The It School
Chapter Eleven:: This Is When Reality Sinks In

A/N: Erm... yeah so Interview at Cambridge University on Tuesday. So much excitement it's unreal. I have also recently gotten into a Star Plus drama (I'm so ashamed lolbutnotreally) called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon which is so, soaddictive. They're so ridiculous that at first you're like "Wtf am I watching?" but then you watch a few episodes and you're like "OMG WHY AM I SO ADDICTED TO SOMETHING SO SPECTACULARLY SHIT?" And I'm not going to lie... Barun Sobti's face certainly doesn't hurt... If you Google him, all I can say he is far more telegenic than he is photogenic. You can watch English subtitled episodes on 2ndrealone's Youtube channel going back to almost the beginning of the series.

Okay, I say I collapsed to my knees- but let's be serious here.

I'm in a freaking public toilet. I wouldn't put it past the cleaners to, instead of cleaning the floors, drop flesh-eating bacteria onto them.

I basically just kind of wobble my way over to the door and try to take in what Sasuke just said. I'm half expecting to find an empty corridor when I walk out, but instead see that he is halfway down it.

If this were a drama or some sappy romance novel, I would have allowed him to continue on his way and turn the corner while I stood here pondering the meaning of his words- possibly allowing a lone tear to roll attractively down my cheek.

As it is, I'm a pissed off, confused and hormonal teenager. "OY SASUKE!"

He stops and turns around. His face is a complete blank and instead of responding, he just raises a perfectly groomed eyebrow.

I've heard him swear down to others that it's natural.

But nobody's eyebrows are that perfect naturally...

If I didn't get mine threaded once a month they'd look like tiny voles had committed solvent-suicide and accidentally glued themselves up there.

"What the hell were you just on about? Did you date-rape me and make me promise something at a Year 7 disco?"

The corner of Sasuke's lip pulls up into a disbelieving sneer as he begins walking back towards me. "Not at all. Unlike you, I'm not ugly enough to need to resort to rohypnol when I want to sleep with someone."

"Well okay then. Is this where you reveal that we are in fact childhood friends but I was once kidnapped by mistake when we swapped clothes and the experience was so traumatic I blanked it out and forgot all about you? But during our brief but beautiful friendship, I promised when we grew up I'd marry you?"

Sasuke just stares bemusedly back at me. "Were you dropped on your head as a baby?"

"Sasuke, you've been little less than a massive bumder to me since the day we met so you'll have to excuse me if I'm unconvinced by your unfounded claims."

His bemused face fell back into one of absolute incomprehension. "You know what, I was just messing with you, okay? But you're such a psycho it's not even worth it." He turns to walk away but I grab his arm.

"Ladies first."

If he thinks I'm a psycho, then a psycho is precisely what I'll be. Instead of walking away like a normal person, I hum and do the dance to Chori Bazari from the film Love Aaj Kal. I take a risk and look back at Sasuke and, just before he notices I'm looking at him, I swear I see the shadow of a genuine smile on his face.

'Well, congratulations boys and girl. I should have predicted that if anybody could weasel their way round authority it would be the U-Brothers. Though I doubt either of you would've been able to pull it off without help from our little Cherry Blossom. Despite my slight concern, the fallout from your actions will be nothing if not interesting... And we all know how much I love it when things are kept interesting. We all do. Because this is the It School... And this is where it's at. 0-7-7-L-A-D-Y-L-U-C-K. Kiss. Kiss.'

I quite literally cannot believe nobody has hunted down and punched this stupid bitch in the face yet.


I heard that. But I've really had far too much excitement today already. I kind of just want to get to class.

"Pssst. Sakura! Sakura! Come here!"

I adamantly refuse to acknowledge the whisperer.


"WHAT?" I swing round. "Oh. It's you. What are you doing here... actually... how did you even get in?"

"I pretended to give Sasuke a hug when we went over to Mum and Dad's for Sunday Lunch and stole his ID. That's beside the point right now. I take it from that ogre's announcement that Part One went well?"

"Er- not well exactly. But we pulled it off." I run a hand anxiously through my hair as I look round to make sure we're not being eavesdropped on. "Somehow. Your hint was pretty helpful."

"Good. I just wanted to make sure."

"It's nice you care about Sasuke this much."

Itachi raises an eyebrow and smirks. He leans over and whispers softly in my ear, "Who said anything about Sasuke?"

I gulp and mentally urge myself not to blush as I give a short chuckle, "Naruto's fine too. I'm sure he'll be happy to learn of your concern for his wellbeing."

Itachi straightens, laughing. He's in a perfectly tailored black suit today with a deep maroon shirt, open just enough to reveal the tiny paper fan he has tattooed a few inches beneath his collarbone. Probably some mobster insignia.

It's hot.

"You're fun. You should marry Sasuke."

"I would quite literally rather eat my own foot."

Itachi winks "Ahh but Haruno, what fun would it be if I just hadyou? If I stole you from Sasuke- not only would I have you but I'd get to piss off my dearest little brother to boot."

I blink.

"You need some urgent counseling man."

Itachi shrugs and begins walking away, throwing me a casual wave over his shoulder as he calls back "Can't argue with that."

I seriously hope the entire Uchiha family isn't as messed up as the Uchiha Brothers seem to be.

I reach the door to my class, but just as I'm about to put my hand on the door knob to step inside... I reconsider.

I know these people have made my life a living hell for as long as I can remember. Hate would be too light a word to sufficiently express the detest I feel towards them and I want them punished.

I do...

But the series of actions Sasuke, Naruto and I set in motion today could potentially devastate not just them- but their families as well and God alone knows how many other people whose livelihoods depend on their families' professions for jobs.

I'm suddenly overcome with an emotional tsunami of guilt and regret at the unconsidered repercussions of what we'd just done and were about to continue doing.

I turn away and run back to my dorm room. It take a second for me to register that my door isn't locked.

I always lock my door.

An arm suddenly clamps me around my stomach and another winds tightly around my neck. "Listen, Spiller. I've been incredibly nice to you thus far, but my hospitality has its limits. If you and the Moron Brothers so much as daretouch a pennyof what rightfully belongs to my family, I will not hesitate to kill you. Nobody will miss you and even if they did, nobody would ever be able to link it to me. Nod if you understand."

I nod.

"Good. Now, be a good girl and count backwards from 1000. If you turn around before you get to 1, not only will I know- but I will endyou. Got it?"

I nod again.

"Remember Spiller. Be careful who you mess with around here. Because this is the It School... And this is where it's at. Kiss.Kiss."

I drop to the floor gasping as my assailant suddenly releases me. "1000, 999, 998, 997..." I groan pathetically as I desperately try to draw air into my lungs and allow my windpipe to decompress.

I feel a sudden burning in the base of my throat. I barely make it to the bathroom before I begin throwing up into the toilet. As I finish retching, I look up- involuntary tears trickling down my cheeks. I hiccup suddenly as I take in the sight before me.

"What the actual hell are you doing sitting in my bathtub? And why are you naked?"