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My Sunlight Chapter 9: All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands

I do not own the Twilight series, all credit goes to the great Stephenie Meyer.

I am throwing all my thoughts away, and I'm destroying every bet I've made, I am joining all my thoughts to you, and I'm preparing every part for you. "All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands" –Sufjan Stevens.

Bella was in a dream state. Never had she felt more content than when she was with Alice. A soft hum cascaded around her as she felt cold finger tips dance over her arms and a cool breath along her neck. Alice continued her sirens song, her voice lulling Bella into submission; fingers roaming over every bend and curve of her arm in childlike wonderment. She shivered as cold finger tips raked over the veins on her wrist.

"You love doing that, don't you?" Bella cooed, her eye's still closed, a smile slowly forming on her lips.

"I think I love the response more than the actual act itself" Alice quipped as she ran her lips from Bella's neck to her temple, placing small kisses along her hairline.

"Well I'm not complaining. But it is just my arm you know?"

Alice smiled as she brought Bella's hand to her lips, slowly kissing each fingertip. "I find every inch of you fascinating, even the parts you deem insignificant."

Bella's eyes fluttered open then; she was greeted with her own reflection in a set of honey colored orbs peering down upon her with obvious affection and adoration.

"Stoooooop" Bella squealed, burying her head deeper into Alice's lap as she pushed the vampires head away playfully with her hand. Alice merely laughed, reclaiming the girls hand and pulling her gently to make her look up.

"What? What did I do huh?"

"I can't…when you stare at me like that…" Bella's voice was muffled as she nuzzled into Alice's waist.

"You can't what? Hmm?" Alice cooed, feigning innocence as she rubbed the back of Bella's neck, relishing in the feeling of Bella's breath sifting through the fabric of her dress and along her stomach. Her answer was a soft huff as Bella's posture straightened, her forehead pressing against Alice's as her hand caressed the vampires cheek affectionately. She was surrounded by beauty, the clearing Alice brought her to was teeming with life, soft chirping from robins filled the background as her body was caressed by lush grass. She reveled at the smell of fresh rain and Alice's scent mixed together, it was intoxicating.

"It doesn't bother me, just... I can't concentrate. It's kind of like that first day we met. Except hardly as threatening believe me. I thought you were gonna pop my head off that day."

"That was one scenario that had actually crossed my mind." Alice smiled, catching Bella's hand as it came to hit her shoulder.

"Bella, don't hit. You'll hurt yourself."

"Oh, ha…ha. Excuse me why shouldn't I be upset? You really wanted to pop my head off?"

Alice took a deep breath and let it out, letting her eyes close as she ran her hands over Bella's sides then to her back, slowly pulling her closer.

"You have to understand Bella, your scent is intoxicating. I wasn't prepared for it, as soon as it hit me I was instantly trying to think of ways to get you alone just so I could…" Alice trailed off then, shame evident in her features.

"You…you mean you wanted to…" Bella was shocked, of course now she realized that Alice's excuse for being sick was a complete cover but she still had no idea of how close she had come to her own demise.

"You have no idea how ashamed I was. I wanted to kill everyone in that room just so I could feed on you. I was willing to sacrifice myself as well as my sibling's safe haven here, just to get one taste of you. When I came to that realization I was angry with you, angry that you could make me feel and think that way. Of course as soon as I got away from you I realized how harsh and rude I had been. Talking to you that day was very difficult but I knew if I wanted to be near you I had to set things right."

She smiled as Bella cuddled closer to her, her head resting on the vampire's chest. "Well I'm glad you did, god knows I wouldn't have. I was so intimidated by you, by all of you."

"You shouldn't be, we're all harmless…really"

Bella scoffed, silently recalling yesterday's incident.

She was sitting with her regular group of friends; Mike's jaw had been permanently glued to the table as he watched Alice and Angela banter on about the newest Muse album. Alice had started to gradually join them at their lunch periods, apparently mike was still getting used to the idea. Jessica on the other hand had made her disapproval known, always sitting to the far right, huddled together with Lauren, deep in gossip, most likely hate speech about their newest addition.

Bella recalled watching Alice and Angela fondly, the way Alice's eyes would light up in fervent support with Angela, the way her brow would wrinkle when she was presented with something new or foreign, never judging but keeping an open mind. It was then she felt a shiver run down her spine, she drifted her gaze from Alice and chanced a look around the lunchroom, she was being watched. After unsuccessfully finding the source she had almost given up when she felt a slight nudge to her left, Eric jerked his head in a forward motion; obviously detecting her uneasiness. She followed his motion only to be met with a dark pair of eyes, glaring daggers at her. Rosalie.

"I take it they don't like her sitting over here very much." Eric mused, his tone unbothered. Bella was slightly troubled at how nonchalantly he took this moment, if he only knew. Alice's head immediately turned in the same direction, her hearing picking up the exchange. If looks could kill, Alice's glare certainly would have been Rosalie's demise. Bella barely picked up the low hiss that escaped Alice's lips as she continued to stare down her sibling. Rosalie's head turned in another direction then, Alice's challenge obviously being taken to heart. It was an odd exchange, so fast that the others at the table didn't even notice. Alice's features softened then, her hand squeezing Bella's leg from under the table as she returned to her conversation with Angela.

"I don't think they like me…" Bella mumbled, the uneasy feeling returning as Rosalie's glare remained fresh in her mind.

"It's not that they don't like you, they just don't understand why I do. " Alice's eye brows frowned as she saw Bella's self-loathing expression.

"I don't understand either."

"You don't see yourself clearly do you? Bella you're beautiful, I wish you would stop belittling yourself. I wish you could see what I see in you."

"So it's purely physical eh?" Bella quipped, giggling as Alice simply poked her sides.

"You know that's not true. You kind throw me off kilter, you're always surprising me and believe me it's hard to surprise me."

Alice smirked at Bella's confused features, her lips curling as her forehead creased; a most endearing look Alice mused to herself.

"There's so much you don't know about our kind Bella, me especially. I guess that's my own fault. I should be more focused on the other sides of this relationship rather than just the physical."

Bella's interest instantly peaked at the word relationship. Were they in one? But her curiosity got the better of her as she contemplated the rest of what Alice had said. What else did she not know?

"What are you getting at? What else don't I know?"

Alice took a long pause her eye's closing as she let out a deep breath. Her form was perfectly still as Bella sat there staring in silence, then her eyes fluttered open; a smile slowly spreading across her lips.

"Bless you." It came out as more of a whisper, Alice's fingers gently caressing Bella's cheek.

"….Wha?" Bella instantly stiffened then, a gust of wind blowing past her, bringing pollen along with it. Her series sneezes were far from dainty; she blushed furiously in the aftermath of her seizure like episode. Then suddenly it dawned on her, she turned slowly to see Alice's self-satisfied smirk.

"…No… Don't even tell me…what?"

Alice's smile only grew wider as an orchestra of emotions played across Bella's face; confusion, disbelief and then wonderment.

"So you're like a for real super hero, like an X-man or something…or…X-woman or…whatever politically correct term it is now these days."

"Bella, I told you there is nothing "super" about what I am or what I can do. Our kind are sometimes blessed with…enhanced projections of our personalities or traits from when we were human. I'm guessing I must have been clairvoyant in some way. It is not a fairy tale; my human life, the parts that I know of anyway."

Bella's heart lurched then, wrapping her arms tighter around Alice's waist as she felt Alice's soft purr reverberating from her chest, obviously enjoying the comforting gesture.

"Are you the only one?"

Alice smiled.

"No, Edward can read minds and Jasper can manipulate and read emotions."

There was a long silence, Bella's mouth forming a small "O" as she began to process Alice's words carefully. A blush slowly started to creep from her neck and all the way to her cheeks as she threw her head in her hands, groaning.


"Are you kidding me?" Bella exclaimed.

"I…I didn't think it would upset you…" Alice stammered, her hands immediately cupping Bella's face.

"I'm not upset I'm embarrassed! You're telling me Edward can read minds? So he knows…oh god…" Bella groaned again burying her face into Alice's neck as she chuckled.

"He can read everyone in the school, in this whole town; everyone Bella…except for you."

"Oh…well…then…that's…weird. Why am I different?"

Alice shrugged, her fingers playing with the tendrils of Bella's hair.

"I'm not sure, I'm not complaining. But what have you been thinking that you're so worried about?" Alice smiled as the blush in Bella's cheeks began to return.

"Nothing…I mean…just it's an invasion of privacy, that's all."

"Mmhmm, what dirty thoughts have been running through your head Isabella Swan?" Alice cooed, her smile widening as Bella turned even redder.

"Alice…" Bella grumbled her face burying deeper into Alice's neck.

"Okay, okay. I'll stop"

Bella's muffled "Thank you" only made Alice smile more as the vampire ran her fingers over her back, tracing lazy patterns along her spine. She didn't fail to notice the shiver that emanated from Bella's body, as much as she tried to hide it. They laid there for some time, content in each other's company; the silence between them comfortable as they each got lost in their own thoughts. Bella's stirring brought Alice out of her reverie, she already knew what was coming but decided it best to let thing's play out. She didn't want to overwhelm Bella too much with her gift.

"I really want a proper introduction, you know at least let them see I'm not so bad."

"Bella…they don't think that. Let's give it time okay? If you want, you can meet my parents this weekend. The whole family will be at the there. We can do your quote: Proper introduction" Alice proposed. She could feel the tension in Bella's body as she waited for a response.

"You mean it? Like…at your house? Where you live?"

Alice's soft laughter filled the clearing as she cupped Bella's cheeks lovingly.

"Of course, where else silly?"

"With the past few weeks I've been having it wouldn't surprise me if you guys lived in a cave or something."

Alice frowned. "You've been letting your dad fill your head with too many misguided notions about our kind. We do not turn into bats Bella, we do not melt in the sun, we can't be warded off by cross's as you should know by now." Bella shivered as she felt cold fingers trace the outline of her necklace underneath her shirt.

"Well…let me correct myself, something does happen to us when we come in contact with the sun, but that's for another day." Alice added.

Bella nodded, deep in thought as she bit along her bottom lip. "I just want to know everything, understand you. Maybe even get your family to accept me."

"I'll do whatever you want Bella, even though I know they'll love you, especially Esme. But even if they don't I'll make it known you're not going anywhere, you're more than just temporary to me Bella and they know that."

She was slightly comforted by Alice's words; she knew that really no matter what the outcome Alice would be there to protect her and to Bella that was all that really mattered.