Chapter One

Emmetts P.O.V.

It was hard, I'll admit that. Being the only blind vampire ever was annoying and rather difficult. I was blind as a human and for some unknown reason, it stayed that way when I was changed into an immortal. You know how people say if you lose one sense the others get better? That's exactly how it is. My hearing is better than any other vampire in the world. Unfortunately, that can be a bad thing. As of now, I was trying to distract myself from Rosalie and Edwards 'love-making' moans and screams. It was at times like these that I wish I had my own wife. Of course, most of the vampire women I've met are just stuck-up bitches who think the world revolves around them. I already live with one of those. Rosalie. Ugh! She's like the Queen of Bitches.

I heard a soft growl come from Edwards room, and I knew it was not from what they were doing at the moment. Edward absolutely hated it when I thought negative of Rosalie. What can I say? If he doesn't like it then he shouldn't be sneaking around in my mind in the first place. I let my hearing wander away from Edward and Rosalie and venture off to the rest of the house. Esme and Carlisle were whispering loving things to each other. I stopped listening and decided to let them have their moment without me eavesdropping on them. Alice, of course, was being Alice.

"C'mon, let me pick out your clothes today Jazzy!" I heard her whine. I couldn't help but chuckle. Poor Jazz. I know how much he hates the nickname.

"Alice, no! I'm over 100 years old! I can pick out my own outfits!"

"Please?" Oh, no. I knew Jasper couldn't resist her when she started to pout.

"Fine! But only for today!" So weak and pathetic. I thought. Tomorrow would end up the same, no doubt. He'll never be able to pick out his own clothes again. Oh well, that's not my problem.

"What time is it?" I said as if I was talking to someone right next to me.

"7:02." I heard Jasper, Alice, Carlisle, and Esme say at the same time. I decided it was time to actually do something productive and get ready for school. I got up and went to brush my teeth. I was glad I never had to use my cane in this house since I knew it so well. I was about to walk downstairs to grab some clean clothes from the laundry, but a pixie was standing in my way and I bumped right into her.

"Alice, there is no way I'm letting you pick out my outfit for today too." I said seriously. She must've not seen my answer coming. She stomped her foot and mumbled something like 'Why can't this family let me help them look decent?' and soon enough she was gone. I finished getting ready and met everyone down at the door to leave with my cane in hand.

Alice and Jasper rode in her porsche and I was in Edwards volvo with Rosalie and Edward. We got to school in plenty of time and I was hoping I could just get to my first period and relax some before all the other students arrived. Edward turned the car off and I gathered my things to get to first period. I liked when we got to school early because it allowed me to get to class and relax before all the humans arrived. I was just getting out of the parking lot when I felt a tiny cold hand grab my arm.

"Guess what your future-seeing 'sister' saw!" Alice squealed.

"Uhm, a sale on shoes in Port Angeles tonight?" I guessed.

"No, even better!" What could be better than a sale on shoes to Alice?

"I don't know. Tell me."

"There's a new girl coming to school tomorrow!" she said, sounding full of excitement.

"Okay? Unless she is a single vampire that is not like Rosalie, then I'm not interested." I stated. Human girls held no interest for me. They were all the same in this high school. Fragile.

"No, Emmett, she is not a vampire. However, she could become one!"

"Alice, you know I would never take someones life like that. Now I have to get to class." I knew Alice would not drop the subject.

My first four classes went by in a blur. It was the same normal routine and the same boring classes that I've been taking longer than I can count. When I arrived to the cafeteria I could already tell it was going to be hell. I'm not Jasper but I could definitely feel the tension in the air. I sat down with my tray of food that I was not going to be digesting in this lifetime and waited for someone to speak. It wasn't long before Rosalie muttered something.

"I don't see what the big deal is. She's just a human." Ah, so they all know about the new girl coming tomorrow.

"The deal is that I think she could be good for Emmett." Alice said.

"Alice," I whined, sounding like a little kid. "Stop trying to pair me up with a human! You know I'd end up accidently breaking her." I joked. These muscles could break anything on accident if I'm not careful. I thought and Edward just laughed at my nonsense.

"I think it's too dangerous to be getting involved with humans." Jasper stated.

"Just talk to her, Emmett. We can at least be her friends. She's going to be new and she'll need as many friends as she can get." Alice pleaded.

"Okay, I'll talk to the little human girl." I said, while getting up to throw my food away. I found my way to my fifth period class which was Biology. (A/N: I know that isn't his real fifth period, but it will be in this story.) I set my stuff in the space next to me which was not occupied by anyone. No one wanted to sit next to the freaky blind Cullen when it came time to pick our seats. It's not like I cared, it just meant more room for me. That class was as boring as the first four and I didn't understand why anyone should go through this so many times.

Finally, the day ended and I met Edward and Rosalie at the volvo to go home. Edward suggested that we go hunting together. He told me my eyes were getting a little darker and I was a little thirsty, so I agreed. We went to a nearby forest filled with deer. They weren't my favorite, but they would have to do.

"Emmett, make sure you're not really thirsty tomorrow. You never know how her blood will make you react." Edward told me while we were running. I was familiar with this forest so I didn't need a cane or someone to guide me the whole time.

"I can control myself. Don't worry, Eddie." I chuckled. He hated that nickname more than Jasper hated being called Jazz.

We hunted until I didn't feel so thirsty and returned home. Edward immediatly went to find Rosalie so I went to my room and listened to some music. I headed to my room and decided to let my mind wander to what this new girl would be like. I knew Alice saw her in a vision, but I wasn't sure if she saw what her personality was like. Looks obviously didn't matter much to me. I just wanted to know if she would be nice and sweet or rude and bitchy.

Morning finally arrived and I went through the same routine as yesterday. Just as I thought, Alice was trying to dress Japer again today. I didn't have to see the future to know that he would give in. Again.

When it was time to leave for school I rode in the porsche with Alice and Jasper.

"Bella will be in some of my classes so I'll invite her to our table for lunch. Oh, and Emmett, you have Biology with her." I made a grunting noise to let her know I listened to her. I still didn't see why this new girl was so important to Alice. When we arrived at school I hurried off to first period. We arrived later than usual because Rosalie had to get her hair perfect, which caused us to be late. I noticed that I left my cane in the car when I was heading into the bulding. I had gotten so used to the school surroundings, that I didn't notice I didn't have my cane. I ran human speed out to it and hoped Alice didn't lock it. I knew where the car was because she parked in the same spot everyday so it would be easier for me if I ever needed to get to it.

Luck was on my side as I opened the door easily and retrieved my cane. I knew the bell had rung already so I had to go to the office to get a pass. What I wasn't expecting was the scent that filled my nose as I walked through the doors of the cramped office. It didn't make my mouth fill with venom. It was mouth-watering for sure, but it was more of like a flowery scent. Not a I-want-to-suck-your-blood kind of scent.

"Isabella? Oh you're the new girl! Chief Swans daughter, correct?" I heard Ms. Cope say while shuffling through some papers. I waited patiently to get a pass, enjoying the scent filling my nose. This new girl had the most amazing smell ever. Maybe I could get used to this if I did become her friend.

"Here is a pass since I kept you late. Sorry, I'm a little unorganized." Ms. Cope laughed nervously.

"Thank you." A quiet, yet charming voice said. She seemed to be in a rush so I moved to let her pass through the doors. I got my pass and hurried off to my classes.

Finally, lunch time arrived and I went to sit in my normal seat in the cafeteria with my usual tray of untouched food. Alice arrived and sat next to me.

"Rosalie and Edward left for the lunch period and Jasper went home. He was getting too thirsty. Oh, and Bella should be coming over here soon."

I nodded, waiting for the sweet smell to flood my nose again. I didn't have to wait long. The chair across from me slid out and I could hear her sit down.

"Bella, this is Emmett. Emmett, this is Bella." Alice introduced us.

"Hey Emmett, I saw you in the office earlier today." Her voice was so soft and sweet. It was almost as amazing as her very scent.

"Yeah, I heard you in the office today too." I laughed. She laughed too, but it seemed nervous and confused. She didn't seem to understand I was blind. I thought that the sunglasses I wore would give her a hint but I guess not.

"I'm blind." I simply stated.

"Oh, for how long?" Her question shocked me. Usually when I told people I was blind they apologized. It annoyed me more than anything else.

"Over 100 years." I muttered under my breath. Alice smacked me and answered instead.

"Since he was really young." Alice told her.

"Oh, that's too bad." I heard Bella say. I know she didn't mean to sound rude but I can't stand it when people pity me. I shrugged it off and continued to pick at my food. A long silence followed and it was starting to get awkward.

"Bella, do you want to go shopping tonight? There's supposed to be a big sale in Port Angeles." Alice tried to make conversation.

"Uh, no thanks. I'm not a big fan of shopping." Bella muttered.

"Me either. Shopping is torture." I laughed as Alice playfully smacked me. Her smack probably could have broken a humans arm but it had no effect on me.

"Well, then you can just come over for a little bit!" Alice suggested.

"Sure, sounds fun."

I could tell the bell was about to ring for fifth period by listening to the students gathering their things and leaving, so I got up to throw away my food and heard Bella do the same. That's when I remembered we had fifth period together.

"Uh, Bella, you wanna walk to Biology together?" I muttered, nervously scratching the back of my head. I usually was never this nervous but I had only just officially met Bella so I wasn't sure if I freaked her out or anything. Humans had the tendency to stay away from us.

"Sure." she sounded cheerful enough so I was glad.

We walked to Biology in mostly silence. When we arrived to the classroom I headed for my seat while Bella talked to the teacher.

"Sit where you want." The teacher muttered in an uninterested tone. Her footsteps immediatly started heading in my direction I noticed.

"I haven't seen you in awhile Bella." I laughed jokingly as she sat down.

"You've never seen me, Emmett." she laughed too.


This class was probably the most boring. I usually zoned out during this period. I didn't need to pay attention since I've taken this class about a hundred times. While the teacher lectured on I let my mind wander to what Bella was thinking. She sat right next to me and I heard her pen scratch against notebook paper. Either she was taking notes or she was doodling. I stared into her direction, enjoying how close she sat to me.

When it was time to go, I heard Bella get up, but her foot caught on the chair and she fell. I smelled her blood rush up to her cheeks.

"Awh, is Bella blushing?" I chuckled, helping her get back up.

"How do you know I'm blushing?" Oh, shit.

"Just a lucky guess." I said, and turned away to leave before she could ask anything else.