I do not own the Biker Mice from Mars and I make no profit from writing the bit of fiction. I have always thought Throttle and Charley made a much better couple so I've taken that thought and woven this somewhat lengthy account of their becoming a couple.


Slow Journey into light


Morning 2000

"Throttle? Come on man I've seen you take harder blows then that and not even flinch." Modo spoke concern, not thinking that his unconscious friend couldn't hear him. Charley sat on the floor holding Throttle's head in her lap placing a cold, wet, cloth to his brow trying to revive him.

"I knew this was going to happen. This is not a football field it is the inside of a scoreboard. One of you was bound to get hurt, rough housing so much. You guys never listen!" She scolded focusing her anger primarily toward Vinnie.

"Cheese, Charley girl, I said I was sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. He walked right in the way."

"It's okay, Vin it was an accident," Throttle said coming back to the conscious world blinking up into Charlie's worried face. "I just have to learn to duck faster with you two clowns around."

"You rough necks have got to learn to be more careful. Besides, you want to protect that handsome face." Charley chuckled pinching his cheeks.

"Yeah yeah, Charley girl, I know." Throttle attempted to sit up. "Hey, how long was I out?"  He put his hand to his eyes trying to rub the pain away still a bit dizzy. " Man, I can't see any thing, it's so dark." His hands fumbled around trying to locate his glasses, "Where's my specks?"

"You were only out a few minutes, hold still." Charley smiled gently pulling his head back as she slid his glasses back in place.

For a second Throttle didn't move then suddenly he bolted up his hands flaring wildly into space.  Panic written on his face he adjust and readjusted the glasses. Snatching them off and letting them fall to the ground he covered both eyes.

"What's the matter Throttle?" Charley was frightened by his actions.

 Terrified he slowly removed his hands. Trying to focus on something other than the darkness he whispered, "I can't see. I can't see anything."


Throttle stood leaning slightly over the railing that encircled the roof of the scoreboard. Having scaled the narrow catwalk that lead to the roof many times when he needed to be alone. This was one of the few things he could still do without help. 

He had been in a state of deep depression the past 4 weeks since the accident and his thoughts were becoming more dark and desperate as time past. What was he good for now? He couldn't continue to do lead his bros. What help could he be in saving this planet or his home world from the Plutarkian oppressors? What kind of life could he have anywhere?

They'd contacted Stoker. He got in touch with one of the planet's few doctors. After sending as much information about what had happen Throttle was told that there wasn't anything they knew to do at that point. He'd have to come back to Mars for them to see if it were even possible to restore his sight. It was suggested that there might be a very, very narrow outside chance that his sight would return on it's own, but not to lean heavily on that hope.

Hope, he had to laugh. For most of his adult life hope was the only thing that kept him from putting a blaster to his head and gratefully pulling the trigger. The hope that they could regain their home, hope that some how he and his bros could survive to go back to that home and decent life, hope that he and Carbine would marry and have a bunch of kids and grow old together.

Well, that was one hope gone. It had probably died long before Carbine had come to Earth a few months earlier. In a vain attempt to make him return to Mars, she this time threatened to end their long turbulent relationship. He knew it was just her way of trying to make him do what she wanted, make him jump through one more hoop like she always had. But this was something he wouldn't give in to. He had to stay and finish what could mean the salvation of a world and its people. So he agreed with her to end it. The infuriated female, seeing that her scheme had backfired, explicitly told him what he, his bros, their human concubine (as Charley was sarcastically referred to) along with her sorry excuse of a planet, could do. Carbine was always one for the dramatic exit.

Funny, seeing her storm off back to Mars gave him a strange feeling of relief. A relief that awaken his hidden feelings for some one else. Some one with eyes that blazed with the verdant incandescence of a green sunrise on Tulairous VI and a smile that could light up the dark side of the Phobos. Charlene Davidson the enchanting earth woman had been making his pulse race for quit some time.

He hesitated thinking his younger bro had serious feelings for her. But Vinnie told him, " Charley is a great babe but I'm not about to make all the women in the universe jealous settling for just one." 

But that was then. The despairing tan Martian dismissed any hope of pursuing the relationship further. He wasn't about to shackle someone he cared so much for with a cripple, a burden, a wounded blind shell of a man. No, Charley deserved more than that. She deserved someone whole, who could protect and take care of her.

So now what did he have? A dull emptiness that was draining the life out of him along with the fear and hopelessness his darkness trapped him in, feelings he found more and more unbearable to live with.

Modo stared out of the window from inside the scoreboard, Throttle being the focal point of his thoughts. He wondered if this was going to be the blow that would finally break the already fragile foundation that Throttle had pilled all his emotions and fears on to?

"What do ya think we should do?" Vinnie asked still plagued by guilt.

"Nothin' to do. We just gotta to be here for him and hope he will get through this."

"He hates me I know he hates me. Man, I wish I could give him my eyes. I wish I could ……" Vinnie slumped down in a near by chair.

"Don't you dare go there Vinnie. We can't help Throttle if you start feeling sorry for yourself. It was an accident." Charley walked over to put a supporting hand on his shoulder. She turned her head and followed the gray Martians gaze, her own mind consumed with worry." I guess I always thought of him as an unbreakable tower of strength, but now he seems so fragile. He has me scared Modo really really scared."

"Charley, I've know him most my life and he's always been too proud for his own good. But that stubborn pride got him through the torture in the Plutarkian prison. Vinnie and me had our share of abuse but he was the leader so if they broke him, they thought it would be easier to break us. They didn't let up on him for one day and through all that he never gave in. I could hear them letting him have it and he took it too proud to give them the satisfaction of showing any pain." Modo's voice was almost trembling as he remembered the tortured inflicted on his friend. "Throttle balled it all up tight inside never letting us see what he was going through. Just like he always did, like he always does." 

"Throttle always has to be in control." Vinnie sullenly added. "Me, I blow up on a regular bases. Even Modo loses it once in a while, but never Throttle. He's like a balloon with too much air ready to explode."

"What can we do?" Charley looked to Modo hoping he had an answer.

"Be there to pick up the pieces."  

"Will there be anything left?" She questioned walking over to take his arm leaning her head on it.

"I don't know Charley. We can only hope."


The next few days Throttle had gotten more and more distant. He hadn't said much and most of his time was spent alone. Charley did tried to talk to him but he snapped at her then apologized over and over. He refused to let anyone help him so he would end up knocking something over or falling to curse what ever had been in his way.

Call it woman's intuition or just the fact that Throttle was much too calm, no it wasn't calmness it was finality, but whatever it was Charley didn't want to leave. She insisted on staying the night. They let her have the one couch situated in the center of the room and she attempted to sleep, but it eluded her for most of the night. Thankfully the guys had finally fallen asleep or so she thought.

With the moon waxing full and the light streaming in through the windows she could see some one moving around in the semi darkness. Not lifting her head she tried seeing which one had gotten up, it was Throttle. Charley watched as he clumsily stumbled his way over to his bike, oddly he had gotten completely dressed everything but his specks. He sat on his cycle staring out into nothing then his head bent down on the handlebars and she could see his shoulders shaking slightly. It broke her heart and she wanted to walk over and comfort him but didn't. He sat for a few moments then feeling his way to the door he left.

A horrible fear surged through Charley and she slipped silently off the couch to follow him out. She watched as he felt his way along the catwalk up to the roof situated ten stories above the alley, her pursuit keeping her close behind him. Climbing on to the roof Throttle stood in the full moon light looking up into the warm starry night as if he could see every star in the sky. He reached back and removed the leather strip freeing his wild mane. The warm night breeze blew it freely around his face.  The sight of his chiseled physique silhouetted against the bright moon was something so striking Charley couldn't take her eyes off him. 

Throttle's acute sense of smell picked up on the familiar light scent of jasmine that always seems to float around her. "That you, Charley girl?" He said with a strange quietness in his voice.

"Yeah, Throttle, just me. What's got you up so late to night?" She questioned trying to remove the concern from her voice. She had figured out what he had on his mind and wasn't going to let it happen. The thought of life with out him was too horrible to even imagine.

"Nothin' much just needed a little air, that's all." He lied.

"Well, why don't you come on back down with me? We don't want any young female night watchers to see that incredible bod. I don't want any other gal checking out my guy." Charley teased, trying to make light of the situation.

"No, Charley, I wanna to stay out here I need to… I just wanna to be alone." His voice was so final.

"Throttle, I know things seem really bad right now but it's not the end of the world."

"It is the end of mine. I have nothing left. I'm a blind ex-hero with nothin' to offer other than being a load to be dragged around and look after." He gazed back toward the stars moving closer to the railing that was between him and the ten-story death drop to the hard pavement.

Charley's mouth went dry and she breathed heavily trying not to panic. "You aren't any less of a person because of this and you can still be a vital part of saving Earth and Mars. You'll see that if you only give yourself some time. And remember what that Martian doctor said it might not be permanent. He just won't know for certain until we go back and they can really examine you. And it's possible to your sight might come back on it's own." Cautiously her hand dared to touch his forearm, her fingers brushing through the soft silken fur right down to the tense muscles underneath. She hoped the connection would some how make him believe her.

"No Charley you weren't listening, he said there was a very slim chance I'll ever see again.  I won't be a burden to my bros or to you, I won't have anyone pitying me." His voice dropped more sad than angry.

"Do you think Modo and Vinnie feel you are a burden, have you thought how much they will be hurt, have you thought how much I would be, have you thought about me at all?  Please Throttle please come back in with me."

"Yeah, I've thought about you but," Throttle reached up and softly ran the back of his fingers down her cheek," Just go back inside Charlene get some sleep it will be better in the morning, trust me."

Charley knocked his hand away. "Trust you? Trust you to do what? Walk off this building, end your life, and leave me to deal with the pain. You crash into my life, change it forever, now you want to leave me?  You haven't even given us chance. I know you care for me Throttle and I….

"Charlene don't! I said I don't want your pity I don't need it."

"Oh, so now we play big bad macho man, huh?" The noble Throttle sacrifices his life for his friends. You're a coward, the worst kind of coward. You can fight the obvious battle. The one where you can showboat get all the glory. But something like this that takes real heart, you wimp out."

"Stop Charlene!!" His angry voice shook.

No, I love you. I've loved you for two long heartbreaking years and had to keep it to myself. Every time Carbine did something to hurt you it tore my heart out. Then it was over between you and I thought that maybe I'd have a chance. That I could show you what real love was.  When I thought you would need me most what do you do? You close me out and now this. And you have the nerve to call what I feel pity. How dare you!" Before she thought Charley's hand slapped him across the face. She looked shocked at what she had done then her tears fell uncontrolled; she backed away and crumpled to the ground.

Throttle held a hand to his face and stood stunned for a moment. Then slowly moved closer to the sound of her soft weeping. He touched the air until his hand found her shaking shoulders, lifting her gently until she was securely in his arms. "Shhhhhh, Don't cry don't cry, my sweet Charley girl," His husky voice calmed as he caressed her hair. She wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her head in chest.

"Please don't cry I can't stand knowing I've made you cry. I just wanted better for you than me. I didn't have a lot to offer before what can I give you now?" He whispered into her hair.

"You have a truly loving heart filled with more honor and courage then I think you realize. Your tender, caring, unselfish, spirit shows every time you put your life on the line to save someone else. You've sacrificed so much to help save both our worlds. What more could I ever want?" Charley pulled her head back looking up into his face.

"If I go back home and they can't help me are you sure you know what that means?" Throttle questioned trying to make her see the harsh reality of their situation. "I'll have to stay on Mars are you willing to give up your world for me?"

"I have no world without you. As long as we're together we can face anything. No matter how hard it is or how long it takes, we'll fight this one together." Her hand brushed softly across his eyes feeling the tears he had tried so hard not to let fall. 

Cautiously his fingers started to explore her face slowly touching every inch of it, needing to see with his hands what his eyes couldn't. "You know, I never told you how incredible beautiful I think you are." His fingertips brushed against her mouth as he maneuver his head until his lips found hers, timidly at first but deeper as the realization of what she had said finally sunk in and a new hope began.


As the night continued, the two sat nestled in each other's arms watching the stars in the summer sky, Charley with her eyes and Throttle through her voice. She leaned comfortably with her back against his chest. Both her arms draped over his thighs while Throttle's tail is around Charley's wrist, his hands draped over his knees.

"Charley, I want give you something." He spoke quietly close to her ear as if he were sharing his deepest secret.

"Alright, what is it?" She smiled.

"Well, it's kind of a promise." He said with a little nervousness in his voice.

"Oh, what sort of promise?"

"If we were back on Mars, before the Pultarkians, this would be made of silver and would have belonged to my mother, but since that's not possible right now this will serve as a substitute."

"Throttle, what are you doing?" She asked as his tail gently lifted her arm.

"I told you giving you a promise." He had taken the red scarf from around his right wrist and wrapped it round hers.

"What does this mean?" She asked cautiously not wanting to assume too much, but looking to him with hopeful eyes.

"Ourrie Sa Tul or loosely translated it means I'm yours for as long as you'll have me, that is if you'll have me?" He smiled lifting her chin towards him, kissing her forehead

"Well, maybe for only a few eternities." She pulled her knees up close to her chest snuggled into a warm ball as his arms encircled her.

"I love you very much Charley girl." He whispered cuddling her closer


The morning found them asleep back inside of the scoreboard. Throttle sat on the couch with Charlie's head lying on a pillow in his lap, their fingers so entwined it was as if they'd been woven together. Modo (the first to wake up) stopped and smiled at the two knowing it meant that Charley had gotten through to him. Then he saw the red scarf tied around her wrist.

Vinnie stop and watched them both from behind Modo. "Whoa, I guess that makes it official."

"You okay with this little bro" Modo asked Vinnie.

"Yeah, I'm cool. The Martian she-beast wasn't good for him; Throttle deserves a great gal like Charley. Besides I am no where near ready for that kind of commitment, she made the right choice." 

To be continued….