Title: Hostage Situation

Chapter Title: The Part Where the Story Begins

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Calleigh watched in horror as the building blew up, fire coming out of the roof. Everyone had jumped back, but she wanted to run and find her friends. They couldn't be dead; they had to have found a way out; because you can't be friends with dead people.

"ERIC!" She couldn't see him, but she needed him here, with her. To tell her that they were going to be okay, that they would make it out okay. Then, luckily, he was suddenly standing next to her.

"Calleigh, the firefighters are here, you've been standing completely still for five minutes. Calleigh, are you okay?" She needed to shake this…this shock. She took a deep breath and walked past Eric to Horatio, who was talking to the firefighter chief.

"Sir, my people were in there and we need to get them out now."

"Right now we let you guys through; it's not safe."

Calleigh shook her head. "Well, that's to damn bad. Come on Eric, let's find em'."

She and Eric run past Horatio and the chief. They run past the fire trunk and the firefighter and police officers. They run in the smoke, and they run into a dirty, bloody Ryan Wolfe, holding a hurt Natalia Boa Vista in his arms.

I'm holding my girl in my arms.

She found a way out. They were looking around, looking for a way out. She told him to push along the surfaces, because she had read that sometimes bankers put secret passage ways in the vaults so that if bankers get trapped in the vault they can find a way out. He thought maybe if the bank's was getting robbed it provided an entrance to the vault for the cops. He wasn't sure it would work, but she pushed along a corner and found a door. They were both running away from the building when it blew up, and both went flying from the blast.

For a while everything was dark, but soon Ryan could see shapes. And then he saw Natalia on the ground, unconscious it seemed. So he picked her up best he could and began walking towards anyone who could help her, when he ran into Eric and Calleigh. He tried to hold on to her, as hard as he could, but the aching in his bones plus the collision was too much.

"Ryan? Wolfe, is that you? Are you okay? Calleigh help him. I got Natalia."

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Just help her, she needed some medical attention. Where's H, I need to tell him who did it. It was a guy named Victor-"

"Yeah, we already got the guy, but right now all you need to worry about is getting you guys to a hospital. It's over guys." Ryan nods and walks with Calleigh, who is rambling about how she was so worried. He stands by as the Natalia is loaded into an ambulance. She is barely conscious, but he can hear her hoarsely whisper to him.

"Ry, don't leave me." He promises not to, but the paramedics tell him he can't ride with her, he needs to get medical attention himself.

"Don't worry Wolfe, I'll watch over her." Eric reassures him. Ryan feels torn, but he knows she's in good hands so he leans over and smiles.

"Don't worry love, I'll see you at the hospital, okay?" Natalia silently nods, leans up, and kisses his nose. The paramedics are unyielding now, and insist on putting Ryan on a gurney. As he lies down, exhausted, Ryan feels his eyes slowly closing from extreme fatigue, but it's okay. He had made it out, and he had got Nat out too. He even saved a couple of lives in the process. And now, finally, he could sleep.

Victor Helms was charged with 20 counts of murder, multiple bombings, and plenty of assaults and robberies. He was sentenced to life in solitary confinement with no parole possible for at least 50 years.

Edmund, Charles, and countless others were killed in the bank, either by gunshot wound or by the explosion from the bomb.

The bank was eventually rebuilt, this time with precautions to prevent future attempts of robberies. But it never had the same business as it did before the bombing. It closed down in July 2011.

Abbey Walker gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 10:16 p.m. She was 4 lbs. 6 oz. After staying in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit for 2 months before she allowed to go home. Abbey named her Ryen.

Tobi Johnson was placed in foster care after his grandmother was killed in the hostage situation because authorities failed to find his mother and father. Afterward he went to Duke University and studied crime protection devices, like alarms and fingerprint analyzers. He now works at an alarm company in Cincinnati, OH with his wife.

Ryan Wolfe went to the hospital and received treatment for a bruised skull, a broken collarbone, and cuts and bruises. He was released the next day.

Natalia Boa Vista went to the hospital and received treatment for cuts and bruises, a bruised skull, an injured leg, and a broken arm. She was released two days later.

Calleigh and Eric Delko are now married, with a child on the way. Both still work for the Miami-Dade Crime Lab.

Natalia and Ryan went to counseling after the attack and soon went back to work. They began dating two weeks after the hostage situation. As of today Natalia Boa Vista is engaged to Ryan Wolfe, despite office rules. And they are as happy as can be.

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