Disclaimer: Naruto and all of its characters belong solely to Masashi Kishimoto.

Why did he do it? Perhaps it was the girl's infatuation to the dobe. In some way, taking the Hyuuga girl's virginity was another victory to chalk up against the blonde ninja.

"Sasuke-kun," She said in a breathy whisper, fingers hesitating on his erect cock. "Is this what you want?"

He grunted in reply. As always, she took it as a yes. Her soft, fleeting touches only served to make him yearn for more. Despite himself, a long moan stretched out of his parted lips. She was beginning to speed up, which meant she was close to the end as well. Up and down, up and down…

"Stop," Sasuke ordered, his hand gripping onto her arm roughly.

Immediately, the hands vanished. For a brief second, the Uchiha could almost kick himself for demanding the absence of such pleasure. That is, until he heard a ghost of a whisper right next to his ear, "Do you… want me to put it… inside of me?"

He paused, not quite knowing how to answer. Finally, he shifted into a position where she was settled nicely right on top of him, legs straddling his waist. After that, he simply waited for her to make the next move. Almost like a game of chess.

Hinata bit her lip, murmuring quietly, "What am I supposed to do now?"

"What do you think you should do?" Sasuke shot back.

There was only a brief moment of silence before she began to ride him—first slow and uncertain, but quickly gaining speed. They both didn't last long. After all, they were still young and inexperienced.

Afterwards, when the all of the pleasure had seeped out of his body, Sasuke could recall changing back into ruffled clothes and rushing away without a single word of goodbye. A week later, he found her crouched behind a crowd of people, watching the dobe gobbling down his meal at that ramen shop he frequently went to.

Perhaps it truly was jealousy, he thought to himself, as he grabbed the girl by the waist and flung her into an empty alley, ravishing her for all she was worth.