping from his hands to the cave floor, a young male's voice spoke from the back of the cave, behind Kaoru.

"The Kishin are evil spirits that almost destroyed all life on Earth a few thousand years back, Botan."

As everyone turned to see the speaker, Botan was taken aback. Standing before them was Koenma in his teenage form. However, he still retained the pacifier. Kaoru felt a slight blush, but she shook it off and took a defensive pose.

"And just who the hell are you?" she asked, her hands threatening to summon her hammer weapon.

Kenji looked back outside the cave, watching a silver bat catch some bugs. When he spoke, his voice was a blend of his usual carefree and his deathly serious tones.

"This is Prince Koenma, son of King Enma, Ruler of Spirit World." the fox demon said. "Hopefully, he can tell us more about why the Kishin no Tamago have begun appearing again."

"As a matter of fact, Kenji, taht is exactly why Father sent me down here." Koenma said, removing the pacifier from his mouth and placing it in his pocket. "Apparently, Father thinks that the Powerpuff Girls Z who protected Tokyo against Kare during the Rajita incident three years ago are going to be key players."

Kaoru looked at the Spirit Prince in disbelief. She had never heard of something called a Kishin no Tamago.

"Minamino-Sempai-Kun, what the hell's a Kishin no Tamago?"

Kenji looked somber as he continued to watch teh skies to the north-east, seeing teh signs of a battle flash in the sky, knowing that the two most recent Digimon to appear in the Human world were over there. When he spoke, he sounded as if he was quoting a passage from a book.

"Kishin no Tamago, or 'Kishin's Egg'. A soul that has become corrupted when it devours a pure human soul. Normally, this is done when someone craves the power that comes from devouring pure souls. As a result, the person's soul becomes a Kishin no Tamago. In order to prevent a Kishin no Tamago from transforming into a true Kishin, or 'Demon God', the god of death, Shinigami-Sama, a long-time friend of Enma-Ou-Sama founded 'Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakku', or more simply, 'Shibusen', a school to train students to hunt and eliminate the Kishin no Tamago. Students at Shibusen come in two roles, that of 'Shokunin', or 'Meister', and that of 'Weapon'. The goal of-"

"Okay, honey. You can stop there." Botan said, cutting Kenji off and pointing to Kaoru, who was holding her head and looking like her brain hurt. "I think you're confusing the poor girl."

Kenji blushed slightly as he put his hand behind his ears, which tilted back slightly in embarrassment. Koenma spoke up though, attempting to explain it in a much simpler manner.

"To put it in plain terms, Kishin no Tamago are exponentially more dangerous then Kare was, and to combat the rising number of them, Shinigami-Sama has created a school to train kids to fight and eliminate the evil."

"And, um... just exactly how does this affect me?" Kaoru asked. "I mean, aside from the whole Earth-Destroyed thing all bad guys have."

Koenma held out a small manilla envelope, and spoke as Kaoru took it.

"I'mafraid I did a little background on you before I came here, Miss Matsubara. It seems that your father's grandmother had the blood of a Weapon, and it passed on to you. However, you seem to be more of Shokunin, like your mother's grandfather." Koenma said, as Kaoru read the info page on herself, detailing her history as a Powerpuff Girl Z.

"Before I do anything, Mister, I want answers." She said, putting the file back in the envelope. "How do I get those answers?"

Botan smiled and pointed to the large mirror in the back of teh cave.

"I'll help you. Kenji-Kun, Koenma, Sir, could you please go keep an eye on the battle?"

As teh boys left, an unfamiliar voice spoke from the shadows. It sounded cool, but at the same time, it sounded extremely non-caring.

"So you finally found me a Shokunin, huh? About time."

The figure stepped into view from leaning against the wall by the mirror, and he used a spray bottle to put a thin layer of fog on the mirror's glass.

"Time to let Shinigami-Ji-Sama know." All the girls could see was his back, and it was not much to look at. Just a simple black martial artist's gi with a blood red belt. Emblazoned on the back of the gi was the kanji for the word 'mukashibanashi', or 'Legend'. His hair was a burnt sienna, styled in a similar, if not identical, fashion as Bleach character Grimmjow Jaggerjaques. As he wrote numbers into the fogged up mirror, he chanted.

"Shi. Ni. Shi. Ni. Go. Ro. Shi."

When he stepped to the side, Kaoru, saw the number transcribed into the mirror before it vanished in a flash of light. The number was '42-42-564', and she knew the words could mean their respective numbers or, if strung together just right, 'Shini Shini Goroshi' could mean 'Death, Death, Murder'.

"Um..." she started, but instantly silenced herself as a tall, thin black figure with a three-eyed, three-toothed skull mask appeared in the mirror.

"Moshi-Moshi! Hikuro-San, how've you been? And who's the cutie behind you, ne?" the figure said, with a somewhat carefree, sing-song-ish voice.

The figure, now revealed as Hikuro, smirked as he spoke.

"Shinigami-Sama, let's just get to the point, alright? I'm getting hungry, and those Kishin no tamago are looking quite tasty."


Skies above grassy meadow, three miles from Tokyo Proper

Arturo was proving to be more of a challenge than anticipated, and had already prolonged the fight until the point where ShabonDramon had de-fused back into Alia and Miyako, and Boomer had also been forcibly reverted to his human Ericks had been reduced to his Rookie state.

"Is this the best you inferior beings can do? I am quite saddened. I haven't even been trying." Arturo said, messing with their minds.

The blue-haired villain hadn't taken much damage at all, and the only visible wound on him was a simple cut on his face, an inch to the side of his mouth. Boomer and the Digimon, however, were riddled with cuts, bruises, and other miscellaneous wounds. Boomer coughed a bit, sending blood spewing onto the ground at his feet, staining the grass red. He staggered to his feet and held a small electric charge around his palms. His voice was labored, as he'd taken a severe blow to the chest, breaking at least two ribs and bruising his lungs, if not worse.

"You...you aren't the only one....who's been holding back." He said. He coughed up more blood, and he knew one of his lungs was pierced by the broken rib. "ShabonDramon...has the power...to kill you...And there's another on the way here....Kishin no Tamago...one coming...who is a newly awakened...Shokunin..."

Arturo raised an eyebrow in great interest.

"A new Shokunin, you say? Cuan enderezado! I might actually get a new challenge, No?" he said with a chuckle. "Do you honestly think a greenhorn Shokunin has a chance against me?"

Ericks was unable to move due to his left leg having been pierced by a metallic shard, one that was slowly poisoning him, and the poison was a silent, painless one. The effects, however, were quite obvious. The marine-colored CommanDramon was focusing solely on isolating the poison within his body so it could be removed later. Alia and Miyako were holding one another up, and Miyako's dress had been slashed and tattered, exposing her skin in random places, and there was even a tear that revealed her panties, something that had cost Boomer his place in the fight. However, the modest blonde made no attempt to hide it, nor did she apparently care. Her henshin belt had been sliced off, and it currently lay in a small pool of blood that was a mix of Miyako's and Boomer's.

Alia had one eye closed as blood from a wound on her forehead ran across it, and she grimaced at the thought of having been taken down as ShabonDramon due to overconfidence and a bit of arrogance. Miyako was just as ashamed of that particular beating, since it was mostly her own overconfidence that had lead to the current situation.

"I don't care if I'm injured. I'm stopping this guy." Miyako said, glaring at Arturo. Her eyes had a glow to them that was almost as if her own aura was supercharged and visibly manifesting as the glow. "I know what went wrong last time, and I can fix it. Alia-Chan, can you fuse again?"

Alia nodded as she wiped her eye clean of blood.

"Yeah, I think so. You thinking about using the hisatsu attack?"

Miyako nodded, and the two girls stood side by side again. A human and a Digimon once more joined voices and matched their soul frequencies.


ShabonDramon took a breath, knowing that this strike was the last one she could pull off if she wanted to defeat Arturo. Her deep blue eyes shone with anger and raw power as her platinum-blonde hair fanned out behind her. She vanished in a split second, and Arturo was as confused as Boomer.

"Hm? Where did you go, Nina? Did you run away in fear?" Arturo said, attempting to lure out ShabonDramon. However, instead of a scared response as he expected, the fused fighter's voice cried out defiantly from above them.

"I'm up here, you freak! Boomer-Kun, get outta there!"

Boomer said nothing, but simply flew quickly out of range, or so he thought. ShabonDramon raised her staff, calling out her attacks.


The staff glowed, reformatting itself into a scythe once again, but this time it held a strange glow. The short blade at the opposite side of the handle as the primary edge grew in length, making it appear as a crescent blade, and the entire blade glowed silver-blue. She flew up higher, ending her flight at exactly one thousand feet above them, and a large circle formed on the ground, glowing a metallic hue. Sigils and kanji appeared in it, and both Arturo and Boomer were caught in the trap. However, for Boomer, it was only his left hand that was caught, since the thing had centered on Arturo. ShabonDramon's voice echoed from above them, and it sent a chill down the spines of Ericks and Boomer.


A single orb formed on the ground, levitating everything into the air that had been within the circle. Somehow, Boomer managed to rip his hand out just in the nick of time, and Arturo was raised into the air as the orb became translucent, shining silver and black at the same time. ShabonDramon flew towards it, bringing her scythe into striking position, and Arturo felt a slight twinge of fear, and he raised a thin barrier around himself as ShabonDramon swung, sending a single crescent-shaped beam of pure white energy towards the bubble. At the moment of contact, it detonated, and the resulting explosion created a crater in the ground that was roughly 25 metres wide and ten metres deep. Arturo fell from the air to the ground, landing with a loud thud, and he staggered to his feet, coughing up blood.

"Nani o kore?!" ShabonDramon said. She was in total awe. "How is it you're still standing?!"

Arturo glared at her, but for only a split second, instilling a true, primal fear in the girl. He immediately softened his features to his nonchalant look as it was when he first arrived on the scene.

"You dare to strike me with an attack like that? Such insolence will not be forgiven!" He raised his hand in a claw-like fashion, aiming his palm at her. a crimson orb began to slowly form as he spoke. "You will be the first to die, little girl! Then I'll kill the rest of the people in this damn town! I will not cease to exist!"

However, before he could send the blast towards ShabonDramon, he was hit in the side of the face with a green beam of energy. And he was hit HARD. Arturo was sent tumbling across the scorched meadow as ShabonDramon looked at the direction the blast had come from. Standing there was Mercurymon, mirrors steaming, and his mouth was down-turned in an angry frown.

"I thought....I told you...to stay....the fuck...away from...from her..." he said.

Arturo glared angrily, losing his cool for the first time officially, and as he glared at Mercurymon, only one thing ran through Boomer's mind.

'Damnit...this guy's tough. Maybe tougher than Lunar Blade. And I ain't got near enough power to slide to my Beast-Spirit.'


Skies of Tokyo Proper, eight miles from battle site

Kaoru was flying as fast as she could, and flying with her, and keeping pace, was Hikuro. His pupil-less lavender eyes focused ahead of them. Kaoru glanced at him, and remembered teh conversation back in the cave with Shinigami-Sama.



"Are you saying that I have the blood of a Shokunin AND a Weapon?" Kaoru asked, glaring at Shinigami-Sama in disbelief.

"I can see you don't believe me, but that's fine." Shinigami-Sama said. "Hikuro, however, has been sent to see if your Weapon Blood has become active."

"And just how is that?" the tomboy asked. She was liking this situation less and less as time went on. But she had no choice but to hear him out.

"The only way is to make you feel like your life is in danger." Hikuro said, suddenly at Kaoru's back.

He had one arm around her waist, holding a kunai knife at her waist. His other hand had turned into a blade from the wrist forward and was pressed against her neck. A small drop of blood fell from both blades, and she immediately tensed. She felt a slight tingling in her hair, and as Hikuro pressed the blades against her skin, increasing the pressure, Kaoru's eyes suddenly glowed solid emerald green, and her hair grew into a shield of spikes or spines that engulfed her entire body.

This had forced Hikuro to fall back, and as he returned his body to its human state, and sheathing the kunai, he smiled, and Shinigami-Sama gave a thumbs-up to Kaoru, whose body had returned to normal.

"Hm. So that's what weapon you are." Hikuro said.

"Go, Matsubara Kaoru," Shinigami-Sama said. "Go to your friends, they need you. As a Weapon and as a Shokunin, you should be able to handle the situation."


Kaoru blushed slightly as she realized that the close contact of blades against her skin had turned her on, figuratively and literally. She looked at Hikuro once more and she spoke with some concern.

"So what kind of Weapon am I? You guys never said anything." She asked. However, she felt like she knew the answer before the words had finished taking effect.

"What kind? Simple." Hikuro said, glancing over to her, silently noting her blush. "You have the blood of a Shimabara Clan Weapon. You posses multiple forms, but require a strong-willed, true friend to manifest them for you."

Kaoru paused in mid-air as she blushed dark crimson.

"Shimabara?!" she exclaimed.

Hikuro looked at her with minimal confusion.

"You know of the clan?"

"Is...is Shimabara Takuya one of that Weapon Clan?"

At mention of Kaoru's classmate and secret love, Hikuro stiffened. He had heard of Takuya's abduction, and had recognized the boy's corrupted form on the television only days ago. He turned away, as if ashamed.

"What happened to the Young Master is truly unfortunate, but I should not be blaming myself. Yes, he is a member of the Clan, and is in fact the heir to the Clan Leader's entire estate. His Weapon Blood is unknown right now, only because it hasn't awakened."


Baihumon's Domain, Digital World, Time Unknown

Hiyori and Kosmos were huddled together in fear at the sight of such a large tiger. The fact that it had blue stripes and a helmet with four eyes didn't help them at all, but the winged boy spoke for the three of them, as if he knew the girls, but not himself.

"Lord Baihumon, it is an honor to meet one such as you on our first trip to the Digital World. These two ladies behind me," he said, glancing first towards his right, then his left. "Are Hiyori Torakuro, and Kosmos of the Tsuyuyaka Kagemusha. I can't remember who I am, though. It feels as though I've got partial amnesia."

The Digimon Sovereign of the West looked at the girls, then at the boy. He knew teh scent from the boy quite well, as if an old friend had arrived.

"I know your scent, Boy. You are Shimabara Takuya, of the Shimabara Weapon Clan. Sadly, I cannot tell you more than that."

From above Baihumon came a male voice, and it sounded somewhat friendly.

"Hiyori-Chan? That you?"

The figure dropped down in front of the group of humans and smiled. His spiky brown hair was a pleasant sight for Hiyori, but at the same time, she was angry at him. Her only reaction was to promptly bitch-slap him with her sandal.

"Kanbara-San! You should be back home in the Human World!!" she said angrily.

Takuya Kanbara, leader of the Legendary Warriors, had been training with Baihumon over the past couple months, and his body showed it. It had been well toned, and his hair was now shoulder-length, but his bangs were still short enough to see his face. However, there was now a distinct, smoking imprint of a sandal on his right cheek as he spoke.

"Warui. I meant to get home sooner, but I got too focused on training for the tournament." Kanbara said.

Kosmos, the poor girl, was lost in utter confusion.

"Two of Taicho-Kun? I'm lost..." She said, holding her head in her hands. Her emerald green hair shone in the torchlight as she sat down.

Baihumon chukled. Then he raised one paw and 'pointed' at the winged Takuya.

"To avoid name confusion, since both girls practically refer to you by your given name, you are to choose a new name that you think befits you." the Sovereign said. "Choose wisely."

Shimabara Takuya glanced at his feet. He didn't want to change his name, but...

"If...if I have to...I can't. I can't think of anything, Baihumon-Sama. Gomenne." he said, casting his eyes to the ground in shame.

"Taicho-Kun! Can...can I pick for you?" Kosmos asked.

Shimabara glanced at her and nodded, saying that it was alright if Baihumon approved, which the Digimon did.

"Okay then." Kosmos said, giggling slightly. "How does 'Shimabara Mashiro Seimei' sound, Taicho-Kun?"

He repeated the name to himself, and after a minute, he looked at Kosmos.

"Alright. I like it. But as long as we're changing names, I'm changing yours, too." he said.

Kosmos blushed deeply, and Mashiro held her close, almost giving the poor girl a nosebleed just from being close to him. He whispered a name to her, and she turned even redder.

"I'll take that as a yes." Kanbara said. "What was it?"

Kosmos looked away shyly and whispered something barely audible.

"Speak up, Child." Baihumon said. "What has he named you?"

"He...he named me...Ittenshikai Fiena Seiren..." she whispered. Hiyori looked at her with an awkward smile.

"And what's the reason for blushing then? It's a pretty name."

Kosmos, or rather Fiena now, looked up at the blonde.

"Fiena was my Mommy's name, and Ittenshikai was my Papa's Clan name."

Before anyone had a chance to react, the chamber resonated as a deep, primal rumbling was and Mashiro knew that energy instantly. They knew it as one of the corrupted souls from Sakaki's reign before Takuya had been kidnapped.

"Baihumon-Sama," Mashiro said. "We must return home, all of us. I'm afraid that a new enemy has arrived, and even if Matsubara-Chan's dormant Weapon Blood becomes active, I doubt she'll have a decent partner to combat the evil that now plagues the fields outside of Tokyo."

The Tiger Sovereign nodded and opened a portal to the center of Tokyo, with the exit point being right at the edge of the battlefield.

"Make haste, Children! If the evil you speak of is a Kishin no Tamago, you may not be able to stop them if you delay yourselves."

The four humans bowed respectfully and ran towards the barrier. Kanbara was the first to crossover, and once Kosmos, who was last, made it across, the gate shut behind them, and Takuya held up his D-Scanner as a Digicode formed around his hand.

"If the enemy is that strong, I'm gonna need some firepower! EXECUTE! SPIRIT EVOLUTION!!"

The code engulfed him completely, and when it cleared, Agnimon stood in his place.


Hiyori placed her arms around Mashiro's waist, since Fiena could levitate enough to actually fly. Mashiro spread his wings, and they seemed to shine in the light of the rising sun as the four of them took off, heading for the battlefield.


Skies above a meadow, ten miles from Shibuya,

As Arturo prepared to fire his palm blast again, a sepia-tone katana flew past his face, slicing off his arm and sending blood everywhere. Kaoru's voice rang out as she landed.


"Kaoru-Chan? When did you get a katana?" Miyako asked, in utter confusion.

Arturo stood as he held the stump that had once been an arm. He was still bleeding heavily, and the most disturbing thing about it was that his blood was black. He scowled as Kaoru mumbled to, apparently, her katana.

"Black blood, vindictive, cruel attitude, and a soul as red as that example Shinigami-Sama showed me. This guy's definately a Kishin no Tamago. Right, Hikuro?"

"Hai." The voice came directly from the katana, and Miyako was speechless as she saw that a young man's face and upper torso were showing in the metal of the blade. "And going by Koenma-San's reiatsu level descriptions, this guy's a Class-A. Don't let your guard down."

As soon as Hikuro had said 'Class-A', another boy's voice rang out from the skies above Arturo. It was very familiar, and Miyako nearly had a heart attack.

"If this guy is a Class-A, then it's a damn good thing we got here, don't you think?"

The voice's owner was a young boy about Miyako's age, maybe a month or two difference, but not much more. His outfit appeared to be identical to Lunar Blade's, but it was pure white, trimmed with silver-grey. Flowing from his back were a pair of feathery white wings, and his virgin-snow-white hair fell into his face, hiding the right side, leaving his silver left eye exposed.

Clinging to his left side, like a scared little sister, was a girl who looked no more than six, maybe seven years old. She had emerald green hair and the purest ruby-colored eyes anyone had ever seen. They held a pure innocence that was matched only by Miyako's own. She wore a simple white dress with a single emerald green stripe flowing around her on the hem.

Standing on the boy's right, holding his hand, was a blonde girl with pigtails. Her coffe-colored eyes were as wild and feral as any wild beast. A single, solitary fang poked down from the left side of her mouth, and she wore an expression that conveyed a sense of battle lust.

Floating to the green-haired girl's left was one of the Legendary Warriors, Agnimon. Nothing more was to be said about him, except he looked pissed that girls were being targeted by evil.

Miyako knew the winged-boy instantly and she flew past Arturo and threw her arms around the boy, crying the entire time.

"Takuya-Kun! Oh my god, I thought you had died! I...I..." Her voice trailed off as she burst into tears completely, and when he glanced at his companions, they all shrugged. Except Agnimon. He recognized Miyako and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Bubbles-Chan, I need to talk to you for a second, alright?"

Miyako looked up at him, remembering him from three years back. She'd seen who he really was, but she acted as if she hadn't

"Agnimon-Kun? Um...alright.."

As the two of them pulled off to the side, the little girl stuck her tongue out at Miyako.

"Bubbles-Chan, I hate to say it, but Shimabara-San's got amnesia. He only knows his name, age, and that he is Lunar Blade. He also remembers about his Clan's special bloodline, but nothing else. I'm afraid he doesn't remember you right now."

Agnimon's eyes said the three words the Digimon had not said. 'I'm truly sorry' Miyako tried to not cry any more, but the tears just kept coming. She knew the harsh truth of amnesia. She asked only one simple question, one that made Agnimon blush.

"So he doesn't remember the picture inside his locket?" she asked, looking at her feet.

"I'm afraid not. But it might be the one key needed to bring his memory back, so give it a shot."

They were interrupted by the sounds of a battle, and when they looked, their jaws dropped. The katana had just transformed into a guy, and Kaoru's arm from just below her elbow had transformed into a scythe.

"Take this!" Kaoru yelled, slamming her scythe-arm into Arturo.

However, the Kishin simply deflected her with his fist, sending her crashing into her partner.

"Loco Nina. You won't hit me if you attack weakly like that. I've seen matadors more troublesome than you."

Kaoru and her partner stood and she spat out some blood since she'd bitten her lip. Miyako wanted to run over to her, but Agnimon held her back. She started to say her first true love's name, but was once again galted by Agnimon's voice.

"In order to not confuse Kosmos, the little green haired girl, the Sovereign Baihumon renamed him. He answers to Mashiro now, but once he gets his memory back, I think he'll answer to his true name."

Off to the side of the fight, Mashiro and Hiyori stood, charging up a team attack. As a faint silver glow appeared around Mashiro's hands, a matching bubble-gum pink one formed around Hiyori's. Miyako saw this, and as she watched, she saw two sky blue orbs centered in their chests, with little flickering flames atop them. As she wondered what those objects were, she saw them reform. The one on Hiyori turned a golden yellow, and it had a style that resembled her hair. Mashiro's took on the form of a winged, white orb, and on it's 'head' it wore a traditional samurai hat, one of those conical bamboo hats you see in movies or anime.

"Agnimon-Kun, I think I...I think I can see their souls."


Uncharted Island, Pacific Ocean, 1:34 AM Local Time

Brick and Butch had indeed found Chronos, and they had been training. One major factor, though, was as the Rowdyruff pair were pretty bruised and bloody, Chronos was relatively unharmed, save for a single tear in his shirt that had been a lucky shot for Brick.

"On your feet! I've seen mudcrabs more fearsome than you!" Chronos said, taunting them.

The Rowdyruff brothers simply looked at him while they whispered to one another.

"Damn! This guy's more of a hardass than that winged fucker who fights with those bitches!" Butch whispered, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Quiet!" Brick said. "We just gotta shut our traps and take it. What don't kill ya..."

"Makes ya stronger, I know the adage, Brick. But still."

Chronos held up his right hand, and a single orb of pure orange energy appeared.

"I ain't got all night! I said ON YOUR FEET!!"

WIth that, he launched the orb right at the boys, and it detonated at their feet, forcing them into the skies. The prepared to fight again, but it was obvious their bodies were on the verge of total exhaustion.


Arturo looked pissed as he pointed his still bleeding stump of an arm at Mashiro and Hiyori.

"That attack won't work!" He yelled, grinning like a maniac.

"KUTABACCHIMAE!!" the two responded in one voice. "Take this, you Kishin no Tamago bastard! SEKIHA TENKYOUKEN!"

The silver and pink lights of the two auras mixed and combined, launching in a single blast at Arturo, but he simply defended against the blow, taking only minimal damage. He fired a single beam of energy at Hiyori, Mashiro, Miyako, Alia, Kaoru, Hikuro, and Fiena, and the seven of them were transported to the Digital World, but to an area that was completely alien to them.

"Takuya-Kun, where are we?" Miyako asked, blatantly ignoring the confusion and referring to Mashiro.

"...Baihumon's Domain." was alll he said. He took a breath, then sighed in defeat. "If we aren't careful here, it could lead to our death."

A pack of wild, and very angry, viral canine Digimon appeared from the shadows, growling and snarling at them all, and Fiena clung tighter to Mashiro's outfit.

"Those...those dogs are scaring me..." She whimpered. She looked up at Mashiro with teary eyes. "Ni-Chan, they're scaring me!"

"Those ain't dogs, Fiena." Hiyori said. "They are a viral breed of Digimon known as Canismon. They'll attack us without mercy if we make any sudden movements."

The Powerpuff Girls Z and Hikuro all silently swallowed their breath, opting to not anger the Digimon. However, Hiyori noticed something about the apparent alpha Canismon, and she lightened up considerably. She smiled happily, showing a smile she hadn't worn since Mashiro was possessed.

"Wait a second, I know that one!" she said.

Hiyori stepped forward and waved to the Digimon. A couple of the ones in back tried to charge, but the leader of the group held them pack simply by raising his front paw like a simple wall. His voice spoke with a dark, yet kind, mannerism.

"Halt your attacks, Comrades. I know that Human." He stepped forward, and the light revealed that his left eye had a huge scar that ran right through it, and the eye itself was missing. "Hisashiburi, Torakuro-San."

"Hisashiburi, Abel-San!" Hiyori called, and ran up to the jet black canine. "We could use some help."

"What is it you need, Torakuro-San?" Abel asked, his posture telling the other members of his clan to stand down as the Humans before them were allies, not enemies.

"Well..." she began, but Fiena cut her off.

"We need to find Baihumon-San because the Kishin no Tamago that we fought sent us back here, and we did practically no damage to him. How the hell do we fight against Arturo when we can't even harm him?"


Nightshade watched the actions of Arturo with pleasure from afar. He let out a soft, evil laugh that seemed to fit the mood perfectly.

"Now the Humans shall finally understand the true meaning of fear! I love it. I shall show them the meaning of true terror!"

He laughed like an evil maniac that he is, and his weapons, Arturo for example, felt the reverberations of a mission complete. Only time would tell what evils the villain had in store for the Human race.


Only one person could protect the Earth until the others returned from Baihumon's Domain. A certain former Spirit Detective with a knack for not staying dead. The son of the demon Raizen would have a hell of a fight in the coming week. He was ready.

"Come on you fuckheads. I'm waiting!" Yusuke Urameshi said, staring down a handful of Makai.


Whew! Another chapter finally we see a bit more of the bad guy's team, the Kishin no Tamago. This brings 'Soul Eater' into the story, and I might have Yusuke, who finally made an appearance (XD) be secretly working for Shinigami-Sama, as he ain't a Spirit Detective anymore. Who knows.

Yusuke: Only eleven months until the tournament, and I am ready to start cracking skulls! These demons have pissed off the wrong kid!

Jin: Don't forget about me, Urameshi! I'll give you a hand or two, eh?

Yusuke: Jin! How kind of you to show. Ready to start training against these idiot fuckers?

Miyako: Um...Takuya-Kun? Can I talk to you for a minute?

Mashiro: Sure. Um, why are you taking my locket?

Miyako: There's something in here that I hope will recover your memory.

Abel: My pack and I will be glad to assist you in that endeavor, Torakuro-San. Seth, Enoch, take her and the young one to the armory. They will need defenses.

Seth: Hai, Sensei!

Enoch: Yes, Father.

Agnimon: Heads up! We got incoming!

Alia: Just what we don't need. WarMonzemon and a SkullGreymon... =.='

Mashiro & Miyako: Next time on 'Twin Souls'! Triple Threat! Digimon are Kishin no Tamago?!

Hiei: At least I finally get some screen time in the next chapter. Why does it have to be with that damned Miko?


Kusou = Damn

Mukashibanashi = Legend

Hisatsu! Bakuretsu Shabon Taikyokuken Kiriosu! = Ultimate Attack! Exploding Bubble Grand Ultimate FIst Slash!

Nani o Kore? = What is this?

Warui = My Bad

Taicho = Captain / Master

Loco Nina = Crazy Girl (Spanish)

Kutabacchimae = Fuck You!

Sekiha Tenkyouken = .....I forgot what it translates to, but I pulled the name from G-Gundam

Hisashiburi = After a long time / it's been a while