Darkness 5

"The finale"


The song "I Will Get There." Is from the movie "Prince of Egypt" sound track. I use it with out permission.

Everything was just about ready to begin. All had said what they thought needed to be said before Throttle was taken to surgery.  Alone Kyliar Charlene Davidson, the ancient name her new family, sat quietly on his bed, had given her. Her cherished life partner was floating between the conscious and unconscious world due to the sedative he'd been given. He struggled against the impending sleep trying to stay with his Charley as long a possible.

Holding his strong hand close to her cheek, she watched him captured by the pure beauty in his alien features. The face she'd seen a thousand times still filled her with such amazement and wonder. Sadly she thought of how limited many on the Earth were in their version of the word humanity. How even when the skin was the same but varied only by color how the beauty of diversity was lost in so many small minds. "I never did tell you how beautiful I thought you were." She whispered with a small thought of thanks going to her parent for teaching her to see the beauty in all the glorious works of the Creator's hand.

A sleepy smile crossed his face as he lost the battle to remain awake. He had to told her to be strong no matter what happened, that her love had saved him, to keep him close in her heart, so all that was left was a soft, " I love you," before his eyes closed.

"I wish there was another word to describe what I feel, because it's so much more than love." Charley placed a cherished kiss on his hand and breathed a shuttered sigh. 

Hari walked in and touched her shoulder," I'd better get started. It's going to be at least 12 hours, why don't ye go get some rest? He'll need thee rested when he wakes. I promised as soon as I am finished I will send word."

Charley knew it was time to leave him in the doctor's capable hands. She bent over and gently brushed those always-wild bangs from his closed eyes. She leaned her head against his, whispered a small prayer and caressed his lips with hers. Standing to leave she looked at Hari with all the hope she had, "I know you'll do everything you can." The weary frighten Earthling walked out of the room stopping just outside to lean against the wall. She brought both her hands to her face and tried to summon all the strength and courage that she was going to need.

Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes only to see Carbine waiting at the end of the hallway. Charley walked cautiously toward the ex-partner of her new mate.

"I hope you don't mind? I just wanted to… I mean I was hoping I could speak with you."

"Look Carbine I'm not in the mood for any…" Charley warned defensively.

"No, it's nothing like that. I know I was way out of line earlier, but I need you to know why. Please Charley it won't take long." Carbine was almost pleading.

Charley studied her eyes, "Alright, you want to come back to our room?"

"Yeah that will be fine, thanks"

The two women walked silently until they reached Charley and Throttle's room. Charley walked in and invited Carbine to sit with her on the bed. The once fiery general sat nervously trying desperately to form lost words. She had so many emotions running through her. 

"As much as I may want to, as much as I know I have to, I can't stop loving him," she started quietly. "I know he's no longer mine. I know now he will never be. You were right about us I had lost him long before I'd come to Earth. As much as I loved him I still wanted to hurt him, make him pay for leaving me. I knew I made his life miserable, made him feel guilty any chance I got. He begged me to forgive him more times than I can count, but it never was enough for me. If only I could….,but I can't." She paused as if she was trying to wish time backwards.

Holding a hand to her forehead she shook away the hopeless thought and continued, "When I found out that you were together I really hated you. I wanted to blame you, the war, his bros any one but myself for my foolish mistakes. The weird thing was I had always looked to you to take care of him while he was on Earth. You had always been such a loyal friend."

"I was told that I have to get on with my life, but I can't see any life without Throttle. He'll always have that special place in my heart, I can't change it, please forgive me for that. For that and for the way I treated you. You're his mate and I will always respect your bonding, but I can't stop loving him, Please understand, I just can't."

Charley took hold of Carbine's trembling hand. "I do understand and it's okay and you don't need my forgiveness. I thought I understood what love was, but that was before I knew the love your people have. I think in time you will find some one to care for and what you feel for Throttle will take its place in your memory. In some ways, I think, he will always love you too."

Carbine looked into the understanding face of the alien woman she thought she hated, "I see why he cares for you so much." The sadden General held a bit tighter to Charley's hand got up and quietly left the room.

Charley sat and watched her leave then lay back looking up at the ceiling. She turned over to hold the pillow Throttle slept on, letting his scent fill her head. She could feel the hot tears run from her eyes and she didn't try and stop them. She cried out of concern for Throttle, sorrow for Carbine, and fear for herself.

Lydria had seen the two women walking earlier and followed just in case. After seeing Carbine leave she walked up to Charley's room looking through the slightly cracked door. She pushed the door open just a tad more and at first started to walk away. But seeing Charley cry decided to walk in hoping she wouldn't be intruding. Sitting gently on the bed she softly touched Charley's shaking shoulder. Immediately the distraught human reached up and grabbed her around the waist. This time Lydria allowed her own tears to join those of her new daughters, consoling her own fears as well.

In one of the smaller garages Modo and Vinnie tried to keep busy. Modo was contacting Rimfire to check out the situation back on Earth while Vinne tried to concentrate on some minor repairs his bike needed.

"Man how long is that thing suppose to take?" Vinnie bellowed for the tenth time in a span of an hour.

"He'll be done when he's done, Mud puppy, so just relax. The Doc said we could be looking at 12 or more hours and he just started" Stoker reassured Vinnie trying to convince himself that he had his own emotions under control.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Vinnie said as he stood up slamming a wrench to the floor in frustration.

Stoker only shook his head and walked over to see what Modo had found out concerning Rimfire and the situation on Earth, "so what's up bro?"

Modo had just closed the connection with his nephew. "Looks like they are giving, Old Lard Butt, a run for his money. They have trashed the tower four times already and from what they could get by bugging the Stink Fish's office the High Chairman is ready to have Limburger's head on a platter."

"Yeah, the kids are doing okay. Maybe we should think about making them a permanent attachment to you guys down there. With all of you to deal with, maybe the Bottom Feeders will get the hint that Earth is not up for grabs" Stoker suggested.

"Sounds like a plan Teach, but will the counsel go for it." Modo asked suspiciously.

"I think they will go for anything that will help get those murders as far way from this solar system as possible. Besides they got a lot to make up for and I think I can put it in a way that they will have to see the need."

"That's hittin' kinda of low ain't it, Stok?"

"No, they set up the rules when they start dealing with the fishes, so now it's what ever will work to get the job done."

"Yeah I guess." Modo had to agree.

A group of freedom fighter walked in to check on Throttle's progress and share some heartening words. Eventually they all ended up in the lounge sitting around waiting.

Stoker could feel the despair filling the room and walked over to a tall midnight black younger mouse with long silver and gray dreds pulled back into a large braid. "Hey Nighthawk why don't you give us a tune it might help, it sure can't hurt."

Hawk nodded and started in a low humming, soon Crimson Flame, a scarlet furred youth join in adding his voice. After finding the prefect harmony Hawk begins, alone at first:

I've been wandering' 'round in the dark
Been lost somewhere where no light could shine on my heart
I have known a pain so deep

So deep (Crimson)

But I know my faith will free me  (Hawk)

Get there -Crimson is joined by two other males, Bridge and Quiver.

And I'll get through this (Hawk)

Get there  (Chorus)             I'll find my way again  (Hawk)


So don't tell me that it's over
 'Cause each step just gets me closer

I will get there  (Hawk)      I will get there  (Chorus)

I will get there (Hawk)     I will get there somehow (Chorus)

Cross that river ( Chorus)     Cross that river  (Hawk)

Nothing's stoppin' me now  (Chorus)

I will get through the night (Chorus)                    Oh, yes, I will  (Hawk)
And make it through to the other side ( Chorus)

Get there  (Hawk)                 Get there  (Chorus)
Get there  (Hawk)                Get there  (Chorus)

Modo looks over toward the group of sing comrades and joins them adding his surprisingly mellow bass voice.

I've been in these chains for so long
I'll break free and I'll be there where I belong Hold my head up high, I'll stand tall
And I swear this time I won't fall

Get there (Chorus)                            I will do this (Modo)
Get there  (Chorus)                        No matter what it takes  (Modo)

'Cause I know no limitations
And I'll reach my destination, I will get there

I will get there  (Chorus)                         I will get there  (Hawk)

I will get there some how (Chorus)       Some how  (Hawk)

Cross that river  (Chorus)                     Cross that river ( Hawk)

Nothing's stoppin' me now  (Chorus)
I will get through the night
And make it through to the other side

Ooh, get there (Hawk)         Get there (Chorus)
Get there (Hawk)                Get there (Chorus)


Stoker joins them placing a hand on Modo's shoulder.  

Well, the night is cold and dark
But somewhere the sun is shining
And I'll feel it shine on me
I'll keep on tryin', I'll keep on tryin'

Every one joins in the triumphant singing, their voices all raised in courage. Brothers supporting one another in an embrace of hope; 

I will get there (I will get there)
I will get there somehow
Cross that river (Cross that river)
Nothing's stoppin' me now
I will get through the night
And make it through to the other side
Get there, get there
I will get there (I will get there)
I will get there somehow (Somehow)
Cross that river (I'll cross that river for you)
Nothing's stoppin' me now (OhwhoaI)
I will get through (Through) the night
And make it through to the other side (Ohhoohho)
(Get there) Get there
(Ooh, get there) Get there (Whoaoh)
I will get there (I will get there)
I will get there somehow (Somehow)
Cross that river (I'll cross it for your love)
Nothing's stoppin' me now (No matter what)
I will get through the night (I will get through the night)
And make it through to the other side
(Get there) Get there
(Ooh, get there) Get there
Get there

I will get there,  Hawk's solo voice fads off leaving the room very quiet.

Hours Later:

Dr Odo sat with his head down on his folded arms. The surgery completed he was on the brink of exhaustion. Suddenly gentle hands were massaging his neck putting life back into his tired body.

"Was it very difficult, Sweetlove?" A soothing voice asks.

"Yes, it was and I still do not know if I helped or hurt him. I am hoping that I did everything correctly. In theory it should all work but in reality only time will tell."

"What ever the out come I know you did all you could." Lydria knelt down beside her mate touching his arm.

He held her face and searched her eyes for her true feelings. He saw the love and confidence glowing strongly in them. "If only I were as much as I see in thy eyes I would truly be a great man."

She smiled placing a gentle hand on top of his. "You should get some rest now. Charley is on her way and I will stay until she arrives."

"I will rest, but I must be here when she comes. It's my duty to wait until she arrives."

No sooner than he spoke Charley stepped into the lab. " He's alright, some how I knew Throttle was still alive."

"Yes my child he survived the surgery well." The doctor confirmed.

"May I go to him?" She asked nervously.

"Of course, he is in the intensive care unit so we can keep a close eye on him. I will active the transmitter in the morning, until then he should rest as much as possible."

"I won't disturb him. I just want to be with him." Charley's voice sounded as tired as her eyes showed.

Lydria hugged her shoulder," You could never be a disturbance, Darlin', go to him."

Charley walked slowly into the special unit to see Throttle lying with some wires attaching him to the monitoring equipment and a dark shield of some sort was covering his eyes and wrapped almost completely around his head. A young nurse was checking his vitals so Charley waited patiently until she was finished and left then took a seat next to his bed. She couldn't help noticing at how motionless he lay. It unnerved her so that despite all the beeping that came from the machines, she had to lay her head on his chest to hear his heart beat and feel him breathing losing her self for a moment in the soft fur and his sweet smell. She sat up feeling a bit more relieved.

Charley could feel some one watching her and turned to see Carbine standing at the door. "If you want me to leave I will. I don't want to intrude but I ….."

Charley smiled, "You aren't intruding, come in but it can't be for too long the doctor said he shouldn't be disturbed."

"I promise I won't bother either of you after this I just wanted to tell him good-bye. I figure this way he won't feel awkward." She walked over closer to Throttle's side. Charley walked away giving Carbine the time to close the book on an important part of her life.  She bent down slowly kissing Throttle's forehead and lingering a moment. Lifting her head she looked at him once more than started to leave. Stopping at the door she turned to Charley, "Thanks, I know I'm leaving him in good loving hands." She reached over, kissed Charley's cheek and continued out.

The night was uneventful Hari had come in to check the special shielding and to make sure Throttle was recovering from the anesthetic and looking to see there were no other complications.


Modo and Vinnie had come to check on their bro and had decided to remain in his room. When morning did arrived, Lydria walked in to see Charley lay down next to Throttle, his arm finding its way around her shoulders, Modo snoring on a nearby chair and Vinnie asleep on the floor in the corner nearest the bed.

Stoker came in behind her. "I figured this is where I'd find them. They didn't even report in after they came back from the mission last night. I guess they had to make sure he was all right first. I hate to wake them but I need the information they got last night."

"Anything serious?"

"Nighthawk reported seeing some activity in the north east part of the desert. They went to scout out the area to make sure it wasn't anything to be concerned about."

"Yo, raise and shine, Mud Puppies, I need that info." Stoker shook Modo's shoulder while kicking the bottom of Vinnie's boot."

Modo stretched and looked up trying to focus while Vinnie sat up still half asleep.

"Cheese Teach, it couldn't waited 5 more minutes," he complained.

"No Punk, you were suppose to get it to me last night."

"Don't blame him, Stok, it was my idea to come check on Throttle first. Hawk said he'd start writing up the report so we could get over here. Oh Morn' Aunt Lee."

"Good Morning Sweetheart and you too Vincent." Lydria affectionately chuckled.

"Morn' Aunt Lee." Vinnie mumbled wanting to go back to sleep.

"Hey you guys keep it down. Throttle is suppose to be resting you know." Charley raised her head to see the room full of people. "Oh Morning Mom."

"Good Morning Charley dear. Did he rest well last night?" Lydria smiled kissing her son's forehead.

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Throttle whispered weakly. Charley jumped surprised along with everyone else.

"Hey Bro welcome back to reality." Modo smiled trying to keep his macho under control and not grabbing his cousin in the world's biggest hug, tears and all.

"What's up bro how's that head?" Vinnie added fighting the same battle as his larger cousin.

"It feels like some body decided to use it to do a drum solo." He chuckled softly. "How you doin' lady love?" He whispered holding Charley closer to him.

"I'm fine now." She softly said holding his face lying relieved on his neck.

"You okay too, Mom?"

"Yes sweetheart I'm just fine and I should be asking you that." Lydira smiled kissing his cheek.

"Ya lookin' pretty good Rookie." Stoker called letting Throttle know he was also in the room.

"Yo Teach, it's good hearin' ya voice. So the gangs all here but where's the Doc?"

"I'm right here my son. Well, it looks as if thee has quite a bit of support for the last step." Hari said walking in with another female Martian following him. "Everyone may I introduce Doctor Cyntrell Parkerson she's the person responsible for re-designing the specs and will assist me in the last step of the procedure.

Everyone said his or her hellos but Modo couldn't take his eye off the older, full figured, beautiful, chocolate furred woman whose long black curly hair fell casually in her face. He knew she was probably older then he, but not since the death of his mate had any women caught his attention as she did.

"You're going to do it now? Shouldn't we wait until he gets stronger?" Charley asked knowing that Throttle wasn't out of danger yet.

"I understand your concern, but we have to make the connection now. The sooner the better his chances for his survival." Doctor Parkerson said compassionately.

With those words everyone understood that the next few moments could mean everything or nothing, but no one said a word.

Throttle reached over and pulled Charley's face closer kissing her, she knew why but won't let her tears fall until he let her go and she stepped away

" Okay Doc, let's do it." Throttle took a deep breath and braced himself.

Doctor Parkerson disconnected Throttle from the monitoring equipment, since it would interfere with the signal, and then removed the shield from his eyes. On each side of his head were two small metal pieces that flashed a small green light. Reaching into a box she pulled out the new specs. They were solid black not much different from the old ones. The only noticeable difference was that the arms were thicker. Cyntrell, after adjusting something in the back, slipped them on to his face and a very quiet clicking sound was heard as the glasses attached to the side of Throttle's head. "I 'm sorry this will not be easy. You must be conscious for all the connections to properly a line themselves," she told him touching his shoulder."

He nodded summoning what strength he had.

Hari then took a small device out of his pocket, which resembled a hand held computer.

"Thou art ready, remember once I start I cannot stop or it will surely kill thy."

"Yeah as ready as I'll ever be. Hook me up doc."

Hari began pressing a sequence of numbers into the device and as he did both Throttle's hands grabbed the sheets of his bed. Hari tried to ignore it knowing there was nothing he could do too ease the pain he was inflecting. The specs began to glow making a slight humming sound. As it they did every muscle in Throttle's body tensed and he clinched his teeth trying to keep the scream from escaping as white-hot pain seared through his head and eyes.

"Stop!" Charley whispered under her breath as she moved closer to the bed, but Modo stopped her taking a gentle hold on shoulders.

"He can't Charley girl." She trembled hearing the anguished moans coming from Throttle and the look of shear agony on his face so Modo held her tighter. She buries her face in his chest not able to watch any longer; praying it would be over soon. Vinnie stood gripping the top of the chair not realising he was crushing it and Lydira never took her eyes of her suffering child as Stoker held on to her.

Hari keyed in the last numbers, the specs were now glowing a blinding bright green and as much as he tried not to, Throttle moaned louder gripping the sheets so hard they tore off in his balled up shaking fist then suddenly he went limp. The specs faded back to their original black and Hari immediately checked Throttle's pulse.

Everyone was too afraid to think or move. Hari smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. "He's fine." After a couple of minutes Throttle's hand began to move covering the specs as he began coming back around. Charley grabbed hold of his other hand kneeling beside the bed. Throttle tuned his head toward her. Hey, there pretty lady. I've missed seeing that beautiful face."

"You can see? Oh thank heaven you can see." She grabbed him around the neck this time crying tears of joy.

"Yeah Sweet Baby I can see." He smiled holding her just as tight.

Throttle looked at around the room and saw the faces of his bros, Stoker and finally the face of his mother. Lydria walked around to the other side of the bed sitting down to hold his hand. "Hi ya mom, you got prettier." She just smiled and kissed his hand.

Throttle looked over at Hari Odo and Cyntrell, "Thanks for giving me back my site and Doc, thanks for taking such good care of my Mom."

Lydria looked puzzled at her son. "How did you know?"

"Come on Mom, I was blind not stupid. You made a good choice and as long as you're happy, I'm happy for you. I know dad would have wanted you to make a new life for your self."

Lydria kissed her son's cheek and walked over to embrace Hari. "We best be letting ye rest. Thy training will start very soon."

"The new specs are tres cool, bro. You still don't out shine yours truly but cool all the same."

Yeah right, we better go help Hawk with writing those reports Mr. Cool. Good to see ya back up to speed. We'll check you guys out later. Take care of him Charley girl." The shy gray giant looked sheepishly toward the older woman and smiled. She smiled back at him as they left.

Soon the room was empty and Throttle held his mate warmly in his arms. "Can I ask you something babe?"

"Anything you want?" She snuggled deeper in his arms.

"Was Carbine here before?"

"You remembered? Yes, she came to say good-bye. I didn't think you would mind, you do have a lot of history together and she really needed to."

"You are something very special, Kylair Charlene Davidson."

"Only because you make me that way, Throttle Kyliar Shonu." She answered proudly having practices saying his complete name.


Charley was heading back to her room when Carbine stopped her in the hallway. "How is he?"

"He's resting they gave him something for the pain from the new specs so he'll be sleeping for a while"

"Tell you what. You have been boxed up in this place almost since you got here. Feel like a little night ride?"

Charley thought a moment then decided she did need to get out and clear her head. "Okay just let me tell Hari where I'll be, then get changed."

"Why don't I tell him while your changing it will save time."

"Sounds like a plan. Okay where should I meet you?"

"I'll wait for you by the north entrance down the 12th corridor, know how to get there?"

"Yes, but Stoker told me that section was closed off for repairs."

"It is but if we leave that way no one will see us and we won't have to get the, you woman shouldn't go out alone, speech."

"I hear that, give me ten minutes and I'll be there."

After a little time Charley met Carbine and she was waiting for her with two regulation Freedom Fighter bikes.

"I wanted to ride Lady, but that's okay I'll go get her." She started to leave, but Carbine stepped in her way.

"I tried to get her but… um…. Modo said… she's up on the rack and we could use this one." The nervous female answered.

"You told him we were leaving? I thought you said they would try and stop us if they knew we were going out."

"Well…. Yeah, but I told him Crimson and I had a scout mission in the morning. Don't worry he doesn't suspect anything. You know Modo isn't the brightest bulb in the pack."

Charley thought nothing more of it, put on her helmet and got ready to go. Carbine put on her helmet flipping down the visor. Her smile disappeared and she glared over at the unsuspecting human. Then opening the entrance door she flew out with Charley close behind her.

Vinnie, who had been working behind one of the maintenance panels, stood up and noticed the two women leaving. It was odd that they would be going out so late, but he figured it was just some female bonding thing, knowing the two had come to an understanding. Shrugging it off, he went back to his work.

Carbine led the way and Charley kept close behind. It did feel wonderfully refreshing riding out in the open desert but they were getting pretty far from the base. She could only figure that Carbine must know what she's doing and continued to follow. After about an hour Carbine stopped at the entrance of a larger cave and got off her bike. Charley did like wise looking around at the vast entrance.

"I want to share something with you. This is where Throttle and I came as kids. We found a secret place and carved our initials into the rocks. Would you like to see?"  She said taking a flashlight out of the compartment in her bike.

"Well it's getting pretty late and Throttle told me it gets very cold out here at night."

"That's not for a few hours. We'll be back at the base before then."

 "Okay if you aren't worried I'm game, you are the general."

"That's right, come on." Carbine walked into the cave and Charley followed her.

Walking a good distance inside they came to another smaller cave. Carbine stood at its entrance.

"Carbine, they let you and Throttle come all the way down here? That was kind of dangerous for two kids, wasn't it? "

"Nah, besides our parents didn't know. We were always sneaking off on one adventure or another. Beside it's just over there." She pointed to the far corner of the cave.

Charley looked where she was pointing. "I don't see anything?"

Carbine smiled walking into the cave and over to the furthest wall. "It's right here."

Charley followed her trying to see what she was talking about. Getting close to the wall Charley bent down to try and get a better look when suddenly she felt a sharp pain across the back of her head and everything went black.

Carbine stood breathing hard, holding the flashlight she had just use as a weapon. She dragged Charley's limp body even further into the cave. Reaching for some rope she had stored there earlier, the vengeful woman at first snatches the bracelets from Charley's wrist and then binding her arms and legs behind her, stuffs a gag her mouth.

Charley felt a dizzy pain in her head as she began to come back around wondering what could have happened. She tried to move her arms and legs but found that they were restrained and that she could no longer talk. Focusing her vision she saw Carbine standing over her pointing the flashlight at her.

"Well you weren't out long, must be that hard alien head." Carbine knelt down close to Charley grabbing hold of her shirt pulling her nose-to-nose. "You are such a stupid trusting fool. Did you really believe I would walk away and just let you have him"? She laughed and flung the confused woman back against the wall.

"Although I must thank you. With out you he might not have survived that whole ordeal, but now he doesn't need you. You don't belong with him you alien wench, I do. I've waited a lifetime for him and I don't plan on having that time wasted. Oh he'll grieve for a while, but I'll be there to make sure he's comforted. You see once I leave, I'll close up the entrance and you'll suffocate slowly. I want you alive for a little while. I want you to think about how he will be in my arms. I want you to know the sorrow I felt seeing you go with him into the bonding chamber. Yes, I was there and it was then that I decided you had to die. And I'll just be keeping these, they should have been mine in the first place." Carbine grins wickedly dangling the two bracelets in Charley's face.

Charley shook her head, her eyes filled with terror at what was happening. Carbine couldn't be doing this; she wouldn't just leave her to die. She couldn't really hate her that much.

"Oh and if you're hoping that they will find you, forget it. No one knows we left the base and only one other person knows about this place. I was telling the truth earlier. This is where Throttle and I use to come when we were kids. If you can drag your self over there, our initials are craved on that wall. I thought having you die here was such a poetic gesture." A demented laugh came from the treacherous female as she walked out of the smaller cave. Turning to the entrance she took out her blaster and the shot the top causing the entrance to clasp burying Charley inside.

Walking out side of the larger cave she took the bike Charley had rode and pushed it off into a deep ravine. It crashed into a thousand pieces before exploding. She smiled triumphantly, places the bracelets in her pocket and got on her bike to head back to the base alone.

Inside the dark cave Charley coughed from the dust, but not hurt from the falling rocks. She pulled her self up to lean against the wall. She tried to pull her hands free but the rope was too strong.  Maneuvering her arms she was able to get her hands in front of her. Tearing the gag off and reaching into the familiar pouch that hung on her side. Pulling out a small pocketknife and holding it in her teeth, she cut her arms and legs free. Standing she ran to the entrance to see if there was a way she could dig out, but it was sealed tight. Charley slid down into the dirt hugging her self, looking around the cold dark space. She had been in worst situations and the guys had always come. Throttle would be there some how he would find her. Her head bent down on her knees but she wasn't going to cry. He would be there, she just had to wait, stay alive until he came for her.

Back at the base hospital Throttle bolted up out of a sound sleep. He looked around seeing only darkness at first. His heart was racing and all he could feel was an over powering fear. Charley was in trouble; serious life threading trouble and he had to get to her. But that couldn't be she was safe at their room. He reached around to find his specs knowing they had been left on the table near bye. He attached them to his face wincing a little at the painful connection. He looked around the room, the negative effect took a little getting use to but he soon adjusted and got out of bed. Still a little dizzy from the painkiller he held on to the wall to get his bearings. Then stumbled to the door he had to get to their room to see if Charley was okay.

Before he could walk out Modo walked in and grabbed him by the arm seeing the unsteady way he was walking. "Where do you think you're goin'? "

"It's Charley she's in trouble?" He tried to push past Modo.

"Now you know you can't get by me." Modo said holding Throttle up moving him back to the bed. "Charley's fine, she was tired so the doc and your mom told her to go back to the room and get some rest."

"No big fella she's in trouble, I can feel it."

Vinnie walked, "You can feel what?"

"He thinks Charley is some kind of trouble."

"Nah, she's fine I saw her and Carbine leaving a couple of hours ago. If they were in any trouble Carbine would have radioed."

"She's done something to her." Throttle said panic riveting his voice.

"Come on bro she may be a she-beast, but she would have to be crazy to try and hurt Charley."

Modo and Throttle looked at each other. "Vinnie, call my mom, tell her to check and see if Carbine has come back. I'm going to check our quarters." Throttle started out of the room.

"Yo, hold on bro at least put a shirt on."  Modo reached in the closet and threw him a tee shirt. Throttle pulled it on as he ran out of the door in his pajama bottoms and bare feet with Modo close behind him.

They ran through the hallway until they got to the room. Throttle throw the door open to see the room empty. Charley had been there, she changed her dress and put on her old clothes including the blue pouch she always wore.

He picked up her dress thinking how beautiful she looked in it. "We better check and see what Carbine has to say. If she's touched one hair on my baby's head I'll…" Throttle began to threaten clenching the material tighter.

"Hold on bro, don't say somethin' you may have to take back. Let's see what Carbine has to say and take it from there." Modo reasoned with his frantic cousin.

"You're right as always big guy lets go."

"Um… Throttle, I think you should get some real clothes on first."

"Yeah I guess, why don't you call Stok. Tell him what's going on while I get dressed." Throttle had to laugh looking down at what he was wearing.

Lydria walked to Carbine's quarters knocking hard on the door." Carbine took some time but finally opened it. "What's the matter Lydria you scared me to death knocking like that?"

"We need you to come down to Stoker's office Charley's missing, have you seen her?"

"No, not since earlier this evening when she told me she was going out for a ride. I warned her it wasn't the smartest thing to do but she said she need to get out to clear her head."

"Well come on we need all the help we can get."

"You don't need me. I'm sure you and the rest are capable of finding one lost human."

"Yes, but Throttle will be frantic. Having you there will help him keep from going crazy." Lydria encouraged.

"Alright, for Throttle I'll come."

"Thank you dear I know he will appreciate it." Lydria smiled.

In Stoker's office the three biker mice, Stoker and Hari waited nervously until Lydria walked in with Carbine. She immediately ran over to Throttle holding his arm. "Don't worry I'm here. She couldn't have gone very far. We'll search every inch of the desert until we find her."

Vinnie looked at her strangely. " Why would we have to look for her? She left outta here with you. Where'd you guys go."

"What are you talking about, I never left the base." Carbine glared at him.

"Yes you did. I saw you and Charley leaving a few of hours ago." Vinnie glared back at her.

"I don't know what you're talking about? Throttle you can't believe I had anything to do with Charley disappearing?" She looked at him pitifully.

"Where is she Carbine?" He asked pulling out of her grasp.

" Throttle I…I.." She stepped away from him.

Throttle grabbed her tightening his grip on her arm. "What did you do? Where did you take her?"

"I…. I only wanted to…."

"WHERE IS SHE!!!!!" He growled shaking her violently.

Carbine looked at him realizing he would never love her. That Charley had him heart and soul. She tore herself away and looked at him, loathing the site of him.

"She's dead or she will be before you can find her." Carbine snarled coldly.

"You evil…."Throttle raised his hand but Stoker grabbed his arm before the enraged Martian could make contact. "No Rookie!!!!! That won't solve anything."

"Modo, take her to the brig, we'll deal with her later." As the large mouse went to take hold of her, she glared him snatching her shoulder away walking past every one defiantly, a devious smile across her face. Before leaving she turned and looked back at Throttle.

"You'll never find her and a little something for you to think about. Just before she dies, her last thoughts will be of you in my arms, pleasant dreams my love." She flipped her hair and walked out.

"Now what do we do? How will we ever find her?" Vinnie lamented.

"We tear up every inch of that blasted desert if we have to. She's still alive I would know if she weren't." Throttle said determine to do what ever he had to.

Easy boy will find her. Stoker clicked on the radio. Nighthawk, get the best trackers we got, we 're forming a search party. Throttle's lady's missing."

"Sure Stok I'm on it." Came a voice from the other end.


Charley lays in the semi darken cave; a tiny penlight she kept in her pack provided some light. It had gotten so much colder but she thought it would probably be a lot worse if the entrance weren't blocked. Of course if the entrance weren't blocked she'd be on her way back to the base she laughed sadly. Coughing she could tell the air was being used up in the small space she was trapped in. Hugging her knees close to her body trying to keep warm and not shiver so much, she was starting to get very sleepy but forced herself to try and keep awake. It was getting more and more difficult to keep her eyes open. Looking up she saw Throttle smiling at her and reached her hand to touch him but he disappeared. She was so tired, maybe if she slept just a little it would be all right, he would be there when she woke up. Her eyes started to close. "Yes, just a little sleep and everything will be alright"


Assembled at the entranced that the two women had used, was every one that could be spared for the search party.

"They left from here and closest thing in that direction is the Laurel Mountain range so we have to assume they went that way." Stoker instructed. Just in case we're wrong, Crimson, Base and Darkstar you go toward the southwest. Check to see if maybe she took her to the Sand Raiders.

Throttle jerked up knowing they were slavers. "I'm sorry bro but we have to check out every possibility." Stoker apologized.

"Yeah Stok I know." Trying not to think of what that would mean for Charley Throttle focused on the bike Carbine had used. He noticed some red glowing residue on her wheels. Not only that but there was a trail of the glowing substance that came from out side the door. "What's that on her bike?"

Everyone looked but no one could see anything out of the ordinary. "What do you see Bro?" Stoker asked.

Throttle knelt down rubbing the tires and the red substance came off on his glove. "This red stuff. It goes all the way out the door and I can see a trial going toward the mountains."

"It's one of the features of thy new vision." Hari interjected. Ye can detect the radiation level of some metals no matter how small. She must have taken Charley somewhere the metal was abundant in the sand.

"That's all I need" Throttle jumped on his bike and was out the door and on the trail.

"You guys still check the Sand Raiders, the rest of us will follow Throttle. Let's ride people." 

Throttle felt good getting back with his other lady and she purred happily glad to have him back as well. Scanning the horizon he following the trail of the glowing metal riding like a man possessed. It was hard for everyone except Modo and Vinnie to keep up with him and even they had a hard time. All the tan Martian could think of was finding his lady before it was too late.

After a while he recognized the area from when he was a kid. He remembers the large cave he and Carbine had spent many hours playing in. That's where she was. "Come on Darlin', she needs us, pour it on." He begged his bike; he could feel Charley slipping away from him. The machine immediately responded by pushing itself to the limit, getting him to the cave entrance in very little time.

Throttle rode right into the dark cave and stopped trying to figure out which way Carbine might have taken her. Modo and Vinnie soon came up behind him.

"Okay Cuz, how do we figure out which way she took her?" There's gotta be at least four different tunnels and who know how many smaller caves in here." Modo said shining his head light around the cave

" This way, I know where Carbine took her." Throttle said in an ice-cold voice.

They follow him until they came to the entrance of a smaller cave and his heart lodged in his throat to see that it had been blaster over. He jumped of his bike powered up his glove and punched the pile of boulders so that they exploded flying in all directions.

"Charley! Charlene!!!" He rushed inside frenzied trying to find her with Modo and Vinnie running in next to him.

There in a far corner, just below the initials he'd craved as a child, lying motionless was the body of his Charley girl. He slowly walked over and knelt down lifting her to cradle in his arms. "Can you hear me Baby doll? Charley, Sweetie, talk to me." He gently caressed her face, trying to rub some life back into her pale cold cheeks, but he got no response.

Modo and Vinnie stood helpless not able to believe they hadn't gotten to her in time.

"Charley, Charley baby please, Oh please don't…." Throttle knelt rocking her, running his fingers through her hair, tracing her face almost willing her to take another breath. "I won't let you go, not when we've just started. We have too much to do for you to leave me like this. Please.... babe... please." He pleaded sorrowfully.

 "Throttle?" A weak tired voice whispered through the fur on his neck. "Y-Y-You came. I knew you'd find me, y-y-you… always… find me."

Throttle gently pulled her head back to look at her face. " Yes Darlin, I'll always find a way to you, my sweet Charley girl. I love you so much babe." He held her face and slowly, lovingly kissed her lips his joyful tears wetting her cheeks.

"Hey Guys, she in there?" Stoker called from the cave entrance.

 "Yeah, we've got her! We're comin' out."  Modo called out breathing a sigh of relief.

Throttle gently picked Charley up and she wrapped her arm securely around him as he carried her out of that dark prison and back to those who loved her.


Back at the base Charley was checked over by Dr Odo and given a clean bill of health. But he suggested she stay in the hospital over night for observation.

The night sky was crystal clear and the two moons shone brighter than they ever had before. Maybe the light wasn't really any brighter it just seem so for the loving couple that stood looking out of the window from a small hospital room on the freedom fighter's base on the planet Mars.

Charley leaned back against her loving; in earth terms husband, but in his world more than the limited earth language could describe. Throttle with his arms encircling her let his head relax softly on her long satiny chestnut hair.

"What's going to happen to Carbine?" Charley asked honestly concerned.

"She'll be taken care of and hopefully with care and treatment they can reach her. But she'll be confined in the hospital until then. Sorry, she refused to tell any one where she hid your bracelets"

" It's okay I have what's really important. I sort of feel sorry for her. I think I'd lose it a little too if I ever lost you"

 "You will never have to worry about that." He turned her to face him looking adoringly at her. "As long as time exists I'll love you."

"You've turned into quite a sweet talker." She smiled running her finger down his chest.

"It's all because I have the right motivation, Babygirl. "He nuzzled her sweetly.

"You think anything will happen between Modo and Dr P. He's certainly smitten with

her." Charley asked nuzzling him back

"Could be. He was brave enough to ask her out tonight and she said yes so who knows?"

His hands moving delicately through her hair as he watched the jade sparkles in her eyes.

"So what about us?" She smiled up at him while playing with the hair that hung down the back of his neck.

Well Stoker is okaying it with the counsel for Rimfire, Tech and Saber to stay back on earth and help us kick Limburger's fat smelly butt, along with the other Plutarkian bosses. We go back and finished the job we started. My mom said she and Hari would be checking us out from time to time. We get this thing finished up so I can bring you back home permanently. That is if you don't mind relocating a few million miles?"

"No, I don't mind besides I think it will be easier for the baby if we came back here."

"Yeah I think it will be easier for the, what? Charley you're….?"

"Pregnant, yes. Hari just let me know when he examined me tonight. You're not mad are you?" She asked timidly biting her bottom lip afraid he wasn't ready for a family so soon.

He picked her up and whirled her around happily. Mad!? How could I ever be mad? I'm the happiest man in the universe. Thank you Sweetheart for making my life more than I could have ever hoped it could be."

"Wanna celebrate?" She said with a sensual smile raising her eyebrow.

He returned a similar smile placing her gently on the bed. He walked over and locked the door, then pulled the blinds, and turned off the lights.

Okay that's as far as you go. Give the married people some privacy why don't cha. Hope you enjoyed the read.

   The End.