Title: Hostage Situation

Chapter Title: The Part Where Things Went Wrong

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"Hey, wait up Nat!" Ryan yelled, as he ran up the hallway to catch up with his co-worker, friend and, secretly, his crush.

"Since when has it been Nat?" Natalia asked, her brown eyebrows going up in confusion.

"Since Natalia became a mouthful. Where ya headed?"

"Well, I was gonna run over to the bank before it closed, then home for leftover pizza and primetime TV. Why?"

"Umm, the thing is," Ryan stumbled, pulling his hand to the back of his neck, "I was in a little fender bender yesterday and-"

"You were in a car accident and you didn't tell anybody!?" Her voice was outraged, and a little hurt.

"Well, I told Horatio. But the thing is, my car's in the shop and…"

"Of course Ryan, what else would I say? I can't believe you didn't tell me…" She mumbled, shaking her head as she walked way from the spot where they were standing.

Ryan shrugged, smiling. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry."

As they approached the car, Ryan jogged ahead of Natalia to open the door for her. And as she climbed in he noticed a faint blush creep upon her cheeks.

"Are you blushing?"

"No! It's…it's just the heat." She replied, unconvincingly.

Ryan smiled wistfully. He'd made her blush. As he climbed into Natalia's car, a hybrid, he noticed other features of her that enticed him even more. The brown hair that fell at the end her heart-shaped face, two wide brown eyes smacked in the middle. Before she came along he had thought Calleigh was the most beautiful woman he had ever worked with. That, among other things, had changed.

"Hey Natalia?"

"Yeah?" She said distracted, turning at an intersection.

"Do you remember that day, after everyone found out about me owing money and all that?"

"Yeah?" She said again, this time less distracted.

"And how I had to look over all my old cases?"

"Yeah?" She answered, her full attention now in the conversation.

"Well, I never really properly thanked you, on account of me soon falling asleep. So, thank you."

"Umm, you're welcome Ryan, any time." She said smiling at him. He felt his heart stop for a second before restarting.

"And Natalia?"

She stopped at the red light. "Yes?"

"I was just wondering…," He stated, shuffling uncomfortably in his seat, "Why did you do that. You know, help me look over all my old cases. Pretty much everybody else thought pretty lowly of me, but not you."

"Well," She looked uncomfortable too, but stared directly into Ryan's hazel eyes, "In times like that, the last thing anybody needs in an enemy. And what they really need is a friend. So that's what I was. Plus, I know how it feels to be hated by everyone. FBI, remember?"

Ryan nodded and jokily said, "Oh, yeah. That makes a lot sense now. Where'd you learn how to be such a good friend?"

"Well, when I left Nick, I needed a lot of support from my family and friends. And I just remember what they did for me in those days. So I did that for you that day." She explained as she pulled up to the bank.

"You coming or staying?" She said with a smile.

Ryan smiled back. "Coming; I have to pay for tomorrow's lunch somehow, eh."

As Natalia started getting out the car though, Ryan stopped her and quickly ran around to the other side of the car.

As he opened the door of the car, he bowed and said, "My lady." She laughed and pushed him away. Ryan smiled, he loved her laugh.

As Ryan opened the bank door for her, he could sense something was wrong, something very wrong. But he quickly dismissed this feeling, he always had weird feelings.

"Are you okay Ry, your face is all scrunched up, like you smell something bad." She started laughing at her own thought. Ryan shook his head as if to shake the thought from his head.

'Everything fine, Ryan. You're okay. Stop acting crazy.'

"Ryan, are you okay, you look like you got smacked in the face with a melon?" She laughed, Ryan chuckled, and they both stepped up behind an older, African-American woman carrying shopping bags and standing next to a little boy. In front of her was a young man. At one desk there was a pregnant woman, and at the other was a man carrying a briefcase in one hand and his cell phone in the other.

"Do you have the forms or not, Steve?" The man said loudly. Ryan signed.

"I know, I hate that too. Why can't people just focus their attention on one thing at a time? I mean, it's not that hard. Why do people make life harder for themselves and others around them? Plus, that's rude."

"Whoa! Rant much?" Ryan said, but inside he was impressed. He felt the exact same way.

"I didn't mean to go off-"


Ryan, in a natural reaction, pulled his gun out. He quickly glanced over to see that Natalia had her's out to.

"Miami-Dade Police! Put your weapons down!!" They were talking to the young man who had once been standing in front of the elderly woman. He'd now shot that elderly woman, and was holding her apparent grandchild at gun point.

"Oh, so we got cops? Well, that will just make this all the more interesting! You shoot me, I shoot the kid. It's a lose-lose situation, eh?" He had a New Jersey accent, along with dark black hair that was short and some stubble on his face. His eyes were a troubled blue.

"We don't want anyone to get hurt, so why don't you put the gun down." Ryan tried to keep his calm, but inside he was having that funny, haunting feeling again.

"Why don't you follow your own advice?" He sneered. Ryan glanced at Natalia to see how she was doing. She was staring at the little kid. Suddenly, he saw her eyes flick up.

"Surely," she said, sounding calmer than Ryan, "You weren't planning on killing a little kid. He can't be more then six; you can't kill a kid that little."

Just as it looked like the guy might let the kid go, someone shot a hole in the roof.

"AHH!!" Everyone in the bank screamed. Ryan and Natalia ducked a little, but came up quickly.

They watched as man approached them, a gun in his hand. Behind him Ryan saw about five other men. This couldn't be good.

"Thank you Charles; that will be quite enough." The man had a British accent and was obviously the leader.

The New Jersey accent man put his gun down and Ryan watched as the little boy ran to Natalia, who held him to her closely.

"I'd advise you put your guns down, because if one of you even tries to shoot one of my men, then the rest of us will kill you both, the little boy, and everyone else in here. And we don't want that, now do we…?"

Ryan put his gun down and nodded at Nat. She put hers down too.

"Thank you very much. Now, you are going follow every direction I give you, or you all will die."

Ryan glanced at Natalia and swore under his breath. This wasn't good.