Chapter Seventeen

Say Good Bye

Even the Death Eaters were scared when the next time they saw the three wizards they were all covered in blood and grinning like maniacs.

"I take it everything went well?" Avery asked as their appearance was taken in by the waiting wizards.

"Of course, now follow us, it has been long enough the Incubi have probably found Taloux by now." Rayven replied, the bright splash of blood coating the left side of his face opposing the light almost happy tone to his voice.

Rayven strolled, and there was no other word for it, down the hall and back down the stairs, calling back over his shoulder. "Anyone who wants to fight may help the werewolves the rest of you cover our backs I am going after Azreil."

In the end there was only four wizards following Rayven's group down deeper in the ministry. It had been so long since the Death Eaters had been on a raid, and it was finally against the ministry that had made their lives difficult. Rayven nodded towards Remus as the werewolf protected a small group of refugees, the people who had given themselves up. They would be the ones questioned on the ministry's plans.

It did not take long for Rayven to find Azreil, as the Incubus was already coming up from the holding cells with a small boy in his arms. "Is he alright?" Rayven asked the worried father.

"A little shocked and drained, but otherwise alright. I gave him a sleeping draught so we can get him out of here without him seeing the mess that the werewolves are making in the Atrium. I see your mission went well, but you might want to wash off the blood before it dries, its so much harder to get dried blood off skin." Azreil replied with a laugh and wicked grin.

"I will wash off in a little while," Rayven answered flippantly, carefully touching the red splashes on his face and clothes, he knew he looked a mess but there was a reason he was leaving it this way for now.

Azreil just raised an eyebrow and hugged his son a little closer before inquiring. "You wouldn't happen to be delaying a shower until after you have questioned the leftovers would you?"

"I never want to have to do this again, if that means I have to scare the hell out of a few people than I will." Rayven confessed honestly.

"Well from the sound of things the Death Eaters and the Werewolves are finishing up with the reinforcements, are you ready to go conduct the questioning?" Severus asked, his words punctuated by cleaning charms as he removed the minister's blood from his skin, Azreil had a point it was much harder to remove dried blood.

"Alright, lets get this Hell on Earth over with, I want my changes to happen as soon as possible." Rayven replied.

In the end all they got out of the skittish refugees was the fact they had only been aware of the Minister's plans to go after the Order of the Phoenix. As far as anyone knew it had been Dumbledore's idea to take the boy, and the ministry hadn't known what to do with the Incubus child when they found him. That let Rayven know all Taloux had been was bait for him to find Dumbledore. The old goat knew Harry wouldn't risk exposure by open fighting in the middle of London, he had hoped to lead him into a slaughter.

"What do we do now, we have a lot of bodies to explain, if we want the population to listen to us we had better give them a damn good reason to." VOldemort warned as he looked around the atrium that was littered with broken and bleeding bodies.

"I am sick of lying why don't we give the world the truth and let them figure it out for themselves. Severus do you have one of the Twins Veritaserum drops on you?" Rayven inquired knowing Severus had been fully stalked by the twins on all of their products.

"So you are going to tell your life story in front of these people and use them as witnesses, is that your plan?" Azreil asked as he stroked the hair of his sleeping son.

"No, I am going to tell you what to ask," Rayven replied as he waved hisw wand and a list of questions was called from some unknown place, almost like Rayven had this planned the whole time.

"Alright, you know how this works just as much as I do." Severus replied handing him the pill as he took the sheet of questions and they both turned to the ministry workers that had the good sense to stop fighting.

"Did you Lord Rayven kill Albus Dumbledore?"


"Why did you kill Albus Dumbledore?"

"Because he betrayed me, and was plotting to harm the children in his care, and the wizarding world by default."

"Why did you allow all these people to die at the hands of your soldiers?"

"This was a war, people die, I spared the lives of those that stopped fighting. My side has lost people too."

"Was it your intent to spread fear and panic in order to increase your own power?"

"Yes, I knew what I wanted and how to get it."

"Who was your target in this terrorism attempt?"

"My target was the people I needed to fight, I didn't want anyone else knowing I was around until it was time to end the war."

"Do you intend to take over and or rule the wizarding world from this point on?"

"No, I cleaned up the mess, it is not my job to keep it clean."

"Where would you concentrate your efforts on rebuilding?"

"I would start with Hogwarts, the children are the future, without them there will be no Ministry worth running."

"Do you intend to attack or harm Hogwarts in any way?"

"No, I do not involve children in fighting, Hogwarts will remain the safest place in Britain."

"Are you going to remain in the Wizarding World after this?"

"No, the one person that gave me a reason to stay is gone, I will go back to the people who have taken care of me all this time."

"Did you really just come back to save us just to leave again?"

"Yes, I made a promise to a very special person that I wouldn't give up until I was finished with my job. I am finished so now I am going home." Rayven's last response was accompanied by his return to consciousness as the Veritaserum wore off.

"Severus, I don't remember adding that last question to the list?" Rayven asked pointedly, looking at the guilty face of Severus.

"That was for my benefit, I understand now, and if you leave now you can be far away from here before morning. You can be free to live and mourn as you wish now." Severus admitted, as he reminded Rayven of his freedom.

"Thank you." Those were the last two words ever heard from Lord Rayven in the wizarding world. Though there was a running ghost story in Hogwarts about the cloaked man that would return to the school every time a new person was hired. He didn't say anything or make himself known, he just watched and evaluated. Keeping the students safe, making sure no other child was ever asked to fight again.