My Sunlight Chapter 1: She's Only Happy in the Sun

I do not own the Twilight series, all credit goes to the great Stephenie Meyer.

This is my first fanfiction so feedback and advice is well appreciated. I'm a very musical person so each chapter is named after the song that inspired it. I'll list them as we go along so if you're interested you can check them out.

But if the sun sets you free, sets you free, you'll be free indeed - "She's Only Happy in the Sun" -Ben Harper

Bella stared through the window of her mother's car, rays of light and shadows played across the road as they drove past the familiar Arizona terrain. This was her home. Orange skies, red sand beneath her feet, warm days and even warmer nights. How could she leave what she was so accustomed to? Her eyes traveled to her mother and Phil, his hand intertwined with hers as she drove. He had a smirk playing on his lips as she laughed at whatever joke or clever comment he had whispered in her ear. That was why, that was why she would leave the comfort and warmth of Phoenix and trudge into the remoteness and cold arms of Forks.

She certainly didn't think of herself as a martyr, but she should be considered something close to it. She was sacrificing her own happiness for the sake of her mothers. Renee had always been a cheerful person but Bella knew better. She needed another half to feel complete, a companion to make her whole. Then she found Phil, someone who wasn't afraid of taking chances and was as full of life as she was. He played for a minor league team and had recently decided to go to talent scouting events around the country. So like the good daughter she was; she opted to move back to Forks with her father and let Renee and Phil have their freedom… Yeah, martyr would be the right term.

She was sent off with a hug, a kiss on the forehead and whispers of 'Are you sure?' Of course she wasn't sure but she had to give her mother this, she deserved to be happy.

The plane ride was unbearable. Bella would never admit how nervous flying made her, well…terrified was more like it. Once on a trip with her mother, she had seen a man actually burst from his seat and run screaming through the aisle. Bella could never do that, one emotion always overwhelmed her more than fear and that was embarrassment. Instead she stuck to her tried and true method of clutching the arm rest for dear life and deep breathing with her headphones on, blocking all sounds of bolts possibly coming loose from the wings. Music always calmed her, took her to other thoughts that were distracting and feelings that deserved analysis, so her mind would be completely engrossed till the end of her journey.

She spotted Charlie when she made her way off the ramp and into baggage claim. Nervously smoothing over his hair and straightening wrinkles in his jacket only he could see. His face beamed when he finally saw her. She gave him a half smile and lightly chuckled as he almost tripped with the weight of her luggage. "It's okay Ch- dad I got it." "No, No Bells, I maybe old but I still have some sprite in me." He grunted out as he heaved her duffle bag over his shoulder and wrapped the strap of her backpack around his hand. The police car greeted her when they made their way outside. She had almost forgotten, her father the policeman, the chief. A mental note was made to immediately start looking for mode of transportation, there was no way she was going be driven around town in a police car.

One quiet car ride, a few nervous coughs and a trip over the steps later; Bella was introduced to her room. "It's…purple." She said as she looked over the room, her bottom lip between her teeth. "Uh yeah, I remembered you like…or well liked purple. The woman at the store helped me pick some of the stuff out." His eyes were focused on the floor as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I can…we can do something else if you want-" He stuttered out. "No, no dad I love it. I still like purple, thank you." She moved to kiss his cheek but noticed as he stiffened, so she settled for a light hug instead. "Well…I'll see ya" He gave a small smile and walked back down the stairs. That was one thing Bella was sure she could count Charlie on, he didn't hover.

A few hours later…

Bella pursed her lips as she accessed the machine in front of her. 'Is it orange or red?' she wondered as she tilted her head to the side. "Well she's something isn't she?" Bella looked over her shoulder to see Charlie looking back and forth from the car to her with hopeful eyes. "Oh, yeah dad; It's great. I love it." She did actually; there was something about it that screamed…Bella. Sure it was an old faded pickup truck, with a dirty bed and a rickety, torn up leather cab; but Bella would assess why it reminded her so much of herself later.

"I knew you'd love it!" Charlie exclaimed as he walked over to the driver's side to open the door. "Just a little body work and it'll be like new" he said as he gave the driver's door a few hard tugs to get it open. Bella shook her head and gave a light chuckle as she sat inside, placing her hands on the wheel, she traced her thumbs over the hard metal that showed through parts of the steering wheels cracked plastic covering. "I bought it off Billy Black, his son Jacob fixed it up for you. You remember them don't you?" She nodded "Yeah, a little I guess. How are they?" Charlie leaned his arms against the opening in the window and shrugged "As good as to be expected. Billy's raising a growing teenage boy on his own. It's not heaven all the time." Bella nodded thoughtfully, boys must be much harder to raise, especially by yourself.

Her dad seemed to have opened up a little, she was glad for that. She figured as long as she seemed happy here, he would feel happy too. Maybe they could be on their way to repairing the relationship they never got to fully build. "So dad what do you think? Is it orange or red?"