Characters: David Hodges and Wendy Simms

Setting before For Warrick and after Grissom left

Special Note: I do not own these characters but if I did they'd be having a Wedges Moment

Chapter 1

Out to Lunch

"Where you been?" asked Archie, Hodges glanced at him as he strutted into the lab

"Oh around, why did someone say something!? Who's been talking about me!?" Hodges demanded

Archie walked out muttering "Ah no one, thought I'd ask where you've been." starts to giggle, knowing damn well what Hodges was up too.

Hodges went straight to his computer, turning it on he clicked on his email "you got mail." he loved hearing those three simple words. He'd known before he opened it who'd sent him the email.

Opening it up, it read.

Hodges enjoyed our luncheon, even if it was quirky, I wouldn't expect any other from you. Call me later =D

He smiled as he closed out his email and walked over and started working on the piled up evidence he needed to test.

Wendy headed to the break room, smiling as she put away her leftovers.

Mandy called out "Hey Wendy did you forget our lunch."

Wendy hadn't heard a word Mandy said. Her mind had wondered on the last few hours events. It wasn't the greatest she'd had. Then it wasn't what she'd expected for their first date. She knew she'd see him again.

Yelling back "Um, oh sorry Mandy, I'll make it up to you, I promise." walking down the hall and into her lab she quickly sent off a email and went about her daily duties.

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