Title: This Twisted Little Lie Called "Home"

Author: Golden Vixen

Category: Ōban Star-Racers

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy/Romance/Humor

Pairings: Molly/Aikka

Type: Continual (Incomplete)

Summery: A girl whom calls herself "Molly" ends up getting thrown into the Great Race of Ōban at the command of the Avatar. Use to her slow ways of living and avoiding all living things, Molly must cope up dealing with an all boy team and the fact she can't get back to her normal life, until the Avatar has determined she has learned her "lesson…" At least she has her best friend, her laptop called "Lopez" to keep her sane… Praise God for Wi-Fi!

Word Count: 3656

Warning! Alternate Universe and Eva/Molly is going to be out of character a bit… for the purpose of the story.


Okay, so maybe a lot out of character. Read at your own risk. But just to let you all know; she'll get back to normal as the story goes on ;) Also, this contains spoilers of the series.

Beware, it is my first Ōban Star-Racers story.

Disclaimer: I own basically nothing in this story besides the plot

Created On: 01/27/09

Chapter Last Revised On: 02/05/09

Chapter One

The Great Race of Ōban

This life was hard to deal with. All I ever wanted was sleep, more then anything at the moment then to sit in the desk at school and listen to the teacher talk about how the world was created. It could have been created purple smurfs for all I care, the only thing I could care, or think about at the moment is blissful, wonderful sleep… My eternal Silence…

Or what ever that means.

The snap of a ruler on the desk woke me from my daze. The teacher sighed, shaking his head.

"Honestly, all you ever do is day dream…"

"No, I also sleep."

There were a few giggles from my classmates from my comment.

"Your parents will be notified." The teacher said, simply shaking his head.

I could honestly care less, and he knew it. Everyone knew it. I was the nerdy kid who played video games and rp all the time who also slept a lot on the roof. I was the kid that did not care about anything, except for my world and its rules. In my world, the first law I had was that there was only me and no one else. Things were simpler and easier to deal with then. After all, if there was only me, then no one could disagree with me or my ideas. I would always be right.

Opening my locker, I quickly glanced in it looking for any text books to take home. I was starting to get behind in Biology, Math, English... in fact, all of my classes. Maybe I should start doing some work... Just to please them and to show them I am still interested when I am not. It just makes them think I am too lazy to do the work and there need not be an investigation.


I blinked, closing my locker door and turned around. A boy, I believe from my homeroom class, stood behind me. He had sloppy black hair with brown eyes. His name seemed to escape me, so I merely "Hmmm?"

"I read your story... You know, on the Lord of Purity? I thought I should let you know it was the best thing I've read for a while..."

What was he getting at...?

"Anyways, I was wondering... if you would like to join me in this writer's group I'm apart of... to share ideas with other writers and to explore our abilities more..."

"No thanks. I have things to do." I said, grabbing my bag and swinging it over my shoulders, walking away.

"Oh... okay..."

Home was no better then school. It was me vs. them, them being the parents, me being my world. For some reason, people did not like the way I was. It would disappoint them for some reason, but I did not care. It did not affect me, so it need not require my attention. They should not have looked for something in me in the first place. Eventually after they do some yelling, they realize it did not reach me. My parents would then too leave, leaving me with a room filled with pictures. Did I feel disappointed…?


Because there was no reason to be.

Maybe I was just a little…

Maybe not much, but…

I just need that little spark…

a chance…

I clenched onto my lucky pendant, stroking the engrave marks absently. Passing through this annoying world as a mere shadow was not working for me. This world was filled with filth and I could care less what happens to those around me. The Silence that would come would be a blessing upon living things, an ending on such meaningless lives...

Why do I have such dark thoughts...?

This is not...


Something is not right...

The storm came swift, quickly, and most importantly: unexpectedly. I had to quickly log off and turn off my computer to protect it from any power outage which could happen at any moment. We lived in the country where the phone wire were pretty old and worn out. They tend to break easily.

The news said nothing about the storm. It did not surprise me though; they tend to be wrong about a lot of things. Yet there were no clouds in the skies or near the horizons the last time I was outside. The storm seemed to come out of no where. A few minutes later and the lights went out, indicating the power outage. Sleep was the only thing left to do, yet it was hard to sleep in such noise. I clenched tightly onto my pendant once again as a loud boom echoed throughout the house.


The voice rang clearly in my head, my pedant burning my hands. Something was coming and before I knew it, I was packing my laptop. I froze when I heard the knock on my bedroom door. Do I dare answer? Nothing can be accomplished in life if you do not face the unknown…

"Come in." I said, grabbing my switch blade and hiding it behind my back. I could hear my heart pounding in my head. Something was about to happen and I was going to be smack in the middle of it.

The door open and to my confusion, I saw no one. Yet it closed quickly and I faintly wondered if I should turn on the light. I quickly glanced around the room, looking for the person who had open my door and knocked, until I felt what was like a stick tapping my knee cap. I pulled the light switch that hanged from the ceiling and gazed down in shock. A little old man stood before me. He could be a dwarf at his size! His head was in a weird shape that oddly reminded me of a bean; he was missing most of his hair on the top. He wore a strange purplish robe with a marking on the back which looked similar to my pendant's symbol, but it was a bit different in the middle.

"I see you're packed already and I didn't even need to tell you!" he said happily with a goofy smile.

I wondered what the hell this thing was…

"Excuse me…?" I said, holding my knife tightly behind my back. Please dear god, let this be a nightmare and please tell me this old man is not a pervert.

"What, you don't know yet?" he asked tilting his head, seeming confused, "Ah, wait. That was why I was sent… I have a message for you, no need to hide the knife. I am not here to harm you."

I frowned, dropping the knife on my desk. Now I was defenseless…

"Now then," said the little man, coughing, "I am Satis, servant of the Avatar!"

I could not help but raise my eyebrows at this as I thought of a certain bald headed monk from a TV. show.

"Let me guess, you're an air bender." I said sarcastically.

"No, can't say I am… What's an air bender?"

I remained silent, wondering if I should yell for help or not. Yet the faint whisper in my head told me otherwise.

"Anyways I am here to inform you that you have been invited as a special guest of the Avatar to the Great Race of Ōban! Exciting, isn't it?"

"Ōban…?" Something told me that this apple fell far from the tree… Was not Oban a city in Scotland or something? Okay, so I was invited to a race in Scotland. Interesting. Of course I did not believe him.

"… I'm going to bed." I said simply, turning off the lights and heading back to my bed. Must have been that soda I had before bed… there is no way this is happening…

"Wa-wait! We have to leave quickly before the ship leaves!" I heard his cracking old voice say.

I am not leaving my bed for a race. I hate races, football, baseball, basketball, anything really… It was probably something crummy like NASCAR or something.

"My parent's room is on the door next to my bedroom," I said, pointing at my door without moving an inch from my bed, "my dad loves racing. Invite him, not me. I could care less. Like with everything else."

I heard him "Hmp!" and mutter a few words under his breath and then the sounding of the door shut. I sighed and pulled the covers of my blankets over my head, feeling sleep over come me. Strange dream, yet I have seen stranger. Thank god it was the last of it.

I nearly dropped dead at the site I saw at school the next day. In front of my locker, was none other then the strange old man from what I thought was a dream, inspecting my locker. This was earning a few strange looks from a few people walking by.

"I wonder what these are used for…?" he said to himself as he tapped the locker with his staff.

I immediately stomped over there and pushed him out of the way and began to do the combination to my locker.

"What are you doing here?!" I hissed in a deadly tone.

Satis got up, rubbing his behind from the fall, "Not very kind, are you? I'm here to take you to the ship."

"I'm not going! I told you, I hate races! Leave, your making people stare!"

He blinked, looking a few girls who were giving us weird stares, "I don't see anything wrong. Besides, the Avatar requests you to be there to watch the race."

Gritting my teeth, I grabbed my books while slamming my locker shut. I then proceeded to my classes, knowing that this was not going to be a normal day.

It was a total of three times I declined his invitation to Ōban, the old man Satis insisted that I go to. I did not see him for the rest of the day, nor the day after. So I had assumed I was imagining things and that I no longer will see him. I was completely wrong. He came one more time. This time however, was the last and I could not decline.

I was on my way back home, crossing the school's hill as I did so. I clenched onto my pendant and hugged onto my laptop as my shoes kept slipping in the dirt. I felt so miserable, so tired. School was draining all the energy I needed to just survive. I did not want to socialize with anyone or contemplate how the world was created. It was too exhausting, too important for me to handle. I stopped in my steps when I saw the familiar purple robe.

"Satis, I told you. I. Will. Not. Go. I am not interested nor do I have the energy to deal with this talk. Be gone and take your crazy talk to someone else who will listen." I said, irritation running thick in my voice.

Satis merely sighed and shook his head, "I told you; you are required to come. You did not listen and you have invoked the wrath of my master, the Avatar. Now he has decided to come and ask you in person."

"Che, like I'm afraid of some cosplayer pretending to be a bald headed kid dressed up in a monk's costume." I said confidentially.

Satis only smiled sadly as he raised his arms to the sky, "Behold, my master the Avatar!"

When the sky suddenly became filled with storm clouds, I instantly knew I was in trouble for doubting. Lighting struck the ground and a huge beam of light shot out towards the skies, causing the winds to rush around us. I have never been as afraid in my life as the huge figure appeared before me. This was not a bald headed kid that could fly.

The Avatar narrowed his eyes at me and said in a booming voice, "Not once, but three times have I sent my humble servant to you. Yet you scoff and laugh at him. You even had the nerves to treat him with disrespect and throw him in a dumpster!"

I could not help it. He was getting on my nerves…

"I could easily tear you apart, for showing disrespect to Satis is like disrespecting me, the Avatar. Yet, I am willing to forgive, so I will ask you one more time: will you come to the Great Race of Ōban?"

I let out a low sigh. These guys were persistent and I would love to get some sleep…

"With all do respect sir, I do not wish to go to this Great Race of Ōban. All I want to do is go home and sleep at the moment. So I will decline your invitation."

There, now hopefully this would get him off my back but, I was wrong. I learned that the hard way when the Avatar narrowed his eyes.

"I was hoping you would come willingly, but I now see that is impossible. We will take you by force then."

"What?!" I shouted, taking a few steps back. This was not good.

The Avatar raised his arms to the sky. When I looked up, I suddenly realized there was a huge egg shape space ship bearing the Avatar's crest above us. When did that got there?

"Know this, you will never return home until you have fully learned each lesson." Started the Avatar.

"What lessons?!" I asked, shouting in panic as the egg like ship began to open. I clenched onto my laptop bag for dear life, my pendant starting to glow red.

"Until you fully realize the stakes, you will never leave Ōban, never!" the Avatar shouted, disappearing in a bright light.

"That's not fair! What did I ever do?!" I shouted panicking as a bright beam came from the ship, hitting me. I was soon floating upwards towards the ship… with Satis tagging along.

"This is great! Our first stop is the preliminaries at one of the planets, Alwas then we'll go to Ōban! Be prepared, this will be a life changing experience!" he said brightly.

"I DON'T WANT A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCES!! I WANT TO GO HOOOOOME!!!!" I was then greeted by the darkness of the ship.

My eyes opened to only to see darkness. I was successfully kidnapped by some person called the "Avatar" and an old man that was half my height. Great.

"Hello…?" I yelled out, standing up only to stumble on something. I felt around and realized it was my laptop bag. I hugged it tightly.

"Now, now, there is no need to be afraid." Said a familiar voice. I heard the tapping of wood against stone and light appeared. Satis was standing in front of me, grinning as a yellow orb float above his staff.

"Where… are we…?" I asked, standing up again, still hugging my bag.

"I believe we have just landed on the port of Alwas. Come now! We need to hurry and greet the other racers!" he shouted in excitement, running behind me and pushing me forward.

"Wa-wait!" I shouted in a panicking voice. A door suddenly appeared in the darkness, causing me to go blind for a few moments. Yet I step out, hesitantly into the light. What I saw was unlike any dream I have ever dreamed; and I have dreamed many.

We appeared to be in some harbor, with many other egg like ships in the water. There were all kinds of different alien races wandering around the area who were buying, selling, and socializing. I have never seen such creatures in my life! While I stood there gawking, Satis chuckled and said while point to one of the ships, "We need to greet the Nourasians who have just arrived and show them to their hanger."

"Their hanger…?" I asked, following Satis as he began to walk over there.

"Yes! After words, we can find some suitable clothes for you, stating that you are a special guest of the Avatar! Probably one of the purple robes I'm wearing right now!"

The thought of me wearing something as hideous as his robe nearly made me gagged from disgust. There was no way he was going to get me wearing something like that.

"This way!" he shouted, running. I merely walked to keep his pace, still hugging my bag.

"For someone as old as him, he certainly has a lot of energy…" I mumbled to myself.

I stood behind Satis a bit as he greeted the aliens. They were red skinned with long pointy ears that droop. It reminded me of a certain type of dog I couldn't remember… Yet what caught me off guard was not their looks. It was the bug they brought.

"What is that?!" I shouted suddenly, pointing at the huge beetle like creature that was clearly twice my size or possibly more then that. The Nourasian boy who had a bow smiled sweetly.

"He's my mount, G'dar." He said.

I stared at the beetle, wide eyed with fear. At that moment in time, I was really happy that Earth's bugs were the size of a bean and that I did not live on his planet…

"It's not nice to stare." Stated Satis.

I merely glared at the old man, letting a "Hmff!" as I turned around and cross my arms, "What ever, lets hurry up and show these guys their hanger. I want to crawl into bed as fast as I can… and hopefully wake up from this terrible nightmare…" I muttered the last part to myself, however I believed the young boy heard me, for a smile quickly appeared on his lips.

"Don't mind her; she's not use to talking, or people for that matter." I heard Satis mutter to the older Nourasian.

I vaguely wondered if killing was allowed on this planet… I followed Satis as he went to get mounts to carry their things.

"Must I do this? I don't think guests need to greet other guests." I said.

"I thought you could make friends by doing this." He said brightly.

"Friends?! You want me to make friends with people who are not even the same species as I?"

"It could do you some good. Avatar knows you need it… You've been away from civilization for far too long."

I sighed tiredly as he got the mounts which seemed to be some type of species of elephants. Or I could be wrong. We brought them back to the Nourasians and immediately started to load their things on them. Out of spite, I decided to sit out of the entire affair, rubbing my stomach as it growled. I was hungry, tired, and losing my patience. Home sounded like a good place to be at the moment… This has to be kidnapping.

"No, I'm not getting on it." I said flatly, staring at the huge creatures.

Satis sighed, shaking his head, "All you have been doing is whine, complain, and throw insults. Others who would have been in your position would be grateful."

"Look here, I don't know what this "Avatar" thinks he is doing, but you guys kidnap me. Of course I'm going to retaliate and be bitchy. I could be home sleeping, or something."

"Humans are the rudest creatures I've ever meet…"

"Get use to it. There is a whole planet of us."

"Is there a problem…?" We both turned our heads towards the Nourasian boy who spoke from our private discussion.

"Yeah, I want to-" I quickly fell flat on my face as Satis quickly knocked my legs over with his staff.

"Nothing! We are coming!"

Lifting my face up from the ground, I growled at the old man. Oh, he was going to get it… I followed Satis reluctantly to the thing and climbed on it, sitting in between Satis and the Nourasian boy. The older Nourasian sat behind us.

"You're going to love it on Alwas! It is more interesting then Earth!" I heard Satis said as the diver began to make the creature move. Oh, how sweet it would be to push him off…

"You're from Earth…?" the Nourasian boy asked.

"Yeah, I think it would be obvious." I retorted haughtily.

"Are you a racer then?"

"No. I've been invited to the race as a "special guest" of the Avatar. I guess it's something to be honored of here." I threw a look at Satis.

"Oh, I see then…"

I blinked, looking at him as he seemed kind of nervous. Was I putting him off because of my rudeness? For some reason… that did not sit well with me… I smiled a weak smile, offering a hand as I said, "Forgive me. It is like Satis said; I'm not use to dealing with people. I'm-" I froze. I could not remember my name.

I have heard about when a girl likes a guy, they can sometimes forget things, like their names. Yet this, did not even explain a thing. For one thing, I did not feel attracted to the guy! I quickly tried to recall all of my previous memories of people calling me by my name. Yet everything was blurry, I could not even remember my parent's names or their faces. If I did not say something soon, I would look like an idiot who thought that he was cute looking so I quickly said the first name that came to mind.

"I'm Molly."

Molly… It sounded so familiar and so right. I wonder where I heard that name before…?

"I'm Aikka, prince of Nourasia." He said while smiling, taking my hand and shaking. I nodded my head, hoping I would remember it later on. I was not good with foreign names… But there was one thought that was running through my mind, scaring me.

Why could I not remember my name or anything about my family life?

Author's Note

lol, I could not resist the Avatar the Last Air Bender reference in this. It was the first thing I thought of when they introduced the Avatar in the show...

If you are wondering, yes this is Eva/Molly. I probably won't be able to get everyone's character right since this is my first fanfic for Ōban Star-Racers, but I'll try my best. How was Molly's character? Was her personality stable? I would rather not get any flames at the moment, seeing as this is my first Ōban Star-Racers fanfic; however I would love advice and comments. That I would appreciate.