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Chapter Seven

Giles paced the length of the hospital's lounge, anxiously waiting for the doctor to return with the results of Joyce's tests. He had dropped her off the night before with a bag or her things then returned home and sat on the back porch with a bottle of scotch until dawn. His hair was sticking up a little from the 3 hours he'd spent with his head in his hands. At about 6am he finally fell asleep on the couch only to wake up again at noon so that I could check on Joyce and hear the results of her tests.

Giles paused in his pacing to glance at the clock, it was nearly one. He was about to start pacing again when the double swinging doors opened and out came Dr. Newman with his little clipboard.

Giles stepped forward as the doctor approached him, "How is she?"

Dr. Newman sighed, "Right now she's doing fine, she's resting in her room. Unfortunately it seems that Ms. Summers has a brain tumor."

Giles removed his glasses, "Dear lord" suddenly he couldn't remember why he was holding his glasses, "Is-is there anything to be done? A surgery perhaps or-or some type of medicine?"

"We'll have to do a few more tests but so far it looks like we should be able to remove it before it has a chance to grow."

"And she'll be fine after its gone, healthy?"

"If all goes well, yes but theres always risk involved in these things. We'll keep her overnight for observation and she can go home tomorrow but she'll have to come back in a few weeks for a few more tests."

"Yes of course, thank you." The doctor nodded and walked away.

Giles dropped down into an empty seat and put his head in his hands.

Wesley glanced at the clock on his bedside table as he reached for his glasses. It was almost midnight and Faith had yet to call him, she should've been just about done with patrols and on her way over to his apartment.

He took a quick glance at his watch then, with a sigh, shoved the covers off and went to the kitchen for a beer. Faith had gotten him into drinking the stuff in an effort to get him to loosen up, her favorite was the lime flavored Corona light and she insisted that he always have some in stock.

"Those Mexicans know how to drink." She'd said, "I think they invented Tequila too, coupla shots of that stuff and you'll be floatin' on clouds all night."

Wesley sat down on the couch and glanced at the phone sitting on his coffee table, "Where could she be?" he muttered to himself as he took a swig of his beer. He sat there for a while just sipping his beer and tracing the plaid patterns on his sweatpants. Just as he was starting to doze off, the phone rang, startling him and causing him to drop his half finished bottle on the carpet.

"Oh Bloody hell." He groaned as he ran to the kitchen for a towel.

The phone rang again.

"Hang on a bleeding second!" he yelled as he quickly patted at the wet carpet, hopefully there wouldn't be any stain.

By the fourth ring Wesley snatched up the reciever and put it to his ear, "Hello?"

"It's Travers."

"Oh, Mr. Travers. Yes,Um…What can I do for you?"

"I merely called to congratulate you on translating those texts that I sent, so far the project is a success. It's still too early to tell for certain but I've got a good feeling about this."

"Yes, well…thank you for keeping me informed."

"Not at all, have a good night Mr. Wyndam Pryce."

"Uh..You as well."

After hanging up the phone, Wesley headed back to his room and sat his glasses back on the bedside table. He was too tired to be joyous over the success of Traver's project. He started to pull the covers over him when the phone rang again, this time it was Faith.

"Faith, where have you been?"

"The daddy routine is a good look for you Wes, maybe I'll buy a costume." She half joked.

Wesley sighed, "Very funny Faith, I only meant that I was concerned. I haven't heard from you all night."

"Sorry, got caught up with the slaying, there was this nest downtown that was crawlin' with vamps. I called up Xander and his pal Riley to help clean it out. Figured the boys might want a piece of the action."

"Is everything alright, how did it go?"

"I must've dusted like 10 of 'em myself but Harris and Riley did pretty decent too. I was impressed and believe me that doesn't happen often, best part was when Riley threw that grenade and blew the rest of those blood suckers straight to hell. It was wild Wes, you should've been there."

"It certainly does sound exciting. I'm impressed that Xander and this Riley fellow were able to do so well."

"Oh yeah, they trained for months with the military or something. Harris has definitely picked up some skill."

"I'm glad for him."

"Yeah, anyways I was just callin' to tell you not to wait up. Joyce is coming home from the hospital tomorrow and I wanna go with Giles to pick her up. You know, be supportive and all that."

"You aren't coming over tonight?" he tried to hide the disappointment in his voice.

"Naw but I'll see you tomorrow alright?"

Wesley frowned and sputtered, "What about Slaying making you-"

Faith laughed over the phone, "Hungry and Horny…haha, yeah. Well, I can eat at the house and as for the horny part…maybe I'll get extra friendly with my five fingers. Dunno, I could check around and see if B left a vibe lying around somewhere."

Wesely coughed and tugged at his suddenly uncomfortable sweatpants, "I-I could drop you off early tomorrow."

"I'm already on Revello drive, don't sweat it Wes. Maybe I'll call you when I get settled in and we can have some phone sex."

"T-That's completely unneccessary." He stuttered, "I'm sure we can survive a night apart without resorting to…that."

"Ima check in B's room for that vibe, girl's gotta have one somewhere."

"I-Isn't that unsanitary, you don't know where that thing has been."

Faith chuckled, "It's a vibrator Wesley, think I've got some idea where it's been."

"Faith, really!"

"Oh come on Wes, don't be such a girl. I'm at the house now so I gotta go but no worries, tomorrow marathon sex, it'll be five by five."

"Good night Faith."

"Night Wes."

Spike and Doyle stood in front of the main office of the Lambert High School in New York City, staring at the sex ed posters that adorned the wall. Spike shoved a hand in the pocket of his duster and pulled out a cigarette, he stuck it in his mouth while he searched the rest of his pockets for his lighter.

Doyle glanced at him, "You're in a high school man, you can't smoke that in here."

Spike lit up the cigarette, "Watch me."

"Cmon, that's just rude. We're supposed to be lookin' for this guy, Wood."

Spike frowned, "Look mate, I haven't had a bleeding fag since we got on the train back in Los Angeles. Don't get me started on the rest of the bloody trip, I just need a minute to collect m'self."

"Oh well then, by all means take your time. I'm sure your girlfriend isn't in any immediate danger." Taunted Doyle.

Spike flicked the rest of the cigarette to the ground and crushed it with his boot, "Reckon I see your point." He took a breath and ran his hand over his hair, "Guess it's show time."

Inside the office, a young blonde woman was sitting at the main desk typing away on her computer. For a second, she reminded Spike of Buffy and he had to do a double take. She was young but definitely older than his Slayer and not nearly as beautiful.

The woman smiled, "Hi, can I help you gentleman?"

Spike leaned on the tall desk and flashed a toothy grin, "You certainly can gorgeous, we're lookin' for our old mate goes by the name of 'Wood', he around here?"

The secretary giggled, Oh yes, Principal Wood is right in his office."

"Would you be a dear and show us the way, pet?"

The secretary giggled again, "Oh sure, his office is right through that door over there but make sure to knock first." She pointed to the left of her desk, there was a door labeled 'Principal'.

"Thanks love." Spike grinned at her one last time then turned with Doyle and headed to the door.

"Real smooth, I'm impressed."

Spike just chuckled and knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Principal Robin Wood sat at his desk, hunched over a stack of detention forms.

"Do you have those suspensions forms for me, Ms. Kathy?"

"Sorry to disappoint but we're fresh out."

Wood's head snapped up, "Who are you?"

Spike dropped down into the chair in front of the desk, "Name's Spike, this here is Doyle."

Wood reached for a drawer under his desk, "You mean 'Spike' as in William the Bloody?" he pulled out a stake.

Spike eyed the weapon and rolled his eyes, "Look mate, I'm not here for a tussle not that you'd stand much chance if I wanted to snap your neck."

Doyle held up a hand defensively, "We just came for information, a friend said that you could help us out."

Wood leaned back in his chair, "Now why would I help a vampire and…I'm guessing you're a demon of some kind."

Spike sighed, "Look mate, Council kidnapped my girlfriend and I'm trying to find out where they took her."

Wood tilted his head, intruiged. "Why would the Watcher's Council kidnap a vampire? Or is your girl a human?"

"Try the Slayer." Doyle said.

Wood laughed, "You expect me to belive that a Slayer is dating a vampire?"

"Suppose you could say Buffy went rogue, didn't wanna play by their rules anymore and skipped town. We had an apartment in LA til they decided to take her."

Wood nodded, "hmmm…that makes more sense. Rogue Slayer, they probably wanted to rehabilitater her."

"Yeah, that's it. I don't know what those bleeding sods have in mind but I'm not gonna just stand around while they tinker around tryna fix her. I reckon her friends are busy lookin' for her same as I am."

Wood sighed, "Alright, what exactly is it that you need my help with?"

Doyle took a step forward, "I get these visions from the Powers That Be who want to help Spike rescue the Slayer but so far I've only had visions about some Slayer who died before Buffy was called. We're assuming the Powers are givin' us clues but we don't know anything about the Slayer before Buffy."

"Sounds like you need to take a look at my collection of Watcher's Diaries."

Spike shrugged, "Sounds about right, how'd you get them anyway. Way we heard it you've got it in for the Council of Wankers same as we do."

"I just don't trust them, I know first hand what they're capable of."

"Yeah? How's that?"

"My mother was a Slayer when I was a kid, when she died her watcher took me in and trained me to defend myself. Left everything to me when he passed, I think he was hoping that I could become a watcher for the Council."

Doyle frowned, "That's rough, was it vamps or demon that got her?"

"Neither." Wood stated, "It was the Council. See they couldn't control her either then she had me and they decided that it was time to 'fix' her."

Spike titled his head, "What'd you mean by that?"

"It's only happened about 5 times in the last hundred years or so but once in a while they get a Slayer that is too 'wild' to be rehabilitated the traditional way." Wood shook his head, "My mother was the 5th Slayer, I don't know what they did or tried to do to her but it killed her."

Spike growled, "I'll kill them if they've done anything to Buffy."

Wood took a deep breath, "Look, I'll try to help you with whatever I can. I don't want to see what happened to mom, happen to anyone else."

"You don't have a clue what they might've done to her?" Doyle questioned.

"All I know is, when she came back she wasn't herself. She had headaches all the time, her moods ran hot and cold at the flip of a switch. Two weeks later, she died in her sleep."

The thought of something like that happening to his Slayer put Spike in a foul mood, he had the intense desire to cause these Council guys some serious pain. "Sorry bout your mum and I swear they won't get away with this, I'm gonna get my Slayer back."

Wood nodded, "I keep the diaries locked up in a safe at home, I just need half an hour to finish these forms then we can go to my place."

Two hours later all three men were in the living room of Wood's apartment going through the Watcher's Diaries, searching for anything on the Slayer that was called before Buffy but they hadn't had much luck yet.

Spike tossed a book aside in frustrastion, "Bloody Watchers, can't read a sodding word of this with a magnifying glass."

Doyle held his own book close to his face, "It's like fruitflies wrote these things."

Wood chuckled, "They can be a little difficult to read but the details are incredible. The Watchers tell you everything right up unti the death."

Spike frowned, "I can't do this all night, we've got to narrow down the search to a specific time frame."

"When was your Slayer called?"

"I dunno exactly, I only met her about 3 or 4 years ago and by then she'd been slaying for two years I reckon."

Doyle moved a few books aside, "Right, so we can try late 70's to early 80's and work our way out from there."

"Hey, I think I've got something." Wood glanced at them from his own book, "In the car you said the previous Slayer was killed by a demon cyborg thing right?"


Wood smiled, "I've got our girl, her name was Emily Weston."

Spike sat down the book he was holding, "What's it say about her?"

"Emily Weston was a Slayer up in Oregon, it says her family was rich mostly because her dad was an investor." Wood studied a few pages, "hmm, stuff about her family, her early training. She managed to graduate from high school and got accepted to the University of New Mexico but only attended for a year."

Spike groaned, "Skip that bit, what does it say about the demon she faught?"

Wood held up a hand, "Okay, okay let me get to that. It says that Emily Weston came back home to Oregon after a year and soon discovered that some top secret government organization called the Initiative had set up shop in her home town. They hunted vampires and demons in order to expirement on them, they created a cyborg named 'Adam' out of multiple demon, human, and robotic parts."

Doyle glanced at Spike, "He was an ugly bastar d in my visions."

Wood continued, "Adam escaped his cell and she tried to stop him but was injured. She remained with her Watcher for a few days to heal, apparently Adam did a number on her. While she was with her Watcher, Adam killed her family, she went after him again and he killed her too. The Council finally had to step in and shut down everything, they sealed Adam away in a steel crate and dropped him into the Atlantic Ocean."

"So the Council had to step in at the end after Adam killed their Slayer."Doyle shook his head, "They couldn't even find a way to kill him properly."

Wood read a few more pages, "This is intresting, says the Initiative also developed a microchip to control vampires. They implanted in the brain and when a vamp tried to attack, bite or harm a human in anyway the chip would fire electric pulses into the brain and cause the vampire pain."

Spike snorted, "Good riddence to them."

"Wait a minute." Doyle stood up from his seat on the floor, "You said the Council tried to 'control' your mother in a way that wasn't traditional and it killed her."

"Yeah, what are you thinking?"

Spike moaned, "Oh buggering hell, lemme guess. The Council decided to borrow a few of the Initiatives gadgets and use it on the Slayers?"

Wood frowned, "I wouldn't put it past them but my mother was dead a good 10-15 years before this happened."

Just then Doyle dropped to his knees, "Sonofa-!" he held his head as the vision assaulted his brain, then finally it was over.

Wood looked concerned, "You alright? Was that a vision?"

Doyle straightened himself out, "It's passed, but I think the PTB was trying to give us another clue."

"What did you see?"

"There was a long white hallway, smelled like fresh paint too. There were doors with labels that I couldn't see except one, it said 'S.C.S-6. Got a peek at the inside of that room, was dark but there were computers everywhere and they were monitoring something or someone."

Wood looked at Spike, "Could be the Council."

Spike nodded, "Which means that whatever they tried to do to your mum, they wanna perfect it and use it on Buffy."

"All information leads us to believe that your Slayer is now the 6th Slayer, let's hope that whatever it is they're planning hasn't gone into effect yet."

Spike growled, "I'm gonna stop them."

Doyle ran a hand through his hair, "I think its time we headed back to Sunnydale and shared this information with her friends, see if they have any ideas."

Wood took out a business card and handed it to Spike, "That's my number if you need anything else."

"Thanks mate."