Summary: Sequel to Love's Lament, it had been 2 years since their savior has been seen by anyone. His return will rock the wizarding world. Meet the next Dark Lord. SS/HP/LV SLASH

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Rowling was a writer of children's stories this is one story not meant for innocent eyes, I love her characters and world, I am just twisting them for my own enjoyment and I am making no money nor claiming any right to the characters or places you will read about.

Rating: MATURE, 16 and up please!

Warnings: Violence, Anger, Rage, Serious S/M, very graphic sex of the slash variety, both Slash and Fem-slash will appear in this story, Threesome and Moresome sex, and various other evil things.

A/N This story will be very harsh, and it is the continuation of a one-shot I wrote previously. This may be read on it's own but I suggest reading it for background information at some point.


Spinner's end was a quiet little place, a bit run down, but livable if you didn't spend much time outside of a single room, in other words it was the perfect place for a mostly reclusive Potion's Master to hide out in. His lab was the cleanest and safest room in the small house, and he spent hours upon hours in that tiny room brewing his favorites. In the two years since the British wizarding world had crumbled into disarray he had hidden out in this dust filled place with few visitors.

Thus when a knock came upon the front door in the wee hours of a dreary winter morning, Severus Snape was awake, but content to ignore the knocking. If it was just some poor lost soul looking for lodging they would eventually give up and move to the next house down where they would be greeted by a kind hearted farmers wife who would let them spend the night sending them off with food in their bellies and warm clothes on their backs. If it was somebody important they would either try again at a more decent hour or just let themselves in anyway. He knew it was not the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort never knocked.

He was not expecting the blast of power that heralded the entrance of this strange visitor. Severus had his wand out and ready before the person had a chance to take two steps. A heart beat later, he was disarmed and bound. Whoever this person was he was incredibly fast. The man was a little bit taller than average height, slender, and covered head to ankle by a sweeping black cloak. For a second Severus thought it was the Dark Lord, but it couldn't have been, this person was a good six inches shorter then the new body he had acquired with use of that Potter brat's blood.

"Now, now, Professor I know I wasn't your favorite student, but I didn't think you would attack on sight?" A low mocking voice came out from beneath the shadowed hood.

Severus had not been silenced enabling him to ask, "Who are you?"

The figure chuckled softly but didn't answer, instead he reached up and pushed the hood back away from his face. There was no mistaking those killing curse green eyes, a quick glance upwards confirmed the identity by the appearance of a lightning bolt scar.

Harry Potter stood before his eyes, and what was more shocking then the brat barging into his house taking him by surprise, the boy had not been seen by a single wizard in Britain for just over two years. In fact the Golden Boy had disappeared the very same night the bodies of Lucius and Draco Malfoy were found, the younger was found laid out gently holding onto a single white lily, the elder was nothing but smoking remains. Many crazed theories had come up to explain the situation none of which were in any way believable.

Yet here the boy was standing in front of him although one look at the acid green eyes told him all he needed to know.

The Boy-Who-Lived was dead.

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