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Author's Note: Okay, I love the French language. I took a few years of it in high school and find the language beautiful. So I put their conversations in France in French. Go figure. The English translation is in parentheses. Because the conversation is so long, I put the translations right after the words. If they speak another language at another point in the story, but they don't speak as much, I'll put the translations at the bottom of the page, as is proper. Otherwise, enjoy the story.

Nathan Ford saw his mark, sitting at a little café in Paris. With a charming smile he wore only for her, he went to the two person table and sat down. She smiled at him and raised her champagne glass to her lips, taking a long sip, and Nathan raised an eyebrow.

"Bonsoir, Monsieur Ford. Qu'est-ce qui vous amène à Paris ?" (Good evening, Mr. Ford. What brings you to Paris?) Sophie asked.

"En fait, Sophie, c'est toi. La société m'a envoyé pour t'attraper." (Actually Sophie, you do. The company sent me to bring you in.) The French rolled off of Nathan's tongue with practiced ease. For reasons unbeknownst to either of them, Sophie and Nate always invariably spoke the language of the
country they met in. French in Paris, Italian in Venice, English in New York, the idea was clear.

"Et si je ne veux pas ?" (What if I don't want to go in?)

"Tu n'as pas le choix. " (You have no choice.) Nathan replied pleasantly. Sophie put her drink down.

"Franchement Nate, quand vas-tu accepter le fait que tu ne peux pas m'attraper moi et arrêter la chasse ?" (Honestly Nate, when will you accept that you will never catch me and stop chasing me?) Sophie asked, exasperated.

"Que ferai-tu si j'arrêtais ? " (What would you do if I stopped?)

"C'est une question facile. Je volerai les joyaux de la Couronne, et puis tout ce qu'il y a au Louvre, puis j'irai aux États-Unis et je volerai tout ce qu'il y dans le Metropolitan Museum. Ensuite, tu seras obligé de te lancer à ma poursuite." (That's an easy question. I would steal the Crown Jewels, then everything in the Louvre, and then I would come to the United States and steal everything in the Metropolitan Museum, and then you would have to come after me.) Sophie replied brightly. Nathan chuckled and shook his head.

"Tu es incroyable. " (You're unbelieveable.)

"Merci." Sophie smiled. " Dis-moi, comment va Maggie?" (Thank you…. Tell me, how is Maggie?)

"Elle va bien." (She's fine.) Nathan replied uncomfortably, looking away. Sophie frowned, concerned.

"Nathan, quelque chose ne va pas ?" (Nathan, is something wrong?)

"Maggie .... Maggie uh ... a demandé le divorce." (Maggie filed for a divorce.) Nate replied awkwardly.

"Je suis vraiment désolé " (I'm so sorry.)

"Ne le soit pas. Ça ne s'est pas trop mal passé, et Sam était d'accord. Maggie et moi sommes tout simplement tombés amoureux de quelqu'un d'autre." (Don't be. It wasn't bad, and Sam is okay with it. Maggie and I just fell in love with other people.) Nathan hadn't meant to say quite so much, but he
had slipped. Sophie didn't miss it.

"Et qui aimes tu?" (And who do you love?) Sophie questioned, one perfect eyebrow raised.

"Maggie est tombée amoureuse de John. C'est un homme bien. Il va prendre soin d'elle." (Maggie fell for John. He's a good man. He'll take care of her.) Nathan carefully avoided answering the rest of the question, hoping Sophie would let it go. No such luck. She rested her chin in her left hand and
took another long sip of champagne.

"Et toi? De qui es-tu amoureux Nate ?" (And you? Who did you fall for Nate?) Sophie's voice was very quiet, and her cinnamon eyes were intense.

"N'est-ce pas évident? Je chasse les voleurs dans le monde entier. Il n'est donc pas surprenant que l'un d'entre eux ait volé mon coeur. " (It's not obvious? I chase thieves around the entire world. It's not
surprising that one stole my heart.) Nathan tried once again to dodge the question. Sophie's eyes lit up, intrigue on her face. She wasn't going to let him out of this.

"Et qui est ce voleur ?" (And who is the thief?) She pressed. Nathan took a deep breath and jumped off the deep end.

"Celle qu'on m'a envoyé attraper à Paris. Une voleuse qui est dans un petit café, à une petite table, avec moi maintenant." (One whom I was sent to catch in Paris. One at a little café, at a little table, with me now.) He replied smoothly. Sophie leaned back with a satisfied expression.

"Enfin." (Finally.)

The scene changed. They were at Leverage Headquarters, older now, and Nathan Ford wasn't an IYS agent down on his luck anymore. He was the Black King, instead of the White Knight, and he was the leader of thieves that he had once chased.

"Why her? Why Theresa?"

"I don't know." Sophie replied, looking away. "Well, her man's gone to jail for fifteen years, and she's waiting for him… for fifteen years…" Sophie turned introspective, looking meaningfully at Nate at the end of her question. "Do you have any idea how hard it is… to wait for someone?"

The scene changed again, and Nathan and Sophie were back at the little café in Paris, standing this time. Sophie was pacing, looking weary.

"Je ne peux pas t'attendre éternellement Nate. Il arrive toujours un moment où on doit faire un choix."( I can't wait forever Nate. You have to choose at some point. )

"J'ai besoin de plus de temps." (I need more time.) Nate protested. Sophie rounded on him, her eyes flashing.

"Quand arrêteras tu d'avoir toujours besoin de plus de temps ?" She demanded. He anger subsided as quickly as it had come, and she looked away. "Ou est-ce que je dois partir? Je ne vais pas rester éternellement. Pas sans toi. Tu m'as dit que tu m'aimais." (Will you ever stop needing more
time Nathan? Or should I leave? I won't stay forever. Not without you. You told me you loved me.)

"Je t'aimais. Et je t'aime encore."( I did love you. I love you still.) Nathan told her earnestly. She looked up at him, tears in her beautiful eyes.

"Alors… qu'es-ce que tu attends?" (Then… what are you waiting for?) Sophie stepped closer, looking up at him. Nathan stood, conflicted, then abruptly made his decision.

The incessant ringing of Nathan's phone brought him out of sleep, and he cursed. He sat up, feeling irate because he hadn't gotten to finish his dream, and that he had actually dreamed most of it in French. He knew too many languages.

Nathan grabbed his phone and opened it without looking at the number. "What?" He growled.

"Nate? I need your help." Nathan sat up at the familiar voice on the phone, one that he hadn't heard in almost seven years.

"I'm listening." He promised. He listened intently for several moments, then cursed. "Okay. I'm already on it, but I won't be on it alone. I'll call you back." He hung up and dialed Sophie's phone. She answered on the fourth ring.

"Nate, what's this about? It's too early."

"This is important Sophie. Robin just called me, and Kyler needs our help."

"What happened?"

"Call Hardison and Parker, and tell them to be at the building in an hour. I'll explain then." Nathan hung up the phone and got dressed, stuffing a hat on over his curled hair, then headed to the office with a sense of purpose that Nathan Ford hadn't felt in a very long time.