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Bakuda's Diary Entry: End of the Evil

"Hold on youngsters, this isn't just your fight." rang a voice from behind both Bolt and Bakuda. It had come from a tall figure wearing a black cloak, the figure removing his hood once again to reveal the face of the battle scarred Kyubii; "This is also mine."

Paris snarled at the sight of him, he should have been dead by his relentless assault that was given a little while ago; "You should be dead, I stopped your breathing by my Choke-Hold!" he yelled at the vulpine, believe that he must be seeing things from the loss of his immortality.

Walking forward to the pair of warriors, who had been staring at him transfixed, Kyubii just gave a reasonable answer; "Well, during fighting I also took a class in acting." He explained with a shrug, slinking into a fighting stance to begin. This time, without his immortality backing him up, Paris would face Kyubii's full power.

While the two were talking, Bakuda looked towards his canine friend with a small object in his hand; "Bolt, I have no time to explain but you could use this more than I could. I will want it back later though, after your done. I put them in there when Paris wasn't looking, I couldn't risk him getting hold of them when he controlled me." He murmured, placing the small object in Bolt's pocket while the golden glow from the canine had vanished, reverting to its normal green. The power of the DragonBalls leaving him to return to Bakuda, since he was back in control once more.

Bolt turned his attention from the small object to his fur, a large smile on his face rather than one of shock; "I like green better, gold looks like urine."

Bakuda fell down Anime Style

Yet the golden hedgehog didn't seem too phased by the new challenger, instead he seemed quite pleased; "With only two people to fight me, it wouldn't have seemed much of a challenge. But now that your here, I will reveal an ability even I wouldn't have dared use. With all three of us tugging over time, this will be quite amusing! So, as those fools the 'Universal Gods' would say... Let the Battle begin!" he bellowed, his voice distorting like he was locked in a tube of water. Bolt, Bakuda and Kyubii only saw a bright flash of white light before each of them found their surroundings had changed.

Kyubii glanced around curiously, the barren wasteland he had just left was replaced with a desolate city ruins, it looked at least 100 years old, yet they were only a mere 50. They had decayed so much more easily thanks to the red sky above, blocking nearly all light from entering the planet and making it impossible for new growth; "I know this place. This is where I came from, the future. So, it seems no matter how far back I go... My battle is here." he mumbled, his eyes casting over to a certain golden hedgehog casually walking towards him.

"Ah, about time you showed up Kyubii. I have always wondered when you would bother to arrive back here. It seemed like your mission was successful too, though I doubt you could defeat me. Last time, I left you in the dirt with twelve broken rib bones. Yet for some reason I always cared enough never to put you out of your misery. That changes today," Paris explained, moving out of the red mist in the surrounding area. He looked like he had not aged a bit, though it was obvious that he was this worlds 'Paris' by the royal garment around his body. If anyone had seen him from outside this world, it would make Paris look like a prince of a rich country more than a sadistic psycho.

Slinking back into the fighting position he held just moments before, he waved a hand towards Paris to indicate that he should stop yapping and fight him. It wasn't a moment later that the hedgehog charged forward quickly, his left hand clenched into a fist and soaring toward the fox's face.

Though before it could connect, Kyubii ducked quickly and thrust his right fist into Paris' stomach, a small bulge appearing through the hedgehog's back. Both the shock and pain of the counter made Paris throw up a load of saliva mixed with blood past his competitor's shoulder. Reacting quickly, Kyubii pulled back his hand once more and flung forward his left to the face, sending his opponent flying into the air.

Paris was in alarm by the sudden increase in strength and speed, Kyubii had never shown this much power in any of their brawls. But this time was different; Kyubii had no reason to hold back. Wishing to attack back, the golden hedgehog was about to shoot back to the ground when he hurtled toward the surface by another means.

The super powered vulpine had appeared behind him and slammed his right foot down onto Paris' shoulder. A large crash into the city ruins was enough to tell the fox that Paris had made quite an impact. Settling down onto the ground in front of the rubble, he waited for Paris' inevitable return.

Though he wished to end this as soon as possible, so he reached out both hands toward the rubble and let out a large battle cry, releasing a wave of pure positive golden energy into the rubble, a destructive surge of power blasted through both the rubble and everything in its path.

A scream of pain echoed through the air as well as the body of Paris, sailing over into the sky before adjusting himself just to hover. Already his clothing was in tatters, the hedgehog didn't exactly look like he was enjoying himself; "You dirty hound! I'm not sure where you got your strength and speed, though you are no match for me, you will pay dearly for thi-" he started before most of his teeth were knocked out of his skull.

Kyubii hovered in front of Paris with an expression of pure loathing, determination shining in his eyes as he stared at the person who had made their lives hell; "Without immortality, you cannot face me. Your powers have gone to waste in these years of relaxation, no fear of being destroyed at all. It's over Paris; you have made the people of this world pay long enough!" he blue fox snarled, cupping his hands by his side and slightly behind his back. Immediately, a crystal blue orb with a sky blue outline formed in his palms; "Ka... Me..."

Knowing the battle was futile for now, the golden hedgehog backed away from him in the air with true fear in his eyes. The black orbs in Kyubii's eyes were like demons in his head; "No! You wouldn't! You can't! Without me, this world will perish; I am its source of power and the reason that the evil of this world hasn't destroyed it. I killed all the evil, leaving me to rule!"

"Ha... Me..." Kyubii continued, his eyes opening slightly as he gave away his final secret, the reason why he was able to pound away Paris without even becoming a Super Saiyan. Kyubii's rough voice suddenly became much rougher, his tone seeping with anger and cruel intentions; "Sorry Paris, but you missed one!" he cried, his voice returning back to its normal tone before thrusting his hand forward; "HAAAAAAA!"

The golden hedgehog only got to say one thing before his entire world was swallowed up in a bluish white light; "...Dakuba... and Bakuda... are one?"

An extremely loud cry of agony followed, following the dispersion of light from Kyubii's beam. The blue fox was floating in the same space he was before, not noticing that a few survivors of all the years from living underground were coming out and cheering the name 'Bakuda'. The adult vulpine slowly lifted higher into the air with a sigh, knowing his job was done; "My name is no longer Bakuda, he died a long time ago. I am the fox who forgot who he truly was... I am Kyubii. The Lost One."

Dust started to leak off the Saiyan warrior, his entire body beginning to dissolve and flow through the air; "My time has come... It's all in your hands now, take care of them... Sonic. Shadow, Tails, Dawn and Dusk... I'll see you soon." He whispered to someone that no one else could see.

Immediately after speaking, the fox exploded into a burst of particles, spreading all over the world like they were possessed. Along the way, the red clouds spreading over the planet began to disperse.

While the first glimpses of sunlight poked through the world and onto the pleased and joyous people below, one lone figure was watching from a cliff. He reached out his hand seized a floating black robe that was previously had been worn from his father's friend. It was a midnight blue hedgehog with quills flowing down to his knees, five of them in total. He wore a pair of torn red sneakers as well as filthy white gloves. Green eyes stared at the robe in his hands before that too burst into dust. Closing his fist around where he held the piece of cloth, the hedgehog nodded slowly with a small smile appearing on his face; "My time isn't over just yet. Not everyone knew who you truly were, but I knew. Ever since you landed in that field of Ice all those years ago, you always dreamed of making your father proud. I'm sure wherever he is, he's smiling down on you. I'll see you later, when the free wind blows me your way." He promised, looking at the dust flying off into the bright sky like the fluttering of a thousand butterflies.

The young blue fox in the silver gi was staring straight ahead at the being he was repulsed to see. Bakuda knew he'd be fighting the present, since the present Paris had something that Kyubii's future did not nor did he have in the past. The Devil Gene.

Standing in front of him was the same golden hedgehog, though white horns were spread through the quills on the back of Paris' head. A third crimson red eye stared at him from the forehead and lastly, a pair of black leathery wings had sprouted from the hedgehog's back.

Their battle arena was quite simple, a black void with what looked like grey wisps of smoke swirling around them both. Yet it wasn't smoke but Spirits, and they were multiplying. Haunted faces of the dead implanted on each one as they cried out for salvation to Bakuda.

Stepping forward, the Saiyan slipping into the normal fighting stance he learnt from his father. The Kame-Senin style of martial arts; "All these souls were slain by the Devil Gene, forced to this void for all eternity in nothing but suffering. If all the Devil Gene is eradicated then they will be set free. The curse of the Mishima's will die with you." He spoke angrily, hatred for the Devil Gene itself fuelling his ever growing hatred in this hedgehog.

"Oh, nasty. Back up your claims or shut your jaw." Paris taunted, moving his right hand forward and beckoning the Saiyan fox toward him tauntingly, a wide smirk on his face.

Bakuda dug his right foot into the ground and used it to shoot forward in an insane dash, his left arm bent in front of him as protection against both the wind and his opponent. Using his old strength from his training surprised Paris greatly, having not suspected him to have this much talent in battle; "W-wha?!" he stuttered before Bakuda's right fist sunk into his stomach, causing him to cough a large was of saliva. But it didn't take a second later for the blue kitsune to introduce his other fist to Paris' stomach and his right foot to the cheekbone.

With the golden black hedgehog flying to the left quickly, Bakuda raced after him mercilessly, with his right hand drawn for another blow but it was quickly caught with Paris' own, stopping directly in the air like he was floating; "You didn't think I was not able to learn your techniques?" he mocked, twisting in the air and flinging the fox hard onto his back. His hand struck like lightning, barely missing the fox's head as Bakuda rolled under Paris and launched his leg skyward, sending the hedgehog high into the air where the spirits were heading.

It was a half victory though since the next moment, Paris struck out his left palm and shot from it a purple ball of plasmid energy that had darker swirls of purple wrapped inside; "Devil Death Bomb!" he cried, the ball heading straight for Bakuda who was still laying on the ground.

Leaning both legs back to his chest, Bakuda jumped forward onto his feet and used the velocity to jettison himself towards his adversary and the deadly ball of dark energy. A quick swish of the arm and the small energy ball was knocked aside with surprising ease, letting the kitsune pass by with the energy ball sailing in the wrong direction; "That was too easy, what did he expect to happe-... Oh... Now I get it." The ten year old thought with fraught, an extremely large ball of energy right in his face that had been hidden behind the small one. Bringing up his arms in an 'X' across his chest and face, he was just in time to protect himself when the giant ball engulfed his body completely in a brilliant show of purple light.

Paris smirked when the light was beginning to fade, his victory was easily won in his opinion; "That was rather Anti-Climactic, I dare say it, Bakuda was no challenge at all! That wasn't even my full power, oh well. He is dead, no need to babble on about it now." He muttered, but before he could move, a voice echoed from within the dissipating smoke.

"Not quite, you can't get rid of me that easy. I guess I'm stubborn that way." The voice told through the smoke, which was slowly revealing a fully intact blue kitsune warrior. Though his cloths was not in the right position to say the same. His top gi half was completely evaporated from the blast and his gi leggings had large chucks torn from the knees. Strangely however, he hadn't lost a single strand of fur.

Unfurling his arms, Bakuda's right wristband fell completely off due to being nearly wiped out in the bomb anyway; "Speed won't do me much good here. I need more strength if I am to beat him. I haven't fought in my true form for a while, this will be good for me." the kitsune thought before a white outline grew around him. In a mighty flash of bright pearly white light, the fox had changed completely into his true form. The form he was born in.

His Saiyan form in the Super Saiyan state was still glowing from the white light, his shiny golden hair swinging in front of him. Many thick blond bangs littered around his forehead though one dropped down to his nose and even blocked a small amount of his fierce and focused emerald green eyes. The rest of his hair fell just to the back of his neck but didn't go past his shoulders. His ruined gi showed most of his well toned body, though it was a lean build rather than a muscle bound one, his body built more for a mixture of speed and strength than just one area. Tightly wrapped around his waist was the trademark Saiyan tail that always gave away his lineage, similar looking to that of a monkey; "Alright Paris, this ends now." The Saiyan growled loudly, an octave deeper than his other Mobian fox form.

Paris chuckled at the sight of Bakuda in this form, knowing full well of what he was dealing with now; "Well, well. I'm surprised, rather impressed actually. I can finally see who you really are. I was wondering when the Monkey inside would show up. You can stand up to me like this, but how will you fare at my full power?!" he asked with a sneer, throwing out his arms to both sides.

The surrounding souls that had been whispering to Bakuda vanished instantly into pure smoke with a wail of agony, like something had brushed them away. A furious fire red aura burst around the hedgehog, flicking traces of energy all over the place like a spark firework. His muscles on his arms and legs exploded suddenly in size and weight, letting the golden/black being look like a body builder the size of a tank! Bakuda had only one true comment about this new development, floating backwards in shock at the scene; "Oh man, he's HUGE!"

"Yes, Time to die!" Paris screamed, lunging with his arm outstretched to take hold of the boy's head; "Your mine!"

Phasing out from sight, Bakuda knew too well that he couldn't really fight back without knowing the full extent of Paris' newfound powers. Though when he reappeared way above where he had vanished, a heavy blow with an elbow hit directly on the back of the Saiyan's neck, sending him plummeting back down to the ground; "I didn't even see him! How did he follow me so fast?!" Bakuda wondered while cringing in the sudden pain. When he landed on the ground, he felt his fall must have been cushioned from all the departing souls though it didn't matter since something resembling a meteor shot from the sky and landed straight into Bakuda's stomach. It was Paris' right fist, buried deep within the fox's stomach but luckily didn't penetrate.

With Bakuda screaming out in agony, all Paris felt was satisfaction; "I may be big, but I'm faster than you will ever be!" he mocked, jumping back up while his fist painfully was extracted from the stomach, then jumping high into the air to await Bakuda's inevitable return. It came fairly quickly, much faster than he expected. The young boy panted heavily as he floated back up to his opponent, a golden aura bursting around him as he tried to gather some energy.

Bakuda had seen better battles, it had just started and he was already beginning to feel the effects of damage come to his body. But not one to give up that easily, his aura pulsated furiously until he looked like an explosion of dangerous energy. Blasting forward with his raging golden glow surrounding him and his energy fuelling his movements, he twisted his body to deliver a powerful roundhouse kick to Paris' side.

Before the kick could connect, his target had vanished from sight completely again, reappearing behind the boy just as quickly. Bakuda didn't have much time to react before a barrage of punches slammed into his back energetically without any trace of mercy. His back having multiple bruises before he could pull out, Bakuda shot forward only to turn his body around a 180 degree spin and shoot a large blast of golden energy from his right hand.

Staying completely still until the blast was upon him, Paris did something someone else might call suicidal. He floated calmly forward. The shining golden energy stream continued to flow out of Bakuda's hand relentlessly; "There, got ya!" Bakuda cheered to himself, pleased that he had hit the tyrant with an attack with most of his energy inside. Though his celebration was cut short when Paris floated through the blast like it was made of water, directly in front of him. Without another moment, Paris swung his fist forward and knocked the young boy higher into the air but grabbed his foot before he could go too far.

A wild swing brought Bakuda sailing to the ground, landing on all fours on the hard ground. He didn't realise that Paris wasn't done with him and this cost him dearly for another large purple ball of energy soared downward and slammed into the boy's back. A scream of agony echoed through the dark void, one of agony and suffering. Though, it died down as the light from the blast had also died down.

Bakuda was lying face down on the ground with both arms out in front of him, his legs spread eagled behind him. His body was covered in large bruises and serious cuts, along with severe burn marks across his entire body. He wasn't moving an inch, his entire being had been fried. Even so, his conscious was showing him a rather strange dream...


A body was laying face up in the middle of a battle scarred wasteland, though it was unclear whose corpse it was. Bakuda was standing right in front of it and he still didn't know who this dead being was; "How can I not remember? It feels like I have lost something..." the boy murmured, looking around the battlefield for any clues of where he was.

That's when he happened to notice that several other bodies where lying around him, each laying face up towards him. Walking towards them all in turn, he gasped loudly as memories flooded back to him. Right in front of him, in the middle of a circle of five, was Jin Kazama.

He was not in his Devil Gene form, but his regular self. The person that Bakuda had gotten top like as a great friend. All the evil had been ripped from his body and his power along with it. His body looked unscathed, though he was most defiantly dead; "Jin... He controlled you didn't he? Like he tried to control me?" he asked softly, though wasn't surprised when the only answer he got was silence.

Moving to each in turn, he found Kazuya with a calm look upon his face, devoid of emotion. Heihachi with the expression of relaxation, like he had finally fallen asleep after a long day. Like Jin had, Jinpachi too had the face of someone who looked both relieved and at ease. Though, when Bakuda got back to the last person, who he failed to see properly at first, the young boy froze completely. Even his breath had failed him; "Sh-shadow?

While he stared at the body of the ebony hedgehog, a voice filled the area. The last thought of the hedgehog was revealed to him.

"Bakuda, Tails... Chaos... You gave me the life I would never have had on my own. I thank you, but let me return the favour! I do this for even you... Sonic."

Play 'Glass Prison' by 'Dream Theater'

He couldn't take it anymore. All the hurt, all the anguish that everyone had suffered from the hands of the Trojan. It was too much for him to handle. He was a mere child, even if he was a warrior on the battlefield; "We didn't... do anything... wrong! I can't let it go on!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, his pupils dilating and shrinking rapidly so they looked like simple dots on a blank page.

The golden spiky hair adorned on Bakuda's head flourished and grew at least a quarter of a foot longer, trailing over one of his eyes before all his hair flicked up completely vertical. His green eyes had now vanished completely, replaced by fierce silver pupils. The golden hair shifted to a strong metallic silver tone, matching a set of silver flame patterns appearing around the edges of his eyes.

The brown tail around the boy's waist followed suit, shifting in colour but also increasing in size until it looked fully grown. A silver white light shot out from the boy's body, so luminous that it would have blinded all who would have seen it. Though it had quickly died down to reveal an entirely different person in the place of the boy.

Standing tall was a tall, fully grown man with a long silver tail extending out of his back and down to the bottom of his feet. He wore a pair of black boots with silver lines trailing up the sides and around the heels. Dark grey gi leggings covered his legs, tied on with a blood red sash. His top was a deep foreboding red singlet with torn edges around the shoulders, it wasn't big enough to hide the muscles underneath and it looked like it had been used frequently as well, since battle scars lined around the base. The tanned arms led to a pair of fists adorned with dancing silver flames, they somehow did not burn the blood red wristbands however. Lastly, a large silver broadsword was strapped to his back, much larger than it had been a little while ago. His entire body was covered in a faint white glow, bringing out most aspects of his body into the light.

The new man re-opened his eyes to show the fierce silver pupils in his eyes; "Paris, your reign ends now."


Paris grinned down at the boy who he had most certainly murdered, though when he was about to leave, the boy had just vanished from all existence. Like he was not even there to begin with! Snapping back around, the hedgehog searched for the corpse in futile efforts, he was not anywhere to be seen!

"Looking for me?" a deep voice asked, causing the hedgehog to snap back around just in time for a fully grown Saiyan warrior to drive his right fist into his jaw. A loud crack echoed through the void, giving the sign that he had just broken the jawbone.

Following through with the attack, the man flipped forward in a full forward flip and sliced his left foot upon the hedgehog's head, sending him down to the ground like a meteor.

Paris screamed out in pain at the assault just given to him, who was this guy?! Looking back up to the man, the devil powered hedgehog noticed the Saiyan was charging him down with a fist extended; "No..." he whispered to himself, eyes wide in fear.

The man thrust his fist back behind him for a second before plunging it deep into the hedgehogs stomach, going right through it to create a rather large hole; "Super Dragon Fist!"

The last thing that was visible was a large column of energy souring around the pair, lifting into the air with the cry of a might beast echoing through the air and carrying for miles on end. The column of bright white light suddenly burst a brilliant gold colour, taking form as it twisted into the air in several patterns. Twisting so the beam of golden energy was soaring towards the pair, the man jumped out of the way just as the beam hit the screaming hedgehog head on. Surprisingly, the beam had split into a massive jaw full of razor sharp teeth before impact, letting out another inhuman roar that would send a lion running back home.

An explosion of large proportions ran through the area, covering nearly the entire void before it all began to lift into the air, taking whatever victim it claimed with it. But floating just above the ground was the man that had delivered the explosion, seemingly unscathed from it. Yet, just after the explosion had withered, he fell forward as all light fell from his body. In a thud, he had landed face down on the ground. Yet, he was the boy known as 'Bakuda' once more. A ripped silver g, a shorter brown Saiyan tail and coal black hair. He wasn't moving either, though a smile was on his face. He had done what he was supposed to do, but what were the consequences of his actions?

...Did Bakuda use so much of his energy...

...That he had nothing left?

Bolt stared down his opponent, the past of Paris. Surrounding them was an entire hoard of soldiers fighting each other. In the distance, a giant wall blocked off a city that was the purpose of the war currently raging. The Trojan War. Yet this didn't bother the green lupine too much since he had just begun stretching; "So this is your past. Did you ever do anything else? This gets boring eventually." He commented, standing up again from his stretching and pulling out what seemed to be a long, thin pole from his shorts. Where he kept it in his shorts, hardly anyone knows or even wants to investigate. Though at second glance, it turned out to be a sword made of the common tempered steel, a circular handle and blade like a fencing sword. Paris raised an eyebrow at the sword's previous location, but all he got in reply from Bolt was simple.

"What?! I had an itch!"

Paris fell down Anime Style, as well as the rest of the Trojan and Spartan army.

Taking a look around at the fallen soldiers, the lupine shrugged and raised the sword to Paris, who was just drawing his own Rapier; "En guard'-or-whatever-the-word-is!" Bolt cried loudly, charging headlong into battle in a large battle cry, trying to mimic some of the soldiers getting back to their feet.

Paris raised his own sword, which was a meter long Rapier with an inch wide blade and a round hand guard that made it look similar to a cutlass. He was also wearing a small golden shield on his left forearm. This shield had carvings around the side but it was indistinguishable due to the large amount of scratches on the surface; "Very well, your life will end by the steel of my blade." He announced, charging forward as well to meet the wolf half way.

The green canine jumped into the air and plunged his sword downward so his entire body added to the sword's weight, slamming the weapon onto Paris' own and creating a large series of sparks before separating their blades and crossing positions. Swinging around quickly, the green wolf struck his weapon against Paris again but this time it was countered by the round golden shield and the wolf was also knocked back by the shields blunt force.

Attacking swiftly, Bolt slammed his sword against the shield and grinned madly, like he had hoped for this to happen. The sword was instantly flooded with electricity, small blue bolts of lightning bursting up to the tip of his blade and across the shield Paris held. Yelping in sudden pain, Paris jumped back quickly and grabbed his now numb arm with his other hand, being careful not to slice his own skin with his sword; "You dirty mutt, are you shameless!?" he cried out angrily.

"No... But I like cheese." The lupine offered, shouldering his blade even if it was surging with his own bio-electricity.

This did nothing but infuriate the Trojan since he was not in the mood for any of the wolf's games, though he happened to be slightly curious; "What does that have to do with anything?!"

"Well... I'm hungry and your gold fur makes you look like a block of cheese." was the simple reply from the shrugging canine, thinking that it was a good enough answer for the hedgehog. After all, he hadn't eaten something in a little while and he was getting pretty hungry from all this fighting.

Paris shortened his eyes in anger, how dare this mutt mock the dealer of his death; "I can't tell if he's a genius or a total fool." He murmured in his mind, but not thinking it over too much for he jumped forward with his blade poised to strike down at his adversary.

Not thinking too much on the battle at hand, Bolt was still thinking about how hungry he actually was rather than the fight. As a result, he felt a searing pain of something being forced into his shoulder blade, Paris' rapier being sucked inside painfully. It didn't come out the other side, though it had damaged his left shoulder badly. Trying to finish it off quickly, Paris ripped the sword out of the wound and swung the Rapier at the neck for an easy kill.

Though with Bolt the Wolf, easy is never easy at all. Bringing up his sword with his right arm, his non preferred one, he was able to re-direct the swing and even able to slice a small cut into Paris' knee while doing so. He wouldn't be able to fight much longer without a good sword arm, if this was going to be a battle of blades.

It was then he remembered the small item that had been given to him before this duel had even started. Grabbing hold of the item in his pocket, he found it was a capsule that supposed to hold several items in a small amount of room until the button on top is pushed down. Acting quickly while diving backwards, Bolt pressed down the capsule and waited for the objects to appear in front of him, hoping they would be of some use.

In a small puff of smoke that all capsules release, Bolt felt the sword in his hand drop to the sand below as another item replaced it. Both of them had stopped their movement, staring in awe at the item that had just appeared. A perfectly cut red jewel. The Red Chaos Emerald. Bolt was gawking at it in shock, just like Paris was doing as well.

Grinning madly, Bolt knew what he had to do...

"Think fast!"

Bolt threw the priceless and powerful jewel towards the hedgehog, who was not expecting this turn of events in the slightest. He was expecting the Chaos Emerald to be used in some way, but not this! No time to react, the hard gemstone slammed into Paris' nose and toppled him over, the Chaos Emerald landing at his feet.

Bolt jumped into the air in glee before dashing forward and slamming his foot on Paris' chest before he had a chance to get up. Since the sword was knocked out of his hands, Paris didn't have a weapon to strike back with but he'd be able to get up very soon; "You think you have won?! I won't lose! It is impossible for me to lose at anything!" he cried out in laughter, but he was scuffed by the neck from the green canine easily and hauled up to his feet.

The green canine gazed into the eyes of the Trojan with dead seriousness; "There is one thing you will always lose. The Game." He spoke with a frown on his face, his eyes narrowing in concentration as most of his energy went into the arm that was holding the hedgehog, but not yet reaching his hand.

"The Game?! What is this nonsense?!" Paris asked indigenously, his anger swelling rapidly. He had now come to terms that this guy was no genius at all but a complete moron.

"You don't know of The Game? If you think about it, you lose. Now that you know about it, guess what?" he asked Paris, leaning in close to whisper something in his ear; "You lose." He murmured softly, sending all of his energy at once into the hedgehog's body, an outlasting scream echoing through the battlefield as ten thousand volts of electricity coursed through the Trojan's body, ending the Tyrants reign as the screams began to vanish...

A neon green wolf was tossing a red Emerald into the air and repeatedly shocking it with his own energy because he was just bored. He was walking in a black void with seemingly nothing but darkness for miles around; "Great, I save the world and get stuck in this dump the moment I pick the shiny rock up." He muttered to himself, getting bored already since there was nothing to swing on, jump on or explode on.

But his boredom was quickly rectified when he found what was laying in front of him for about 20 feet. A body of a young black haired child; "Huh? Wait a sec... Bakuda?! No!" he shouted loudly, grabbing hold of the emerald mid flip and dashed towards his young comrade. Stopping directly in front of him, he bent down to check the pulse of the boy. What he found was disturbing.

Bolt had always been able to sense bio-electricity be it in machines or living beings. He could sense the current in the air if he concentrated enough. But Bakuda had his pulse, barely, yet he had nearly no Bio-Electricity in his body; "What the hell did you do to yourself, the amount of energy you must have used up must have been enormous!" he muttered to the unconscious boy; "At this rate, you won't last another minute."

Even if Bolt acted crazy or didn't act like he knew what was going on, he was relatively intelligent and came up with a solution to this problem, be it a slow working one; "Here little guy, just returning it to you." He muttered, placing the red Chaos Emerald on top of the boy's chest. To his astonishment, it looked like it flickered like a hologram for a moment before growing larger. No, not larger, splitting. Seven identical copies flooded around the boy and engulfed him in a faint light.

Cyan, Blue, Red, Purple, White, Yellow and Green Emeralds were in a perfect heptagon, the 7 sided shape. The green wolf looked around at all the Emeralds before snickering in understanding; "I see, you used the Red Chaos Emerald to hide the others so even if he got the red one from me, he couldn't find all seven of them. Well, I better leave you to heal, may take a while... But I'll tell you something Bakuda... I want a rematch at the next Tournament!" he laughed as he stood up and turned around. Though as he did, he vanished from the black void entirely. He was going home.

Bolt the Wolf jolted upright from his laying position, Grass all around him on top of a Cliffside overlooking a large town. This was the place he had camped for the night, where he had slept under the stars; "Man, what a weird dream. Usually I don't have em'" the lupine murmured to himself, getting to his feet shakily. It was then he noticed a dangling object from his neck, it was a pendant object tied to a golden chain. The pendant was made out of solid gold, a feather wing and a leather wing adorned on both sides of the round pendant adorned with the symbol of a lightning bolt. Attached to it was a StickyNote.

"Dear Bolt the Wolf.

Congratulations of completing the Tournament of the Inner Devil.

Your winning prize is a personalized pendant that allows you the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy.

We hope you are able to use it well.

Regards, The God of Light."

Reading this aloud, Bolt had only one question to ask himself...

"All those Godly powers they possess... and they use StickyNotes?"


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