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Zephyr the Fox wolf and Winter the Fox: The Blue Zephyr.

Vyse the Fox: Ryu the Black Fox.

Chaos the Hedgehog/demon holder: inudemon02.

Adimid the Fox/Cat: Velk.

Silver wolf, Saria the fox and Crystal the Wolf: Sonicx Man.

Amelia the Wolf and Blitz the cat: Chef Colette.

Zoran Prower: Zoran Prower

Bolt: Bolt the Wolf

Colossus the Fox: Dark Leader Omega

Maverick Daemon: SSJ- Jolt

Paris the hedgehog and Echo the hedgehog: Echo-The-Hedgehog

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Bakuda shook his head from the slumber he just woke from and found himself on his back, he jumped up into a sitting position; "Wha?" he asked puzzled just as he found he was sitting on something… He turned around and found a very irritated Tails; "Have you been digging into the cookie jar?" he grumbled then rubbed his sore back as Bakuda got off. Bakuda grinned; "Nah, you're just not training enough!" he taunted. Tails growled, but smiled after would; "We will see about that! I have just been informed of some very interesting information…" he said slowly to build up suspense… Bakuda leaned in to hear what he was going to say… Tails breathed deeply...

"The gods are holding a tournament," Shadow said from behind Tails.

Tails fell over anime style

"SHADOW!" Tails whinged. Shadow smiled; "And the tournament begins very soon as well, I will finally have something to test my skills!" he bellowed. Bakuda sighed; "It wasn't that long ago that the Gods held a tournament…" he muttered.


Bakuda, Tails and Shadow looked around confused and found that they were in the similar 'Waiting room' where they watched the fights in the previous tournament! Bakuda jumped up into the air and cupped his hands over his eyes; "He has got to be here somewhere…" he muttered as he searched over all the heads, there was many more people here then the last tournament… a single hand burst from the crowed, it was a blue-grey furred arm that Bakuda recognised; "Zephyr!" he cried as he launched to where his friend was. Zephyr jumped up and Bakuda rammed him in the air; "Bakuda! I wondered when you would show up!" Zephyr said half annoyed at the blue Kitsune; "Sorry, I have been having a lot of nightmares lately so I try to get as much possible 'Non-disturbed' sleep as I can." Bakuda explained. Zephyr nodded; "I experienced the same thing when my father left, it aint easy at night," he agreed while still nodding slowly.

Bakuda looked around for a moment; "A lot of competition this year, huh," he commented as Zephyr cricked his knuckles; "Still nothing we can't handle right, see you in the finals?" he proposed. Bakuda shook his head; "You never know if there is anyone stronger than us out there," he advised as Zephyr laughed; "You can't be serious! We both destroyed the 'God of War' together, who can beat us?" he asked cockily. A person walked past them both, he was pure gold and had his spines stick out completely straight; "I wouldn't be to confident if I were you, Zephyr… you don't stand a chance against me." the hedgehog smiled.

Zephyr came forward but Bakuda cut him off; "No Zephyr!" he ordered firmly then returned his gaze back to the hedgehog, who was smirking broadly; "Ah, the God of Hope, Bakuda… pleased to make your acquaintance," he said holding out his hand but Bakuda smacked it away; "You can save the formality's Paris, you can't fool me." He said gravely with his eyes narrowing dangerously. Paris frowned; "How is it that you know my name?" he asked as he dropped his 'Nice-Guy' act, Bakuda smirked; "Your not the only one that can read minds Paris, there was some disturbing things there but quite frankly, I am used to it." He said shrugging. Paris growled then smiled; "I see, the Devil is strong within you, but it seems there is something holding it back as well… I shall find out your secrets soon enough Bakuda. But for now, I bid you farewell…" he said bowing lowly and walked off into the crowd.

Zephyr raised an eyebrow; "The Devil is strong within you? What was that all about?" he asked confused beyond all belief. Bakuda sighed; "It would be wise to avoid him Zephyr, he could utterly destroy you if he wanted… but right now… I must find this… Echo the Hedgehog…" he muttered as he left Zephyr where he stood…

Bakuda wandered through the crowds until he saw a white hedgehog with blue strips, Bakuda thought that he looked like Shadow… he shrugged it off an approached him, he was talking to someone also, he was a bright green wolf wearing armour and also wore black wind pants with white stripes on them, gloves with his claws sticking out of the end, and white boots that have one red and one black stripe on them.

Bakuda stood next to them both; "Excuse me? Do you mind if I borrow Echo for a moment?" he asked the green wolf who shrugged in reply and went off to talk to someone else. Bakuda turned to the white hedgehog; "Sorry for this, but I had to ask... can you beat Paris?" he asked quietly, Echo frowned; "How is it that you know that name?" he asked suspiciously as Bakuda sighed; "I just met him and read his mind, he expected me to be scarred for life but you can't be any more scarred by that then what I have and will experience..." he muttered, his eyes flashing green and red once.

Echo nodded; "I see, well to answer your question, I am the only one that can defeat Paris, for we are both immortal but our weapons defy even eternal life. His life is tied to my blade as his is to mine... he can only fall to my blade as he can fell me with a blow from his own... but I am different also, I can be defeated by the pure hearted..." he explained. Bakuda nodded; "If that is the case... then you are the only one that can stop him... unless..." he murmured and turned away; "Never mind, just I hope you fight him in the tournament fast or the others will fall unfairly to him..." he explained.

Tails came running up to him; "Bakuda! The tournaments starting!" he said happily, Bakuda looked to the podium where a man in a robe started speaking...

"Welcome to this year's tournament, it has been one year since the previous tournament and we thought it appropriate. We shall begin with the first match soon... but a word of warning, this years tournament has a twist! I shall only say this..."

"...Your inner Demon will be unleashed!"

The man disappeared as the battlefield changed to darkness; "Welcome to the mind zone, this will be the arena for the battle of Tara, the goddess of thoughts and Bolt the Wolf! The Battlefield supports Tara! Prepare for battle!" a voice rang through the darkness, Tara steeped forward and was teleported a fair distance from the spectators, the green wolf came forward also as he was placed just opposite Tara...


Bolt charged at Tara at full speed; "Here I come!" he cried as he launched a kick at his opponent, who merely jumped put of the way and continued to stare at her adversary... Bolt raised an eyebrow; "Don't do much, do you?" he asked aloud to Tara but she still didn't move... Bolt grew weary of waiting and closed his eyes; "If you won't move then I'm coming to you!" he shouted as his muscles on his arms and legs sparked once... then became enshrouded in electricity!

Bolt charged at Tara while firing bolts of electricity, Tara ran away but always kept her eyes on Bolt, which he found disturbing; "What in the world are you doing?" he asked irritated as he threw a bolt of electricity towards her but she rolled away... bolt grew tired of her reluctance to fight very quickly; "This is a battle! You are supposed to, oh I don't know... BATTLE ME?!" he yelled angrily as Tara smiled; "The end..." she muttered as Bolt fell to the floor!

Bakuda watched as bolt twitched on the ground as Tara stood over him; "Arghh! She's at it again!" he thought growling, Tails looked confused; "What is Tara and bolt doing?" he asked Bakuda as he tugged his arm, Bakuda looked to Tails for a moment and sighed; "She is attacking Bolts mind... I will get disqualified if interfere..." he muttered.

Inside Bolt's mind

"Ahrghh! Pain! What's happening?!" Bolt cried as he clutched his head in pain, a person that looked exactly like Bolt but had white fur lay the ground in front of him, he had fallen unconscious moments before... Bolt didn't have a clue how Tara was doing this but he had to break free!

Bolt fell to his knees; "It's over, I can't win! It's too much!" he screamed in pain as his mind felt like it was on fire...

"Giving up? Just like that?"

Bolt looked to his left where an almost black furred version of himself stood perfectly calm, he had glowing red eyes; "I thought you were stronger than this," he muttered but smiled evilly, Bolt's eyes grew wide; "No! You can't!" he screamed at the almost black wolf, who smiled; "Oh can't I? I will make her pay FOR you! HAHAHAHAHA!" He laughed sadistically as dark purple bolts of electricity burst from his chest...

The Mind Zone

Tara's eyes widened as Bolt stopped twitching suddenly... his fur darkened until it was almost pure black, he opened his eyes slowly to show glowing red eyes... the demonic Bolt snickered darkly; "What's the matter? You don't look like your having a good time, let me show you a GOOD TIME!" he shouted as he grabbed Tara's throat; "Let the fireworks begin!" he yelled to the audience as he threw Tara up into the air, he then focused a massive bolt in his hand and fired it toward her! laughing insanely the entire time.

Tara screamed in horrible agony as the bolt was absorbed in her body and fried her from the inside, Demon Bolt frowned. Tara fell to the floor in front of Bolt, who grimiced; "Such filth," he muttered as he picked up the barly consious Tara by the throat; "Die..." he muttered as he sent more current through Tara, who screamed as bolts of electricity came out of every openening of her body... her ears, mouth and ever her eyes were shooting electrity everywhere! Bolt snickered as her skin fired to a crispy black then shattered like glass in his hand...

Bakuda's eyes then focused from Tara to back onto Bolt, who fell to his knees as his fur reverted back to green and his blue eyes returned, Bakuda ran up to him; "You okay?" he asked worried but Bolt stood up quickly; "Yeah, don't worry about me..." he muttered but had his eyes averting Bakuda's gaze… then his eyes sprang up; "Race ya!" he shouted as he whizzed passed a very confused Bakuda, Bakuda looked t the wolf who started to jump off the walls of the Waiting room that just appeared; "This guys nuts!," he thought as he walked back to the audience where they were once again enclosed in the 'Waiting room'.

"Winner! Bolt the wolf! The next match is of Aura, the goddess of love versus..." the voice said as a man in black gi came forward with a tiger imprint on the back... he had white hair stick up and toward the back of his head... Bakuda growled when he saw the man. The man smirked at Aura; "You should go home little girl, this just may be more difficult then my tournaments!" he said loudly as 'The Voice' called out his name...

"...Heihachi Mishima!"