The It School
Chapter One:: This Is Where It's At
Written By:: Riz-I

A/N: I should finish something before starting something new tbh. Whatever. Sue me. As mentioned in the summary; this was inspired by TheCherryOnTop by ohwhatsherface. Go read it. Seriously. I've never been too keen on writing a high school fanfic 'cause they always end up cliché… but if you can make the clichés as good as that… seriously, who gives a damn? Obviously it's not the same as TheCherryOnTop (like I could be that good)… but it does have certain similarities... not the Gossip Radio… but the Gossip spreading thing. Anyways, hope you enjoy it.

'Good morning my lovely It Schoolers. Your morning alarm and your early morning cup of Gossip Coffee. I know some of you just can't wake up without it. Well, it seems we've finally got some results on the new 6th Formers front. Yeah. You Year 12's are going to be joined by Shikamaru Nara and Kiba Inuzuka at first period today. Apparently they've both got reputations… I've yet to find out what exactly these reputations are. Chill out though. As you all know, Lady Luck tends to- you know, luck out! I'll score the information by the end of the day. New starts? Pfft. Do you really want to hang with someone who could make Kabuto-sensei seem cool? I mean- no offense but… socks and sandals? So last... No. Socks and sandals just never work. Especially not with three quarter leg dungarees. Kabuto-sensei; Lady Luck recommends you get yourself a mirror and a stylist. Whatever. Be nice to the new guys everyone. At least at first. We wouldn't want them to end up like last time's scholarship students. I mean, Cherry Blossom, seriously. Get some self respect, 'kay? Then maybe get some friends. And that Sora? Where even is he? Prizes to anyone who can find out where he went for me... And remember everyone. This is the It School… And this is where it's at. 0-7-7-L-A-D-Y-L-U-C-K. Kiss. Kiss.'


I hate Lady Luck. I actually, passionately despise her and her stupid Radio Gossip.

Guess it's technically my fault though. After all, it was my choice to take the scholarship exam for this stupid school in Year 7… and it was my choice not to leave at the end of Year 11 like any other smart person would. No. I decided to hold my head high and prepare myself for rejection in the harsh, cruel world and remind myself that when I'm older I'll be the one laughing and all of the others will be begging me fo-

Am I kidding you with this?

Because it sure as hell isn't fooling me. These kids own the world. Well, at least their parents do; and they've been sent here to basically just mess about until it's their turn.

There's only two ways of getting in to this school:

a) Have a gorgeous mommy and a mega rich daddy to make a very generous donation and buy your way in.

b) Be one of two scholarship students to get in… bearing in mind the exam is only once every five years.

Two guesses which one I am. And the first one doesn't count.


People who are in category (a) do not associate with people in category (b) unless the person in category (b) is extremely cool.

Which I am. But after spilling a chocolate milkshake on Ino Yamanaka on my second day she made damn sure nobody ever found this out.

Now I'm known as 'Spiller'. Or as Lady Luck likes to call me… 'Cherry Blossom'. Guessed my name yet? If you haven't; you're actually a moron...

Or Naruto…

Just in case you are- my name's Sakura: and I go to the It School.

And where is the It School I hear you ask.

That's easy.

Hell on Earth.


I'm in the Year 12 Form Room. There's only one form in each year because hell, with entrance criteria that selective; it sure is hard as hell to get in to the school in the first place.

The form room is split in half. I am currently sitting alone in 'Loser Half'.

Due to the rather selective criteria, there are only 17 people in the class (it should have been 18 but Sora, the other scholarship student, left in Year 9 after the whole 'Sasuke-and-Naruto-go-after-the-scholarship-kid-because-they're-bored' thing). So with the two new people, it'll bring our total up to 19.

Yeah. I'm great at maths.

Anyway, as I was saying. The 'Loser Half' is the half of the classroom I have all to myself. The 'It Half' is where everybody else sits. Do I really need to explain why this divide? If you say yes I may just text Lady Luck some false gossip about you to announce to the world- though somehow she always seems to know…


Oh. I can hear Kakashi-sensei's voice (yeah, technically it should be Hatake-sensei, but he says he doesn't want to get mixed up with his dad, a bit of a George W Bush thing going on here perhaps?) coming from outside.

New boys.

The footsteps from outside are audible as everyone turns silently to face the door.

The door handle turns oh so slowly.

Everyone holds their breath as the door swings open.

A mutt, a pineapple and a paedophile stride into the classroom.

Well, the paedophile strides. The mutt bounds and the pineapple just kind of slouches- he looks like he's sleepwalking.

As Kakashi-sensei takes his seat at the front, the mutt and the pineapple take in the scene in front of them. Where they go now could decide their fate for the rest of their lives at this school, however, unlike me, they've only got two years not seven to put up with.


Everyone seems to still be holding that breath.

The mutt grins, baring unnaturally pointy canines and walks straight towards the It Crowd.

The pineapple, however, slides into the seat next to me.

I gape at him. "What are you doing?"


"Yeah. But why there?"

"Because I want to."

"I can see that. But why?"

"Because I want to."

"They're going to eat you." I point at the It Crowd, one of whom (Naruto, who else?) Kiba is currently arm wrestling.

"They're troublesome."

"I wouldn't tell them that if I were you."

"Like I said. They're troublesome."


Suddenly, his head smacks down on the table. Alarmed, I jab him (hard) on the cheek. He jumps and then lifts his head up, groaning and rubbing his cheek. "Ouch! What was that for?"

"I thought you'd fainted or something. Don't just smack your face on the table."

"I was sleeping!"

"Oh. Okay then."

He rests his head on his arms again and I suddenly get the distinct feeling of eyes burning into me. I look up and see –is that fire- in Ino Yamanaka's eyes. She leans over and mutters something to Sasuke who turns to me and smirks. He listens as Ino continues speaking to him, and then nods. He notices me looking at him and looks right into my eyes and gives me that irritating smirk again.

And then he starts walking over to me.



I have never been less than 10 or so feet away from Sasuke Uchiha at all times. I'd put our current proximity at about, erm, 3?



A half?

Oh sugar! He's standing right above me.

I look up and am about to ask what he wants when-


"Mmmmpf!!" I blurt. What. The. HELL!!!!

I reach back a hand and then suddenly *SMACK*

Sasuke straightens up and, showing the red mark on his right proudly, turns his head back to look at Ino. "That's ten thousand by the end of the week, Yamanaka." He smirks at my shocked, bright red face and then leans in and whispers in my ear. "That didn't mean anything, Spiller. But since you just helped me win ten thousand. I guess I'll say thanks." Without another glance at me- he walks back to 'his half'.

Because let's face it.

Sasuke Uchiha owns the 'It Half'.


'My, my, my. What is this I've just been getting beeped about? Mr Unobtainable has just been- obtained? Wow. According to recent information, Mr U simply waltzed over to none other than CHERRY BLOSSOM (girl, I am sorry for slating you this morning, you must have something if you got HIM after you… mind sharing your secrets?) and kissed her. Is this romance I see BLOSSOMING before me? Ooh. Message from the man of the blooming couple himself. Ahh. Well ladies, gentlemen… and fangirls. You'll be sad/glad to hear that our favourite bachelor is most certainly still a bachelor. Miss Y however now needs to get her hands on ten thousand dollars or pounds, I love how both work here, by the end of the week. Shouldn't be a problem for her. If daddy won't give her it, there's many a pubescent man in the school that will. And as far as I know- quite a few teachers too. Better keep a closer eye on your man, Kurenai. Updates on the new meat as well; it would seem Kiba Inuzuka is the newest member of the It Crowd. He's a babe if this picture is anything to go by. I fully expect to be making more updates on him very soon. Shikamaru Nara, on the other hand, is hot enough to give Sasuke a run for his money. Careful honey, you're crown would have been in serious jeopardy there… but it would seem that Nara has decided to keep clear of the It Crowd. Wow. Is the apocalypse here already? Keep an eye out for falling ceiling tiles- Oh my. Another message. The It Crowd is really on a roll this morning!! It would seem, despite his questionable clique choice, new boy Nara may still have a chance… I've just got two 'It Claims' in for him. The Flower and The Game have both set their eyes on the soon to be startled Deer. I really have lucked out this morning. Keep it coming ladies and gents. After all… this IS the It School. And as we all know… THIS IS WHERE IT'S AT!!! 0-7-7-L-A-D-Y-L-U-C-K. Kiss. Kiss.'


How fast does shit travel in this school?

What a stupid question.

A/N: Chapter One. Like I said, if you haven't read TheCherryOnTop- leave, RIGHT NOW, and go read it. It's truly amazing! BEFORE YOU DO THOUGH... I'd really like to know what you all think of this fic. Because you know... I love you all. Each and every last one of you. And your comments mean the world to me. Lovely praise and constructive criticism alike. So let me know whether this fic's worth it. 'Kay? ^_^ Love, Riz..