Hey guys.

i am really sorry for my lack of updating. i now i promise everytime tht i will update faster, but thn things come up and i dont get the chance.

i also know that everyone hates authors notes so i regret submitting doing this. However, i hav had acouple of review asking why i havent updated sooner...i dont really have a reason for this and im sorry that im making people wait. Anyine for Prince Chamring is not on a break and i will continue writing it, when i have time. This next yar is goin to be busy for me so i apologise in advance for the lack of updates.

Please forgive me, the next chapter is in the pipe line.

I would also like to take this oppotrunity to thank everybody who has reviewed. You hav all been so enthusiastic about the story and u hav been very supportive. I feel tremendously guilty for making you wait.

yet again im sorry for the authors note and lack of updates, please dont hunt me down and murder me.

starfish xx