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Chapter Six

Bellas P.O.V.

Sleep eventually found me, said 'hello, how are you?' and then ran away. Meaning, I hardly got any sleep last night. I unwillingly forced the covers off and climbed out of bed. Flashes of last night came back to me.

"Okay, my family and I, we're not human."

"Then what?" I asked looking up at him.

Shit, I forgot he was supposed to tell me today. I remembered Emmett saying he was going to pick me up for school so I finished getting ready, and of course, Emmett was outside waiting for me. But... no car? I grabbed my bookbag and started walking towards him, making sure to lock up the house. He must've heard my footsteps because he turned towards me and smiled a big grin and picked me up when I got close enough to him.

"How's my girl?" he said, and then kissed me on the forehead before setting me back down.

"Who says I'm yours?" I jokingly laughed.

"Me, of course. You're all mine, Isabella." he growled and gently bit my neck, but didn't break the skin.

"Well, I guess there's no reason to argue. But that means you're mine Emmett Cullen."

"You don't have to tell me twice," he whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine. "I'll be yours forever if you want."

"Of course that's what I want." I whispered back, leaning up to kiss him. Our lips met and after a few seconds I had to cut off and catch my breath. That's when I remembered about school.

"How did you get here?" I asked. Surely, I would have heard someone drop him off.

"You really wanna know?" he grinned.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Get on my back." he said, turning around. He must be joking. There was no way I was going to let him carry me. He seemed to notice me hesitating.

"Stop being a wimp, and get on my back." he laughed. I reluctantly climbed on and in a flash he was running through the trees. There was no way any normal person could run this fast. But then again, I knew he wasn't normal. I tried to calm myself down, but the trees were speeding by so fast, I thought I was going to throw up. It was as if someone took a giant paintbrush, dipped it in water and smeared all the colors together. We were literally going so fast that I couldn't tell what was what.

In ten seconds, maximum, we were on the edge of the school parking lot, but still hidden from some trees, and he set me on my feet. Bad idea. I stumbled and fell to the ground.

"Bella, are you okay?" he asked, concerned and helped me up.

"You r-ran...s-s-so fast." I sounded like an idiot and I couldn't even talk right. I was still trying to catch my breath and slow my heart down to its original rate.

"Speed comes in the package once you become a.....Well, I'll tell you tonight."

"But how did you see where you were going?"

"It may sound weird," he started to say. "But when I realized I loved you, I wanted our relationship to be as normal as possible. Obviously, it can't be perfectly normal but that's okay. I just wanted you to feel comfortable with everything. So Jasper and Edward helped me memorize exactly how to get from your house to school, from my house to your house, and things like that, so my blindness won't get in the way so much."

"That doesn't sound weird," I assured him, hugging him. "And I don't care about your blindness getting in they way. Your blindness is part of you, and I love you no matter what." He kissed me quickly and then grabbed my hand so we could walk into school together.

Of course, I hardly paid any attention to the teachers throughout the day. What the hell could he be? I kept thinking.

"Ms. Swan?" The teacher dragged me out my thinking.

"Hmm?" I finally looked up from my notebook paper that I was doodling on.

"Care to explain why you just interrupted me from my lecture?" Crap, I said that out loud.

"Sorry, it won't happen again." I muttered, embarrassed that the class now had their attention on me. The teacher stared at me for a second, but then continued on with whatever it was that he was talking about.

Finally, the lunch bell rang and I practically sprinted to the cafeteria, excited to see Emmett. Rosalie met me when I was getting close to their table only to notice that Emmett was missing.

"Uh, hey Rosalie," I was kind of confused. Rosalie has never really talked to me much. "Do you know where Emmett is?"

"Yeah, he went home early. He wanted to get something ready for tonight." she explained. "Don't worry, Alice and I will keep you company until then." she smiled. I nodded, still confused at this sudden friendliness. When I met Rosalie, sure she was absolutely beautiful, but I got the feeling that she didn't like me much. I followed her to the usual table in the cafeteria and sat next to her and Alice.

"Oh, I know you're just going to love what Emmett has planned!" Alice practically jumped in her seat with excitement. This was news to me. Rosalie had said he was getting something ready, but I didn't know whatever plans he had involved me as well.

"Alice, honey, calm down a little." Jasper said, trying to hold her in her seat so she wouldn't bounce off the walls. She had so much energy, that little pixie.

"So, wanna tell me what it is?" I begged. I absolutely hated surprises. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. I just do.

"No way Bella. You'll just have to find out for yourself."

"Hmph." I sighed. This better be good then.

"Don't worry Bella, you'll like it." Edward smiled at me. Oh, so he was in on it too. The bell rang too soon as always and I went to finish my day of classes.

Eventually, school was over and I was heading home in my truck, still puzzling over what Emmett was planning. I ran inside, dropped off my stuff, and ran up the stairs to my room. I dialed the familiar number and the voice I loved to hear answered.


"Hey, Emmett." I smiled.

"Hey, Bella! Sorry I wasn't at lunch, but I needed to get some things done."

"I've been informed on that. Care to tell me what it is you're planning?"

He made a ticking noise with his tongue, "Now, Bella, you have to wait for that."

"That's what everyone keeps telling me." I pouted. Why can't someone just freaking tell me already? I thought.

"Alice and Rosalie should be at your house soon."

"Wait, wh-" I was cut off by Emmetts voice.

"Gotta go! Love you baby, bye!" And with that, he hung up. Not even two seconds after I got off the phone with Emmett I heard a car pull into my driveway. By the time I got downstairs Alice and Rosalie were already coming through the door.

"Hey Bella, where's your bathroom? We need to set everything up and get started." Rosalie said, shutting the door behind her.

"What are you talking about?"

"You, my friend," Alice pointed at me. "have a date tonight!"

"With Emmett?" I said with a big goofy grin on my face.

"Duh," Rosalie chimed in. "Who else?" Alice and Rosalie dragged me upstairs to the bathroom, and for the first time I noticed all the bags that they had brought in.

"What's in those?" I asked gesturing to the various bags.

"Well, make-up is in this bag." Rosalie pointed to a bag she had set by her feet.

"And that bag has things for your hair." Alice pointed to a bag in the corner.

"Oh, and that bag has your clothes that we bought ahead of time for you to wear tonight." Rosalie spoke again, showing me a bag that was a little bigger than the others.

"Do I get a say in any of this?" I asked.

"No." Rosalie and Alice both said at the same time.

"Didn't think so." I muttered under my breath. They laughed quietly and began setting the bathroom up with countless hair supplies and various shades of eyeshadow and other things I really never use. Rosalie pulled out a white dress from one of the bags. It was like a dress you wear in the summer, nothing like a prom or wedding dress. It had straps that with a thin border of black and along the bottom were black flowers. I actually thought it was pretty.

The next half hour Rosalie curled my hair a little and let it hang loose and Alice applied a little mascara, eyeshadow, and blush. Not as much as I thought she would, thank goodness.

"Okay, you're all set! Emmett should be here shortly." Alice said. Before I had time to say thanks, they were gone. Okay, that was kind of weird. I thought. I put on the shoes that matched the dress. As I was putting my necklace into place the phone rang. I bounded down the steps and answered. "Hello?"

"Hey, Bella. It's Jake."

"Oh, hey. What's up?" I hoped he didn't notice my disappointment.

"Nothing much, I was wondering if you could come by the reservation tonight?"

"Awh, I'm sorry Jake. I already have plans. I can stop by tomorrow after school, if that's okay."

"Yeah, that's fine. Oh, and if your plans are with the Cullens, be careful. Please."

"Jake, I'm always careful." I assured him, confused on why I would have to be careful with Emmett or any of the other Cullens for that matter.

"K, well I'll see ya tomorrow Bella."

"See you later." I hung up and went to find a piece of paper and a pencil to write a note for Charlie when he got back from the station. As soon as I was done scribbling the notes onto the page, the doorbell rang. When I opened it, of course, there was my man. I grinned from ear to ear and hugged him. He was wearing a button-down baby blue shirt and some khaki pants. He was absolutely stunning. There was no other guy in the world that looked anywhere close to as good as him.

"Hi." I whispered.

"Hello, Bella." he laughed.

"So, what's my surprise?"

"Well, first lets get there." He picked me up bridal style and stopped.

"You're beautiful." He turned his head to me and kissed me on the tip of my nose.

"You don't know that."

"Oh yes I do." he smiled and soon we were running. I kind of expected it this time so I buried my head into his chest and concentrated on my breathing. The wind whipped through my hair and I wouldn't be surprised if all the curls were ruined by the time we arrived at the 'place'. Oh, well. It's not like I cared much about it.

Everything was so quiet. All I could hear was Emmett's steady breathing and his footsteps crunching at the ground below us. But, something was missing. I strained my ears to find what I thought everyone should have to live. I blocked out all the outside sounds and placed my ear to where his heart should be. Nothing. I gasped.

"Emmett, are you okay?" I asked, forcing myself to look up at him and face the dizziness of trees blurring by. He slowed down a little.

"Yeah, why?"

"Your heart. I can't hear it." I whispered, once again placing my ear to his chest, hoping to find it.

"I....I know." Finally he stopped and this time he slowly and carefully placed me on my feet. I looked at my surroundings first and I realized we were at the place we were when we played hide-and-seek. We were just outside of the clearing with the waterfall, and I could tell because I could hear it in the distance. Before walking out though, I turned to face him.

"I want to know," I said looking at the ground. "No, I need to know. What you are."

"I don't want you to run from me Bella." he looked so hurt and scared. I took a step closer and wrapped my arms around him.

"I'm not going anywhere, unless it's with you."

"I love you, you know?" he wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head.

"I know. And I love you too." I said, but it was slightly muffled since I was pressing my face against him. He laughed, but it wasn't the laugh I was used to. It was nervous and shaky.

"I'm dangerous. I shouldn't even be here. With you." When he said those words, my heart started to speed up. He shouldn't be with me?

"But, w-" I was cut off.

"But I need you. I need to be with you. I don't think I could go on without you." At those words, I started to calm down. But it was also then that everything seemed to click for me. He was pale and cold. He was absolutely gorgeous like the rest of his family. He had speed and strength. His body was rock hard and he just said 'I'm dangerous.'

I stepped slightly back, but still held onto him.

"Vampire?" I gasped. His body froze and he looked straight into my eyes, I almost thought he could really see me.

"Please don't go." he begged, tightening his grip on me, but it didn't hurt. I hugged him as tight as I could and then smashed my lips against him. I could tell instantly he was surprised at my action but he quickly recovered and started to kiss me back. I poured all the feeling that I felt for him into that kiss and I knew he could tell. When we broke off and I caught my breath, I looked at him.

"I still love you." I said. His smile was huge when he heard me say that and he lifted me into the air and started spinning.

"Oh, Bella! I love you! I love you! I love you!" he said, still spinning.

"I love you too! Now put me down!" I managed to get out. He did as I asked and took my hand.

"Now I want to show you the surprise." he smiled and lead me out to the clearing.

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